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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, group, orgy.

    Laura awoke to find Martin already up and out of bed. Sleepily, she crawled out of bed and padded down the hall toward the living room. Martin stood in the kitchen, putting the water on for her morning cup of tea. Stepping up behind him, she slid her arms around his waist, and lay her head against his back.

    "Morning, baby," Martin said. "Sleep well?"

    "Mmmm, like a rock," she replied. "I didn't even feel you get out of bed."

    Martin turned his body within her grasp, until he faced his wife. Her naked breasts pressed against his T-shirt-covered chest, savoring his warmth. He reached behind her, cupping her firm buttocks in his hands.

    "Ready for your day to begin?"

    Laura's eyes met his. She remembered the discussion they'd had the night before. This was to be a day of excitement. It was to be a day for nothing but physical pleasure for both of them. Martin was to be in control. She was to remain naked, keeping herself available to his every whim.

    Laura trusted her husband completely. He was not the type to degrade or humiliate her in any way. She knew he would not ask her to do anything she was against. Martin being in control simply took responsibility away from her. It was a way of getting her to try new things, a way of removing apprehension and lowering inhibitions. She knew he wouldn't force her into anything, but he would ask her to do a few things she might not otherwise do.

    "Let me shower and wake up a bit," she replied, "then I'm all yours." She pulled away from him and turned to go back down the hall.

    "Ok," he said, "but you won't be just mine today."

    Laura turned, giving him a slight grin, and winked, "I was hoping you'd say that, after all it's the weekend."

    As Laura stood in front of the mirror brushing her hair, she examined her body closely. Her breasts were still firm and high, her tummy still flat. Although in her 40's, the years had been kind to her. She still passed for someone 15 years younger, and never failed to turn heads wherever she went. Her mind wandered as she thought about the day ahead of her. What did her husband have planned? Did he in fact have anything planned at all, or would he be making things up as he went along?

    Placing the brush on the vanity, she gave her tummy a pat and turned sideways. She went to the dresser and chose a simple gold waist chain. Placing it around her torso, she looked at the overall effect. Her golden brown hair framed her face beautifully. Light make-up highlighted her eyes. The waist chain was the only ornamentation she wore. She was ready for whatever her husband had cooked up for her.

    Martin whistled as Laura appeared in the living room. She quietly made her way over to where he sat on the couch. He watched her pert nipples as she bent over before him. She smiled as he looked up into her eyes.

    "Now I'm ready for whatever you have floating around in that dirty little mind of yours," she said through a grin. "How would you like me?"

    She suddenly threw herself onto her back on the sofa next to him, spreading her legs instantly. "Would you take me here, ravage me on the sofa?" Laura giggled heartily.

    He smiled at her, "Maybe." He reached over and stroked her calf. "Maybe I'll just take you once in every room of the house."

    "Oooooo," she squealed. "There are ten rooms in this house, are you sure you're up to it?"

    "I'll have help," he replied.

    Martin stood and went to the door, unlocking it and turning on the porch light. He then crossed the room to a small armless rocking chair. After placing the chair in the center of the room, he went to the computer desk. Laura couldn't see what he took from the drawer, but a tingle went through her none the less. Martin turned to his wife and smiled at her as she saw the blindfold and handcuffs in his hands.

    Her pulse quickened as he crossed the room toward her. He took her wrist in his hand and placed a handcuff around it. He repeated the process on the other wrist, securing them in front of her. He then guided her off the sofa and into the rocking chair. Laura held her hands in her lap as Martin walked behind her and put the blindfold over her eyes. Martin stood back and looked at his wife.

    "No, those hands are in the way," he said as he approached her again.

    He released one wrist and drew her arms behind her, then secured her wrists around the back of the chair. From his vantage point behind her, he could see her breasts rising and falling as her breathing deepened. He ran his hands down her upper body, gently stroking his fingertips over her stiffening nipples. Laura stifled a gasp as she heard the front door open.

    She felt the presence of someone beside her husband, obviously looking down upon her nudity. Her cheeks flushed and a thrill ran up her spine as the person moved around in front of her. Martin's fingertips traced over her stiff nipples as she suddenly felt warm breath between her open thighs.

    She fought her first instinct to close them quickly. Her husband's hands massaging her breasts reassured her that all was OK. As if on cue, Martin whispered in her ear, "Relax. Just enjoy the sensations."

    The face between her thighs slowly came closer. Lips soon found the tender spot to the inside of her thigh. She felt a jolt run through her as the lips parted and a tongue gently stroked upward. The hot breath swirled over her labia and rustled through her pubic mound. The mouth released her, adjusted, then returned an inch closer to her dampening womanhood.

    Soon, hands joined those of her husband in fondling her breasts. Her breathing became more ragged as the lips trailed their way closer to her rapidly swelling sex. She moaned aloud as the tongue grazed her labia. Laura strained to see under, over, or even through the blindfold, attempting to see to whom the glorious tongue belonged to. She felt herself moisten even more as the tongue slide its way along her outer lips, only to stop at the top of her engorged clitoris. The mouth released her briefly, the breath never leaving her steaming sex.

    Hands soon found their way to her thighs and opened them further, spreading her thick labia, exposing her fully to the person between her legs. She groaned and lifted her hips as the tongue slid inside her, exploring her deeply. She felt a mustache tickle her throbbing clitoris as the tongue slowly drove into her. She rocked her hips forward, hoping to catch more of the invader between her quivering lips.

    The tongue withdrew and slipped its way up to her clitoris. Laura gently pulled at her restraints, wishing she could pull the face harder into her sex. She longed to be able to cradle the head in her hands, running her fingers through the hair of the owner of such a talented tongue. The mouth opened, and her entire clitoris was gently sucked inside, the tongue gently painting its entire length.

    She felt a finger tip slide inside her dripping pussy, reveling in the sensation it caused to spread over her lower body. The finger danced just inside her opening, igniting tiny strumming sensations throughout her sex. Behind the blindfold, her eyes finally closed as she relaxed to enjoy whatever her lovers had to give.

    Martin had not been idle during this time. He bent forward over his wife and took a nipple between his lips. She could feel his now naked chest against her shoulder. She tried to reach up for his cock, which she was certain would be erect by now. While her bonds frustrated her efforts, they also added to the excitement of the situation. She had no idea who was between her legs, but frankly, she didn't much care at that point.

    The tongue continued to gently pluck at her clitoris, bringing her closer to orgasm with each exciting second. Suddenly, the mouth released its grasp on her dripping sex. The finger withdrew, and Laura heard the sound of rustling clothing. She moaned aloud as she felt the unmistakable feeling of the person's hard cock slip between her engorged labia, and poise itself at her entrance.

    She shuddered as it slowly slid forward, opening her soaked pussy wide to accommodate it. Laura held her breath as the cock slid into her, marveling at its size. She was surprised at its girth. It stretched her opening deliciously. Laura felt the hard shaft graze the very tip of her throbbing clitoris as it continued to slowly make its way into her now soaked vagina.

    The friction of his hardness against her clit caused her to suddenly inhale sharply. When finally it was buried inside her to the hilt, she moaned once more. He held himself still, completely inside her, their pubic hair intertwined. He then started to slowly withdraw. Martin released his wife's nipple and came around from the back of the chair.

    Placing his erect cock at her lips, he slipped it back and forth between them. His wife opened her mouth to allow Martin to slip himself deep into her mouth. Martin looked over at the man between his wife's legs and smiled. When the man was half way withdrawn from his wife's trembling pussy, he nodded his head and mouthed the word, "Now."

    The cock inside Laura suddenly burst forward into her. She lurched forward as the raging hard on repeatedly filled her and withdrew. The man's hips were a blur as he hammered himself deeper into her now quivering pussy. Laura tried to scream out with pleasure, but her husband's cock wouldn't allow it. The raging organ thrust inside her with a fury Laura thought impossible. Her hips heaved toward his, attempting to match his blinding rhythm.

    The sensations welled up inside her to the point of boiling over. His shaft maintained constant contact with her clitoris, the friction driving her closer to the brink. The erection frantically fucking her suddenly swelled up inside her. Laura felt the hard cock become even harder. Without warning, she came. Martin withdrew his cock from his wife's mouth as he felt her orgasm overtake her.

    Laura screamed out as the first wave of climax washed over her. The pounding cock erupted inside her as it kept up it's relentless pace. Her face and chest turned deep crimson as her vaginal muscles clutched at his shaft. He slammed into her harder as his load shot deep inside her. She wailed out loud as her body convulsed beneath the man.

    Light danced through her brain. She screamed through clenched teeth as she bore down hard on the spasming organ still spewing deep inside her vagina. The man between her legs began to slow his pace as Laura's orgasm began to subside. She gasped for breath as her body began to relax.

    His movements became less frantic as he leaned forward and kissed her for the first time. Her nostrils flared as she hungrily returned his kiss. He ground to a halt, reveling in the sensations of her spasming pussy alternately clenching then releasing his softening tool. Laura then seemed to collapse as he withdrew from her. He quickly pulled his pants back up, and left the house the way he came in. Laura mentally kicked herself for not asking him who he was. She knew Martin would never tell her.

    Laura's senses became alert when she heard Martin snap his fingers. He stood over her and held her thighs spread apart. Suddenly, she felt a wide rough tongue slip up between her wide-open pussy lips. The rough tongue lapped hungrily at the combination of the man's cum and her own thick lubricating fluids. She knew that it was Woody, their Black Lab.

    Woody buried his tongue deep inside her, scouring the liquids from within her pussy. She undulated her hips, her breathing deepening once again. The tongue moved rapidly within her, touching places as yet untouched by any man. Its tip flicked in and out of her opening as the dog steadily lapped at her excited sex.

    She felt her lubrication flowing once more, adding to the cum already flowing out of her. Suddenly she felt her husband release one of her wrists, only to re-secure them in front of her. She held and petted the Lab's head as his relentless tongue dipped repeatedly into her steaming sex. Her hips began to thrust of their own volition, trying to get the most pleasure possible from the long, rough tongue.

    Woody did his part, feasting on her soaked sex. All too soon, Woody slid his tongue from her clutching vagina. Laura shuddered as the tip made final glancing contact with her hypersensitive clitoris. She moaned hungrily at the sensations racing through her. She had an idea what was coming next. Martin confirmed her thoughts by leading her out of the chair and guiding her to her knees. She felt the remnants of the mystery man's cum begin to leak out of her pussy, sliding down her thick labia.

    Woody's tongue found her pussy again from behind. Laura again moaned aloud as the tongue tunneled its way inside her, scooping more of the fluids from the source. Again, she wiggled her shapely ass at her pet, sending his tongue deeper into her. The roughness of the tongue sent tingling sensations through her pussy and up through her tummy. Woody withdrew his tongue from her and lapped hungrily at the thick labia still dripping the combined fluids of her previous coupling with the stranger. He continued the oral ministrations for a few seconds, then backed away from his mistress.

    Laura's breathing became deep and ragged as she felt her Lab mount her. She leaned forward to present her wide-open pussy to his hot, pink erection. He closed in behind her, his hips beginning to undulate before he was even within range of her sex. Woody thrust several times before hitting the mark. She screamed as if struck as his throbbing shaft quickly filled her to the brim. His hot cock blazed into her, his back arched as the instinct to fertilize the female overtook him.

    He thrust deep into her soaked pussy, impaling her on his hard cock. The Lab began a rapid pace, his haunches a blur as he repeatedly pounded himself into her. Unintelligible noises came from Laura's mouth. Her face was a mask of lust and concentration. Behind the blindfold, her eyes slowly opened as she felt his cock begin to swell inside her. His knot was beginning to form just inside the opening of her soaked vagina.

    Although the mystery man's cock had been deliciously thick, nothing could compare to the size of the knot forming inside her now. The tip of his organ kissed her cervix as he gave a mighty lunge, burying himself completely inside her quivering pussy. The knot suddenly swelled to its fullest within her, tying them together.

    Laura felt the heat begin deep within her belly as the first shots of Woody's load began to squirt inside her. She suddenly exploded in a gut wrenching orgasm of her own. Her hips thrust back at her pet, forcing his erupting cock to bounce off of her cervix, which sent electric shocks up her spine. Martin watched his wife convulse beneath their dog. The Lab had stopped thrusting, collapsing on her back exhausted.

    Laura, however, had not stopped. Her hips worked his cock back and forth inside her as she rode him through her orgasm. His huge knot sealed his essence deep within her. Martin saw his wife's pussy muscles clench at the huge organ as it emptied itself into her. She groaned aloud once again as her orgasm finally washed over her and subsided.

    It took several minutes for Woody's erect cock to shrink enough to allow him to withdraw. As his knot withdrew from her, cum ran out of her in a gush. She felt the hot fluid running down the back of her legs as it poured forth from deep within her womb. Martin wasted no time. He gently rolled Laura over onto her back and slid his aching cock deep into his wife.

    He began to fuck her with short, quick strokes. Laura reached up and held Martin around the neck as he pounded his cock into her hot, soaked vagina. She couldn't remember his cock ever being as hard and hot as it was at that very moment. His hips rocked into hers, causing the root of his erection to pound at the area around her clitoris, sending vibrations throughout her sex. His excitement was apparent to her. He wouldn't last long.

    Martin thrust rapidly into his wife, reveling in the sensations that surrounded his cock. She was always so much hotter after Woody had taken her. Cum gushed out of her around his driving cock. Liquid ran down her ass as he slammed into her, deeper with each thrust. It quickly drove him over the edge. He ground his cock into her to the hilt and exploded. She groaned, pulling him closer to her as he emptied himself inside her. Her pussy was awash with the combined fluids, and she felt the mixture trickle down between her cheeks.

    Her husband collapsed upon her, his shrinking cock twitching inside her. Minutes later, Martin withdrew and rolled off of his wife. He rose up on one elbow and slowly removed the blindfold. Laura blinked several times, her eyes getting used to the daylight pouring through the window. She looked over to Martin and smiled.

    "Wow," was all she could think of to say.

    Martin kissed his wife gently, removing her handcuffs as he did. "Come on," he said, pulling her to her feet. "Let's get some lunch. It's barely afternoon and you still have a whole day of this ahead of you."

    "What else could you have in mind?" she giggled.

    "All I'll say is you're going to need your strength," he said. "So let's eat."

    Laura felt herself gush as she stood. "I'll meet you in the kitchen," she replied. "Right now I need to go clean up," she laughed as she padded down the hall.

    "You're going to need a lot of strength too," Martin said to himself, watching her ass wiggle down the hall. "A lot of strength."

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    This story is one of my wife's favorite fantasies. I never told her who I had envisioned as the mystery man, and she no longer asks me. Some things are better kept a secret.

    Apr 2 2007 16:55
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