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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, fantasy, voyeur, bondage.

    "I must say, Jonathan, I've just had such a wonderful time today!"

    "Me, too" echoed Sarah. "And you're such a dear to see us home from the party."

    "My pleasure, ladies. I couldn't see you riding home alone in the dark."

    Claire giggled mischievously. "My sister and I just lost all track of time tonight! We were supposed to leave a couple of hours ago so we could ride home in the light. I'm afraid that Daddy's gonna tan both our hides when we get home so late."

    Sarah gasped at her sister's comment and Jonathan blushed and clucked at the horse to hurry up a bit. He had tied his own horse behind the Wilson girls' car- riage and he sat between the two lovely young ladies as they glanced at each other behind his back and gig- gled.

    "Now don't you worry about that, Claire. I'm sure your Daddy will be happy that I escorted the two of you safely home. Besides, we can take a shortcut through the woods and you'll save over an hour's time."

    "Oh no!" gasped Sarah. "Those woods are HAUNTED! There's all kinds of stories about people going in there and never being seen again! I think I'd rather face my Daddy's belt than those woods."

    "Oh, nonsense!" Jonathan waved his hand in dismissal. "That's a lot of hogwash. I been in those woods before. Lotsa times! Ain't nothing to be ascared of. Besides, you got me to protect you!"

    "Well, since you put it that way..." Claire snuggled up to Jonathan."

    "No, please!" continued Sarah. "I'm really afraid. I've heard some awful stories about those woods. They say there's creatures who live there who eat people that they catch. I'm scared!"

    "If we go through the woods, we'll still have some daylight. It'll be fine, honest. It'll be much safer than riding home the long way in the dark."

    "Well, maybe... but I'm still afraid."

    Jonathan put his arm around Sarah and squeezed her shoulder. Both women huddled against him and he almost shivered himself, though not from fear. Their softness and the smell of their perfume made his hands tremble and he shook the reins to hide his shakiness.

    Claire and Sarah Wilson were two of the prettiest young women around. All the other guys would have given anything to be in Jonathan's place right now.

    Claire was the older of the two. She was nineteen. Her sister Sarah was a year younger and a lot more reserved. Claire was a bit on the wild side. Many a young man would have liked to rope her in but she seemed to enjoy being single, even if it meant living with her parents and her sister. This wild streak caused her to look forward to the excitement of riding through the haunted woods with Jonathan. This would give her an excuse to cuddle up and squeeze him, all innocently of course! She knew the effect she had on men and she loved teasing them just a bit. She giggled and gripped his arm tighter as the carriage turned and headed off the road and into the woods.

    The three of them rode on in silence as the sun cast long shadows about them. Claire and Sarah moved even closer to Jonathan, who took every opportunity to squeeze the frightened girls and whisper encouraging comments.

    Claire began talking about the party they had just attended and giggled as she talked about some of the dances she had had. She was trying to cheer her sister up but Sarah was obviously still frightened. Jonathan seemed a little jealous when Claire mentioned some of the other young men, but she smiled at him and his ears turned red from embarrassment.

    They had been travelling through the woods for about fifteen minutes when it finally dawned on them that it was VERY quiet. More quiet than it should be. There were no animal noises. No birds. It was, in a word, spooky. The sun was close to setting and the eerie silence about them was broken only by the sounds of their own horses and carriage.

    Suddenly the carriage horse reared up and whinnied, frightened.

    "Easy there.... easy...." Jonathan tried calming the animal but it continued rearing and whinnying.

    "What's going on Jonathan? Why did he stop?" Claire gripped his arm tighter. Sarah's hands were shaking. The carriage had come to a stop and the women were trembling in fear as Jonathan continued trying to calm the skittish horse. All of a sudden Jonathan's horse, which had been tied to the rear of the carriage, broke free and galloped off into the woods.

    "Ginger! Come back!" Jonathan called out after her but she galloped away as if someone were chasing her.

    "Damn!" Jonathan cursed. "I hope she makes it home okay."

    As the three of them were watching Ginger gallop off, the carriage horse broke free of it's harness, reared up and ran off ahead of them.

    "Star! Come back here!" Claire and Sarah both yelled out. Jonathan jumped out of the carriage and ran after the swiftly disappearing horse but it was no use. He walked back towards the carriage and the women who were huddling together on the seat. Jonathan looked at the leather harness lying on the ground, then picked it up.

    "My God!" he whispered "This has been cut! How in the world..."

    Just then he caught some movement under the carriage. A small, grotesque form crawled out and stood up, grinning at him. At least it looked like some kind of a savage grin. It stood only about three feet tall and its mouth was filled with pointed teeth which made it look like it was grimacing. Its ears were slightly pointed and its eyes, which were red as hot coals, glared menacingly at him.

    Jonathan heard the women scream and point behind him. He also heard a slight sound but before he could turn around he felt a sharp pain in his head and he blacked out... -=*=-

    When he came to, his hands were tied behind his back and he was sitting on the ground with his back to a tree. He had only been out a couple of minutes but all hell had broken loose in that short time.

    Sarah and Claire were besieged by dozens of grotesque creatures just like the one Jonathan had seen. They were all about three feet tall and hideous. They appeared to be enormously strong for their size and easily overpowered the shrieking women. The creatures were naked and their skin was covered with a kind of scaly hide. They looked all out of proportion. Their ears were large and pointed and their faces chiseled. They looked like something out of a hellish nightmare. Their penises were nearly the size of a normal man's and all were erect. It added an almost comical touch to see them walking about with these huge erect organs, but the raw evil in their faces was enough to make Jonathan gasp and tremble.

    "Sooooooo... he waaaaketh. Good. Let him watch..."

    The voice Jonathan heard was part hiss, part low growl. He watched helplessly as the creatures swarmed all over Sarah and Claire, ripping their clothes away. They laughed and grunted as they tore the women's clothes into shreds. Sarah was sobbing as they grabbed her nude body and dragged her back against a tree. They put her on her knees and tied her hands and feet behind the tree. Her bare breasts shook as she cried for help. She called Jonathan's name over and over but there wasn't anything he could do to save her. When Sarah was secure they turned their attention back to the squirming nude body of her sister.

    Several of the creatures were holding her limbs tight as her torso struggled. It was useless, they were far stronger than her and they now numbered in the dozens.

    Claire was crouched naked on all fours. Four of the creatures held her arms and legs tightly while the others were all over her, pulling at her dangling tits and grabbing clumpfuls of her white ass.

    "We eat welllll... Yum..." The goblin-like creatures poked her all over. Claire was screaming as they tugged on her soft cunt-hair and began slapping her wildly thrashing ass. Two of them grabbed her asscheeks and pulled them wide apart, their fingers digging in as they stretched her open. Another goblin walked up and, standing, he thrust his penis into her gaping asshole. They all laughed and the two holding her asscheeks took turns tugging on her cunt as their companion fucked away furiously. When he was through he withdrew his penis from her, then, in a sickening display, he crouched down and began licking her ass crease from bottom to top. His long pointed tongue paid particular attention to the rosebud he had just occupied.

    By this time there was a line of at least a dozen creatures waiting for their turn at her. One by one they fucked her ass while their companions held her open and rubbed her cunt. Each one repeated the filthy deed of licking her when he was through. There were roars of laughter from the goblins as she involuntarily squirmed and wiggled.

    The others were all over the rest of her torso, grab- bing and licking flesh wherever they could find it. "Yummm! Isss gooood!" A couple of the creatures stayed by the tree with Sarah, pulling mischievously on her helpless nipples as they watched their companions climbing all over Claire.

    While this was going on, a few of the goblins had been busy gathering wood and small dead branches for kindling. They dug a pit and filled it with coals, then piled the kindling around them. Above the pit they erected a large spit. When Claire saw the spit she began screaming in panic but the goblins just continued plugging her helpless ass.

    By this time the sun was starting to set. The goblins had been at Claire's ass for over an hour. They couldn't seem to get satisfied, no matter how many times they had her. Finally the leader gave a signal and the raping stopped.

    The goblin leader looked at the coals which were beginning to turn white then scurried over till he stood next to the trembling nude body of Claire. Her teeth were chattering and there was a huge puddle of her own sticky goo on the ground between her legs. He reached out a gnarled finger and poked at her a couple of times.

    "Mmmm... Yummm... isss goood!" He walked behind her and happily grabbed handfuls of her white ass, grunting in approval.

    "Must be more tender!" He slapped her ass quite hard, causing Claire to jump and the other creatures to snarl happily.

    "More tender! More tender! " He con- tinued slapping at her ass while the other creatures gathered around her once more. They slapped at her wherever they could, concentrating on her meaty ass cheeks. Dozens and dozens of scaly little hands spanked her as she was held pinned on all fours.

    "Leave her alone!" Jonathan struggled against his bonds. Sarah looked on in wide-eyed horror at what they were doing to her sister. The leader walked over to Jonathan and leered at him.

    "Keep quiet!" he spat. "Your turn will be next. We make you REAL tender... hahaha!"

    Jonathan gulped and didn't say a word. He watched the spanking continue while two of the goblins took a pole and laid it on the ground near the besieged young woman. Several of the goblins brought out ropes. They bound her hands behind her and laid her on her back. They then bent each one of her knees back to her chest and used a rope to secure each shin to a thigh. With her lying on her back with her knees bent back and spread wide she was completely helpless as they pre- pared her for the spit.

    Many a young man would have given all he owned for a glimpse of Claire's ripe young body spread like that. Her cunt and ass were wide open and ready to be stuffed. Several other goblins appeared with handfuls of what looked like chopped walnuts and raisins. As they stuffed her cunt and asshole full, other goblins used their knives to cut Claire's long blonde hair close to her scalp. Still others grunted and laughed and clustered about her to happily pluck each golden hair off her pussy while she squirmed and gasped.

    By the time they were through, Claire looked like a delicious young chicken, ready for the roasting spit! She was sobbing hysterically as they slipped the spit underneath her and tied it securely beneath her in several places. Each of her bent knees had a rope tied to it which ran tightly around her to her hands behind the pole. This kept her knees spread wide and her bent legs pulled up and back.

    She was spread as wide open as she could possibly be and secured that way on the spit. Her ass was pointing slightly up and her anus and pussy could been seen stretched wide with stuffing poking out of them. Another laughing goblin took a pot from the edge of the coals. He had been heating fat in it. It was very warm, though not quite burning, and he used a brush to baste her all over with the warm fat. Sobbing and pleading pitifully, Claire was hoisted up and the spit set in place over the hot coals. She felt the heat immedi- ately. It was like lying directly in the sun on a very warm day.

    "... it not so faaaast!" The goblin leader said to Jonathan, who was watching the proceedings with shock and horror. His eyes were glued on the nude trussed body of Claire turning slowly on the spit but he managed to hear the goblin next to him gloat:

    "Thisss take long time! Loooong time! Fire low and spit high. She roast all night, VERY slowly! She beg for veeery long time. Great fun for goblins!"

    Claire was crying hysterically as she hung there from the spit. She felt the heat on her exposed pussy and nipples as she swung down, then on her ass and back as the spit rotated her up. She begged Sarah and Jonathan to save her, but there was nothing either of them could do but watch helplessly as she was slowly twirled over the coals.

    One of the goblins positioned himself by one end of the spit and each time Claire's ass was presented to him he slapped it and yelled "More tender!" Another goblin had a brush on a stick and he occasionally basted the girl with more fat as she revolved. Night had fallen and the scene was lit by torches stuck in the ground. The goblins danced and carried on. The sound of their festivities was punctuated by the loud crack on Claire's upturned ass as she was spanked each revolution. Her hysterical pleadings amused the goblins as she was very slowly roasted.

    The night wore on. An hour later Claire's white skin had turned as red as a bad sunburn. A few blisters had appeared on her breasts which hung down closest to the coals. She was still sobbing and a new goblin had taken over the spanking duties. The warm fat mixed with her own sweat and began dripping off her body. It collected on her nipples and as it dropped onto the coals it hissed and sent searing steam up at her exposed flesh. She passed out a couple of times but the goblins held something under her nose to wake her up. They were clearly enjoying this and wanted to drag it out as long as possible.

    At this time the head goblin trotted over to Jonathan, who was still tied up under a tree.

    "She cook all night... your turn next! Get him ready!"

    Jonathan struggled helplessly as other goblins grabbed at him. His hands were tied tightly behind his back and the goblins used knives to cut all of his clothing away. Lying on his back he tried kicking out at them but the goblins grabbed his feet then bent his knees back against his chest and tied them there. They spread him wide and ran ropes from his knees around his back so that in short order he was tied exactly as Claire had been. His ass and genitals were lifted up and openly presented. He was dragged closer to Claire so he could lay there and watch her turning.

    One of the few female goblins crouched in front of him and began massaging his shriveled penis to erection. She laughed and snarled as she saw it grow in her claw-like hands. When he was fully erect she took a small branch and began lightly rubbing it back and forth along the underside of his shaft to keep it hard. She hefted his balls in one hand and hissed:

    "Yesssss.... we want these full. These are besssst part of a man! Veeery Tasty! Mussst be full and big for roasting! Hahahah!"

    As she held his balls and massaged his penis, the goblins began digging another pit next to Claire's and filling it with coals.

    "No! Please!" Jonathan cried.

    "Quiet him!" the goblin leader snarled. "We can't hear the pretty young female moan!"

    A goblin grabbed an apple and unceremoniously stuffed it into Jonathan's mouth. He then used a strip of torn clothing around his head to tie it in place. The female goblin began smacking his ass now and laughing out "More tender! Hahahah! More tender! "

    She stuffed his anus with chopped nuts and raisins and backed away as the goblins tied him to the spit and hoisted him over his own coals exactly as they had done with Claire. As he hung there he could look over and watch Claire turning next to him. The coals under him had not had a chance to turn white yet and the heat was not so intense. He'd be cooking for a much longer time than Claire...

    Just as they had done with Claire, a goblin positioned himself at the end of the spit and began slapping his upturned ass on each revolution while another basted him with warm fat. His cock was still rock hard and the little female goblin stood by and brushed it occasionally with her branch to keep it that way. His balls hung low and full as he swung down. He'd be feeling the heat there first, and also on his widely spread ass.

    The two unfortunates twirled side by side, stripped, trussed, and spanked as they roasted. Jonathan cried silently due to his gag while Claire was moaning for the goblins' enjoyment.

    Sarah watched all this in complete horror. She couldn't help but be fascinated by the lusty sight of Jonathan stripped and spread before her but the know- ledge of what was actually happening to him and her sister was horrifying. She tried to turn away but the goblins attending her made her watch while they laughed and fondled her.

    The head goblin leered at Sarah and nodded his head in the direction of the pits.

    "Soooo, they look deelishus, no? We haven't had humans in a long time. They don't come here often. Those two will roast all night..." He licked his lips as he watched them turning.

    Sarah cried and a goblin held her head to make sure she wouldn't look away.

    "Not for you tonight! No! Those two are plenty for awhile. We save you for our feast next week. Prepare her!"

    Sarah screamed as two goblins wheeled up what looked like a small dolly. Basically it was a low platform on wheels that was pulled forward by ropes.

    They unfastened her from the tree and laid her on her back on the dolly. She was completely naked and they lifted her feet up in the air and bent her knees back to her chest. They tied each of her hands to its corresponding foot and then ran ropes down to the sides of the dolly to spread her legs wide open. They fastened the ropes near the head of the dolly so that her ass was lifted up off the wooden platform, and spread wide.

    "Goood! Take her to the cave. Yessss, my sweet! Take a look at your friends. Next week isss Moon festival. Then you be our feeeasst! You be tied to spit like your friends and slowly roasted all night in our cave. The young ones will turn you till you are done. You are very tender... yessss, but we will make you MORE tender!"

    He slapped hard at her upturned ass and motioned for the other goblins to take her away. Two of them picked up ropes and began slowly wheeling her deeper into the woods. One goblin perched himself right on the dolly between her widely parted thighs and grinned as he inserted a bony finger into her anus and licked at her horribly exposed pussy. Occasionally he would remove his finger and slap her ass, yelling "More tender!" while the other two grunted and pulled. Sarah couldn't help but buck and squirm. The goblin had found her spot and he knew it! Like a mischievous child the goblin grinned and kept at her, laughing as she moaned and twisted.

    As she was wheeled away she managed to get one last glimpse of Claire and Jonathan. They both were trussed up like chickens with their legs pulled up and back. She could hear the slaps on their asses and the laugh- ing of the goblins as they slowly revolved over the coals. That would be her in a week! Until then they would enjoy tormenting her in their cave. The way they had her tied she knew they'd be at her ass and cunt the whole time, laughing as she moaned and twisted in her ropes.

    Was there any hope? The horses would probably be back at their respective homes by now. Would there be a search party looking for them? Even if they were in time to save Claire and Jonathan they'd never find her in the caves!

    As she squirmed under the tormenting finger she knew already that they'd never be found. Nobody would think to look in the woods. Nobody ever went in the woods...

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