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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, group, anal.

    The price was too good to turn down. Bobbie and I had to go. A two night cruise to nowhere for $168 apiece. We usually board our horny mutt Rusty, but this time we tried leaving him the garage for 2 nights.

    To reward rusty we decided to give him a little fling before we left for the embarkation point. To this end we took Rusty to bed with us the morning before we left. This was not new for Rusty and he was really excited when he saw Bobbie and I making some suggestive moves beneath the covers. Just as we anticipated, Rusty began humping Bobbie's leg and barked and groaned. Our only concern was that our border, a local college girl, might be awakened.

    Bobbie really likes to have her pussy licked and that long pink tongue of Rusty can do a deep penetrating lap job. I removed the blanket from our bed and Rusty soon found his favorite licking post. He was soon between Bobbie's legs going to town. As I watched my 7 inch cock grew to bursting proportions.

    Bobbie saw my dick and quickly grabbed it and started stroking. I always wear a cock ring for a little pain and to make my balls more vulnerable. Bobbie loved to suck both cock and balls and has even been able to get everything in her mouth at the same time. I could see that Rusty was really doing a job on Bobbie's pussy. Her ass was bouncing up and down on the bed and the springs were creaking. By this time Bobbie was so excited that she had my whole cock down her throat down her throat and was licking and twisting my balls. I couldn't stand it any longer and shot by thick creamy cum into her mouth, which she gobbled and licked up.

    Poor Rusty, while he licked licking pussy, he was not getting near a climax. So I said to Bobbie, "Why don't you grab Rusty's cock and jerk him off?"

    Bobbie replied, "I've been thinking about that. You don't think that it's going too far do you?"

    "No, Hun, I think it's the humane thing to do. He's just panting to cum. Can't you see how his dying to be satisfied?"

    "Okay, let's see what happens." And as she grabbed his prick, Bobbie was surprised at the size of it. She never thought that a dog's cock could be that long and thick. The thickness really intrigued her.

    As she stroked Rusty's it got longer and thicker yet. Rusty pumped along as Bobbie increased the speed of her strokes. Before I knew what was happening, my little cock sucker had Rusty's cock in her mouth. I told you Bobbie loved to suck cocks, I just didn't know that any kind of cock would do.

    Just the Rusty stiffed and bam, he came right into Bobbie's mouth. Without batting an eye she swallowed and licked up every drop.

    "Wow," exclaimed Bobbie, "that was really something and it tastes so good. A little bit different that yours, Rick, but great nevertheless. Since, Rusty has such a nice long dick, do you think he could give me a doggie fuck?"

    "Look at Rusty, Bobbie. I thing he is worn out!" There in front of us lay Rusty on his back with his tongue hanging out of his mouth.

    This unfulfilled desire of Bobbie's was satisfied later on as you will see.

    After putting Rusty in the garage, we left for our cruise. Our boat pulled out of the harbor at 1PM and headed for the open sea. On a short trip like this we figured we should move to make friends quickly. We do like to share with others you know.

    D deck was conveniently located for all the shipboard activities. Our cabin although small slept 3 with ease. Being hungry we decide to go eat at the buffet lunch right above us before we got into the full fucking activities of that evening. Although, still horny after the morning tryst, we wanted to keep up our strength.

    The buffet was very tasty, and we sat beside the Jacuzzi to eat. Bobbie had a glass of beaujoulais and I had a Jack Daniels. After a drink or two were really relaxed.

    It was at this point that we noticed next to us a rather pail woman in her mid twenties with a large dog beside her. The dog was very well behaved and kept a constant watch on his lovely mistress. A svelte blonde of medium height, she was well dressed and curvaceous. I could have sworn that you could she her panties between her legs but the sun was going down and I was in rare form.

    "Hello," said Bobbie. "I'm Bobbie and this is my husband Rick. Are you enjoying the trip so far?"

    "Oh, it's lovely and my name is Victoria and this is my seeing eye dog Dong. I believe Dong enjoys the trip as much as I am. I can feel his quivering with excitement."

    "Can we buy you a drink?" I asked not knowing what Victoria's inclinations were.

    "Oh, that would be very nice and a glass of water for my pal Dong, if you please. I would like a nice double bourbon," replied Victoria.

    I believe Bobbie and I thought at the same time that perhaps we had our evening's entertainment right here in front of us.

    As Victoria drank she became more friendly and spoke mostly about Dong who obviously was quite a dog.

    "Does a beautiful woman like you have difficulty meeting men with Dong being with you all the time and taking such good care of you?" I asked.

    "Well," said Victoria, who was obviously as little tipsy by now, "in many ways Dong makes me forget my troubles and all the men who have been trouble."

    "Dong is certainly a beautiful dog," said Bobbie, "Does he do any little special tricks for you to keep you entertained?" I noticed that Bobbie was looking at Dong's huge set of balls while she asked her question.

    By now the sun was going down and we were still 2 hours from our super seating, thus we had time to waste.

    Victoria was a little startled by Bobbie's question and was a little nervous at first, but the bourbon was doing its job and Victoria's inhibitions were even lower.

    "Come back to my cabin and I can show you some of Dong's tricks in private," answered Victoria. "I know he can please you!"

    Bobbie almost jumped to her feet, helped Victoria to hers and began to go down the steps towards our cabins. As luck would have it, Victoria's cabin was next to ours.

    Victoria's cabin was a larger handicapped cabin thus giving us ample room for all including Dong. Victoria sat on one bed with Dong while Bobbie and I sat opposite to her. We couldn't help noticing that while Victoria rubbed her Dong's back his black cock got harder and harder and longer and longer and thicker and thicker. Did she know what was happening? We just couldn't tell.

    "Victoria, do you know what you're doing to your Dong? " Asked Bobbie.

    "I suppose that by now he has one of his huge erections and is pointing it at you. Am I right?" Victoria asked.

    "You couldn't be more right, but won't he get very upset if he isn't relieved?" I asked.

    "Bobbie, spread your legs for a minute, and Dong will show you what satisfied him."

    With little prodding on my part, Bobbie laid back on the bed with her legs spread wide apart. In the blink of an eye Dong was between her legs licking her wet red panties.

    Victoria went down on her back and quickly slide between Dong's back legs and under his cock and balls. She puled him as down towards her and began to suck Dong's black balls. When his ass started pumping , Victoria replaced his balls with his thick, long, black cock. The way Dong was pumping his cock into Victoria's mouth, I could see he would soon cum.

    By this time, Dong had literally eaten his way through Bobbie's pants and had his tongue and nose buried deep into her cunt. Bobbie was holding my 7 incher and was jerking on it furiously. I barely had time to relieve myself and shoot my load into her mouth. At the same time, Dong was generously shooting his load into Victoria's waiting mouth. Dong must have really shot an enormous load since it was running down Victoria's chin.

    We all laid back together at the same time. "It's too bad that Dong shot his wad, Victoria, I really wanted to feel that big black cock inside me." Said Bobbie.

    "Take a closer look", Bobbie, said Victoria, and damned if she wasn't right. Dong cock was up and ready for more action.

    "Does he know how to fuck a woman, Victoria?" Bobby asked in a hushed voice.

    "He better, he's had enough practice. Let me help you. He will only do it from the rear. Is that all right?"

    "Yum, yum. That sounds really great, but I don't want him in my ass. At least for now!" Squealed Bobby.

    "Pull up you dress and bend over. I see Dong has already taken care of your panties. I'll make sure that Dong gets his prick where you want it. Better get ready for the fuck of your life!" Exclaimed Victoria.

    Bobbie bent over as instructed and presented herself to Dong. At the sight of that big red pussy and all that hair he was on her back in a minute. The pumping commenced immediately and Bobbie bucked in unison with Dong.

    I realized that Victoria was now naked and stroking Dong's balls ask he was pounding my wife's ass. Not being able to stand it any longer I placed my cock up against the little brown bud that was Victoria's sweet ass. Luckily, there was a lotion nearby that I used to lubricate Victoria's ass and my cock. "Mind if I come in, Victoria?"

    "Well, Rick I've never really had my little butt fucked before. "

    "Victoria, I'll be gentle and slow."

    "Will you stop if I ask you?" whimpered Victoria.

    Your wish is my command," and having said that I pushed the head of my cock against Victoria's ass. It was obviously virgin territory since it was very very tight. But with lots of lubrication and slow movement I was penetrating Victoria more and more. At first she resisted my intruding cock, but as it sunk deeper I could feel her slowly responding.

    By this time I noticed that Dong was going wild and somehow Victoria had lubricated his cock and it was slamming into Bobbie's ass hole. Both girls were having their asses fucked and were loving it. From the look in their eyes they were cumming and cumming again.

    Dong and I arrived at our orgasms together and we both pulled out together. When the girls realized this they were on our cocks sucking out all the cum they could get. Guess what? It was my wife Bobbie who was sucking the juice from Dong's thick, black, long cock.

    That really did us in. Even Dong had had enough. But the cruise wasn't over.

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    It"s a nice story but please continue after what happen after the cruise .Did you all get together and enjoy more of your selves having great sex.Thank you for your story but please continue.

    May 31 2013 02:44
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