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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, humiliation, oral, anal, horse sex.

    The massive black stallion walked behind her sedately as she led it back to the barn, occasionally nickering softly to her as if talking to her. Once she had him back in his stall in the barn, taken his bridle off she tethered him by his halter and took the saddle and blanket off of him then wiped and brushed him down gently, talking softly to him as she did. It was as if the animal understood her words because he would nicker, snort or whinny here and there as she spoke

    If you knew Katherine, Kat to all her friends, well at all you would have known how odd this scene was. Since a young age when a temperamental horse had bitten her on the throat she had been utterly and completely petrified of the animals. But she had always had a soft spot for hurt or injured animals. So when she heard about Powerdrive, the horse, history of abuse she took him in. He was the only horse on the several thousand-acre ranch, the ideal situation for him.

    For the longest while after he came to the ranch she wanted nothing to do with the beast. She would muck out his stall, make sure he had food and water and all that but wouldn't go near the animal itself. She left any hands on care and exercise of him up to her live-in boyfriend Ricky.

    One day while she was sitting on the fence watching Ricky exercise him Powerdrive trotted over to where she was sitting. Before she could bail off the fence and back away the animal reached her. It seemed to sense and understand her fear of him so all he did was softly nuzzle her cheek with his velvety nose and nicker as if to say "Hey, it's OK! I won't do anything dumb. I just want to make friends."

    She held stock still, eyes as big as saucers, totally petrified. But once he had nuzzled her he backed away a couple steps and looked at her whinnying softly. By this time Ricky had come over and put a re-assuring arm around her waist. After kissing her on the temple he muttered softly in her ear, "It's OK Princess, he doesn't want to hurt you. He's just trying to make friends is all." Giving her a bit of apple and carrot then showed her how to feed him. Powerdrive took them gratefully then leaned forward and gave her the horse equivalent of a kiss on the cheek.

    Each day after that she would get a little more familiar with him until they were where they were now. When she adopted him he had the reputation for being highly aggressive and temperamental. But he had never shown any of that since he had been with them. As a matter of fact, he was one of the most placid animals she had ever dealt with, of any kind.

    While brushing him down she talked softly to him. She heard Ricky come in and start to put the tack away. She paid no attention to him, continuing to brush out Powerdrive's sleek black coat until it shown brightly in the low light.

    Letting her mind wander onto other things she was jolted back by the harsh gasp of surprise from behind her. Loving over her shoulder she saw Ricky there, mouth hanging open, staring down towards her horses hindquarters. Following his gaze she immediately knew what he was looking at. Powrdrive's massive black and flesh colored cock was out of its sheath and hanging, limp, almost to the straw covered floor.

    Reaching out she put an arm around Ricky's waist, feeling him tremble, "What's the matter Daddy?" she whispered softly. "Would you like to feel that big thing in your bottom and suck on it?"

    Moaning a bit louder he looked down at the floor, nodding slightly. Then in a soft voice he said never looking at her, "Daddy would like it if Princess made him to suck on it then take it in his bottom."

    Kissing him softly she smiled, "Daddy is suck a naughty dirty slut isn't he?"

    His breath quickened and a soft blush crept up his neck to his face, he looked at her, eyes sparkling he said, "Yes Princess, all yours and only yours."

    Now, they had always had a bit of a strange and bizarre relationship since they had become a couple. They had started out as nothing more than pretty good friends, talking quite a bit, but nothing more than that. As the time they had met he was the collared sub of another woman and she was in search of her own Dom. Over time his Domme had released him and everyone was trying to turn her into a Domme because of her very strong and dominant personality. Gradually they started spending more and more time together, getting to know each other. By this point she had pretty much given up on her search for a Dom and had settled into just having fun with their circle of friend. A few times here and there over time he had been able to talk her into Domme-ing him.

    What he had learned from those sessions is that she was damned good at it! She had been a sub for so many years that she knew all the ins and outs by heart. Combine with that a sadistic streak a mile wide and you were going to have a good time. But in her case there was something else to the package; role-playing. She had done role-playing games since she was teenager and she saw Domme-ing him as nothing more than slipping into character to play a game. Hell, that was just fine with him! Finally, after a few months of goofing around together she had relented and agreed to be his Domme. To say he was elated was an understatement! There had been a caveat to it, once in a while she wanted him to Dom her. He could handle that without a problem

    So on they went for a couple weeks. They spent a lot of time getting to know one another and she spent a lot of time getting to know what it is he liked and didn't like. Then one afternoon she had asked him to Dom her. BUT that wasn't all she asked for. What she wanted was for him to role-play her Daddy. Some men may have been turned off by that but he wasn't. And when she went into the kind f scene she wanted he got even more turned on. What she wanted was rough and to be forced, something he himself would like to have done to him. Not only that it was something he liked to read about and watch movies of.

    The scene went wonderfully, very satisfying for both of them. Over the next couple months they gelled into a very satisfying pattern; he was Daddy and she was Princess. Sometimes Daddy was Dom and sometimes she was. They had both collared each other. People thought it strange but it worked well for them.

    Gradually they fell in love and there was serious talk of moving in together. It was then that he started to notice there was something bothering her but couldn't figure out what it was. Then one night she insisted he not come over. Instead she wanted to talk to him on the computer via one of the free messengers. He thought it odd but went along with it. Over the voice sever she told him she had some things she wanted to tell him but couldn't bring herself to say them out loud so she wanted to type them to him. He agreed to it but feared the worst. What she typed astonished him. All along she had known how he liked to be humiliated and degraded, to be made to do this. Now here she was telling him she liked almost the exact same thing! Water sports, diapers, being forced, enemas, spankings and a lot more. There were areas where she was more extreme than him and vice versa but by and large their interests were the same. All along he had been comfortable telling her what he liked because she was accepting but this had been hard on her, telling him what she liked. She had been afraid he wouldn't have accepted it. How wrong she had been! He had not only accepted it but had loved it.

    Shortly after that conversation he had moved in with her on the ranch. He became Daddy and she his little girl. But still there were things he hadn't known, He had gone away on a business trip for a week. During one of the phone conversations they had she admitted to liking to watch bestiality movies. What a shock that had been! He like them as well so it wasn't a big thing. Then about nine months ago she had admitted to having thoughts about doing it. So had he but he had never told her. So they had been discussing it but never acting on it. Yet. They both admitted they wanted to, but in the guise of being forced by the other. Now the opportunity had presented it's self.

    Stroking softly up and down over his ass she rested her head on his shoulder and looked up at him before saying softly, "Daddy needs to go to the house and get sumfin to make hish bottom nice an' slick. Don't do it in dere, bring it back here an' I'll do it for Daddy KK?"

    When she started to talk like a little girl he started shivering a bit more. That usually meant one of two things: either there was something she was having a hard time telling him about or she was suggesting some kind of unusual playtime. This time it was the latter. That always meant a fun time. Kissing her softly on the forehead he said softly, "Alright Princess, Daddy will be right back." Then, on wobbly legs, he headed off towards the house.

    While he was gone she petted and stroked Powerdrive's nose, softly explaining to him what was going to happen.

    Ricky was back to the barn, bolting the door to it behind him, in record time. Eyes sparking he handed her a tub of lubricant.

    Leaning forward she kissed him softly on the lips. "Very good Daddy. Now I fink Daddy needs to get neekie so dat I can make his bottom all nice an' slick an' see how full Daddy is back dere."

    Obeying immediately he bent over and reached behind him, grabbing his ass cheeks, pulling them wide apart to give her a clear view of his tight brownish pucker.

    Squirting a liberal amount of the clear jelly onto two fingers, she ran them in small circles on his pucker a couple times before, in one stroke, pushed them all the way into his ass up to the third knuckle. Twisting them side-to-side and thrusting them in out she greased up his anal passage until he was shaking, shivering and moaning loudly. When she felt his asshole start to spasm around her finger she pulled them out and patted him softly on one cheek. "Dere Daddys' bottom is nice and slick. Now Daddy needs to get da horsie excited so it will fuck him. So I fink dat Daddy needs to go over and suck on da horsies dick until it gets hard enough for him to put it in his bottom. KK Daddy?"

    Standing up straight, his legs still shaking badly, he looked at her then over at the still hanging limp horses cock. A bright red flush of humiliation spreading over his chest at the thought of what she was going to "make" him do. He lowered his eyes but kept his gaze locked on that massive piece of horsemeat. "Yes Princess." he mumbled softly then walked over and knelt down in the clean, sweet smelling straw by the horse. Hesitantly he reached out and softly stroked up and down the mottled cock, feeling its texture before picking it up and bringing the flared head to his mouth. Flicking his tongue out he licked the entire surface of the head and around the ridge, swirling it softly around the urethral opening. He could feel the horse shudder slightly and neigh softly. The pliant flesh was steadily hardening in his hand.

    Kat watched her boyfriend with avid interest, holding tightly to Powerdrive's harness in case he took exception to all of it. She needn't have bothered. The horse was as placid as he always was making no move to pull away. As a matter of fact he turned his head as if he was watching Rocky's ministrations.

    Finally he had the horses cock slick with a combination of his saliva and the animal's own pre-cum, plus the formally flaccid cock was now stiff enough to be able to be inserted. Quickly getting onto all fours he rubbed the flared head up and down over his twitching asshole a couple times before trying to force the massive thing into his tiny, tight opening.

    Sweating and straining Ricky was able to get it part of the way in before it became too tight of a fit. But still he tried, pushing out as he tried to push the massive piece of horsemeat in.

    Powerdrive looked back at him, eyes shining, as if assessing the situation. Then he gave two firm thrusts of his powerful hips, driving the head of his cock all the way into Ricky's tight rectum, then once again held still. It was as if the animal had known just what to do.

    Letting out a short cry of pain as his anus stretched wider than it ever had before to take it in, Ricky panted softly. The pain was sharp but after a couple minutes faded and Ricky grabbed the shaft and started to thrust back and forth onto the cock, feeling like he was impaling himself but loving it, moaning loudly, eyes shut.

    Watching with avid interest as Ricky fucked himself with he big cock Kat could feel her panties moisten. The scene was indeed turning her on. When it became obvious that the horse wasn't going to do anything she let loose of the harness and just stood watching the show.

    Powerdrive looked back at the man so enjoying himself then looked to the woman standing by him, softly petting his nose. Leaning his head forward he nuzzled her stomach softly, nickering

    She didn't pay much attention to the horse, just reaching down and scratching under his jaw. The horse moved it's nose down further and rubbed it across the crotch of her jeans, nickering softly, looking up at her, dark eyes sparkling. Gently she pushed it away only for him to return it. This time sticking out his large slightly rough tongue to lick it.

    Ricky was quite intent on the wonderful feeling the horse cock was producing in his ass as he slid it in and out but he did notice what Powerdrive was doing. "Take off your pants Princess. I think he want to lick you," he told her, his voice deep and husky, betraying his level of arousal.

    She was a bit nervous about it all. After looking at Ricky, whose eyes were locked on the horse nuzzling her she resigned herself to it and stepped back, quickly stripping. Then she leaned back against the wall and spread her legs. The horse needed no other encouragement. Sliding his nose back between her legs he stuck his tongue out and started to lick at the juices accumulated there, dark eyes trained up on her face.

    As the large rough appendage raked gently across her most sensitive areas she let out a loud gasp and her eyes rolled back in her head. She had to grab ahold of the wall to keep her now jelly-like legs from collapsing. There was no finesse to this like there was with a human but the power of that rough tongue more than made up for it! It was like a dog lapping up water but the size of it enabled it to part her lips and reach to the tenderest spots. It wasn't long before she was a quivering mass barely able to stand, moaning uncontrollably.

    Watching this made Ricky's cock throb harder and made him thrust back harder on the intruder in his bowels. He could see the horse flair it's nostrils as if trying to take in more of her scent. Then a funny thing happened. It was as if that turned the beast on because he started to thrust, very gently mind you, as if he knew he could hurt the man, into Ricky. The large cock throbbing over his prostate gland. Gasping Ricky jerked on his own cock harder, knowing orgasm was imminent.

    Quaking all over Kat buried one hand in the horses mane and had a death grip on the wall with the other. Lifting one leg she was trying to give that wonderful tongue more access to her madly throbbing crotch. One strong lick across her now exposed clit was all it took and she came, hard, screaming so loud it disturbed the pigeons roosting in the rafters into a panicked flight. It was so powerful that she felt as though she had lost control and wet herself. In actuality she had ejaculated, sending a thick, honey-like substance onto that wonderful tongue and down her legs in a waterfall. Some how or other this seemed to excite the horse because he thrust a couple times into Ricky and came, grunting.

    Ricky felt the horse cut loose in his bowels and yelled, then he let loose with his own.

    In the aftermath Kat sat on the hay with her arms wrapped around the horses' neck her cheek to his, trying to catch her breath. Ricky, after a couple minutes rest stood up, horse cum streaming down the backs of his legs. He tried to clench his asshole closed to hold it in but it was dilated open too much to be effective. Walking over to her he stroked the panting horse and gave her a deep kiss then turned his back to her and spread his asscheeks, "Clean Daddy up Princess. " he growled.

    Without a murmur of protest she got to her knees and began to tongue up the long rivulets of cum that were running down his legs before moving up to his distended and swollen asshole. Sticking her tongue deep into it she sucked out every least drop of Powerdrive's load.

    Leaning back on her heels when she was done, wiping her mouth off with her forearm she looked up at Ricky.

    "Thank you Daddy." she whispered softly going back to stroking her new lovers nose.

    Ricky retrieved some freshly laundered horse blankets from the tack room and spread them out in the corner of the stall. That is where they slept that night, still naked, with their new lover standing sentry over them all night.

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    A very good story, would have been geat with just the woman, and horse.

    Jul 23 2007 22:02
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