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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, group, oral, bondage, humiliation, reluctance, dogsex.

    Author Note: To that small group of disturbed people who have enjoyed my previous efforts and encouraged me, thank you.

    If you have read any of my previous stories you know that I am a bit wordy. I enjoy a lot of character development. It is more interesting to me if there is an actual story. Well, this one is more wordy than usual. But I think it is a petty good short story and I enjoyed writing it. I hope somebody enjoys reading it.


    I have a money making little hobby that has led to an enormously erotic situation. I thought you might enjoy hearing about it.

    First, a little about me, I am forty-five years old. I am a twice divorced white male. I exercise and stay in shape. I have a dirty mind and a strong sexual appetite.

    I am a very well paid computer professional. I am lucky enough to work out of my home and set my own schedule. The hobby I mentioned at the beginning of this narrative is that I keep my eyes open for undervalued real estate deals. I buy undervalued houses or I pick up places at delinquent tax sales or, once in a while, through a couple of contacts at banks I pick up a place about to go into foreclosure. I don't do it often. I cherry pick. Maybe once or twice a year I come upon a deal that is just irresistible. It can be a hassle, but if you know your way around, it is a good way to pick up an extra fifteen or twenty thousand without doing a lot of work.

    I had recently gotten word about a nice house that I could pick up for a great price out of foreclosure. I checked it out and it was worth twice what I could get it for, easy. And unlike most of the places I pick up, this one was in pretty good shape.

    I went ahead and bought the place. This can be a torturous process which can take months. But I have been through it several times and I know people and I know people who know people so it is getting easier.

    I finally got the deed to the place, and the keys, after almost a month. After having the utilities turned on, I drove over to check the place out and see how much work I was going to have to do to get it ready to sell.

    I walked around outside and everything was in pretty good condition. I opened the door to the large storage building in the backyard and was surprised at the amount of stuff that had been left by the previous owners. There was a big collection of expensive tools and lawn care equipment, as well as some very expensive sports gear, including two really high end kayaks. Just casually looking around the inside of the building I estimated the value of the contents to be close to $20,000!

    I finished my tour of the grounds and finally entered the house. I was surprised again at the large number of personal possessions still in the house. There were pictures on the walls and mementoes displayed here and there, the kinds of things that you would have expected the owners to take with them.

    I was starting to get a weird feeling about this as I walked through the house. I was getting the feeling that someone had been living here, even though the utilities had been turned off!

    I finished my tour of the first floor and was looking around upstairs when I heard a sound coming from the door that led to the room over the garage at the end of the hall. I quietly moved down the carpeted hall and listened at the door for a minute. I didn't hear anything so I carefully turned the knob and slowly pushed the door open. I didn't see anything at first, except for another cache of personal possessions in stacks of boxes everywhere around the room. I was just about to back out of the room when I heard another noise and I called out, "Who's there?"

    There was no answer, but I was sure that I had an intruder. I pulled out my cell phone and said loudly, "I'm dialing 911."

    I started dialing, but before I could push the last digit a man and woman who had been crouched behind one of the stacks of boxes jumped up, begging me not to call the police.

    I stared in surprise. They didn't look like bums or criminals. They were a young man and woman in their early twenties. They were attractive and well dressed and the woman was crying and begging me to hang up my phone.

    I didn't say anything for a few minutes. Then I asked, "Who are you? What are you doing here?"

    They both started talking at the same time and I couldn't understand any of it. I yelled "Quiet!" and they both shut up. I pointed to the woman and said, "You, go ahead, explain."

    She was still crying quietly but she managed to explain that they were Glenn and Kara Elliot. It was their house, or used to be. They had both had high paying jobs at the nearby GLT Electronics plant, until it went belly up. They had lived on their saving as long as possible while looking for new jobs.

    Then, when their savings started running out they had tried at the last moment to sell their house but it was too late. Their cars had been repossessed, and now they had no money and no jobs and no place to go for help. They could not even afford to put their belongings in storage. They had no family members that they could contact for help. This town didn't even have a homeless shelter. They had no place to go.

    When she finally got to the end of her tale of woe I was speechless for a moment and then I just said simply, "You can't stay here. You have to get your things out of here. I bought this house to resell. You have to move right away."

    Now they were both crying. It made me very uncomfortable. I am sorry but I cannot have any respect or sympathy for a crying man, especially one who would let his family end up in this predicament to start with. Finally I told them to stop blubbering and suggested that we go downstairs.

    I looked around but there was nothing in the house to drink. Not even coffee! I wondered when these two had last eaten a meal. In the light of the kitchen I took a better look at them. They were a cute couple. She was downright hot. I would guess her age to be twenty-two, give or take a year, and she appeared to stand about five feet even.

    She was very slender and quite curvy with what looked to be a very firm little set of B cups on her chest, a personal favorite. I understand that the average male is predisposed towards huge breasts. I suppose my summers spent working on a dairy farm as a teenager had something to do with my preference for the more petite.

    She had a cute face and even her posture was striking. He looked to be perhaps a year or two older than his young wife, and looked like a real yuppie wimp. He looked like he was very much in touch with his feminine side, if you know what I mean.

    They had more or less regained their composure. At least the crying had stopped for the time being.

    I didn't know quite what to say. It was never my intention to become responsible for two human beings. I suppose that, like most people, I liked to think of myself as a decent human being, but I had no intention of adopting a young married couple.

    They started pleading with me not to make them leave, not to throw their belongings out in the street. They were sure that they could turn their lives around any day now. They would pay me back. They just went on and on, I kind of shut out their voices as I pondered what to do. As I pondered, my eyes tended to wander the lithe young female form standing ten feet away and begging me to have pity on them.

    Well, as I said in the second paragraph, I have a dirty mind and a strong sexual appetite. I spend a lot of long lonely evenings at home browsing through dirty little stories on the internet. I enjoy it, but it is not the same as having a life.

    But things were starting to come together. Before me stood a beautiful woman and her wimpy husband, helpless, destitute, I just might be able to turn this to my advantage.

    I asked them when was the last time that they had eaten a good meal and apparently they could not even remember. They had been scrounging food from various sources just to subsist. I cut off the detailed explanation. I didn't want to hear all of the gory details.

    I told them that I might be able to suggest a way that they could get by until they were again able to find gainful employment, but that they wouldn't like it. I then invited them to join me for dinner.

    They accepted, of course, and we got in my car and I drove to a nearby steakhouse that I am fond of. It was early still and the place had just opened for the day. It was nearly empty. We were seated in a quiet booth and ordered drinks and looked over the menu.

    At first, when my warped little mind had hit upon this scheme I had thought that I might need to figure out how best to put this to them so that they would accept my offer. I had thought it over all the way here and now, as I was sitting here sipping my drink and looking them over, I realized I didn't have to find a delicate way to put this. In fact, it would be more fun to be blunt. It would certainly avoid any possible misunderstandings.

    "Okay, here is the deal. I just bought your house. Admittedly for a lot less than it is worth, but that is why I bought it. You guys are in a hell of a fix, but that is not my problem. If I just let you live in that house it will cost me thousands. I will be responsible for taxes and upkeep and utilities for a house I can't do anything with. Not to mention the interest on the mortgage." I had paid cash but they didn't need to know that.

    They were both staring down at their drinks, unable to look me in the eye as I laid out my offer.

    "The way I see things," I continued, "there is only one thing you two could offer me to make me consider letting you continue to live in my house. It isn't worth what it will cost me, but it is the only thing you have."

    I paused for a minute and took a drink. Just then the waiter arrived and we ordered. As soon as the waiter had left the table they looked up at me and waited for the bottom line. I honestly don't think they had a clue!

    "The only thing you have to offer me is yourselves," I finally said in as simple and undramatic a voice as possible. I was just stating an obvious fact after all.

    I could see that they still didn't get it. I was becoming more amused as this dragged on. They truly were clueless, both of them, so na∩ve. It was really adding to my enjoyment.

    I didn't say anything for a few minutes. Just looked at them and waited to see if it would sink in to either of them. Finally I chuckled and said, "You two really are dense aren't you? No wonder you are hiding in a repossessed house and eating scraps!"

    I had been fairly polite up until that point and my insults came as a bit of a surprise, but they just glanced at each other briefly and then looked down again, unable to look me in the eye, or deny what I had said.

    "The only thing you two have to offer me is yourselves," I repeated. "I believe I would enjoy having a couple of slaves." When I said that they finally looked up!

    "I will tell you what I will do for you, and what you will do for me. I will permit you to live in my new house and keep your belongings. I will provide you with an automobile. Presumably you will need one to continue looking for work and to do my bidding as well. I will provide you with a subsistence allowance. It will be enough to buy food and gas and any other necessities. You won't be able to live the life of Riley on it.

    In return, you, both of you, will be my slaves. You will do anything and everything I ask of you. I will take great pleasure in using and humiliating both of you, both publicly and privately."

    I gave them a moment to digest that. The look of absolute shock on their faces was priceless.

    I continued, "If and when you finally find adequate employment, I will sell your house back to you, at fair market value. That might not sound like a fair price to you, but I shall have lost a great deal of money on you two, and received only amusement and sexual satisfaction in return."

    They sat stunned and I ordered us another round of drinks. The food arrived and I guess they must have truly been starving. Even though they had just received what was obviously the most shocking proposal of their lives, they ate ravenously.

    It occurred to me that a bottle of wine might make the only decision that they could come to a little easier, so I ordered a bottle of my favorite. I watched them though. I wanted this decision to be a sober one.

    I ate here once or twice a month at least. The food was good and the service was great. I had become friendly with the owner and I decided I would go have a talk with him and give these two a chance to talk.

    I got up and said to them, "I am going to talk with the manager for a few minutes. I want your answer when I return. If you say yes you will be my slaves, effective immediately, until such time as you are able to resume responsibility for your own lives. If you say no I will drive you back to my new house and you will have tonight to remove your belonging and vacate the premises."

    I went back to the owner's little office in the back and we talked for a while. We had gotten to be friends over the last few years. We had played golf together, gone to a couple of baseball games and although his schedule rarely allowed for it, he works most evenings, we had played poker a few times. I had discovered that he enjoyed porn as much as I did and we had been swapping movies back and forth. It occurred to me that he would get a kick out of the deal I was working out in one of his booths. But I decided I had better see how it went before I started trying to spread the joy.

    After ten minutes I went back to my booth. I watched them as I approached. They were talking quietly but intensely as I walked up and sat down. They stopped talking as soon as they saw me. When I sat down I asked them if they had reached a decision.

    Neither one spoke, so I said, "I am going to have to assume that means my answer is no."

    They looked at each other again; they looked like they had been arguing. Then Kara looked at me and said in a quiet but steady voice, "We'll do it," she said. I was beginning to think she had more balls than her wimpy husband. "May I you a couple of questions?" she asked.

    I was amused at the way she seemed to have taken charge of their situation. I was also curious about what she would think to ask.

    "Sure," I said, amicably. "I'm a nice guy. Go ahead."

    "Are you going to hurt me?" she asked bluntly.

    I paused, thinking of some of the things I had always wanted to try. Then I answered truthfully, "Some of the things that are done to you will cause you some pain. But you will not be harmed."

    "Will you do anything to make it harder for us to get jobs and get our lives back?"

    "No sweetheart. While I am looking forward to fucking you, and I will be completely honest, I look forward to causing you and your wimpy husband a great deal of humiliation, it is in my financial interest that you resume your rightful place in the work force and get your financial affairs in order, any other questions?"

    She shook her head, but wimpy little Glenn just stared at his drink and tried to pretend this wasn't happening.

    Kara was sitting between her husband and me, but several feet from me. I patted the seat beside me and she slid over beside me. She was dressed simply in a plain white blouse and a black, knee length skirt. I ordered her to lift her ass off of the padded seat and pull her skirt out from under her and sit back down. She obeyed instantly. She was blushing brightly, but I was happy to see that she wasn't a weepy little thing. Or maybe she was just so mad at her husband that she wanted to piss him off.

    When she had sat back down I reached down and pulled the hem of her skirt up and tucked it into the waist in the front, exposing the lower half of her plain white panties. She flinched, but didn't resist. I glanced at her husband and I knew he had to see what was happening but he never once looked up from the empty glass in his hands.

    I enjoyed the view of Kara's panties for a minute and then I started to explore her firm young breasts over her clothing. Her bra seemed to be quite substantial. I was going to have to do something about that. I unbuttoned the top buttons on her blouse, down to below her breasts. She sat stoically as I gently spread her blouse open, exposing her bra. It was erotic because of its plainness. She was so demure, I couldn't wait despoil her!

    I looked back up to her face and said, "I am making this up as I go along. I will have rules for you. There will be rules for both of you. The first rules, the most important rules, are that from now on you don't wear a bra or panties unless I tell you to. Also, no shorts or pants unless I order it, and no pantyhose ever!"

    She continued to blush brightly, but there was no sign of resistance. I moved her hand down to my extremely uncomfortable erection and she wrapped her fingers around it without any fight. I am rather well endowed and the look on her face when she felt my hard cock almost made me laugh out loud.

    The waiter came to the table just then and asked if we wanted anything else. I decided I was having too much fun to leave just yet and ordered us all another drink. The waiter's eyes never left Kara's exposed bra. It was obvious that she was uncomfortable, but she made no move to cover herself.

    I rested one hand lightly on this beautiful young woman's thigh and except for a gasp as my little finger gently caressed the moist crotch of her panties she didn't move. I asked her to remove her bra without taking her blouse off. I had seen both of my ex-wives do this on occasion and had been fascinated by it. It is apparently a skill that young women develop at an early age. She reached between the cups of her bra and released the hooks and deftly, but as discretely as possible, removed her bra. She handed it to me and I set it on the table beside me.

    Her blouse had partially closed while she removed her bra and I moved to open it again. We were in a quiet little area where no other customers could easily see into our booth so I wasn't worried about creating a fuss.

    I didn't touch them yet. But what a view! Her breasts were more beautiful than I even imagined. Her skin was stark white and her nipples were like little pink erasers, standing up hard and proud.

    Without being asked she moved her hand back to my cock and held it gently as the waiter delivered our drinks. Glenn looked like he was going to cry. He gulped his drink down and sat staring at his empty glass again. I decided he was getting off too easy.

    I started telling him in detail how impressed I was with his wife's breasts. I tried to get him to talk to me about them, but he just muttered and grunted and avoided the conversation. I could see I was going to have to straighten him out. I wondered how long it had been since someone had spanked his bare ass. That thought made me grin.

    I finally signaled the waiter over. It wasn't difficult; he had been hovering nearby since he noticed that Kara's breasts were on display. I paid the check and we left. I allowed Kara to button one button on her blouse and cover up her sexy chest and straighten out her skirt. I grabbed her bra and held it loosely in my hand as I led them out to my car.

    I pointed to the back seat for Glenn and the front for Kara and I walked around and got in and started the car. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do next. I knew I wanted to spend a large part of the evening molesting Kara in all kinds of new and exciting ways. I had to decide whether to take them to my home, spend the night at their house, well, my new house, or drop him off there and take her home.

    I decided to take them to my place and play with them tonight and then tomorrow I would get them some kind of transportation and let them go home and put their house back together. And he could quit hiding in the house and get the damned yard taken care of!

    I drove to my house and led my new slaves in to my large living room. I sat down in my favorite chair and ordered Kara to stand in front of me. She moved immediately to the place in front of my chair that I had indicated.

    I called Glenn closer and he finally looked up and even managed to look me in the eyes! I decided I would put him in his place a little before we continued with tonight's entertainment. "You were still arguing with your wife when I came back to the table at the restaurant. Can I assume you are opposed to the offer I have made and what seems to be your wife's acceptance of it?"

    "Of course I am opposed!" he said, petulantly. "I can't believe she would submit to this, to you. It's the twenty-first century for Christ's sake! People don't treat other people this way. We didn't graduate from college to become somebody's toys, to become slaves!"

    He shuddered as he said the word slaves. I guess I am not such a nice person after all. I was really enjoying seeing this wimpy little yuppie suffer like this.

    "So what did you offer her as an alternative, to just leave? To go out in the streets with no money, none of your belongings, no place to sleep, and once you reach that point in your existence, no way to ever find a decent job."

    He looked at me again as if trying to understand me. "How can you do this to us?" he asked, more than a little desperation in his voice. "What kind of person derives pleasure from humiliating someone?!"

    I smiled patiently at Glenn and took Kara's hand and pulled her gently into my lap. I opened her blouse again and caressed her warm, wonderful breasts for the first time.

    Finally I responded, as honestly as I could. "First of all, any guy that didn't want to get his hands on your wife's beautiful body is gay. But that aside, there are a lot of men out there like me. Men that, if they had the opportunity, would take great pleasure in using and humiliating a cute young yuppie couple like you, and worse.

    Be grateful I am not one of those guys into whips and chains; there are also a lot of them out there!

    What you have here is an unpleasant situation that you can live with and work your way out of. What you are offering your wife is not a viable option. You can't just run away, you have to have some alternative besides being destitute and homeless.

    Now you are just going to have to get it through your thick skull that what you have here is an opportunity, and you would be stupid not to take advantage of it. So, either leave right now, or strip."

    He looked at me, shocked. I suppose he had expected that his part in all of this was to witness his wife's abuse. He had not expected to be an active participant in the festivities. I watched him; I could actually see his mind working, trying to find some other way out. And I saw that point when he finally accepted his fate.

    I supposed that if he had any idea at all of what he would have to do as time went on he would have walked out. But I believed that if I didn't hit him with everything all at once he was wimpy enough that eventually there wasn't much I couldn't make him do. First it had to really sink in that he had sold his soul to me.

    I continued molesting his wife as we watched him take his clothes off. Finally he stood in front of us naked. He wasn't much to look at. He was skinny, no obvious muscle tone, and apparently not very well endowed.

    I ordered him to help his wife to her feet and to undress her as well. He glowered at me and reached for his wife's hand. I yelled at him to wipe that look off his face or I would take him over my knee and spank his pansy ass for him. Both of them gasped at my outburst, and he became slightly more obsequious.

    He pulled his wife to her feet and then slowly undressed her for my viewing pleasure. And it was truly a pleasure. I have found that the older I get the sexier youth is. Kara has a perfect body. Creamy skin, nicely tanned except for those areas covered by an obviously modest bathing suit. Those areas, her breasts, her buttocks, her belly, were all starkly white and contrasted nicely with her tanned areas. They looked like they would glow in the dark.

    Her breasts, now that I could see them better, were indeed perfect. And she has one of those high, tight little butts that drive men crazy. I was not normally all that interested in anal sex, but I was going to have to take that little butt for a ride.

    She did not appear to trim her pubic hair. It was very sparse, the hair light and fine and pure blonde. I reached out and ran my fingers through it. I had intended to have her shave it, I like bare pussies, but I would have to think about it. Maybe a good trim would do.

    I stood up and ordered Kara to remove my shirt. I am not muscle bound, but I work out and have a pretty good body. She pulled the shirt tails out of my slacks and unbuttoned the front of my shirt and slid it off my shoulders. She seemed to like what she saw.

    Then I ordered Glenn to take my pants off. He blanched and hesitated. He was obviously more reluctant to take my pants off than he had been to undress his wife in front of me. But finally he moved closer and I watched his wife's face as he gingerly unfastened my belt and my slacks and slid them down my legs. She was really hard to read, but I don't think her husband faired well as she compared our bodies.

    I stepped out of my pants and kicked them aside and ordered Glenn to continue. He slid my shorts down, being careful to touch me as little as possible, and trying to avoid looking at my hard, throbbing cock.

    I asked him if he had ever touched another man's cock before and you would have thought I had slapped him!

    "Certainly not!" he exclaimed, shocked that I would even ask.

    "You're going to," I said.

    He looked up at me, he was still kneeling in front of me, and said, "Please, I...I couldn't do that. I'm not that way. I...I just couldn't"

    I smiled and said, "I can see where the next few months are going to be real hard for you Glenn. You might as well go ahead and get over it. Put your hands on my cock and caress it."

    He didn't move and I suddenly slapped his face, hard. He was shocked, and hurt, and, finally it seemed, cowed. He rubbed his cheek where I had slapped him for a moment and then just when I had about decided to slap him again he reached a hand out and put it around my cock.

    I am not bi. I am not homophobic; I have nothing against gays or any two guys who want to, having a little fun. I just always preferred that the person touching me be a person of the opposite sex. But humiliating this little bastard in front of his wife was really turning me on. I didn't think I had it in me!

    At first he just held my cock. He obviously didn't know what to do now that he had it in his hand. I put my hand over his soft little feminine hand and moved it slowly up and down my cock for a minute. Then, I couldn't resist, I grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled his face to my crotch and ordered him to kiss it.

    He shuddered in horror at the idea, but he actually did it! He pursed his lips and touched them lightly to the head of my cock, which was now covered in the precum that had begun leaking from it. Now I don't know about you, but someone would have to beat me just about half to death to get me to kiss their cock. And if I knew my wife was watching it would have to be a lot more than half.

    I let his hair go and he straightened back up.

    "Lick your lips," I ordered in a soft voice, fascinated at how easy he was to manipulate.

    I watched as he closed his eyes in shame and licked the precum from his lips. Damn it was exciting!

    But I was anxious to get to the main event. I pulled Kara into my arms and kissed her passionately. Glenn thought I was finished with him and leaned back out of the way. I stopped kissing his wife long enough to tell him to put his hand back on my cock until I told him to move it.

    I went back to kissing Kara and felt Glenn's hand moving reluctantly between us as we kissed. I had not had sex with anyone but my imagination in quite a while.

    I don't like going to the kinds of places you normally have to go to meet women. I don't like bars or clubs or anywhere that is smoke filled or too loud to carry on a conversation. I sometimes meet women at a friend's party, once I even met a nice woman at a grocery store.

    But that doesn't happen often and I am not interested in a long term relationship this soon after my second divorce, so I was extremely horny right now. I decided that if I didn't want to cum in her husband's hand I had better move this little game on to the next step.

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    I love this story! I keep reading more and I keep cumming. I wish I was Kara.

    Jun 5 2007 16:04
    Vulgus, where are you man? Aint you got anymore stories like this in you? I sure did like it. But P - L - E - A - S - E write some more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jan 21 2010 07:11
    I love this stpory!!!!! Would love to hear more.

    Nov 13 2013 00:12
    yes definitely write more I absolutely loved this and could not stop reading

    Dec 10 2013 13:47
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