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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, hetero sex, bondage, dog sex.

    I could feel the shirt start to cling to the perspiration on my breasts and when I looked down I could see that it was already becoming see-through.

    I hoped that I looked irresistible. My long blonde hair was hanging down my back in a single ponytail. My large, round, firm tits were practically busting out of a wet shirt that was much too small for me. My plaid skirt barely came to the bottom of my high, firm ass. My white nylon thigh-highs and my black paten leather shoes topped off my outfit. I could have ordered it all anonymously on-line, but instead I'd bought it all together at one store just to see the look on the cashier's face when he rung it all up.

    I lifted the trunk lid, took out the backpack and stool that were inside, and then closed the trunk. The stool was not your average stool. The stool I had not been able to buy in the store, though I would have if I'd been old enough. I had ordered the stool from an on-line store that specializes in S&M products.

    The stool was all black and made of aluminum so it was strong, but light. The seat was square and padded. The legs were short, not much more then a foot long. There was a large manacle chained to the bottom of each of the legs.

    I put my keys into the backpack and happily tossed it over one shoulder and carried the stool off into the trees with me. I walked for a good ways and kept an eye out for any other hikers. I did not want to be seen until I was ready. Once I'd found a nice, large tree that I felt would offer me good shade for the rest of the afternoon I placed my stool on the ground and sat down on it. I put my backpack in my lap and opened it up. Inside were a blindfold, gag, water bottle, sign, and my keys.

    I checked once more to be sure that the key to the manacles was on my key ring, and then put them into the front pocket where I could get to them easily. I then put the water bottle on the ground in front of the stool. Next I opened the sign and hung it from one of the tree branches in front of the stool. The sign read, "Please fuck me like the dirty whore I am." In the bottom right hand corner was a Polaroid photo of me making the sign with a big smile on my face so that any one who read it would know that I really meant it.

    I took out the ball gag and strapped it in place. Now all that I could manage was a high-pitched hum if I tried really hard. Then I took out the blindfold and closed up the backpack. I carried both a short ways away and hid the backpack in a bush. Even manacled to the stool I would still be able to manage a sort of crab walk that short of a distance to get to the keys.

    The important thing was that I would not be able to get myself out of my predicament in a hurry. That left me totally at the will of whoever found me. I hoped that it would not be some goody-two-shoes woman who tried to help me. I then carried the blindfold back to the stool and knelt down in front of it and placed a knee next to each leg. I secured a manacle to each of my legs just above the knee.

    I bent over the stool putting my lower abdomen and upper pelvis on the cushion. I could feel my tits trying to come out of the top of my shirt. I then made sure that my water bottle would be in easy reach of my mouth should I get thirsty. I just wanted to get the fucking of my life. I did not want to die of thirst. Then I placed the blindfold securely on and finished it all off by securing each of my arms to the other two legs of the stool.

    I was now officially bound in the predicament that I'd created. I took a couple deep breaths and then began to fantasize about what would happen to me next.

    "That has to be the most amazing thing that I have ever seen." My breath caught in my throat. The voice could not have come from more than a fifty yards behind me. My mind raced trying to figure out how someone had managed to sneak up on me.

    "I was sitting here enjoying a nice lunch with Sam when I heard you walk up. I was going to call out to you, but then I saw that you weren't exactly dressed for a hike, so I decided to watch and see what you were up to first. Now I'm glad I did." The voice sounded somehow familiar, and young. Not much older than I was. He sounded like maybe he was a senior at my school. Plus a friend named Sam.

    Yes! This is perfect, I thought. I could not have asked for anything better then this.

    I could hear gravel crunching under feet as he began to approach me. I held my breath as I listened to him speak. His voice was low and sexy. "Let's see here. The sign says, 'Please fuck me like the dirty whore I am.' Well I don't mind if I do. Yes, I think we'll do that much and more."

    My whole body tensed as I heard him kneel down next to me. He then grabbed one of my tits and squeezed it roughly through the fabric of my shirt. He tore the top of my shirt open freeing both of my breasts. They were both soaked in sweat now and I could feel my nipples instantly start to harden in the breeze. My heart started hammering in my chest.

    He softly caressed my tit, and then suddenly pinched one of my nipples hard. I had not expected that. Still holding on to my nipple he yanked my tit around painfully. I wanted to cry out, but the ball gag in my mouth prevented it. This wasn't what I'd fantasized about.

    Relief washed over me when he let go of my nipple. It still ached, but it wasn't nearly as bad as when he was pinching it. My relief did not last long, however, as I heard the gravel crunching under his feet as he turned toward my bare ass. My pussy suddenly felt horribly exposed.

    He reached back and began to caress my ass. His hands felt rough against the smooth skin of my ass as he rubbed each cheek. He reached between my cheeks and delicately traced the lips of my pussy with a fingertip. This was more like it. So he's a little rough. After all, a good fucking is what I came up here for.

    "Sam! Sam!"

    My heart stopped at hearing him yell so suddenly. At first I heard nothing. Then far of in the distance I could hear some brush breaking as though someone was running in my direction. My mind began to race as I listened to him coming. The sounds of Sam running toward me through the trees and brush began to sound somehow wrong the nearer they got. It suddenly hit me why when he reached the clearing and I finally realized that Sam must be a dog. He was a big one too, by the sound of him.

    That was when I became suddenly afraid. I wanted to believe that I didn't know why he was calling his dog, but deep down I knew.

    Sam wasted no time when he reached me. His nose went instantly to my pussy. My whole body jerked when I felt the coldness of his nose against my hot anus sucking air noisily passed my bare cheeks into his nose.

    No! Noooo! That was what I wanted to scream. Instead all that came out was a high-pitched hum.

    Sam must have smelled how wet I was because he instantly began to lick my exposed pussy. I squirmed and wiggled my ass back and forth trying to get him away from my pussy, but his nose remained firmly planted against anus and he kept licking away. If anything it only made him more persistent. The mystery man chuckled and said, "I think Sam likes you."

    His tongue was much stronger than any man's that I'd ever felt. He easily spread my outer lips and I could feel his tongue diving deeper and deeper into my pussy. The feel of its roughness felt wrong as it wriggled up inside of my pussy.

    I began to sob noiselessly around my ball gag. My body sagged as I gave in to the hopelessness of my situation. That was when I felt his tongue accidentally dance across my clit. My pussy tightened involuntarily. Sam must have sensed this change in me for he dove in with vengeance. His tongue still dove into me relentlessly, but now his tongue ran across my clit each time that he forced it inside me. I tried not to believe what was happening, but my body was acting with a mind of it's own.

    Nothing I could say to myself could change the fact that what Sam was doing felt good. Damn good. My ragged breathing started getting into a rhythm and it sickened me to feel myself pushing my ass out even farther trying to open myself more for him. I started to rotate my hips and my pelvis started to jerk as I felt myself nearing an orgasm. The whole while Sam remained glued to my ass, his tongue still feverishly working my pussy.

    "Ha! I see you're starting to like it you 'dirty little whore.'" I hated him for what he was letting his dog do to me, but at the same time I could not stop myself from liking it. I felt the stranger pat me on the back. "Come on Sam."

    Sam's tongue left my pussy. My mind felt relief. My pussy, though, seemed to scream in frustration at the loss of that wonderful sensation. Suddenly I felt the full weight of him on my back. Damn this dog must be huge! His powerful front legs rapped around my waist and I could feel what must be his dog-cock poking at my thighs trying to find the entrance. My mind cringed at what was about to happen, but my pussy ached to be filled.

    I was starting to revel in this debasement. That was, after all, what I'd come out here for. I wanted to be used and debased. I wanted to be fucked like a piece of meat and that was exactly what Sam was about to do. I began to hate myself for putting me in this situation. Most of all though, I began to hate this guy for what he was allowing his dog to do to me, and for taking such enjoyment in humiliating me.

    Sam hunched forward a little closer and now I could feel his cock stabbing around the entrance to my pussy. I wiggle my ass around trying to evade his cock. My pussy on the other hand was so wet now that I could feel my juices running down the inside of my thighs. Sam's cock was sliding in my pussy lube back and forth across my cunt lips as it searched for the entrance. I preyed that he would get bored soon if he didn't find it.

    Then it pushed passed my lips and entered my pussy. I tried to cry out again passed my gag. His cock was so huge. As soon as Sam felt his cock slide into my warm, wet pussy he thrust forward in one powerful motion and filled my aching cunt. Once he knew my depth Sam began to jack hammer his dick into me at an unbelievable pace. I'd never been fucked so hard in my life. I felt his cock slamming into my cervix.

    I had never had a dick this large in me before. It felt like his cock was pushing all the way into my stomach. My pussy was stretched wide around its girth exposing my clit and leaving it bare to rub along the length of his hot cock. Everything was wiped clean from my mind as I felt myself once again building to an incredible orgasm.

    I began to push back into his thrusts trying to get more of him in me, and I began to feel the knot swelling at its base. I was dimly aware of Sam's owner laughing beside me. Somewhere in the back of my mind I was aware of what the knot meant. I'd seen dogs get stuck together before. I couldn't resist, however, the persistent feel of his huge cock or his knot like a metronome as it bounced against my clit. Each thrust harder than the last. I felt like such a dirty whore.

    His speed and the power of his thrusts built as he relentlessly fucked my tortured pussy until I finally felt his knot force it way into my pussy. The feeling was incredible. It hurt worse than anything I'd ever known, but at the same time I was overwhelmed by its size. My whole body convulsed like a large earthquake as I had the greatest orgasm of my life.

    My pussy clamped down tight around Sam's cock and with this Sam's knot began to swell to a size that I hadn't thought possible and then he suddenly began to spew his cum deep into my pussy. My orgasm continued for what seemed like forever as I felt his hot cum jetting against my cervix. I had never felt so much cum before. It felt like a gallon. Sam's cock was packed so tightly into my pussy, though, that it allowed none of it to escape.

    Sam slowly began to stop thrusting until he finally just stood there as he filled me. His new bitch. And that was what I was. His new bitch. I began to sob uncontrollably at what I'd done. I was suddenly once aware of my audience.

    Sam began to tug at me as he tried to dismount. The pull of his giant knot against the inside of my pussy felt like it was going to tear me apart. He stepped to the side of me and turned around, and somehow we ended up butt to butt with his cock still locked deep inside my cunt.

    Damn that was hot! I've never seen anything like that before! I heard a metallic click, and then felt the mystery man begin to cut my shirt off with what must have been a knife. When he was finished with my shirt he cut of my skirt. Now I was completely naked except for my thigh-highs. He ran his hands up and down along my sweaty body. "Your body is amazing. You don't know how many times I've watched you in your little cheerleading outfit at school and wanted to fuck you ragged. Now here you are completely at my disposal. When I'm through with you, you'll regret ever turning your nose up at every geek that ever wished that he could date you. I'm going to make sure that you feel every ounce of the pain that they felt.

    "I know that you never asked to be so pretty or attractive, but you never had to be a bitch to them. You'll come to understand that. I'll make sure of that. Sam was just the beginning. Now I get to fuck you, but since Sam's still using your pussy, I think I'll use your ass."

    What! My ass! I'd never had anal sex before. I liked being fucked, not hurt. That area was already stretched to capacity by Sam's cock and knot. There was no way the mystery man was going to be able to put anything in my ass. Besides, how was he going to fuck me with Sam in the way?

    I heard the gravel crunching once more as he walked behind me and stepped over Sam. I heard him spit, and then felt his wet hand as it roughly rubbed his saliva around my anus. Suddenly he jammed what felt like his thumb into my asshole and crudely worked it in and out. It felt strange as his thumb worked itself around in my butt. The dick in my pussy made the membrane that separated my pussy from my anus extra sensitive. It felt like a million nerves were responding to his crude exploration.

    There was more crunching of gravel as he shifted around and then some more painful pulling from Sam's knot as he was shifted somehow. I heard his zipper opening and then felt what must have been the head of his dick rubbing against my wet asshole. I cringed and my whole body tensed as I waited for his entry. Then he began to push into me. I tried to scream around my gag! I wanted it to stop! It hurt so badly! Then his dick head went in with a pop and he began to push his length into me. The pain was almost unbearable. The feel of Sam entering me was nothing compared to this. It was incredible.

    Then he began to work himself slowly in and out of me. With each push in I began to suck in a breath of air in an effort to control the pain, and with each pull out I blew it back out with small relief. My crying had started my nose running and I could feel it running down my face. I was aware of everything now. The feel his cock moving in and out of my anus. His legs rubbing against the outside of each of my own with each determined thrust.

    The feel of that thin membrane and all of those sensitive nerves sandwiched in between. The feel of the cock that still filled my pussy. And now the feel of Sam's knot as it slowly worked back and forth against my G-spot. I'd never had an orgasm caused be the stimulation of my G-spot.

    The boys that I was used to fucking had no idea yet what that even was. Despite the pain in my ass the feel of Sam's knot working my G-spot began to arouse me once again. Slowly my ass began to loosen up as Mystery Man continued to work his dick in and out of me. He worked it in deeper with each thrust, and now that too began to feel strangely good.

    A low moan escaped me as a hum around my ball gag as I began to get into this fucking once again. I no longer cared that I was being fucked by a dog, or even that I was being ass raped by his owner. All I cared about was that it felt good. Mystery Man began to pick up his pace and I felt my tits swaying back and forth. The pressure from Sam's knot against my G-spot grew and I felt myself building toward another orgasm. I began to thrust back into Mystery Man's thrusts, and I heard him moan in ecstasy. His hands ran up and down my back and along my sides.

    It felt good to be utterly exposed in the bright sunlight, and to have someone looking at me and appreciating the look of my body as much as he enjoyed the feel of it. He gripped me by my hips and began to pull me into his thrusts, and I pushed harder. Yes. Yes. Yes, I heard him saying as he pounded my ass harder and harder. And as he plunged his dick into my ass harder Sam's knot worked my G-spot harder and harder.

    Mystery Man grabbed me by my hair and pulled my head back as he slapped my ass with his other hand. Yes I am a dirty whore. I knew it now with conviction. And I liked it. Fuck me. Fuck me, I thought as he rammed his dick into my ass. My body racked with wave after wave of convulsions as my orgasm slammed through me. My mind screamed, Yes! Yes! Yes! in unison with Mystery Man's own chanting as I felt him cumming in my ass. He collapsed onto my back and I felt his chest heaving against me. My own breathing was ragged too.

    Mystery Man slowly pulled out of me and I exhaled with the release of the pressure in my ass. I heard his zipper being closed and the gravel crunching once again as he stepped off of me. With the loss of pressure in my ass I began to feel the swelling of Sam's knot going down. After a minute he pulled out of me with an audible pop and I felt his cum combining with Mystery Man's as it gushed out of me and ran down my legs to form a puddle below me.

    I'm done with you today, but don't think that I'm finished with you. I'll see you at school on Monday. I heard him walk away, some branches breaking, and then him returning. Here's your backpack. Sam! Let's go. I heard something fall to the ground to my left and then gravel crunching one last time as he and his dog walked away.

    I lay there for a few minutes as my heartbeat slowed down, and I tried to get control of my breathing. When I was calmed down I felt around with my hand where I'd heard the backpack drop. My hand found it easily and I turned it around slowly until I found the zipper. Every part of both my body and mind felt exhausted. It seemed like forever before I finally got the keys out and unlocked my first arm. I reached up and pulled off my blind fold and gag.

    The bright sun stung my eyes as I drew in a tremendous breath of air. It felt good to be able to breathe freely again. I looked down to unlock my other arm and that's when I saw the Polaroid's lying on the ground next to my water bottle. They clearly showed me getting fucked by a huge mastiff.

    My mind raced with the implications. I hadn't remembered hearing him take the pictures, but then I was a little busy at the time. There were just two pictures there, but I knew that there must be more. No doubt somewhere in one of Mystery Man's pockets.

    I wiped it out of my mind and began to free myself from my stool. When the last manacle was undone I stood up and began to look around for my clothes. They weren't here though. I quickly walked around and checked in all the bushes but they were nowhere to be found. He must have taken them with him. That asshole! As if ass-raping me wasn't bad enough!

    I gathered my things together and placed them back into my backpack. Then I slung it over my shoulders and picked up my stool. I must be a sight, I thought as I stood there covered in sweat and naked except for my white thigh-highs, paten leather shoes, backpack, and the stool that I held.

    I started the long jog back to my car. My tits bouncing heavily with each stride, and the breeze that I generated drying the sweat on my body. No. This was definitely not finished...

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    MMMMMMMM now youve got me all hot waiting for the next episode

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    loved your story.

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    That was great. When does next parte out??!!

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    That story is a big turn on! My cock is throbbing.

    Jun 3 2012 01:59
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