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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, voyeur.

    My brother had go out of town for several weeks and asked me to feed his Rottweiler Max. Max's nickname is boner dog since he runs around with a boner most of the time or is lying down licking his penis. Max is the well hung dog.

    One night I asked my brother how long his penis was and we measured it and it was just over eleven inches long and the knot at the base is the size of a plum. My brother lives about 45 minutes and I had been making the drive by myself, but one day my wife Pam wanted to go with me.

    Let me tell you about Pam. She is 5'9" and weighs about 140, and has 36dd tits. Pam has always been easy to get wet since she has a rather large clitoris that sticks up about 3/4 of a inch when she is aroused.

    As we drove to my brothers Pam was teasing me by pulling up her skirt and flashing her panties at me. After several times I realized that Pam was wearing the black crothless panties that I had bought for her.

    Little did she know how much trouble those panties were going to cause her. I reached over and slid my finger into her hot pussy, and as usual she was flowing like a river. Pam gets so wet when she is hot that pussy juice will flow down her legs and into the crack of her sweet ass. I fingered her to several orgasms before we got to my brothers house.

    Max was glad to see us and ran around barking, and as usual several inches of red dog dick was sticking out. I fed max and he gulped it down and then I threw his ball for awhile. Pam made a comment on the way his penis flopped when he ran and how it was shaped kind of like a tulip.

    We went into the house and max followed. I went up stairs to check the windows and Pam was sitting on the couch petting max. All of a sudden Pam yelled for me to come down quick. I got quite a surprise when I went into the living room. Max was between Pam's legs and her skirt was up around her waist and he was trying to lick her pussy.

    Pam was pushing his head away but then he started to growl. When I started forward he looked at me and growled and then he nipped Pam on the inside of her thigh right next to her pussy. Pam screamed, "Don't come any closer. I don't want him to bite me on my pussy."

    All I could do was stand there and watch as max started to lick my wife's cunt.

    At first Pam just laid there and didn't do anything as there tears ran down her face. But as Max licked her he actually started to get his big tongue inside her pussy and she started to moan and push her pussy against his muzzle. She looked at me and said, "Oh honey, I cant help it, his tongue is so rough and strong."

    As soon as she said this she started to orgasm and bounce her but off the couch trying to force his tongue into her pussy. By now Max's penis was like a iron bar and all eleven inches were sticking out of his sheath. Pam said, "I've got to get my cloths off," and stripped off her skirt and blouse and bra.

    When she took her panties off max sat back on his butt and barked at her. Pam looked down at his huge penis and said, "Oh my god I didn't know it was that big." Max cam over and started to push at Pam's ass with his nose and was trying to get her off the couch.

    Pam looked at me in and said, "Oh my god I think he wants to fuck me."

    By now Pam's pussy lips were swollen and bloated and her clitoris was standing up like a little tree. Max started to push her over and when she tried to stop him he nipped her on the ass and she squealed and got on her hands and knees. Max gently licked all over her ass and slowly up her thighs till he got to her pussy.

    By this time Pam was shaking and grinding her nipples into the carpet. with one last lick Max jumped onto Pam's ass and started trying to fuck her swollen pussy. He jabbed at her pussy several times and almost got it into her asshole when to my surprise she reached back and centered the head of his penis between her hairy cuntlips. Max gave a happy bark and took her pussy with a hard lunge.

    He shoved at least half of his huge penis into her pussy with that first stroke and slowly a inch at a time he plunged the rest into her till he got to his knot against her pussy lips. Pam screamed when he first shoved into her, but as he got it all in she groaned, "The head of it is inside my womb and oh it feels so good."

    Max was stroking his penis in and out and on the outstroke he was pulling her inner lips out.

    Pam was having multiple orgasms and screaming how good it felt when max shoved his knot into her. She said, "What is that, its stretching my pussy open."

    I couldn't believe it when it went inside her pussy, I would have bet it wouldn't have fit. Her pussy lips here stretched so big around his knot that they were like little thin ribbons and looked like they were ready to fly off.

    After his knot went in there was still about three inches of his penis before you got to his hairy sheath. The hairs on it were bristly and were acting like a french tickler on Pam's clitoris and her pussy lips. All of sudden max started a half whine kind of bark and stopped pumping, but held his penis in as hard as he could.

    Pam let out a scream as she had another orgasm and she screamed, "Oh he is spraying his sperm in my pussy and its so hot it feels like it is burning my pussy but it feels so good."

    I got down close so I could see, and even though Max's knot was sealing up Pam's cunt real tight, there was so much sperm that it was leaking out around her pussy lips. Did I mention that max has balls the size of a chicken egg. His balls are bigger than most men. Max continued to fuck Pam for over a hour till slowly his penis went soft.

    When he pulled his penis out it was still at least nine inches long and dog sperm ran out of her pussy like a river and it looked like a quart of mayonnaise had been dumped in her pussy. Pam slowly rolled over on her back and smiled and said, "What a fuck, when he shot off in me I could feel him filling up my womb with dog sperm."

    I looked down at her pussy and the lips were still gaping open and I could see up into her pussy.

    It took over a hour for her pussy to close back up and she is permanently stretched open and now she is not as tight. But I'm now griping it was the hottest thing I have ever saw and I climbed right on and fucked her. I was so hot I shot my load after just a few strokes and Pam had another orgasm. She had so many orgasms that she lost count.

    About a hour later max came over and fucked Pam again and this time his penis went into her a lot easier. Pam has since than had sex with a number of large dogs, a goat and is looking at trying it with a miniature pony. When she does, I will be sure to write about it.

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    Learn English!

    Jan 3 2007 12:30
    When he pulled his penis out it was still at least nine inches long and dog sperm ran out of her pussy like a river and it looked like a quart of mayonnaise had been dumped in her............?????????

    Mayonnaise? If you are going to write these stories, at least learn what dog cum looks like......nothing at all like mayonnaise. Get about 1/4 cup of mayonnaise and mix it with about a cup of water, mix well. That would look more like dog cum, but it will not taste like it at all...

    Nov 21 2007 10:11
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