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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, couple.

    Roger usually gets up in the morning around 6 am and leaves for work around 7:30. When he slips out of bed his cock is always hard and ready for battle. After washing and brushing his teeth, Roger slipped back into bed. Barbara is usually sleeping, so he nestles back into the in a way that gives his mouth access to her pussy. First, he begins to tongue her brown little ass cavity. Barbara denies that she likes this, but she is soon sighing in delight as Roger sticks his tongue far into her. By this time her pussy is already well lubricated and Roger switched over to enjoy some fresh pussy juice.

    As the he licks the outer folds of flesh of her pussy, Barbara adjusts her position so that she now has her face between Roger's legs. Knowing how much he likes it, she begins arousing him by really sucking hard on his balls. It is a little tormenting, but Roger reaches huge erections by this process.

    With Roger's tongue buried deep in her pussy and his thumb in her ass hole, Barbara begins to suck Roger's cock as hard as she can. Sometimes, she pumps her mouth up and down on Roger's cock as fast as she can, while squeezing the base of his cock. To vary the sensation, Barbara will just lie still for several minutes with Roger's cock just lying in her mouth. Finally, she loves to do something that really turns Roger into a sex fanatic. Roger loves to have his cock bitten during oral sex and Barbara is glad to please him as it is a turn on for her beyond reason.

    In the midst of devouring Barbara's pussy, Roger realized that his cock was about ready to explode. Pumping for all he was worth into Barbara's mouth, he shot a dazzling load of cum down her waiting throat.

    Roger lay back and caught a glimpse at the clock. If he did not leave right away he would be late for work.

    "Gee, Barb, I know you didn't cum yet, but I have to go. Wait till tomorrow morning and I'll tear your pussy apart with my hard cock!"

    Barb cherished it when Roger used foul language and answered in kind, "You mother fucker, Roger. You know my pussy will be burning all day with no relief in sight till tomorrow morning. Get the fuck out of here, you and your prick!"

    Turning over on her stomach she giggled into her pillow as Roger sneaked out of their bedroom. Barbara listened for the car to start and Roger to leave for work. She then let Bruno, their dog, out of the room where he had been penned. Bruno was not stupid and knew what was going on between Barbara and Roger. Once he had gotten into the bedroom by mistake and tried to help himself to Barbara's glistening pussy after Roger had shot his load of cum into it. Not knowing that Barbara had already had Bruno lick her pussy, Roger kicked Bruno out of the bedroom, which is why the door was locked that morning.

    "Here boy, suck your Mommy's cunt. Mommy needs a deep tongue job this morning. Daddy didn't fuck Mommy and she didn't cum," entreated Barbara.

    Bruno didn't need much encouragement and was between Barbara's legs in a minute. Barbara was not a selfish girl so she turned Bruno in such a way that she had access to his cock. Slowly she began to masturbate Bruno who began to hump her hand and arm. Bruno had a nice sized cock for a Lab being black with a pink head protruding at the end of the cock.

    The tongue was long and like velvet as it went further and further into Barbara's trembling cunt. She tried not to discourage by almost helpless from her sexual energy, she began to pump her cunt up towards his muzzle.

    The black cock with the pink head was also getting to a dangerous point. It was soon ready to cum. "Oh what the hell," said Barbara, "I'm going to give him a little suck." With this she took Bruno's cock as far as she could into her hot mouth. Bruno's attention to Barbara's pussy was interrupted for a moment, but then he started pumping into her waiting mouth. In a few seconds both dog and mistress came together.

    "Oh, oh, oh, oh yes Bruno, lick my pussy. Deeper, deeper, oh here I cum." With this final exclamation she lay back and Bruno did the same.

    "What the fuck is going on here?" Yelled Roger from the foot of the bed. "How long have you been letting cunt eating dog eat you out you whore?"

    Barbara could have fell through the bed when she saw Roger standing there almost apoplectic. Then she realized that if she attacked back it might just save her ass. "You son of a bitch, you left me high and dry this morning. I blew your balls and you didn't give me one good orgasm." Taken aback Roger had to admit he hadn't been fair but does that excuse this? "You may be right, but this doesn't explain sucking off the dog's cock, you slut!"

    "Well, sweetheart, this doggie has been doing this for a long time. He's lapped my sisters Victoria and Marie also and we all loved it. His long soft tongue could give you an orgasm."

    By now a light began to light up in Roger's head. Why was Bruno always shoving his nose deep into Barbara, Victoria and Marie's crotch all the time?

    "Damn, Barbara, I want to see it all. Get that bastard dog up there and make him eat your pussy, and you better enjoy it."

    Barbara was a natural exhibitionist and thrilled at the thought of Roger watching as Bruno ate her pussy. "Sniff it, Bruno," Barbara commanded and in a bounce Bruno was on the bed with his nose deep inside Barbara's cunt. As his tongued went deeper and deeper into her steaming grotto she came closer and closer to another climax.

    This time, however, before she could get to Bruno's cock, Roger had shoved his into her mouth and down her throat. Barbara had never deep throated Roger before, but she felt she couldn't deny him anything now. Roger, sensing this drove his cock hard and deep into Barbara's oral cavity.

    Soon it was all over as Roger drained himself into Barbara mouth and over her chin. Both were screaming as they experienced their own orgasm.

    When it was over Roger lay back to rest.

    "Why don't you let Bruno clean you up, baby. He does a real nice job after you leave for work in the mornings."

    "What the fuck, I'm up for it. You lead him to the meat."

    "Here boy, lick up Roger's love juice for Mommy."

    No sooner said than Bruno was eagerly slurping the juice from Roger's cock. His cock was once more becoming rampant in anticipation of his third orgasm of the morning. Then he felt Bruno move down and begin licking Roger's balls. This felt so good that he rolled over and Bruno move began licking Roger's ass hole. Barbara grabbed Roger's prick and he was soon shooting his cum all over the place.

    "My God, that was wild. When did you start doing this, Barbara. I have to admit that I was put off at first, but as I got into it, I loved it!"

    "As you know my sister Marie raises seeing eye dogs and this one flunked out. However, she also teaches her dogs some special tricks and this is one of them."

    "So you and all your sisters are dog fuckers?"

    "No, we just let the doggies lick our pussies and today for the first time I got carried away and sucked him off"

    "Yes, but I saw you lick up all his cum. How could you do that?"

    "It tastes wonderful. More gamy that yours but very sweet and hot,' said the shameless Barbara. "Are you spying on me? Why are you home? I thought that you had already left for work."

    "Car trouble down the street stopped me. When I came back and saw you with Bruno I could have shit, but it is terribly exciting. I've always wanted to see you getting fucked by someone else, but I never thought it would be a dog!"

    "Bruno didn't fuck me, Roger. He ate my pussy real good and I sucked him off. He didn't fuck me. Since, you say that you would like to see me get fucked by another person, why not let Bruno take a try?"

    "I don't know, Barbara. I don't think Bruno's cock is long enough. However, it is a very titillating idea."

    "I wonder if Marie has a larger dog who could do the job? How big does a dog's prick get? I wouldn't want him to scratch me!"

    "My guess is that Marie could answer all he questions. When I get the car running I'll drive you over to Marie's house."

    After the garage got them up and running again Barbara and Roger headed towards Marie's. Both of them were more than a little excited. Barbara unzipped Roger's fly and began to stroke his rampant prick. Moaning with delight it was hard for Roger to keep the car on the Road. By the time they arrived at Marie's driveway, Roger was shooting another load down Barbara's throat. She couldn't drink all, so part of his load of cum dribbled out the side of her mouth and off her chin onto her blouse leaving a stain. Certainly Marie would see this, but there was no turning back now.

    They went up and knocked on Marie's door, but no one answered. Barbara was sure that she heard some sounds from inside the house and Roger felt the same.

    "Could something be wrong?" asked Barbara with some concern in her voice. "This house is so isolated that anything could happen here and no one would ever know."

    Barbara and Roger walked around to the rear of the house and tried to peer through one of the windows. The shade was almost all the way down, but they could see into the room.

    There was Marie with one of the largest black dogs of no distinct breed that they had ever seen. Marie was dressed in a very brief outfit made of black leather straps and chromium studs. With a riding crop she was putting the black behemoth through his paces. Bending over for her black long haired lover she presented her quivering ass. The dog mounted and for the first time Roger and Barbara got a good look at his prick. It was almost purple in color and stiff as a board. He would obviously have no trouble in slamming that huge engorged prick into Marie's slippery cunt.

    Marie grunted when the dog began to pump in earnest, "Fuck me, Satan!" Marie screamed as Satan's cock went deeper and deeper.

    Barbara thought she would faint as she watched Satan's black prick tearing into her sister's snatch. Then she became fascinated and then envious. Barbara grabbed Roger's ever ready cock and began to stroke it in the same rhythm as Satan was pumping her sister.

    At this point Satan took matters into his own hands and tried to slip his cock into Marie's ass. This was obviously something they had done before, because Marie's as was well lubricated in advance. When Satan found his mark he really went wild.

    When Barbara saw her sister bend over to receive Satan's cock, she rubbed Roger's up against her own ass. Roger couldn't believe it. Barbara had never allowed him to even put his finger in her ass let alone his cock. Fortunately, they left the house before completely cleaning up and Barbara was still primed with a combination of saliva, cum and oil. Roger's cock had trouble getting it started. He squeezed the base of his cock to make it harder.

    "Push your ass hole hard against my cock and squeeze, Barbara!" Roger whispered in her ear.

    With extra pressure and pushing on Barbara's part, the head of Roger's cock was now slowly sliding into her ass. Giving one more push his cock went in and Barbara almost screamed as she felt his saber tearing away at her ass. Barbara, soon realized that she could stand the pain because she sensed that this ass fucking would soon cause he to come.

    Roger had a little surprise, too. As he was fucking her ass the tip of his cock came into contact with a turd that was on its way out. The squishiness of the shit only excited him more and he drew his shit stained cock out of Barbara as it was shooting cum all over.

    "Turn around you Bitch and suck your shit off my cock!" he ordered. Barbara was so into their depravity she eagerly sucked up his cum and cleaned Roger's cock of all her shit.

    By now they were weak from their sexual feat, grabbed hold of the window sill and peered back into the house. There looking out at them was Marie with Satan's cock buried in her ass as he was pumping for all his worth.

    "Help me with this brute. He's stuck in my ass and won't let go," screamed Marie.

    Roger and Barbara rushed into the house to relieve Marie of her torture.

    "I'll pull his cock out of you in a second," announced Roger.

    "Nooo, Nooo. I love his cock in my ass! Just help me lay down on my side with Satan until his cock goes down. It won't take too long." Hearing these strange words, Barbara and Roger helped Marie lie on her side attached to Satan.

    "I'll have to lie here for a while until the knot in Satan's cock goes down. It really doesn't feel too bad at all. What in the hell were you doing staring in my window you two bastards. Did you see something that shocked you?"

    "We're sorry Marie but when you didn't answer the door we were afraid something might be wrong so we went to your rear window," said Barbara. "You were magnificent. Just the picture of that huge black monster slamming his big black prick into you almost made me come!"

    "Well, I'm glad you enjoyed the show." After she said this Satan's prick flopped out of Marie's cunt with a plop.

    "Oh look, it all shrunk in size," said Barbara with concern. "How long will it take to be hard again?"

    "Dogs can fuck continuously for hours All it takes is a little stimulation and Satan's cock will as stiff as a board. Why do you ask, Barbara. I know your dog is eating your pussy, do you want something more?"

    "Oh yes, I do, but only is Roger helps. Okay, Roger?"

    "We've come this far, honey. Why not go all the way. With that Roger and Barbara began to play in earnest with Satan's dick. It wasn't really black but dark purple with red veins. Quick as a wink Barbara and Roger were taking turns sucking on Satan's cock. This was something new from Roger and perhaps a forecast of something to come in the future.

    Satan was ready and Roger helped the dog mount his wife's back. Marie slid Satan's hot cock into his sister's waiting snatch.

    "Oh, Oh, Oh, it feels like nothing I've ever felt before. Get it all the way in and make him pump his cock hard."

    Marie took her riding crop and started to tap Satan lightly on his black balls. Immediately, it was as though he was in a race for his like. He began fucking Barbara as tough his very life depended on it. In response Barbara began to shove her cunt back towards his cock.

    "How would you like a double, Barbara?" asked Marie. Let's get Roger in your pussy and Satan in your ass."

    Hearing that great suggestion, Roger slid under Barbara in anticipation of once more fucking her today. Before he knew what was happening mischievous Marie had slipped Roger's cock in beside Satan's in Barbara's dripping pussy.

    Roger had never experienced the feeling of having another cock beside his inside his wife's cunt. He thought he would explode as Satan's cock rubbed against his.

    "Fuck me you bastards, fuck me!" Moaned Barbara hardly able to stand it. Don't stop Satan, don't stop!"

    But before she could stop him Satan has withdrawn his cock and had it in Barbara's tight little ass hole. By now everything was so slippery and wide open that Satan slipped in with no trouble at all.

    In no time all three were ready to orgasm. Roger pulled out and Marie was on his cock like a vampire. Sucking as hard as she could she drained all his cum from his balls.

    Satan came inside Barbara, but this time didn't get stuck. Satan started to lick his own cum out of Barbara's shitty ass. Barbara slid under Satan and took he cock in her mouth for one last suck. True to Marie's word, Satan came in Barbara's mouth in not time flat.

    After washing up, having a drink the three sat down to discuss what had just happened.

    "Well, what do you think of my black dog Satan?" Marie asked.

    Roger and Barbara ask at the same time, "Can we borrow him some time?"

    "Actually, I have another large dog coming tomorrow and I could use someone to watch Satan until his owner comes for him. Would be so kind as to do that for me and promise not to fuck him to death."

    "Satan can stay with as you want him to. I think he has helped Roger and I get even closer," said Barbara. "By the way, do we know the owner?

    "Owners, Barbara. They are Anne Heche and Ellen Degeneris. You see I am a dog trainer for the stars!"

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