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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, hetero sex, oral, anal, dog sex.

    After many months of emails and Instant Messenger contact, we both decided to take the final step. By now I don't think that there wasn't anything either of us did not know about the other, our virtues and our faults, our hopes and our desires, our feelings and our kinkiness. Although others may find it strange, you and I actually fell in love with each other, notwithstanding the fact that our only visual contact was in the form of pictures of ourselves that we sent to each other over the net. Thus, I was not surprised to see how pretty you were stepping off of the plane that Sunday morning.

    Within moments of our sitting in the cab we had hailed, you were in my arms and we were kissing as if we had known each other for years and were deeply in love. By the time that the car had reached the highway my passions were so worked up that if I thought I could have gotten away with it without getting arrested, I would have fucked you right there on the back seat. Moreover, I could tell from your responses to my kisses that you would have welcomed my sexual assault.

    The cab left us off at my house and I told you to wait while I brought your luggage inside and then returned. Our eyes held for at least a minute and I think that we were both thinking that we would soon be embarking on the final stage of what were originally our email fantasies. Now they were about to become realities. Once more we kissed and I bent and placed my arm under your knees and lifted you. You made sure that our lips stayed glued together by pulling my face into yours with your hands. I carried you to the house.

    With our lips working together and you in my arms, I carried you through the door and kicked it closed behind us. I carried you over to the couch and softly placed you down. You held your arms around my neck and I followed you down, lowering myself to my knees. Our tongues were working in each other's mouth as our passions were building.

    Almost as if we had a built in audience of our choosing, my three dogs were on the loveseat eyeing us with a bored interest. Both Rambo, the German Shepherd and Milou, the Doberman were lying down on the cushions while Bobby, the Great Dane sat up.

    As the heat from our passions began to fill my loins I moved my hand up under your sweater and captured one of the taut breasts in my palms. You moaned within my mouth as my fingers squeezed the nipple and it began to harden. With my body halfway upon yours I felt you pushing and grinding your hips beneath mine, while your tongue darted hurriedly from one side of my mouth to the other. Then, as my fingers worked on your tit you pushed me upward and pulled your mouth from mine. Hurriedly, you brought your hands down to the bottom of your sweater and urgently pulled it up off your body and over your head.

    There was no turning back. Your fantasy was going to become a reality. I looked into your face and saw that look of wild desire that I could only read about in your emails before. Seeing it had my cock twitching with anticipation. Then as if there was an unspoken order we both began to strip our bodies of our clothes. My eyes looked in wonder as I saw you bared yourself. You were much more beautiful looking and exciting than I could ever have known from the pictures, none of which gave you justice.

    As you rid yourself of the last piece of clothing and lay back on the couch my eyes beamed in with hunger at your pussy, which was bared for my inspection between your parted legs. I saw the wetness and knew that you were waiting eagerly. I groaned and immediately lowered my face toward the awesome aroma that was permeating my nostrils. I pushed my mouth and tongue hard into your wonderful cunt and you thrust it up hard into my face.

    Both of us were moaning now as I lapped at the object of my desire, your sex, which seemed to have a taste of exotic fruit. I felt your hands at the back of my head as you began to undulate beneath me and I felt your heated thighs close on my ears. Your taste was absolutely mind-boggling, so delicious. My tongue attacked your hard clitoris, which trembled under its caress.

    Then you were twisting your head from side to side and calling to me, almost begging that I stop to mount you. I moved my face out and stood up momentarily between your parted legs, one of which was on the couch and the other on the floor. I went up on the couch on my knees between your thighs and I lay down above you, looking into your eyes and face. You looked like the most exciting thing that I'd ever seen in my life.

    Then our eyes held as I slowly penetrated your pussy with my throbbing manhood. Gently, you drew me within the heated softness of your body. I swear that I saw a love and adoration in your face for me that I've never experienced. Indeed, this was exactly what I was feeling for you as I felt your pussy muscles around my flesh as it pushed to your depths. Your mouth opened in a wondrous gasp. The pleasures flowing through my body were like none that I've had before. As I reached bottom my balls nestled softly on your bottom. Both of us were breathing deeply as I then began to pull my hips back upward, sliding my length up through your slick insides. Your hands thrust up behind my head and pulled my face down eagerly. Urgently our mouths began sucking upon one another and our moaning was renewed.

    I'd been waiting for this for so many months and now that the moment was upon us my mind had swelled with a red exploding passion. I began to move with more intensity and you then wrapped your legs around mine and squeezed them tightly. I felt your body moving under me with a passion and your moans were becoming wilder within my mouth. You tasted so good as I sucked in your tongue and mouth juices.

    As our bodies moved together your pleasures erupted and the ties of composure were broken and you were passion unchained. Together we moved against each other as our sweaty bodies worked desperately for fulfillment. With each solid thrust of my body down into yours you groaned your pleasure and tightened your fingernails into the flesh of my back. Then your pussy muscles were clenching my flesh as it spurt its juices deep into your womb.

    I continued pumping into you even though I was finished. Your own wild passions were overwhelming and the pleasures that you were experiencing were so obvious that I wouldn't allow myself to stop and spoil your excitement. You were pushing up and down and in spite of my ejaculation I remained hard, probably at the sight of how you were reacting in the throes of your first orgasm. Sensing that you were about to finish I drew you off of the couch and I lay on my back, bringing you on top. Then you were fucking me and grunting as your body began its ultimate pleasure. I held on to you as you were rocking upon me.

    In the heat of the action we did not see Rambo getting up off of the loveseat and move between us. Then he tentatively put his head between your legs. He started licking what he could of your pussy, but mostly he licked your little hole that was still humid from your juices and my sperm. The look in your eyes was pure lust, which only served to heighten my own anticipation. Sometimes he licked my balls, which sent wave after wave of pleasure coursing through my body.

    Knowing that we were going to live out your greatest fantasy I had my three dogs groomed for the occasion. I especially had their nails cut so as not to cut through your lovely skin or hurt you. Rambo, almost sensing his opportunity pulled his nose away and then after looking at our positions he moved his body up onto your back, leaving his feet on the floor between our bodies. My eyes were riveted on your face. At the first sign of fear or confusion I would have put a stop to this daring episode. Instead, your face transformed into a lustful animal. Your eyes widened and your mouth opened in heated surprise as you drew in your breath with a gasp. The look of wild utter abandonment that I saw captured my mind. It was something that I'd never come close to seeing before and even if I ever saw it again it could never have the impact on me as this first time. The only words that I can think of when seeing your face were that you were crazed for sex. Your breathing was coming in short, choppy gasps as you awaited your dream to be fulfilled.

    Rambo was shifting his position in search of his own needs. With my hard, throbbing cock buried in your pussy, where I felt your body performing a strange clenching and releasing on me, there was only one opening free down there and we both knew that. I reached my hand down and searched around until I felt the animal's hard bone of male-sex.

    Looking up into your wondrously eager face I whispered, "I love you, my lover."

    After a long pause the dog allowed my hand to guide his cock toward your anus. As the tip abutted your hole your face showed your complete happiness and gratification as your fingers tightened on my shoulders and you responded, hotly, "I love you too, Francis."

    I watched with wonder as your face changed yet again into what can only be described as total ecstasy as Rambo's pink tip penetrated your asshole without any concern for your well-being. Your throat released a wild mournful groan of utter pleasure and as the animal became fully buried in your asshole, you looked desperately into my face as if I had become the object of your desire. Your face moved back down to mine and your open mouth plunged eagerly over mine. My tongue shot into your waiting mouth and your lips began to suck on it.

    Rambo was immediately in full fucking mode and was already pumping in and out of your anus with speed and force. Your body was moving softly, involuntarily reacting to the tremendous pleasures that it was experiencing from the wild feelings of being filled to the maximum in two holes at one time. My cock was twitching wildly inside your pussy, which was moving gently up and down and from side to side while the dog was ravaging your asshole with his pounding cock.

    He was in full throttle now and I sensed that it would not be long before he finished within you. His breathing was heavier and his movements more determined. As you moaned even wilder within my mouth I realized that Rambo's node must have inflated to its full size and his movements were piston-like. The excitement of it all was causing my own body to react and I felt the heat and throbbing pressure within my cock and my balls. I began to push up and down into you as our mouths worked desperately on one another.

    Then your dream was being fulfilled as the animal began to release his juices within your ass. You must have felt the heat from the hot liquid shooting into you because your mouth was sucking, biting, licking and thrusting upon mine with a mindless fury. I felt the liquid of the dog's sperm, which overflowed from your asshole as it leaked onto my thrusting cock and the whole scene just forced my body to once more shoot my seed inside your waiting and eager body. We were clutching fiercely at each other as your own spasms overtook you and the greatest climax of your life shuttered throughout your body.

    For long minutes, all of our bodies were drained of our pleasure-juices.

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    Lucky Lady!!

    Oct 18 2007 17:00
    What a story! I loved it, I wish I was there, I'd take on those 3 dogs and love it

    Jun 3 2012 01:36
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