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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, couple, horse sex.

    While I have been into dog sex for many years, I had not been able to make my fantasy of horse fucking true until I started dating a guy who played polo and owned a string of ponies.

    One day while we were at this stables grooming his horses, we both started to get horny after talking about the size of one his young stallion's cock. I could not believe the size of the horse erection and would have made a move on the horse if my boyfriend had not been there. My boyfriend came up behind me as I brushed the horse and rubbed his erection between my ass cheeks as he reached around to unzip my jeans.

    He pulled them down and I stepped out of them as I pulled my t-shirt over my head, standing there, naked except for my boots, making him look at me. He got undressed in no time and grabbed me, sucking my lips and thrusting his tongue into my wet mouth as I leaned back against the horse. The horse shifted a little, then stayed still, supporting me as my boyfriend ground his cock into my smooth pussy mound and reached around me to knead my ass cheeks and slip a finger into my asshole.

    I knelt down to take my guy's hard cock into my mouth and felt the velvety softness of the horse erection against my shoulder. The touch made me so hot I almost sucked my boyfriend's dick off! My guy spotted the huge horse cock and took one of my hands and wrapped it around the animal tool and moved my hand up and down. I looked up at him and he smiled, and said "Go on, it's only fair".

    I certainly needed no encouragement and slid my hand up and down the object of so many fantasies. My lover pulled his cock out of my mouth and left the stall as I continued to wrap both hands around the horse dick, almost dizzy with the sexiness of it all.

    My lover returned quickly with an enormous bottle of animal skin lotion and squirted large streams of it onto my hands which I slicked up and down the horse's dick. He must have liked it as he started to push forward into my hands. Feeling bold, I bent my head to lick the huge head, wanting to taste his animal sex. My lover soon squirted his come over my face and the horse cock in his excitement. He kept saying, "I can't believe this. This is so hot!"

    His dick was so hard it would not go down and he moved behind me, pulling my ass up into the air and fingering my cunt, which was dripping with my juices. He was soon thrusting hard and fast in and out, pushing me back and forth, moving my mouth up and down about five inches of enormous horse cock while I continued the movement with my hands up and down the full length.

    My lover now had a couple of fingers in my asshole, squirting more lotion so they slid in and out effortlessly. When I told him I wanted his cock in my ass, he pulled out and told me to wait, he had an idea.

    He returned with a couple of hay bales which he stacked on top of each other near the stable door and covered them with a blanket. He coaxed the horse forward until he was half in, half out of the stall and got it to stop. Squirting more lotion into my asshole, he leaned back against the bales and pull me backwards to him, pushing hard so his dick was buried to the balls in my asshole. I cried out with the wonderful feeling of a big cock in my ass. I kept the horse dick in my hands as my lover pulled my upper body back against his.

    One of his hands reached around me and gently rubbed my clit, while the other took the head of that huge animal cock and rubbed it up and down my wide open slit. He rubbed the soft/hard tip of it over my clit and I came almost instantly, shuddering against my lover as he continued to move the dick up and down, rubbing in around my cunt hole, opening me up with his fingers.

    I raised my hips slightly to see if I could take the tip into me. With my lover's help, it slid in an inch or two, pulling my vagina walls to the limit. The horse moved slightly forward so that another six or seven inches buried themselves so deep I could feel the head of that incredible cock on my cervix.

    I don't know how long we stayed like that - it was all so surreal. I moved my hips slowly back and forth from the cock in my ass to the one bursting my cunt. With my lover rubbing my clit I had several orgasms, my body felt amazing, my breasts swollen bigger than ever, my skin flushed as I glorified in the most incredible sex I had ever had.

    The horse eventually started to fuck harder and harder into me, so I knew it was close to coming. My boyfriend pulled his soft cock out of my ass and I felt his come dribble down my legs. He grabbed the horse's halter and steadied it as I fell back against the bales, still impaled on horse cock and my hands wrapped around it, all the time screaming for the horse to come. The animal and I came together, both of us voicing our orgasms as he spurted and spat and spouted come all over me and up my cunt.

    I collapsed on the bales, totally exhausted, not quite able to believe what had just happened. My lover buried his face in my cunt, wanting to taste the horse come, and getting himself hard again in the process. My cunt was too wide open after the horse cock, so I guided my lover to my ass hole where he rammed his rock hard meat madly, as the horse nuzzled my chest and I stroked him, all the time telling him he was a very good boy! The reality had been way beyond the fantasy!

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