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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, fantasy, werewolf.

    I was all ready for my trip to my cabin. Had my bags packed, supplies loaded into the jeep, I was ready for this trip. I got into my jeep and headed up for the mountains. I popped some Cher into the CD player and sung quietly, happily on my short trip to my hide-away. Once there I unloaded my jeep and got to some serious cleaning of the cabin. The dust flew as I swept and dusted. Then I loaded up the fireplace and set it to burn merrily as I set about doing other various domestic stuffs.

    I started to get drowsy around ten, so decided to call it a night. I headed upstairs and got under the down comforter and wondered how my cat was faring with her babysitter. I knew I'd miss the soft fur against my back, where she slept at night.

    Around one a.m. I woke from a bad dream. The feeling of fur against my back didn't at first register to my sleep fogged brain. In my sleepiness I figured it was Cleo, it didn't alarm me. Then I realized... Wait a minute...I didn't bring Cleo with me...I was just getting up a lungful of air to scream when a fur covered hand slammed over my mouth. I froze, terrified. My brain was asking, "da FUCK?" and I stiffened in fright. A raspy voice spoke behind me, "Not hurt, don't scream, need touch." It was like the person never really had to talk before, a voice that was ill-used.

    I nodded once, agreeing that I wouldn't scream, knowing that no one would hear me if I did anyway. The hand moved away from my mouth and I crossed my eyes in an effort to see it. Definitely human shaped but covered with a soft black fur. I took a deep breath and tried to get my mind to work.

    K now, this is the 20th century... werewolves DO NOT exist. I'd say, well more I hope to the GODS, it's just a really, really, REALLY hairy dude!

    The hand descended down to my bare right breast and that's when I went ballistic. I tried to leap out of the bed, wildly trying to remember if there was anything handy to beat the fuck out of this guy with. He flipped me to my belly and pinned me. I screamed into the pillow, bucking and trying to get him off. He had me fully pinned, my arms crossed under my chest. I whimpered softly, still thrashing, when I heard his voice again.

    "I not hurt! Just need touch bad... please let me touch?" I whimpered again and remembered the lesson, never fight against a rapist, just let him get off and get done. Then I realized... his entire body was furred. I froze... one phrase going through my mind at what seemed like a subsonic pace: OH SHIT.

    He forced my knees apart with an almost gentle hand, and I felt a furred finger gently trace my shaved muff. A soft little whimper escaped my throat; my body was betraying me. I was getting turned on. I felt the finger find my clit and begin rubbing and my body gave a convulsive shudder of pleasure. I moaned softly, turning my head to breathe easier. I clenched my eyes shut, trying to deny the feelings going through my body... something furry, humanoid, was turning me on and I was trying so hard to deny it.

    He felt the wetness; it probably matted the fur of his finger, and seemed to realize I would no longer fight. Slowly he turned me over, waiting for me to try to dart away from him. When I came to where I could see him my eyes grew to the size of dinner plates. There before me was something that looked like the image I held of my Goddess. A feline face set atop a muscled frame that would have made Adonis look puny. Golden eyes watched me warily as his finger continued to rub at my throbbing clit. I moaned softly, eyes half closing as another thrill ran through me. My stressed mind made me wonder... did my Goddess send this to me? What did I do to deserve Her favor in this?

    He seemed to finally understand I wasn't going anywhere, and his head dipped down cautiously. A flat tongue flicked out and over my lips, a kind of kiss perhaps. I began to shiver in fear and sudden need, my poor brain on overload, not knowing what to make of it. His head dropped further down and I felt the sand-papery texture of it flatten against a nipple that sprang to throbbing life. I gasped in pleasure as his fingers begin to expertly play at my clit. I was soon squirming, so hot and ready. He knew this and he raised his head again, watching me.

    Slowly he moved over me, my thighs parting most willingly to his advances. He pressed his body atop mine and I felt a hardened cock nuzzle against my cunt lips. I moaned softly, reaching down between our bodies to place the head of his cock against my wet opening. I felt it nudge within my tight pussy walls and he gave a soft mewl of sound. He pulled himself up onto his knees, parting my thighs even wider. He gripped my hips and began pulling me onto him, thrusting slowly at first, as if wanting to enjoy the sensation of the first few thrusts of our wanton, animal sex.

    I begin to thrust back at his invading cock, feeling my hips impact his. His furred hands gripped my large breasts, kneading them. I felt the tips of his claws prick the flesh and it only ended up spurring on my pleasure. I began to arch and squirm and thrust like nothing more than a slut in heat. He seemed to enjoy it. I felt his fist curling in the back of my hair, pulling my head back, causing me to arch tighter. I cried out in delight as it got that fabulous cock deeper into my pussy.

    A soft growl escaped his throat, making me quiver as he half bent over me, sharp teeth gripping my shoulder as his free hand moved down to my lower back. He began thrusting harder, faster, wet sounds began filling the air. I began to pant, my fingers moving down his furred back to grip his thrusting ass. I could feel the muscles bunch and release as he expertly fucked me.

    I turned into an animal, I felt something deep inside me seem to break free, to work it's way to the top of my mind. I could feel myself spiraling up higher and higher, getting closer to orgasm. I threw my head back and gave a soft mewling sound as it hit me. Wave after wave of ecstasy poured through me as he continued to fuck his cock in and out of my hungry cunt. An answering growl issued from the area of my throat where he still clung with his teeth and I felt the hot jets of his cum fire into the back of my pussy.

    I shivered beneath him as I felt his weight press me against the bed, cradling him atop my body. I whimpered into his ear and I felt his body vibrate and realized... Oooh. A purr. He nuzzled the area that he had bitten, his tongue gently lapping at the bruised flesh. We collapsed into an exhausted heap and began to drowse off....

    To be continued.... IF I have a good response to the story.

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    Oooohh I liked it

    Jun 28 2007 12:25
    very nice story. continue it

    Aug 21 2007 13:01
    I have only one thing to say
    Hell yyyyeeeesss!!!!!! loved it please continue.

    Jun 8 2008 08:34
    Yes, you need to continue! Awsome story!

    Jan 11 2010 05:00
    Hey, the story is half through so please continue this good tail story. Purr!

    Mar 30 2013 20:55
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