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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, bisexual, group.

    I couldn't believe it! I'd gotten a C in anthropology. I'd studied and studied and still hadn't scraped by! I stared at the test on my desk and watched the professor handing back the rest of the tests. I couldn't believe I hadn't made an A. My essay was good and I knew it was. I'd have to see Professor Samuels in his office. I knew I could change his mind.

    Professor Samuels was 52 years old, married and very professorial looking; cardigan sweaters and khakis. I followed him to his office, my test clutched tightly in my hand. He unlocked the door and rounded his desk. I stood until he asked me to sit. I was shaking but I knew I had to get this straightened out. My GPA depended on it. My whole college career depended on it!

    "What did you want to discuss about your test results Kristina?"

    I thought I'd cry, but I held back. I told him I had to maintain my GPA to keep my scholarship. If I lost it, I'd have to leave school. I couldn't emphasize enough that my college career was very, very important to me. He sat back, quietly listening and carefully watching me. I knew that I had to stay composed. I didn't want to look like a weepy schoolgirl. I wanted to look mature and capable.

    "Perhaps you and I should get to know each other better. You seem like you have a lot to offer. Why don't you come by my house and have dinner with my wife and I tonight and we'll discuss the matter more thoroughly."

    I couldn't believe it! He was going to give me a chance! I wrote down his address and phone number, telling him I looked forward to seeing him and his wife that evening. When I was getting ready later, I realized that this could be an excellent opportunity for me to develop a mentor relationship. Now that would definitely help my college career!

    Professor Samuels lived near campus in one of those older brick homes that are overrun with ivy, but look very charming. I rang the bell and he answered. He smiled and showed me into the living room. His wife, a tall, dark haired woman stood up when I entered the room. I noticed that she was at least twenty years younger than the professor. I wondered how they'd met and if she'd been a student of his not so very long ago.

    As I stood there, I realized the professor was standing very close to me. I could feel his breath as I shook hands with his wife. When I turned back to him, he was smiling. He asked if I'd like a drink before dinner. I said I would and he brought me a glass of red wine. We all sat down and talked. After about fifteen minutes, his wife left the room. He leaned very close to me and I felt his hand on my thigh.

    "Kristina, you're a very attractive girl; very, very attractive."

    I instinctively pulled away and he laughed. He moved closer again. His hands pinning me down to the couch. He leaned forward and began to kiss my neck, his hands moving up to cup my tits. I don't know why, but I could feel my pussy getting wet. It was all so strange and unexpected. He kissed me, pushing his tongue deep into my mouth. I responded, letting my own tongue rim his mouth. At that moment, his wife walked back into the room.

    "I see you're getting her all ready. I'd like to help."

    I looked up as his wife walked across the room. She pushed the straps of her blue dress off her shoulders, letting one of her tits pop out. She had large tits with dark, oval nipples. They were beautiful. By this time, her husband had unbuttoned my blouse and was sucking and licking at one of my tits. It felt so good, even better with his wife watching. I love being watched. I guess I'm an exhibitionist.

    "Honey, let me eat her sweet, little pussy while you fuck her mouth with your cock."

    He pulled away from me, smiling. He pushed me down on the couch, straddling my head. I felt dazed as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He stroked his already rock hard prick, letting a bead of precum form at the tip, then rubbing the headmeat against my lips. I took a breath and opened my mouth. He pushed all of his cock into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat and groaning loudly.

    "That's a good girl. Start sucking. Let me fuck your sweet mouth."

    With his thighs on either side of my head, he fucked my mouth in deep, fast strokes. His cockmeat filling up my mouth, the taste of his precum salty and tangy. I felt his wife spreading my legs. Her hands moving up my thighs to my panties and tugging them down and off. Her fingers parted my pussy lips, her sharp nails grazing the inside of my thighs and my tender cunt meat. When she finally plunged her tongue into my slit and I thought I'd cum right away.

    "Her mouth is so velvety. How is her pussy?"

    His wife had started to work her fingers in next to her tongue. The feeling was delicious. She found my clit and began to suck it. I moved my pussy up to her mouth, letting her lick it and finger bang it. I wanted to cum so bad, but I knew she would stop if she felt I was close. Her husband fucked my mouth faster now, his hands reaching back to grab a handful of tit. He ordered her to finger fuck his asshole and my pussy at the same time.

    "This bitch is a nice piece of meat."

    I felt his hips jerking forward, his cock banging down my throat, making me gag. He reached forward and held my head tightly as he pounded away at my mouth. He treated me like a thing. My mouth a sperm receptacle ready for his deposits. I'd never been used like this before and I liked it. I felt his wife's wet pussy on my thigh as she rubbed herself off. The two of them cumming together.

    They came and got off of the couch. Her first, then him leaving a trail of sperm on my face and chin. He stood over me, still tweaking my nipples and fingering my cum wet cunt. He smiled and told me I was beautiful, a perfect fuck and that I could visit anytime. In fact, if I wanted to I could move in and live rent free with them. He winked and added that I'd have to pay with pussy. I knew that I'd take him up on the offer.

    I started to get up, but he stopped me. I thought he wanted to fuck my cunt now, but when I spread my legs, he told me to get on my knees. He smiled and fingered me, telling me he had something special. His wife had left the room, but I heard her coming back in through the back of the house. She walked into the room with a dog on a chain. It was a Great Dane. It was a male. I suddenly realized what they wanted me to do. His wife smiled at me and pulled on the dog's chain.

    "This is Royal and he loves human pussy. We were hoping you'd give him a little. I think he needs a change from mine."

    I stayed on my knees, staring at the animal. He was huge. I could see his cock and it was at least eight inches long and it wasn't even hard yet! Something about fucking a dog had always seemed so sick to me, but there was a part of me that wanted it, wanted to be sick, wanted to fuck a dog. I smiled at her and told her to bring him on. I didn't know how that huge dog prick would fit in my pussy, but I wanted to try it. I really did. They definitely wanted to see it.

    She got the dog up on the couch behind me. I felt her hand on my ass, sliding between my cheeks and down toward my snatch. She pushed one then two fingers into my cunt. She said she wanted to be sure I was wet enough. Then she told me to hold still. She was going to get Royal ready to mount me. The dog made low noises in its throat. She told me she was stroking his meat, getting him hard. She dipped the head of his dick into my pussy every now and then.

    "He's going to love your cunny. You're all juicy."

    Without warning, I felt her guide Royal's cock into my cunt. I stayed still. His cock felt like it was going to come out of my mouth. It seemed to be a foot long and still growing. I felt her fingers move from my cunt to my clit. She circled it telling me how beautiful I looked with a cuntful of dog cock. I thought I was going to cum right then, but she pulled away. She told me Royal was ready to fuck. I barely heard her when he began riveting away at my pussy.

    "Oh, baby. Look! He's fucking her like a piston!"

    I felt the dog's paws on my back, scratching my skin. I wasn't thinking about that though. I was thinking about the huge cock that was growing and filling me. I'd never been so fully fucked before. I thought for a minute that I might not be able to take a man's cock again after this because this was so much better. I started to cum and realized the dog was pushing in farther. I thought that this must be what it feels like to be fisted. I came hard with Royal's prick fully sheathed in my pussy, filling every inch of my snatch.

    "She can take it prick and knot!"

    I didn't know what she was saying for a minute, then I realized that the dog had stopped but was still stuffed in my pussy. It felt like he was stuck. For a second, I panicked. Looking up at the professor and his wife. He was smiling though. He told me to relax, that the dog's knot swelled up when he came and that it would go down and he'd pull out in a few minutes. I stayed curled on my knees, relaxing and almost beginning to enjoy the sensation of having my cunt stretched around Royal's big meat.

    "You look beautiful speared on his cock. I wish we'd videotaped this. Maybe next time."

    Royal's cock began to go back to normal, but I had one more surprise coming. As his prick slipped out of my snatch, a warm flood of dog cum dripped out too. I heard the professor's wife tell me to turn around and sit down on the couch with my leg's spread. I'd barely gotten my feet on the floor, when she pushed her head between my legs and began to eat me out, her probing tongue lapping up every drop of dog jism she could get to. Thanks to her hot tongue, I got off again, pushing my pussy into her face and holding her head by the hair. The professor watched stroking his hard-on.

    "I really think you'll be getting all A's this semester after all."

    He moved closer and as I smiled and opened my mouth, he directed a long, thick stream of hot spunk directly into my mouth. I swallowed hard and fast. Maybe next time I'd suck off Royal and learn what dog spunk tasted like. I'd never thought when I got up that morning that I'd fuck my professor, his wife and their dog. Now I was going to get the 4.0 GPA I wanted and all the cock and pussy a girl could ever need!

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