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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality.

    Martin and Laura had, quite by accident, discovered a website whose subject was humans having sex with animals. They had downloaded several video files, and spent countless hours in front of the computer watching women being mounted by their dogs. This had fueled several torrid lovemaking sessions, as they both fantasied about the possibility of Laura having sex with an animal.

    While Laura admitted that she mainly fantasized about having sex with a pony or donkey, the thought of being taken by a dog excited her as well. As they had no horses, ponies, or donkeys, she began to think about sex with their own dog, Woody.

    Woody was Martin and Laura's 2-year-old Black Labrador Retriever. They had inherited Woody from a friend who was moving out of state, and just couldn't keep him. They had always liked Woody. Martin often played with the Lab on many of their visits. He was loveable, playful, and very friendly with new people. The couple had gladly accepted him into their home.

    Martin looked over at Laura as they reclined on their bed. His hand was slowly petting her pussy as she lay back, eyes closed. His middle finger traced slowly up and down her engorged clitoris, occasionally slipping down and dipping into her drenched pussy.

    Laura's head reeled at the feeling. She was also digesting the question Martin had just posed to her. Was she ready to try it? She thought about it, fantasizing about it as she did. Did she really want to feel Woody bury his cock inside her? Did she really want him to slip his knot deep inside her?

    She knew Martin wanted to watch her do it. Truth be told, she had been fantasizing about Woody's cock since they had first discovered the whole subject, weeks earlier. They had made love long into the night, until each could go no further, each collapsing into a trembling heap as their final orgasms rocked through them.

    Now she was faced with a decision. Was she ready to actually do it, or should they keep this a fantasy?

    Her hips undulated under his touch. He dipped his finger into her once again, teasing her soaked entrance. This toying was driving her crazy.

    "Do you think he'd be interested?" Laura finally asked.

    "We can find out," he replied, "but there's only one way to do that." He looked over at her and her eyes met his, "And that is to let him try."

    She shuddered at that. Looking down toward her feet, she quietly said, "Ok. Let's try it."

    Martin slowly withdrew his hand from her now flooded pussy. He had never felt her so wet with her own juices before. He felt her tremble as he kissed her.

    Laura watched her husband get out of the bed and call the dog into their room. She shuddered with excitement as she heard his collar jingling down the hallway toward them.

    Woody trotted into the room, wagging his tail at his master's call. Martin knelt next to him, turning them both toward Laura, still reclining on the bed. Martin then slowly placed the fingers he had just removed from Laura's in front of Woody's nose. Woody sniffed at Martin's fingertips once, then reached out with his long tongue and lapped at the pungent juices.

    Martin looked over at his wife as the Lab cleaned his fingertips of her musky smell. Laura's eyes were riveted to the scene. Her own fingers rapidly found her clitoris as she stared at the long tongue, obviously enjoying her flavor. Her breathing immediately became ragged.

    Woody looked up at Martin, pulling his tongue back into his mouth, and licking his chops. His tail wagging quickly resumed.

    "Well, I guess that answers that." Martin said with finality. "He definitely likes the way you taste," he smiled.

    Laura swallowed hard. Her insides tingled at what she was about to do. Slowly, she turned her body on the bed, until her bottom was supported by the edge of the mattress, and her feet were flat on the floor. Absently she watched Woody, while her fingers continued to strum her throbbing clitoris.

    "Bring him over," she panted, slowly opening her legs for him.

    Martin guided Woody between Laura's widespread thighs. The Lab sniffed at Laura's excited pussy, then licked out at the source of the scent.

    Laura jumped as if struck by lightening when the long tongue made contact with her boiling sex. She gasped for air as the dog lapped hungrily at the fluids dripping from her overheated pussy. Her back arched as she pushed her hips forward, giving Woody better access to her throbbing vagina.

    Woody's tongue focused on her opening, greedily lapping up the juices her spasms drove from within her. His tongue slipped inside her briefly, scouring more of the tasty liquid from its source. He withdrew his tongue from her pussy, and backed away.

    Laura shuddered as she felt the tongue withdraw. She opened her eyes and looked up at her husband. "Why did he stop?" She asked, panting, her hips undulating as if to attract the hot, rough tongue. "I was so close."

    "I don't know," Martin replied, reaching out to pet her swollen pussy. Her lips were distended and hanging wide open. "Maybe he's just had enough?"

    Laura sighed deeply, "Just like a guy."

    "Well, he is excited, anyway," Martin said.

    Laura lifted her head, and looked under her dog. The pink tip of his penis protruded from its protective sheath. Woody leaned forward and gave her hot pussy a few more licks, then backed away once more.

    "I think he wants a little more than just a taste," Martin told her.

    Laura looked Martin in the eye. They said nothing for several seconds. Laura's breast heaved deeply, both from what she had just done, and from what she had decided she would now do.

    Silently she slipped down onto the floor, and assumed a position on all fours. Martin stepped back, out of the way as Woody approached his wife from the rear. Woody again sniffed at Laura's dripping sex. He lapped out at the swollen lips, causing Laura's hips to buck slightly. Woody needed no urging. He mounted Laura quickly, his hips thrusting instinctively.

    Laura felt his weight on her back and gasped as his penis slipped rapidly between her legs. The lab was missing the mark, but only by inches. Laura's eyes flew open as suddenly he plunged deep into her pussy and began to thrust into her.

    Woody plowed deeply into the female's hot pussy repeatedly. His back arched as he slammed deeper into the wailing woman beneath him. His tongue lolled out of the side of his mouth as he put everything he had into filling the woman with his seed.

    Laura wailed aloud as the huge penis blasted its way in and out of her slick vagina. This was by far the hottest, hardest, and biggest cock her tiny pussy had ever held. The shear speed and force of his fucking threatened to push her over the edge into orgasm. Then she felt him begin to swell within her. Woody's knot bounced off of her engorged pussy lips several times. With a massive lunge, he thrust the knot deep inside the clutching vagina encircling his cock.

    Laura screamed in pleasure as the knot forced its way past her heavy lips and into her pussy. She then felt him begin to pulse within her, and knew that her pet was filling her with his cum. She felt him pulling back, his knot pulling at the inner walls of her vagina, only to thrust back forward, the tip of his amazing erection pummeling her cervix. Laura could hold back no longer. She exploded in screaming orgasm.

    Martin watched his wife convulse under Woody. When Laura had first screamed, he thought that Woody had hurt her. His fears were calmed, however, as she began to wail in definite orgasm.

    Her body convulsed and spasmed as she felt her womb fill with his stingingly hot cream. She gasped for air as her vaginal muscles clenched down hard on the magnificent erection still thrusting deep inside her. Her face and chest turned deep crimson, as she strained to breathe through such deep, fulfilling pleasure. Suddenly he slowed his thrusts, and gradually came to a halt.

    Laura's orgasm slowly subsided. She felt the weight of Woody on her back. His erection throbbed and pulsated deep inside her. She knew what was happening, they were tied together, and would be until he finished cumming.

    Martin came around to the front of his wife and knelt before her. She looked up at him and smiled.

    "Are you all right?" he asked her.

    "Mmmmmm, yes," she said. "He's still cumming inside me. It's so hot."

    "I've never seen or heard you cum like that before," he explained.

    "I've never been fucked that hard or fast before," she replied. "I definitely want to do this again."

    She then leaned forward and took Martin's throbbing erection between her lips. It took approximately four downstrokes by her hot, sucking mouth for Martin to suddenly lunge forward and explode. She swallowed his sperm hungrily as her pussy just as hungrily absorbed Woody's emissions.

    Martin fell back and groaned heavily. He looked at his beautiful wife, still on all fours, their family pet still buried deep in her clutching pussy. He shook his head in wonder.

    At length, Woody's proud erection finally shrunk enough to allow withdrawal from the warm place that encased it. With an audible "plop" he climbed down off of her. His cum literally poured out of her. He leaned forward and licked her worn out pussy a couple of times, then turned to clean himself.

    Laura collapsed forward onto the floor, her arms out to her sides. "Mmmmmm, that was amazing."

    Martin scooped the inert form of his wife into his arms, and he laid her down on the bed. He kissed her gently as he snuggled in beside her.

    "It certainly was baby," he said quietly, as she drifted off to sleep. "It certainly was."

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    This story is the continuation of my first story, titled "The Beginning." It is a true story, with the exception of the names of the characters and the breed of our dog being changed.


    Mar 28 2007 00:46
    This was something ***** to both of you

    Nov 27 2008 13:35
    great story please write more, thank's.

    Dec 13 2009 13:33
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