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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, lesbians, reluctance, horsesex, slave, BDSM.

    Does she remember?

    Does she remember what remembering is?

    Is there, anywhere in her candy cotton mind, even the slightest shred of memory left?

    Ah yes... at night... or is it night? Dreams. Floating images, colours, sounds. A blonde woman, tall, well dressed. Heels clicking on the marble of a corridor. Mirrors, elevators. High glass walls looking out on sky scraping horizons. Shapes and colours, no names, no understanding.

    Shapes and colours swirl in the eye of a hurricane. All images sucked into a roaring hole of utter oblivion.

    The concept of yesterdays is gone. The mere idea of tomorrow is non-existent. It is hard enough to grasp the present, the integrity of her flesh. Hard enough to trust this centrifugal maelstrom of feelings and emotions. This constant arousal, this aching lust. Electric currents jab at her. They make her skin ripple, her spine arch.

    There always is the hunger, the need to taste the white slimy cream. To swallow it and paint her face with it. To feel it spurt over her tits and belly. The scent of it, the taste.

    There is the craving need to quench the fire in the central void of her being. There are the gaping throats of her flesh. She wants them filled, stretched to the limit. She wants them drowned in boiling liquids, seep with juices, leak with come. Come, the magic word... cummmmmmm.

    She is always almost there... her weak hand claws to reach. To reach he edge, eternal edge, oh god get me there... there. Her nails scratch, cruel irons bite her flesh. There are the throbbing nipples, screaming clit and sobbing cunt lips. Painnnnn, sweet pain of flogging, piercing, burning. Push me over the edge, pleeeease now... pleeeeease, sweet pain... make your daughter come.

    She is a shivering mass of jelly, a panting creature of sobbing misery. She begs for release. She begs to find the flashing release, the volcanic explosion into the eternal bliss of oblivion.

    But no, the eyes say. Noooo, sweet slave, the eyes say. The emerald jewels, guardians of denial. Nooooo...

    Cracked nails claw, mouth drools. Night falls, darkness swallows. Cold stone kisses burning skin... oblivion... sweet wave of oblivion.

    (October 18th, 04.12 p.m.)

    The huge door creaked open. A black silhouette stood exposed against the gray, cool afternoon light. The warm air inside the stables curled around the motionless figure. It had come in from the cold. Tiny wisps of breath escaped the slit in a tight black leather mask. Only red shining lips were visible as they whispered..."Dzjinnaaah..."

    A shard of autumn light spread as the door opened. It reached the iron cage and streamed inside. There it engulfed a milk white body clenched as a ball in the middle of the cage. A naked girl lay pinned down by chains. They ran from cruel bracelets to large rings set around.

    A bowl lay empty but for a few crumbs. Another bowl had been licked clean. There still was no movement from the pale, tied woman, even when the whisper insisted..."Dzjinnaaaahh..."

    Was she asleep, locked in a dreamless void? Was she exhausted from the horrible ordeals that seemed to visit her so relentlessly lately? Or just spent from the strange and alien orgasms that wreck her body, induced by such surprising agents as pain and humiliation? Or was she still in shocked stupor because her proud golden hair had been taken? She had been left here naked and exposed, totally defenceless and open to whomever or whatever fancied her body and soul.

    "Dzjinnaaaahhh... why don't you give in?"

    The leather woman took soundless steps towards the cage. She bent like a cat Her covered eyes hungrily took in the vulnerable form. She crouched towards the pale foetus in the golden splash of light.

    "Why do you hold back from me what is mine, Dzjinnaaah?"

    "I know all about the eager way you masturbate when I am away. The way your fingers pull at your nipples until they stand out aching. The hungry way you spread your shaven cunt. The urgent need you display when you hump your swollen clit against your impatient hand. Why, Dzjinna? I told you not to. I instructed you not to. I trusted you..."

    (October 24th, 07.18 a.m.)

    Highly polished patent leather mules disturbed the dust and straw on the floor. They made them swirl in golden clouds as the black dressed girl slipped into the barn. The soft sigh of her heavy silk gown mixed with the click of heels. Until they stopped.

    The lock's chain rattled. The iron-bar door whined open. The girl in black silk walked to the sobbing girl kneeling naked on the floor. She sank to her heels. Her gloved hand cupped the bald skull to turn the face towards her.

    Long lashes cast their shadow over tear stained cheeks. Softly a satin thumb caressed them to wipe away the spilt moisture.

    "You'll be punished, my love. Oh certainly, again and again. But not now. Not now. You must be thirsty... let me get your bowl."

    The woman rose, holding the empty bowl. She stood immobile for a while more, contemplating the silent form beneath her. Then she turned on her heels and walked to one of the horses' stables.

    A soft whinnying welcomed her as she opened the half door. She calmed the black stallion inside by patting its back. Her voice was soft and muffled when she talked to the brute. She held his face and talking softly into his ear. Then she lowered herself beside him and reached between the hind legs. She produced a long, limp member. It was pink and shining where it slid out of its black, furry envelope.

    Slowly her gloved hand stroked the horse's penis into stiffness. She made it grow until at least a foot and a half of throbbing meat filled both her hands.

    Again the animal started to fidget nervously. It danced on its elegant legs. And again she talked and caressed it into silence.

    Then she took a glass vial from a shelf. She made it slide over the penis's purple head, already catching the first clear drops of precum.

    One hand held the vial, the other kneaded the heavy balls. She encouraged the brute with her singsong voice. His nostrils spread, his eyes rolled back. And with a sudden gush fat creamy strings of sperm shot into the glass. It squirted once, twice and on until the vial almost brimmed and she had to take it from the bobbing phallus. Long easy strokes extracted the last drops. Then she held up the vial against the autumn light to see it being more than half full.

    She kissed the horse. Then she took the vial and the bowl back to the slave girl in her cage. The girl rocked slowly on her knees, head down, eyes closed, hands into pathetic fists.

    Her black dressed young mistress crouched beside her. She showed her the vial and its steaming content. The girl did not seem to react. A soft satin hand was propped under her chin to make her watch how the fragrant cream was being poured into the bowl.

    Then the mistress took a tiny bottle containing a bluish liquid. She poured a few drops into the slime, stirring it with a gloved finger.

    "Slake your thirst, sweet Dzjinna. Drink this heavenly liquid so it may sooth your parched throat. And your aching soul."

    She pressed the bowl's rim against the girl's closed lips.

    "You refuse this nectar I give you, love?"

    The naked girl sulked in silence. She looked down. Big tears ran down her cheeks.

    Then the girl in evening gown took the right bare nipple between her finger and thumb. She pinched it hard and turned it to the right sharply, making the poor girl scream. Quickly she poured half of the horse's sperm into the open mouth and closed it immediately. She stroked the arched throat to make her swallow.

    A deep and miserable moan rose from the naked girl's throat. It bobbed and gulped as the warm, slimy cream slid down to her stomach.

    The black clad woman almost pushed her face into the girl's, looking hard into the misted eyes of her pupil.

    "Say thank you, Master, girl. Say thank you very much to Master Thibault, the lovely stallion who gave you his nectar..."

    "Say it now... I want to hear it."

    But the silence was only broken by a soft, rising sob. A sharp slap sounded as the gloved hand struck the face. It left a red blotch on a cheek.

    "Say it!!"

    Almost inaudible and on a breath of sperm the girl mumbled her thanks. Then she slumped back to the dirty floor and once more cried her heart out.

    (November 9th, 01.05 a.m.)

    A swift shadow weaved in and out of even darker shadows. Like a puff of smoke it glided out of black corners into even blacker niches until it reached tall gray doors. They opened just a few inches to suck the ghost in. And in the dark canyon of ancient walls the deep silence was undisturbed again, except for the mournful cry of a distant bird.

    Inside, the half moon's liquid light streamed into a barred space. It uncovered the giant shape of a black creature sleeping. And the pale form of a girl hugging its side. Her arms were stretched upwards, her naked body sank into the furry animal. It was a hound, a giant Dane.

    She looked pale and fragile in the pouring moonlight. Her skull was bald and shone. It gave her sleeping face the sweet vulnerability of a child. Around her arched, white throat a leather collar hugged her skin tightly. As her left arm lay stretched upwards, one breast squeezed itself free. A pink nipple kissed the dirt floor and moonlit straw.

    She slept, her eyes were closed. But the sheer transparency of her lids betrayed the rapid movement of her dreaming eyes. As did the tiny, puppy like whimpers that formed inside her throat. Silver droplets of saliva escaped her mouth, dancing on fragile, sleep-spun threads.

    The black shadow crept closer. A narrow white hand with red nailed fingers reached through the bars. They could not touch the sleeping couple. Shallow, fast-breathing sounds floated into the silence.

    Then the girl stirred in her sleep. Her hand travelled down along the dark shining pelt towards her face. Her fingers reached her eyes and cheeks. Her pouting mouth now searched for her thumb. She greedily took it in and started sucking. A slow, sweet smile bloomed in the corner of her mouth. A muffled moan of pleasure rose.

    The leather shadow threw a soundless kiss through the bars. Then it slipped out the way it came.

    (November 13th, 05.20 p.m.)

    Reclining in the smoothly rounded leather club chair I watched the autumn storms. They raged against tall windowpanes. Eyes half closed I saw the world through the haze of my lashes. So snug, so entirely relaxed. I felt the blaze of the fire caress the left side of my body, right through the blood red sheen of a silken robe.

    I sipped a cool, dry mouthful of Pinot Gris. I turned the glass in my fingers as I looked over the rim. Isn't my world perfect, I wondered. I watched the two lovely creatures sharing the room with me. One, huge and dark and furry. Its broad head rested between impressive paws, flat on the oriental carpet. The other creature was pale and naked... so smooth and soft. Its sleek body stretched alongside the hound, its fingers scratching its head. It whispered sweet words as it kissed the wet nose.

    Have I ever seen deeper and more innocent affection between two so different creatures, I thought. The way she touches him, so easy, so natural. The way he succumbs to her soft and sweet caresses. I knew she aroused him as soon as he scented her presence. Of course he had been trained that way. But never did I see him get this nervous and protective, even with bitches of his own kind.

    I also knew how easily her heat was ignited lately. It flared up as soon as she was around his vigorous maleness. How her nostrils widened, her pupils dilated when he was brought to her. It seemed impossible for her not to touch him. Impossible not to press her swollen nipples into his fur, not caress the steel muscles that rolled so easily under the shining pelt.

    Oh yes, I knew how close she was right now. How even the pink skin around her nipples swelled into aching tightness. How her hidden cunt lips were straining against the smooth leather that cupped and guarded her entrance. It made it agonizingly impossible to touch her screaming clit. If she'd spread her thighs now, I was sure her moisture would seep from the edges. It would run down the tender, shaven skin where loin and leg unite.

    Sweetest hell it must be for her. She forever tottered on the brink of ecstasy, but was never allowed to cross it.

    I spoke her given name. My heart leapt when her eyes met mine. A sudden wave of guileless affection filled their blue oceans to the rim and engulfed me. Oh my god, sweet girl, how far have you come in such a short time. And how deep does your undemanding love reach into my soul.

    I watched the bald skull, the open face, the leather circled throat, the almost transparent paleness of her skin. It contrasted lively with the narrow but effective leather straps that marked my dominance and her submission. They closed the gate to her garden.

    "I think it is about time the world should see how far we have come, sweet bitch", I said. A sudden flare of excitement washed over her face.

    "Oh yes, yesss Mistress... thank you, thank you! You hear that, Brynn? Mistress is proud of me and wants the world to know..."

    She crawled on all fours over to me. She clutched my calves and kissed the painted nails on my toes.

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