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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, malebeast, hetero sex.

    "Hi. That's a beautiful dog."

    I was walking Bambi, my 3 year old chocolate lab, although she was really more blonde, than brown. She was actually my second dog, but my first one was a male named Stud! and he'd turned out to be gay. So I wasn't taking any chances, if Bambi was gay too, at least she'd still love me.

    I looked at the guy who'd spoken, he was just getting finished with a run, apparently. There were a lot of joggers in the park. Lots of dog lovers too, which was why I liked it.

    "Thanks." I smiled and stopped, giving Bambi a chance to smell around.

    I was dressed casually; just old faded cutoffs and a man's muscle-tee that some old boyfriend had left behind. It showed off my breasts though, especially since I didn't bother with a bra. The creamy sides were exposed practically to the nipples every time I moved my arms.

    "What's your name?" he asked me. He looked good too, wearing a tight pair of nylon shorts that really showed off his bulging love muscle. He was thin, but toned, severely toned, and cute. Especially as he was stretching while we talked, bending so I could see his leg muscles strain, his thighs and mmmm... his gorgeous ass.

    "Lisa." I combed my long blonde hair a little self-consciously. It was wild and shaggy at the best of times. "What's yours?"

    "Lisa what?" he was smiling and he had brown eyes.

    "Lisa Oquias." I gave him a little look. "Now what's yours?"


    Just then Bambi caught Dave's manly sweat scent, or something, because she yanked the leash as she moved towards him. She was always doing that, especially with guys. She nosed his crotch, wagging her tail and licking at his thighs.

    "Whoa..." Dave laughed, but he didn't back away. "I think she likes me."

    I giggled and yanked Bambi's leash. "Stop that! Bad girl!" I only used that tone of voice when she was in trouble, so she kind of looked over her shoulder at me.

    "Nah, it's okay." Dave was petting her, even squatting down so she could lick his face. He was smiling and even let her lick his lips.

    "You must be a real dog lover." I said, and Dave gave me a sharp look, his eyes narrowing. "So am I." I smiled and he softened.

    "You have a beautiful dog." He admitted, turning his face back to Bambi's.

    "Kiss her." I told him. "She likes it."

    Dave looked at me, then around the park and then back to me.

    "Go on." I was stepping closer. Bambi was pretty excited, I could tell, and I was getting excited too. "You don't have to be shy with us."

    Dave was stroking her soft warm fur as she licked his cheeks and as her tongue went back across his lips he opened his mouth for her, letting Bambi push her long pink tongue inside. I could see Dave's tongue playing with hers, moving slower, but just as eagerly and I rubbed the crotch of my shorts.

    "Do you want to come over?" I asked him.

    "Yeah." Dave was breathing heavy and he'd slipped a hand underneath Bambi, rubbing across her taut belly and her rubbery hard little nipples. "I'd like that a lot."

    We walked together back to my apartment, it wasn't far, but it did give us a little chance to talk. Dave was a grad student, studying geophysics. I told him I was an English major, so... we decided we'd talk about other stuff. Like dogs. Dave loved dogs, especially female dogs and he'd spent a lot of time, most of his time, looking for an amazingly attractive young woman with an equally beautiful dog. I laughed it off as a line, but he assured me that he was totally serious.

    "You've never met a woman with a dog before?" I grinned at him.

    "Well, no, not like you." He told me. "Either they have male dogs, I mean if they're uh, dog lovers." We smiled at each other. "Or, they have female dogs and aren't too interested in meeting someone like me."

    "Ohhh..." I nodded as we reached my place. "So, you're lucky you found us!"

    "I hope so." He was so open and honest, but there was a hint of pessimism, I think, as if he didn't really believe he could be so lucky. It gave him an incredibly sexy aura of vulnerability.

    As soon as we were inside I took off Bambi's collar, setting her free and it was obvious what she wanted. She was parading around the living room with her tail high in the air, giving Dave some nice looks at the ripe petal of her sex. He just stood there looking at her while I hung up the leash on the little hook in the closet.

    "She's flagging you." I laughed. "She's such a slut!"

    "What uh, what's her name?" Dave licked his lips and his hand dropped down to his crotch, needing to adjust himself a little.

    "Bambi." I walked close and pressed my body against his side, sliding my palm down his hard flat stomach, down to feel the hard bulge in his shorts. "Play with her." I whispered in his ear. "I like to watch."

    Dave didn't need anymore encouragement than that. His cock jumped under my fingers, straining the stretchy material of his shorts. He nodded and slipped down to the carpet, calling my dog softly.

    "Bambi, come here girl." He patted his thigh and Bambi seemed to smile at him, just walking back and forth in front of him. She was playing hard to get.

    I sat down on my little sofa. My living room was largely empty, with just a bookcase, tv, and sofa. I'd spent most of my money on stuff for school and food. But with just me and Bambi I didn't need much anyway.

    "Come here girl, come on..." And Bambi finally did come to him. She licked his hand and then his face and as they began kissing I unbuttoned my cutoffs, sliding them down my long legs and kicking them off.

    My cunt was already juicy and I just pulled my panties to the side, rubbing my slick sex hard with my fingers. My labia were already engorged and greasy and my clit was a fiery little nub of pleasure. I pressed it with my thumb, gasping slightly with pleasure as I watched Dave suck Bambi's tongue between his lips.

    "Take off your shorts." I urged him and Dave complied, grunting and making small sounds of his own pleasure. He wasn't wearing underwear and when he freed his cock it sprang up hard and large against his belly.

    It had to be a good eight inches, I thought, long and not so thick, but nice. He leaned back and a second later my dog was all over it, licking at his cock and balls as Dave spread his legs for her. The man was in heaven, that was obvious, and part of the reason, I quickly realized, was my being there. He turned his head to look at me, watching my finger my creaming hole while my dog licked his cock.

    "God, you're both so beautiful." Dave breathed and he'd turn his head back and forth, from me to Bambi and back again.

    "And you're so hot... Mmmm... I love your cock." I stared at Bambi as she worked her tongue around the head of Dave's prick. He was practically dripping precum and she was lapping it up. "So does Bambi."

    "I want to taste her too." Dave looked at me, his eyes shining with lust. "Will she let me?"

    "Yeah, she likes it..." I nodded. "Let me have her, she can lick me while you lick her."

    Dave pushed Bambi away, laughing at her as she kept trying to get one more lick and I called her over, patting my pussy gently. When I finally got her attention, and Bambi found my soaked sex, it was a lot easier for Dave. I just started cumming when I felt Bambi's tongue digging between my folds. It was always so good with her like that.

    Dave was behind her, his right hand stroking her back and hips, while his left slipped underneath. He felt her sex, soft and furry, shaped like the unopened bud of a blonde rose, and Dave rubbed his thumb across it gently, talking to her. I was caressing her head and shoulders, urging Bambi to keep licking me, to work her rough tongue deeper between my lips, and tickle all the secret spots inside.

    "Lick her." I whispered to Dave. "Go on, I want to see you lick my dog..." My voice was trembling with excitement, not just from being thoroughly eaten, but also I was getting to live one of my favorite fantasies... Seeing a guy have sex with my dog.

    "Yeah..." Dave smiled at me and his cock was so hard it was throbbing. He got down low enough so he could lick her from behind, turning his head sideways and I could see his head and shoulders moving slightly. He was doing it, licking my dog's pussy. I couldn't really tell from Bambi's reaction though, she had seemed quite happy before, and now... she was still happy. But I wanted to see it.

    I told Dave we had to get her on her back and he agreed, wanting to please me as much as himself. And Bambi didn't care. Labs are the smartest dogs, the most intelligent and playful and loving breed there is, and she was no exception. She barely protested when I pushed her away, although my pussy protested plenty, believe me! I ached for her tongue, but this was going to be worth it!

    We had her on the floor and I could see her sex had puffed up a little, her furry labes swollen just a little, engorged with blood from the stimulation. Some dogs don't like sex if they're not in season. Some dogs do and as much as I'd like to take credit for Bambi, and her blatant sexual desire in heat or out of it, the fact is that I think it's just an individual thing. Whatever factors influenced Bambi, I'd never be able to say... Maybe I was just lucky.

    She sure didn't mind Dave going down on her. Neither did I. I stared as the guy smiled at me and moved his mouth down to Bambi's sex, licking at her gently while we both stroked her soft fur. His tongue wriggled and poked and wormed it's way inside her slowly and she just lay there, her tail twitching a bit, her mouth open slightly so she'd lick her lips. She really was, and still is, a beautiful dog.

    Dave licked her out for a good fifteen minutes, working his tongue deeper and deeper until he was literally tongue fucking the animal and he could take the outer part of her sex into his mouth completely, sucking her vulva while his tongue wriggled around inside her. It was incredible and I couldn't wait to see him fuck her. I wanted to see Bambi mated so badly and Dave's long cock would be perfect for her, I knew. She was a large dog, 70lbs easily and I knew she was ready for a good hard fucking.

    "Do you want a condom?" I asked Dave. "I have some."

    "No, uh..." He looked at me and I think he was almost blushing. "I'd rather um, cum inside her, if that's okay."

    I wrapped my arms around him and kissed Dave hard, licking his mouth and tasting my dog's cunt on his tongue. "Oh yeah..." I whispered breathlessly. "Cum inside her... That's so sexy!"

    Dave grinned at me and kissed me hard before finally moving so we could coax Bambi back to her feet. She was ready for it too, dancing around Dave and barking softly, her tail waving high in the air. She nipped at him playfully and rubbed against his thighs enthusiastically. The guy definitely wasn't going to need any help from me, I thought with a smile, so I sat back, leaning against the sofa and pulled my t-shirt off. It wasn't like it was covering much anyway, my long brown nipples were flashing hot and cold and I pinched them, pulling my firm breasts taut.

    Dave was laughing and whispering and stroking Bambi gently, working her to turn so he could kneel behind her. His cock was shining with precum and ruddy with excitement. I fingered my pussy slowly while he reached down, obviously rubbing his cockhead around Bambi's sex while she waited impatiently, glancing at him over her shoulder and barking occasionally, as if telling him to hurry up.

    "She's small." Dave was smiling though and a moment later his eyes closed and he gave a small sigh. Bambi too seemed to relax slightly as she felt Dave's cock stretching her excited folds and pushing into her canine vagina. "Ohhh man, she's tight... and Hot!" Dave grinned and I had to move so I could see them joined.

    He had just the head of his cock inside her, perhaps all of an inch, and she was positively dripping! I had no idea female dogs could get so wet, but Bambi must have been soaked. Dave stroked her back and grabbed little fistfuls of her fur, which Bambi didn't seem to mind at all, and he pushed slowly with his hips, sort of moving around a little, trying to find the right angle. Dog vaginas aren't exactly lined up straight and there's a lot less room to maneuver once you get past the first 4 or 5 inches. A bitch is much less forgiving than a woman if a man just jams his cock deep... Not that Bambi wouldn't enjoy it, she was practically begging, but her cunt would put a serious dent in Dave's day if he wasn't careful.

    Besides, it was better taking it slow. I loved watching Dave sink his long hard prick into my dog inch by inch until he was balls deep in his new bitch. Bambi had braced her front paws against the carpet, pushing back and panting happily. She may have been confused by Dave's patience, but it was obvious she didn't seem too annoyed.

    "Fuck her Dave..." I was fingering my own hole, pushing two fingers as deep as I could in sympathy with my dog. "Mate with her!"

    "Yeah..." Dave was breathing hard and I wondered if he wasn't close to cumming already. But he did start fucking her, pulling his cock halfway out and pushing back in with steady methodical strokes. "Oh, shit... She feels incredible... Gotta be a hundred degrees in there!" Dave was saying and he just kept grabbing her fur, fucking my dog harder and harder as he became more comfortable.

    I had to see it better! I slid underneath Bambi and she growled a little, maybe thinking I was going to steal her boyfriend away, or something. I just giggled at her and rubbed her neck and she was okay. I got right underneath them, so Bambi's back legs straddled my head and I could stare up at Dave's cock sawing in and out of my dog's pussy. His hairy cum filled balls were swinging just above my face and their juices were dripping onto my cheeks, mouth and chin. I opened my lips, catching the occasional drop and savoring the strange, slightly acrid flavor of Bambi's cunt. I lifted my head slightly, tonguing Bambi's pussy and Dave's shaft as it moved in and out.

    "Oh shit, I'm gonna cum... I'm gonna cum..." Dave was working his dick in and out of Bambi quickly now and a second later I saw his balls tighten as he pushed himself deep, holding himself still as his cock began shooting into her canine womb. Bambi was making very little sound, but her body did seem to tense just a little, I thought, as she felt her vagina filling with Dave's sperm. It must have felt really good for her and we both stroked her soft warm fur, she was being such a good dog!

    Dave began moving again a few moments later, his cock still hard, and Bambi gave soft growls of pleasure. Dave was seriously turned on and he fucked her very hard now, his cock thrusting up and into Bambi's drenched cunt over and over. Their fuck juices spilled out rapidly as Dave's swollen cock churned all that wetness into a creamy froth. I kept lifting my head and licking it away, marveling at the taste of sperm and dog cum, so rich and musky and bestial on my tongue. I know Bambi had to have cum, she was whining and growling and her hips were rocking and rolling against Dave's urgent thrusts. She was loving it now, even more than she had before, and they fucked for a good 10 minutes before Dave was cumming again.

    This time he didn't stop thrusting, he just kept ramming his cock inside her while he groaned and I licked. "Ohhh good dog... good girl... good girl, Bambi." He was saying. "I'm going to pull out..." Dave warned me, but that was fine with me!

    "Yummmmy..." I breathed with a little giggle and a second later Dave pulled his semi-hard cock free of Bambi's pussy. A flood of juices washed out with him and I put my mouth over her vulva, taking the whole of her furry dog labes into my mouth and I was swallowing their cum rapidly. It was delicious and rich with a taste that vaguely reminded me of vegemite. I sucked Bambi's pussy for a long moment before she pulled away, wanting to wash herself, and Dave was right there to push his wet ruddy cock between my lips. I cleaned him eagerly, sucking his cock deep into my mouth and feeling it growing harder.

    Dave moved to 69 with me, his knees on either side of my head and his cock pointing down between my lips as I sucked him. I moaned softly as his mouth found my pussy, his tongue slipping inside my soaked slit and his strong hands grabbing my ass. It was wonderful and I climaxed quickly, clenching my thighs to his head as Dave lapped up my pussy juices.

    "Fuck me now... Fuck me!" I was practically begging and Dave lost no time turning me over so he could fuck me like a bitch. He mounted my cunt from behind, grabbing my hips and pulling my sopping wet pussy back onto his cock with one long deep push. It was so good! He fucked me for a good long time too, finally pulling me up, his hands on my breasts, squeezing them as I turned my head to kiss him. We knelt there while he came inside me, our mouths joined passionately and his sperm filling my womb.

    Bambi just sat on the carpet, licking her pussy contentedly and waiting for her next turn. We were going to keep Dave very busy, I thought.


    Please Note: I took some liberties with this story in the interest of entertainment. If you are a man and are intent on having vaginal sex with a dog you should use a condom. You should also use plenty of lubricant, like K-Y or other non-petroleum based lubes, especially when she is out of season. Also, remember that a dog's vaginal walls are very sensitive and the skin is easily torn... If you finger her, trim your nails. I'm not a man, but I do have a lot of experience with dogs of both sexes, and so I just couldn't post this story without a caveat. If you have questions, I can help answer them probably, but just remember common sense rules and no means no... A dog will enforce this and it will be painful. Good luck.

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    rache has great dog/girl stories with lots of foreplay. donny42

    Feb 28 2008 09:35
    A guy having sex with a female, it is such a loving moment. Just love it.. thanks for the story

    Mar 15 2008 23:25
    Yea, I have a couple questions. If you don't mind, could you email me at ? Please & thank you!

    Jan 11 2010 05:49
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