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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, gang bang, bondage, nc.

    I was long and lean and tanned and gorgeous at only eighteen! I wanted to prove my worth as an Apache warrior and become a feared savage as so many of the women I slept with had! I readily volunteered to do the advanced scouting ahead of my tribe's large war party that sought battle with Sioux raiders that had entered our lands and ravished a nearby Apache encampment. As I rode at full gallop to gain distance ahead of my tribe, I vividly remembered the terrible sight only two suns ago of young women nakedly staked spread eagle over ant hills as the tiny insects had stung the raped and bleeding bodies of countless teenage Apache girls! I vowed revenge and now rode to seek out the Sioux butchers that had performed the carnage!

    As my horse ran I felt the wind all over my body. My long dark shoulder length hair flew as the cantering pony sent rhythmic undulations through my large fully developed naked tanned breasts. My hot tits were bare but for vivid red war paint lines which started from a circle painted around the base of each knocker connected to now jiggling lines drawn forward on the fleshy tops, bottoms, and sides of each firm orb that then converged at the erect brown tip of my hard nipples. They heaved and fell and smacked together in a delicious motion that I found highly stimulating.

    Both of my now rock hard nipples had been pierced when I was twelve. They currently supported a thin gold chain spread between my firm teenage globes, and the chain's yellow metal tips were driven through each erect point! An arousing sensation in my heavy breasts began as they tugged against the chain as they flew apart only to be abruptly slapped back together as the golden strand snapped taught with the galloping motion of the powerful horse beneath me! Gazing down between my swinging globes, I drank in the sight of my tight slightly muscled tanned belly that gave way to my slim loins. A slutty string bikini line ran from high over the flare of my hips downward to a distinct untanned tiny triangle which barely framed my wet, smoothly shaved cunt mound that was now concealed only by a brief, low slug beaded loin cloth! Dissipate my thoughts of the tribe's mission, I simply could not ignore the hot feeling of the cantering horse's spiny back slamming repeatedly into my naked spread young gash under the loincloth! I could sense a building slickness on the animal's coat as I began to involuntarily leak from between my open thighs which were wrapped around the galloping horse's flanks!

    My mind's wondering,however, abruptly ended as I sensed danger! I was approaching a rise framed by a tree line that cut off my view on two sides. My thoughts raced for precious seconds, as the hesitation brought me into the edge of the trees. My worst fears became crushing reality as I herd the bloodcurdling war cry of the Sioux! At once, arrows flew all around me , and two struck my horse just inches from my right thigh! The impact caused the animal to rear and fall to his side. I was flung to the hard ground as two more arrows barely missed my neck and my left breast. I instantly realized I was surrounded as I hit the dusty earth! Dazed and winded, I grabbed for my dagger and tried unsuccessfully to get to my feet. At that very second, three young Sioux braves lunged at me in defiance of my cold blade! Although I caught one arm with the knife, I was quickly overcome! I screamed in horror as I quickly reasoned that they had no intention of killing me now...rather my eighteen year old hard tanned body was to be a plaything for their bloodthirsty lusts! I defiantly glared at the howling young braves, and now noticed there were a total of seven surrounding me! As I raised myself on my elbows, my huge bikini lined breasts flattened and swayed. My long tanned legs had been flung apart by the fall and now I realized that a hint of my nakedly shaved pussy hole could be seen from under the now torn loin cloth. The beads had separated in several places allowing glimpses of my sharply defined untanned bikini vee only two inches wide at the maximum! Pulling my right leg up and forward in an attempt to scramble, I accidentally revealed it all...cunt lips gaping open between the untanned swatch which continued up around under my hips just barely showing a white bikini strip up the inner crack of my lean muscled ass! I saw the pleasure they took in collectively drinking in the sight of my teenage flesh, and I lay there transfixed as seven sets of eyes played hungrily over my exposed trembling body! A deep fear of the nature of the spectacle to follow grew in my mind and the thought was too horrible for me to contemplate! The image of the naked young Apache girl's bodies tortured and spread over ant piles raced through my mind! I realized I might count my remaining life in hours, and I was determined to do whatever necessary to prolong it! I stared defiantly at the young braves, none which I felt was over twenty. Their shinny muscled bodies were also clad in warrior loincloths, and I seemed to detect the beginning of movement from behind the brief fabric as they continued to look at my large swaying tits. The next move, however, was theirs, and I new it would come soon!

    At once, two of the closest braves grabbed my trashing limbs and hauled me screaming and twisting over to the tree line. They bound me spread eagle with leather thongs between several closely placed trees. I watched in horror as a Sioux knife went to my hips and deftly slashed the low slung rawhide holding up my loincloth! I lay there total ly naked but for my warpaint and the gold chain pierced between my steadily erecting nipples. One after another I saw the teenage Sioux braves begin to drop their cloths to reveal hardening tubes of meat between their muscled thighs, the average length I guessed was over seven inches! They continued to gaze at my ripe lean bikini lined body as several began to jack off their huge angry cocks. The two small triangular tan patterns over my breasts served to highlight the large brown hardening nipples that capped my flatted swaying breasts .The braves took obvious pleasure in the sight of my lean adolescent loins, fully shaved, spread, gooey, and highly accented thanks to the scanty bikini marked vee outline over my pussy that connected to high slung thin tan lines at my hips!

    I instinctively began to struggle against the animal hide bounds around my wrists and slim ankles. I was rewarded only with deep chafing red bruises wherever the straps made violent contact with my tender flesh! My thrashing, however continued to provide a lusty heaving of my upturned young breasts. The steadily more desperate forward thrusting of my teenage hips and thighs only repeatedly served up the sight of my shaved, well masturbated gooey slick cunt to the desperate eyes of the sex hungry braves!

    I sensed my assault was long overdue, and I screamed a bloodcurdling howl as the first nude brave mounted me! I guessed he was only about seventeen, but his heavy thick cock was massively erect and his ball sack was rock hard! As I felt his full weight fall on me, the others gathered in a close circle around me to watch the beginning of the gang bang .The warriors began to masturbate their throbbing dick meat only about a foot above the back of the rutting brave trying to ride me! I heard a rhythmic chant begin as the musk of horny men filled my nostrils! The young brave thrust his tongue over my mouth, throat, and tanned knockers as he sought to consume me! His hands played down the length of my slim eighteen year old body as he first paused to grab my firm sweaty tits. The rough kneading of my painted breasts served his own pleasure as much as it thrilled the eyes of the six other savage Sioux braves, who seemed to be entranced by the sight of my helpless struggling! His strong right hand continued to brutally pull at my young heaving tits as his free left hand began the journey downward between our tangled bodies to my involuntarily spread gapping smooth cunt mound!

    Dispute the horror of the attack, I began to sense the subtle stiring of arousal in a hidden corner of my mind! I felt the brave's hand reach down and cup my protruding hairless cunt mound in his palm, as the teenage lips of my pussy began to swell. An involuntary spasm began deep within my young cervix as my body began to prepare itself to be violently invaded! As his rough fingers played over my box I began to secret pungent streams of clear goo down my birth canal and out to the waiting outer mouth of my cunt. The sticky lube slicked both my teenage cuntmeat and his probing middle finger as he began to frig me in front of his friends! My struggling continued as I sought in vein to free my loins from his relentless touch. My resistance, it seemed, only served to further ignite his lust as he firmly thrust home his long middle finger deep within the scalding inner recess of my pussy! I emitted an involuntary moan from the depth of my throat as I was overcome with a wave of spine tingling heat! My teenage gash became a smelly swamp contracting to imprison his thrusting digit. Now well past his second knuckle, his probing finger moved inside me in circular motion as he stirred the bubbling hot goo my cervix blew down! My arousal was now plainly visible to the glaring braves as they glimpsed my now painfully erect inch long brown nipple tips as goose pimples formed all over my hard arouslas. My breathing became more shallow and rapid as my young body began a sensual upward hip roll timed to meet the deepest reach of his finger probe! First one...then two...and finely three long fingers were stabbed into me as preparation for his huge veiny throbbing meat that was now being rubbed into my tanned upper left thigh by his pumping hips! The rhythm of his deepest frig matched the top of his dick stroke which reached up to my string bikini hip line. The relentless friction on the bottom of his rock hard dick was rapidly being lubricated by the ample precum ooze discharging from his pulsing pisshole. My left upper thigh crevice became sticky as juices from both of us painted my bare swollen mound! My head rolled backwards as I monetarily closed my brown eyes to the rape scene to savor the mounting sensations in my loins!

    The sound of wet flesh slapping inches from my ears brought me quickly back to reality as my eyes opened to see the engorged dicks of the other six braves being wetly fisted above me! I quickly realized my first fuck would be for the visual simulation of the chanting savage Sioux warriors watching the eighteen year old get me off! I knew now that my beautiful young face and long dark hair would become the chosen receptacle for six scalding loads of spunk my performance would coax from their writhing bodies! At the height of one of my upward hip thrusts I felt the brave jam inwards to the hilt and then quickly remove his three compressed fingers from my wide open cunt mouth. His immediate shift towards the center of my hips rubbed his huge throbbing meat across my soaked clit and runny cunt mouth. He humped his swollen eight inches up and down through the middle of my dripping pussy crack as my slim hips pushed upward to meet him! I knew I was about to be entered, and prayed he'd pull out before he shot! My ripe teenage body had only finished it's period eight suns ago and I knew I was highly fertile!!

    A second raced past as I felt the massive swollen cock head press forward to replace his fingers inside me! My slick gapping cunt mouth hung open to his thrust as I felt his huge glistening head push inside my body. His increasing precum leakage left a gooey white trail dripping from between my bound straining thighs and down into the entrance to my womb! He seemed to hesitate for an instant as he entered me as if he was about to find my cherry. He could not know I had lost it in an spectacle in my tribe's camp! There I had mounted the smooth polished totem pole nearly four feet long that teenage Apache squaws used to bust open their young cunts in their fourteenth year! I had repeatedly thrust downward sucking in nearly a foot of the massively wide post to rip open my virgin cherry! I continued to pump through the pain and brought myself to several violent orgasms on the gooey wood for the entertainment of the lusting eyes of the chanting tribe! I had ungulated my tanned young hips down another several inches and danced impaled on the post! I had wantonly masturbated my large tits and received as reward the hot shooting loads of several nearby young braves my exhibition had driven crazy with lust! Since then, I had repeatedly serviced several chiefs and many young renegade braves. I had also warmed the tents of scores of beautiful Apache bitches and savagely fucked them with huge polished wooden hip slung dildos! My gash was, in short, ready for hot action from either brave or squaw! Flashing back, I rolled my bound nakedly spread hips upward to inhale several more inches of his throbbing dick meat!

    My head again fell backwards as the enraged Sioux warrior began to assault my pussy the way he had undoubtedly done to the now lifeless village girls! His scalding meat slab touched bottom as his eight inches propelled his swollen head and pisshole inward to kiss the bottom of my ripe cervix! The contact was electric as I closed my brown eyes and screamed out in Apache for him to stop! I could now feel the slapping motion as his superheated dick plunged again and again until his swollen ball sack loudly smacked the wet underside of my straining young bikini tanned ass! All around me I heard an accelerating wet fisting of the six huge cocks above my face and body! I sensed that my screams only sexually charged the Sioux even more, as they rapidly approached their first fiery climaxes!

    I sensed the end was nearly here as I distinctly felt a swelling of the veiny girth that was pounding my teenage womb! I felt the sloshing in his scum bags as they roughly licked the underside of my squirming ass. Disregarding the swelling meat all around my head, I began to scream to him not to shot off even as my own battered cunt began to involuntarily spasm around his manhood! My head thrust from side to side as my long dark hair fanned out into the air on both sides of me! Sobbing, I begged him in Apache ..."OH GOD, PLEASE STOP, YOU'VE GOT TO PULL OUT...I'M TOO RIPE...I'LL DO ANYTHING JUST DON'T DROP YOUR SPUNK WAD IN ME...AHHH...AHHH...AHHHH..IT'S SOOO DEEP...SOOO GOOD...SOOO BIGGG...GIVE IT TO ME...YES...YESSS...YESSSSS....AHHH...AHHH..AHEEE...GIVE IT... TIL YOUR GONNA SHOOT...AH...AAHHHH... THEN RIP IT OUT AND I'LL BLOW YOU TIL YOUR HOT SPUNK IS ALL OVER MY MOUTH AND TITS...I'LL EAT YOUR SPERM, JUST DON'T BLOW OFF IN MY WOMB...I CAN'T HAVE A SIOUX BABY...I CAN'T!...I CAN'T!!!...AHHH...AHHH...AHHHHHH ...!!! I WANT SIOUX DICK BUT,OH GOD, DON'T FORCE ME TO TAKE THE RENAGADE SPERM LOADS!!!...

    I prayed he understood and would heed me as I felt him lift himself upward off my sweaty tits and back on his extended forearms. I gazed up to see a look of final violent lust on his desperate face as his move only served to jam his pulsing cock even deeper into my churning cunt hole. By moving back he also exposed my hard heaving painted breasts and my beautiful face to the unrestricted access of the six pounding dicks just above me! As a final insult, he reached his left hand to the gold chain jangling between my slapping tits and pulled back on it as he would a bridle on a horse! Pain shot through my now distended tanned knockers as the nipples reached the limit of stretch and my tips stood nearly straight out from my bucking chest! A scream of terror rolled from my open horrified mouth! As the sound left my throat, my gapping wide oral cavity provided an irresistible depository for the scalding hot wads of the first two braves. Their dicks exploded as I gazed wide eyed at the spewing pissholes! I saw rope after runny rope flung from above as a nearly simultaneous cascade of hot sperm flew at my face and chest from all sides! Burning wads struck my hard nipples and clinched face with a vengeance as the howling Sioux braves raped my flesh. The combined discharge of six young verile warriors entered my dark hair, nose, eyes, cheeks, throat, shoulders, tit globes and nipples as they painted me in their smelly white goo!

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    not bad .....well did she surive or not to have thier babys

    Nov 15 2006 19:24
    too bad coulda been horse babies good

    Nov 16 2006 23:25
    absolutely horrible while i enjoy bestialiy i am offended by your story by singling out native americans in it

    Nov 27 2006 19:04
    got the tribes mixed it was the Apaches that are known for their violence. But it is just a story and a very good one please i hope there is a second part to this.

    Dec 26 2006 02:34
    Hey! You gonna write a sequel -- a 2nd part?! It would be good, I'd like to hear how she was received by the older men in the tribe. I wonder if the other horses were jealous. Could she now take a dog in her cunt and a man in her ass and a horse down her throat, that would be great adult entertainment, don't you think. Write a 2nd one, PLEASE!!

    Mar 25 2010 17:03
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