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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, celebs, hetero sex.

    This story is fictional. No intention of disrespect is intended to any of the participants. Its sole purpose is for the adult entertainment of the readers.

    Shania Twain was walking toward one of the barns on the estate she and Mutt had in Switzerland. She was going to feed her horses. She was dressed in loose sweat pants and a tee shirt. When she was away from the public she dressed as comfortable as she could.

    One of her dogs was cavorting around her as she made her way to the barn, the others were off on the estate somewhere. This dog was her favorite, he was a big German Shepherd, Tan and black, weighed about 110 pounds. His name was Tim and he was in his prime, about four years old.

    Any time she was home he stayed wherever she was. Sometimes she even had him shipped to where she was when she toured. Shania was humming to herself as she made her way to the barn, she was thinking it was strange that here she was alone on the estate for the next couple of weeks. Usually it was her and her husband and their son but sometimes things work out strangely.

    Shania's sister Jill and her family had been visiting from Canada and as they were leaving a few days ago, they wanted to take her son with them to visit the rest of the family back in Canada. Since he had recently been potty trained and he loved his aunt and cousins Shania thought this wouldn't be a bad idea. She would miss him greatly but it was only for a couple of weeks and it would give her and Mutt some time alone. With the baby and the tour they hadn't had much time for themselves.

    Shania had just finished her latest tour and it was a huge success. She loved to make love and after the baby it seemed she couldn't get enough. Shania loved her husband and wouldn't dream of cheating on him but she got so frustrated when they were apart more than a day. They had a cast made of his dick and a dildo designed for her, it came complete with balls and they were hollow and could be filled with a warm liquid, squirting out whenever the balls were squeezed hard enough.

    Shania took this with her on tour and even though it wasn't the same it kept her from going crazy. As she walked down the lane to the barn she was thinking she would go to bed using Mutt Jr. Today, since right after her sister had left Mutt got a call from one of his associates in London.

    Now while Mutt ran his business from home he never had to worry about going to the office, but occasionally things came up that couldn't be handled and this was one of them. There were contract problems with one of the groups they were trying to sign and the group wouldn't do anything till they talked to him personally. Since they were on tour in Austria Mutt was going to have to fly over there and talk to them. All in all he figured it would take about ten days to wrap everything up. So here she was by herself on the estate.

    Now she had grooms for the horses and they had gardeners and household help for the estate so she really wasn't alone but Mutt had already been gone almost two days and she had that itchy pussy that needed to be calmed down.

    Shania had let the groom take off until Mutt got back, she figured taking care of the horses would keep her busy when she wasn't writing songs for her next album. So here she was going into the barn putting grain into buckets and feeding her horses.

    Tim was running around sniffing everything and then bouncing back to Shania nudging her leg with his head, she would reach down and scratch his ears and he would be off again. Shania took good care of her animals, her horses were groomed everyday and washed every other day, her dogs were bathed and brushed everyday, sometimes if Tim came on tour he didn't get bathed every day but he got brushed.

    The only horse that was in the barn at this time was her favorite one, a big black Andalusia named Dancer. Shania had been trying to teach him some fancy steps and he was coming along nicely. Her other horses were out in the pasture.

    She took a brush from the rail of a stall and stepped over to Dancer, he swung his head around and nudged her shoulder as she started to brush him. Now Dancer loved his mistress, she was always stroking him and patting him, he loved to see her coming and enjoyed the feel of her on his back, especially when she rode him bareback.

    Shania was brushing Dancers back and then moved down his flanks, his skin quivered from the pleasant sensations of the brush. Tim was sitting on his haunches watching his Mistress as she combed the horse.

    Now Tim was a little jealous of her attention to Dancer but knew better than to act up. The first time he tried to get her away from one of the horses by playing and tugging at her she had put him out of the barn till she was done. So he watched patiently.

    There was something different about her smell this morning, his nose up in the air, he caught the scent of a female in heat, not exactly like the females of his kind but a definite hint of sexual excitement. He gave a little whine and eased up closer just a little.

    Shania continued brushing Dancer and humming distractedly to herself, She was horny and she knew when she got back to the house she would have to use Mutt Jr. at least two or three times just to ease the tension. Dancer was enjoying the feel of his mistress's hands on him and the brush felt so good his cock started to drop down from his sheath.

    Shania was working her way down one of his hind legs when she noticed his cock head emerge from the sheath, now she had seen her stallions with a hard on many times and even observed Dancer when he was bred last year but for some reason this simple action was turning her on.

    She continued brushing his flank and more of his cock emerged, it was hanging down about seven or eight inches, not hard yet. it was pink and black about as big around as her forearm. Boy I bet he gives the mares a good time she thought. Thinking about that sent a gush of moisture to her cunt and she watched as even more horse dick emerged from Dancers sheath.

    Tim was whining now his nose up in the air as he smelt his mistress desire. He wasn't really sure what was going on but it was causing his dick to start emerging. He scooted along the ground getting closer to that enticing smell.

    Shania had stopped using the brush and was just rubbing Dancer with her hands as she dropped to her knees to really get a good look at Dancers cock for the first time. By now it was all the way out and looked to be over two feet long and had a big flared head. It was starting to harden and creep up towards his belly.

    Dancer was enjoying the feel of her hands rubbing him and he too could smell her excitement, this was what was stiffening his cock. Shania was suddenly fascinated by this huge cock in front of her face, she didn't know why all of a sudden it was so exciting. She reached out and wrapped her hand around the shaft just below the head. It felt hot and velvety. Dancer snorted and bobbed his head, her hand felt great around his dick. Shania glided her hand up to the sheath, keeping a fairly tight grip, Dancer's skin shivered and his dick jumped in her hand.

    Shania didn't even wonder about what she was doing, this was Dancer, her Dancer and she was bringing him pleasure. She scooted further under him on her knees and now used both hands to start jacking him off. Dancer was tossing his head and his cock was jumping as she pumped him from sheath to tip. This sure did feel good to him, almost as good as plunging into the hot cunt of the last mare they had brought him. Even better because it was his mistress bringing him such pleasure.

    By now Shania's pussy was slick with her juices as she was as excited as Dancer was. Poor Tim meanwhile had gotten up and was pacing back and forth behind his mistress, his cock now fully extended as the smell of Shania's hot sex was permeating his nose. He was afraid to approach her, he didn't want to get thrown out of the barn again.

    Shania had got a good rhythm going, her hands a couple of inches apart she was running them from tip to sheath, As Dancers balls started to twitch Shania could see them getting ready to shoot so she sped up even more. Dancer was feeling sensations he hadn't felt before and her soft hands were even better than the Mare.

    He was snorting and stamping his back feet, careful not to step on his mistress. Shania watched his balls contract and she could feel the sperm shooting down that big shaft, several big blasts going several feet. She kept up the stroking till the sperm was just oozing from the tip. When Dancer was through cumming his dick started to draw back up.

    It was a funny feeling for Shania as his cock retreated leaving her hands smeared with his cum. without thinking she brought one hand up to her lips and licked the cum off. It tasted different than Mutts, it was a little stronger and a little saltier but really pretty good.

    Shania realized that her cunt was sopping and she almost had an orgasm from watching Dancer cum and then she heard Tim whining. Turning she saw him pacing back and forth and her gaze was drawn to his big scarlet cock hanging down. Well she thought I can't leave him hanging like that after getting Dancer off but she suddenly realized that the one of the staff at any time could have caught her.

    She got up and hugged Dancers neck kissing him on the nose, "I have got to see Mutt Jr. and take care of Tim, I'll be back later."

    She started back to the house Tim right at her side his cock was still extended because Shania's pussy was drenched and the smell was driving him crazy. She practically ran to the house Tim right beside her. She got to the house and went up to her bedroom on the second floor. It looked out over the back of the estate and other then the barn there were no other buildings in sight from that viewpoint. Even so Shania pulled the sheer drapes across the windows, it would let in the light but keep any prying eyes out.

    Tim had jumped up on the four-poster king sized bed and lay with his head on his front paws whining and wondering how to help his mistress out. He knew what he would like to do but since she didn't look like the females he had been bred to, he didn't know how.

    Shania went to her travel bag in the closet and got Mutt Jr out, this would be the first time he had ever been used at home. She stripped off her sweat pants and tee shirt standing there nude as she filled Mutt Jr's Balls with the special cream they had bought with him. It warmed up quickly in the special made balls. Tim was being treated to a sight that any man in the world would have loved to have seen.

    Shania Twain in the nude, her body was perfection, Strong legs conditioned from all the horseback riding, a round tight ass that was as hard as a rock, slender waist and wonderful tits that had grown a full size when she had her son. Even so they were still as firm as they were before she got pregnant. That famous belly button in the center of her flat belly. Her slick cunt was hidden by a neatly trimmed dark brown bush.

    Tim was whining now, he could tell where that delicious smell was coming from but didn't know what to do about it. Shania took Jr. to the bed and lay on her back running him over her hard tits and down that flat stomach to her cunt. She teased herself just a little by rubbing him up and down her swollen lips. She was already worked up so she eased the head in working it around, getting it slick with her juices. She pushed it in till all 7 inches were enclosed in her tight pussy.

    Ummmm that felt so good when she started slowly stroking it in and out. She used one hand to tweak and pull on her hard nipples sending electric tingles of pleasure through her body.

    Tim was inching closer to his mistress as she was lost in her pleasure, just scooting forward an inch at a time until his head was almost touching her side. He just had to taste her because her smell was driving him crazy.

    While Shania worked Jr. in and out of her cunt and pulled on one taunt nipple, her eyes were closed while she imagined Mutt was filling her hungry pussy. Suddenly a warm wet sensation washed over her breast. She was so lost in lust it didn't register what was happening right away, she just knew it felt good. It was a minute or so before she realized that Tim was licking her breast, his broad doggy tongue swiping up the side of her breast and over the nipple causing it to rise even more.

    She was to far along that road to completion to even care while she worked Jr faster and faster in her cunt bringing her to a shattering climax. Her pussy was spasming around the fake Mutt trying to squeeze it in two.

    Tim liked the taste of his mistress tits but he really wanted to get to the good stuff he smelled between her legs. Shania relaxed and came down from her orgasm, her eyes were closed and she let her legs fall apart.

    Tim saw his chance and moved around between his mistress's legs bringing his head to her hot opening and started licking up all that sweet juice. The first touch of his tongue on her pussy caused Shania to jump and look to see what was happening.

    Seeing Tim's head between her legs and feeling that broad warm tongue licking around her pussy felt really good. She reached down and pulled Jr. out and immediately Tim started sticking his tongue in her tight channel trying to get all her sweet juice.

    Shania had never felt anything like this before. She had been eaten by men and Mutt was a great pussy eater but it couldn't compare with this broad agile piece of meat combing the insides of her pussy. Tim was lapping her cunt like his life depended on it, sometimes swiping her clit or rubbing it with his muzzle as he tried to bury his snout in her pussy. The more he licked the more juice he got as Shania built rapidly to another Climax. When she blew it was the most earth-shattering climax she had ever had. She had to reach down and pull Tim's head away from her extremely sensitive vulva.

    Tim didn't want to let a drop of her sweet nectar go to waste but he loved his mistress and whatever she wanted he would do. Tim's dick was hard as a rock now extended under his belly and jerking upwards, he would like to bury it in his mistress but she wasn't in any kind of position for him to accomplish that.

    Shania was holding his head and when she looked down between her legs she could see the condition his cock was in. She was shocked to see how big it was, she had never paid any attention to it before, it must be at least eight inches long and as big around as Mutts. There were little squirts of precum shooting out every time it jerked upwards.

    Well she couldn't leave her friend in need after what he had done for her, so using her hands that she had on his head she moved him up till he was standing beside her. his cock hanging down about even with her head.

    Tim was panting like he had ran ten miles by now while his mistress was stroking his side, she was lying on her back and he was on her left side. Shania reached up with her left hand and wrapped it around his cock near the base.

    Ohhh that felt good to Tim. She started jacking him off watching the precum squirting out almost in a steady stream. Tim was really whining now and his hips were starting to buck. He wanted to fuck something. She rolled over on her side and started using her right hand, she could get a better rhythm going in that position. Tim thought his mistress's hands on his cock was the best thing he had ever felt as she jacked his slick cock.

    Shania reached up with her left hand and cupped his big balls gently squeezing them. Tim felt like an electric prod had hit him when she did that. Those balls started churning and he shot stream after stream of dog sperm onto the bed sheets right by her head.

    Shania kept jacking till there was no more sperm coming and she let go of his cock and balls. Tim immediately lay down right beside her and started licking himself as his cock slowly retracted back into the sheath. Shania's hand was covered in his cum and once again she licked it off. It tasted different than Dancers, not as strong or salty but more so then Mutts.

    As Mistress and dog rested she thought about what had just happened. Shania had never had any sexual interest in any animals before so she wondered why now. She thought about her other horses and dogs, she had no interest in seeing their dicks or wanting to jack them off, but just thinking about Dancers big prong and Tim's scarlet cock was already making her pussy wet again.

    It must be because she loved them like they were friends instead of animals. While she was lying there thinking her hand just sort of absently started rubbing her pussy and she started getting excited again.

    Tim lying beside her woke up when the smell of her excitement hit his sensitive nose. My mistress wants to play again he thought. He raised his head and looked at Shania, she had her eyes closed and her hand was between her legs. Tim wanted some more of that sweet juice she had there so he got up and moved over her legs licking her busy hand and any wetness he could find.

    Once again that warm wet tongue on her pussy startled Shania. She liked what he did before so she removed her hand and scooted around till Tim was between her legs again.

    Now Tim was very happy his mistress wanted him to lick her again and he went at it with enthusiasm. he ran his tongue all over her vulva, after cleaning off what honey juices he found there he went right to the source. Tim ran his tongue as far up into Shania's cunt as he could and swiped all around before drawing it out and swallowing what he had gathered. He instantly sent his broad tongue back for more.

    Shania raised her ass up off the bed trying to get all that wonderful tongue in her hot hole. The flexibility of Tim's tongue as it ravished her pussy sent shivers all over her body, she had never experienced anything like this.

    Tim was shivering himself, his mistress tasted so good and her body was so soft. He was pushing against her cunt with his long snout trying to reach as far back as he could. He couldn't get his nose in her hot cavern but it had spread her lips open and his wet nose was rooting up against her clit.

    To Shania it felt like his tongue was reaching places that had never been reached before and the strain on her legs from holding her ass up and the intense sensations Tim's tongue aroused made her whole body quiver. She had her head thrown back onto the bed gripping a handful of comforter with both hands.

    "Oooohhhhhhh baby eat me" she cried. "I'm going to cum baby keep it up."

    Tim didn't know what she was saying but he could tell she was happy with him and he was more than overjoyed to continue his efforts. He could tell the faster he lapped her sweet pussy the more juice he got. By now Tim was getting excited himself and his dick and started to emerge from the sheath.

    Shania couldn't take much more of this, Tim's wild tongue filled her cunt and his nose rubbing her clit sent her into a shuddering climax, every muscle was straining as her tight cunt spasmed around her dogs tongue. Tim could feel her cunt squeezing his tongue but what was really good was the gushing abundant sweet nectar that was overflowing from her contracting pussy. He wanted to get every drop.

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