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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, masturbation, monkey sex.

    Karen Lewis was a milf. She was 5'8", thin, with a sleek body and fair-skinned. A few things stood out about her. She had beautiful 38D breasts that even her 16 year-old son Brian couldn't help staring at. Karen also had brilliant red hair which were contrasted by her mesmerizing emerald-green eyes. Her pearly-white smile was what you would call contagious. She was beautiful -- many compared her to Marcia Cross and Nicole Kidman. But this woman was not a Hollywood star. No, she was a mother of two; a wife; a dental hygienist from Neptune, New Jersey.

    Her two children were her 16 year-old son Brian and her 13 year-old daughter Kaitlyn. Karen, herself, was 41. Her husband, Derrick, was 5 years older at 46 and was a car salesman.

    Despite how normal her life seemed. And despite how strikingly beautiful she was. And despite how happy everyone thought she was. She was frustrated. The facts of the matter were -- she hadn't had sex in over 3 years. A few years ago, Derrick had just lost interest in sex, and Karen had to live with it. No matter how hard Karen tried to seduce her husband, no matter how sexy she dressed, now matter how kinky she got, Derrick's libido could not be awoken.

    Karen could have easily gone out on any given night and gotten laid. But she was married. She couldn't cheat on her husband, regardless of how horny she would get.

    But no matter how faithful she was to her husband, there were always going to be people that wanted her. And some of them had plans to have her.

    When she offered to take Brian and a few of his friends to Six Flags Great Adventure, plans to seduce her were already being made. Along with Brian, his two friends Matt and Jake were going to be going to the amusement park. Matt was pretty tall at 6'3, but he was lanky and kind of dorky. He played on the basketball team, but he wasn't much of a force. At the same time, he was a cute guy and had dated some of the hottest girls in school.

    Jake was 5'11" and a linebacker for the football team. He was built and had a crew cut. Although he was in great shape, he had an ugliness to him and he typically dated the slutty girls in school. Although, he didn't see that as a bad thing. Brian was 6' and in good shape like the rest of the guys. He played football and basketball and had moppy blonde hair which he got from his father. Brian was probably the best-looking of the three guys but he was shy and didn't have a girlfriend.

    He had actually just recently broken up with his girlfriend of 10 months. That's why Karen was taking the boys to Six Flags. She wanted to cheer Brian up and make him forget about all that. Plus, there would be plenty of girls for him to meet at the amusement park. Little did she know that she was the girl that the two other boys would have their eyes on.

    The four of them went on a Wednesday in June -- Karen took the day off from work. It was a beautiful day: sunny and in the low 90s. Karen wore short shorts and a white tank-top with her pink bikini bathing suit underneath in case they went to the water-park. The boys wore bathing suit trunks and t-shirts. All four of them had season passes and Karen figured she could let the boys roam the park as she walked around and enjoyed the dolphin show and checked out some of the shops in the park.

    As they entered the park, Karen said to the boys: "Ok guys, now have fun. We can meet back in a couple hours if you want to get lunch."

    Matt and Jake looked at each other. They wanted her to come along so they could check her out and cop a few "accidental" feels. And in their perverted minds, they imagined Karen would start to feel them up as well.

    "You mean..." Matt started.

    "You're not going on the rides with us?" Jake finished.

    "Well, I thought you guys would be embarrassed having an old lady tagging along."

    "I don't mind," Matt told her.

    "Me neither," Jake agreed.

    "Brian?" his mother asked.

    "It could be cool," he said, not knowing what his friends were up to.

    "Let's go on Nitro, then," Jake suggested.

    "You think you can handle Nitro, Mom?" Brian asked.

    "I've given birth to two children," she said, jokingly. "I think I can handle a roller coaster."

    As they started to move to go toward Nitro, Karen started to bend down to pick up her bag.

    "I'll get that for you," Jake told her. He placed his hand on her lower back. As he bent down to get her bag, he let it slip down onto her butt. He didn't want to make her think anything of it, so he pulled off quickly and then handed her the bag. "Here you go, Mrs. Lewis."

    "Well, thanks Jake," she smiled, not realizing he had intentionally just brushed against her butt. She laughed and said, "You sure you don't want to carry it for me?"

    "I think I'll pass," Jake said with a chuckle.

    As they waited in line, Jake and Matt continually glanced at Brian's mom. Hell. Even Brian caught himself checking her out every once in a while. For as much as the guys loved her tits, her legs looked incredible that day.

    Finally, they were on the ride and in the front row. Jake sat to the far left, Karen was to his right, Matt was sitting to the right of her, and Brian was to the far right. While they climbed to the top of the peak, Jake and Matt contemplated in their minds what they would do to Mrs. Lewis. The ride reached the peak and then dropped with amazing speed. Matt and Jake both looked over to see Karen's breasts flying up into her face.

    Matt took this as his chance. He reached down next to him and put his hand on Karen's leg, pretending it had been pushed down there by the force of the roller coaster. He started to rub her leg a little, moving his hand to her inner thigh on some of the rubs. Before she got suspicious he pulled his hand away and put them up in the air like many people do on a roller coaster.

    A few seconds later, Jake pretended as if he had lost control of his upper body from the ride and his head and face landed on Karen's delicious left breast. He was only like that for a second or two before he lifted his head up and "re-gained" control of himself. He insincerely yelled "Sorry" to her and she waved it off as if nothing happened.

    After the ride was over, everyone agreed the ride was awesome. Brian still had no clue that his friends were trying to feel his mom up, and neither did Karen. Perhaps they were both being naive.

    Next, they decided to go on a wooden roller coaster which only seated 2 people in each car. Matt and Karen rode in one car while Brian and Jake rode in the other. The ride lifted the passengers out of their seats on some of the hills in the track.

    Fearing that Matt, being tall, would hit his head on some of the pieces of wood, Karen grabbed him and pulled him down into the car while he was being lifted up. She wrapped her arms around him and when she had finally pulled him down, her right hand was sitting directly on his crotch. She quickly her hand from his crotch.

    "You were scaring me," she said, trying to justify her action. "I thought you were going to hit your head."

    "It's ok," he said, thinking she was responding to him rubbing her leg on the previous ride. "You were just looking out for me, thanks."

    Karen smiled, glad he didn't think anything of the event.

    After a few more rides on which Matt and Jake had no opportunities to feel Karen up, the group ate lunch. After lunch, they walked around for a while until Karen saw something she thought would be fun.

    "Hey guys," she said, "do you want to make a music video?"

    "Ehh," was the unanimous response. Nobody was too enthusiastic about it.

    "Come on, it'll be fun," she said.

    "I don't know," Brian said. "What song are we going to do?"

    "I don't know," Karen answered. "You guys can pick one out."

    The guys reluctantly agreed. They figured this would be lame but they would do it for the heck of it.

    As Brian, Matt, and Jake went to pick a song out, a light bulb flashed for Matt. He picked the song for them and they all went to the stage where they would make their video.

    As soon as the song started playing, all three of the boys went to Karen and started dancing. Matt and Jake started grinding her a little. It was a rap song but Karen wasn't sure what song it was. A little into the song, Matt, Jake, and Brian took their shirts off. The song was Nelly's "Hot in Herre." As the boys danced with Karen, Matt and Jake tried to get Karen to take her shirt off, too, in the spirit of the song.

    Jake was rapping the song to her and finally Karen gave in and took her shirt off, showing off her amazing tits in her pink bikini top. The boys were grinding against her hard now, even her own son. Matt was grinding against her ass and reached around to unbutton her shorts. She either didn't notice or didn't care. She was starting to get into it and was grinding back with the boys. Matt pushed her zipper down and started to slide his hand into her shorts. He didn't get far though because the song ended and he had to pull away quickly before she knew it was him.

    But Karen knew it was him, she just didn't want to let him know. To be honest, she liked the attention she was getting from the boys. And all of the grinding made her pretty horny. She went over to the park employee working the music video station and bought the video so the four of them could watch it later and see how it looked.

    As she was paying she overheard Jake say something to Matt and Brian about it being cold in the room. She looked down and noticed that her nipples were hard and protruding through her bikini top and that her shorts were unbuttoned. After she paid they all took a bathroom break. When she went into the bathroom, she was going to button her shorts back up, but instead she reached down to her pussy. She was wet. Not just a little wet. She was soaked. She hadn't been that wet in a very long time. She decided she better separate from the boys before they noticed.

    In the boys' bathroom, Matt and Jake wouldn't shut up about how hot Karen was. Brian told them to cut it out so they finally did. They decided they wanted to go to the water park now. So when they came out of the bathroom, they asked Karen.

    "Hey mom," Brian said. "Do you think we could go to Hurrice Harbor now?"

    "Sure, Brian," she answered, realizing this was her opportunity to separate from the boys. "That sounds like a good idea."

    "I'll drop you guys off and then come back to the park and get to pick up some souvenirs."

    "You're not coming to the water park?" Jake interrupted.

    "No, I think you boys should just go and have a good time."

    "Alright," Brian said, "You know, you could always check out the Safari."

    "Oh, I forgot about that," Karen told him. "Good idea, Bry."

    So, Karen dropped the boys off at the water park and proceeded to the Safari entrance. She liked the Safari. She got to see Giraffes and Elephants and Bears. But when she got to the Kangaroo area, she noticed the traffic had backed up a little.

    She looked around to see what was going on and finally she saw what everyone was stopping for. There were two pairs of kangaroos. Both of them were fucking with reckless abandon. Karen couldn't believe her eyes. She had never seen two animals fuck, let alone like these animals were doing. The male kangaroos were humping the females fast, hard, wildly.

    And despite the fact that they were kangaroos, all Karen could say to herself was: "Lucky fuckers." She was still horny from the dancing and wanted to fuck more than ever. As she watched the kangaroos, she slid her shorts off and started to touch herself, imagining a man fucking her like that.

    Derrick had never been wild like the kangaroos. In fact, 99% of the time, Derrick only wanted to have sex in the missionary position. He was rarely willing to experiment and now he was never even willing to do the actual deed.

    Eventually, Karen had to stop touching herself and move on. She passed some Ostriches, Emus, and Llamas. She drove past the Lions and Tigers, but something caught her eye. She looked to her right and noticed a big Lion licking itself. She didn't know if he was bathing or not, but she did know that he had the biggest cock she had ever seen. It was anywhere between 12-18 inches.

    She couldn't tell the exact size, but it was huge. She couldn't even remember how big Derrick's cock was. But the Lion's cock dwarfed Derrick's. If she had to estimate, she would say her husband's cock was probably 5 inches long -- not very big at all. Right now she wanted to be ripped apart by a monster cock. She even fantasized that if the Lion weren't such a dangerous animal, she could go down into its cage and fuck him.

    She couldn't believe what she was thinking, but she was now masturbating to the thought of the Lion fucking her. She imagined it could probably kill her if she fucked it because it would be so forceful. But right now she didn't really care about those consequences. She wanted to be fucked to death. But her ridiculous fantasy was interrupted by her cell phone. She picked it up.

    "Hey honey, when do you think you're going to be home with the boys?" It was her husband.

    "Well, they're at the water park right now. Probably a few hours," she answered.

    "Alright, I was just checking up on you guys."

    "Well, thanks," she said to him. "We're alright though. We've had a good day so far."

    "Good," he said. "I was also wondering what you were going to make for dinner when you got home."

    "We'll see," she said.

    "Alright, I'll see you in a couple hours."

    They hung up. She couldn't believe he had the nerve to mention dinner. Why couldn't he make his own damn dinner? She decided to drive on. She drove into the Baboon area, not noticing most of the cars avoiding it. There had been a sign earlier that said the Baboon area was not recommended today since the animals had been acting wild lately.

    She rolled the window down and threw out a piece of bread for the Baboons to eat. While she was watching them scramble for the bread and fight over it, she heard something hit her window. She looked up and she was at eye level with a red baboon cock. It was about 5 inches long and shaped like a rocket or arrow.

    "Oh my goodness," she said to herself.

    The baboon moved about and with a little struggle, he somehow slid his cock through the slip in the window and just inches from Karen Lewis's face. She didn't move. She didn't know what to do. With the baboon cock that close to her face, she noticed that it was slightly bigger than her husband's cock. She also noticed pre-cum dripping from the tip. It was dripping down onto her arm and stomach. It was warm as it hit her body. Karen sat there and thought.

    She reached up with her right hand to try and push the cock out of the window, but for some reason, she grabbed it instead and wrapped her fingers around it. Her hand fit perfectly on it. She started to jerk it off. She didn't know why. She didn't care why. She had a cock in her right hand and her left hand was into her bathing suit rubbing her hot, wet pussy. That was all that mattered right now.

    Karen couldn't help but moan, "Oh God! I need your cock so bad, Mr. Monkey!"

    The baboon grunted as he pumped his cock through the window into the strange woman's hand. By now, a few other baboons had gathered on the car to see what was going on. They had seen hundreds of thousands of people before, but none of them like this. They were witnessing one of their baboon friends getting jerked off by a human female.

    "I want your cock," Karen moaned to the baboon. "I want to take you home and do this every night!"

    The baboon simply groaned and grunted as Karen jerked him off.

    "I'll tell my husband I had dinner already," she said, "I'll tell him I had monkey cock and that I loved it."

    Karen was getting hot inside the car. She wanted to take her top off but she didn't want to stop rubbing her pussy and didn't want the baboon's cock to slip back outside the window.

    Without even thinking, Karen wrapped her lips around the baboon's red dick and started sucking it passionately as she untied her bikini top. The baboon started pumping his cock harder through the window into her mouth and down her throat. She had never deep-throated Derrick, but here she was with a baboon's dick crammed down her throat. Her top dropped to the floor and she resumed jerking the baboon off.

    "You're such a good baboon," she moaned. "You like when I suck you?"

    The baboon had no clue what Karen was saying. He just continued to grunt and groan. Karen brought her mouth back to the cock and slurped on the tip of it as she jerked it off.

    Karen took the baboon's cock out of her mouth and started rubbing it against her tits.

    "You like my big tits?" she moaned to the baboon. "You like rubbing your monkey dick all over my body?"

    Finally, Karen had a mind-numbing orgasm. She started bucking her hips wildly. She grabbed the baboon's dick and stuck it between her tits and rubbed his dick between them.

    "Fuck my tits!" she yelled to the baboon. "Fuck them like an animal!"

    The baboon started pumping his cock faster through the window. And without any warning, the baboon's cock started to twitch and spray his baboon cum all over Karen's tits and face.

    Karen wrapped her mouth around his cock so that it didn't spray all over the car. It was a good thing she did, too, because the baboon started pumping tons of cum down her throat.

    She took her mouth off the cock for a split second to moan: "Give me it all. Give me all your monkey sperm!"

    With a few more thrusts into her mouth, the baboon was finished. But Karen wasn't. As the baboon slipped his cock out the window and jumped away, Karen started licking the baboon cum from her face and tits. She took a glob of it and reached down to rub it against her pussy. Jerking and sucking the baboon had excited her, but she really needed a cock in her. That's when another baboon, a bigger baboon slapped his cock up against her window.

    The thoughts running through Karen's mind were sinful. The first baboon had happened by accident, she tried to tell herself. But if she did anything with this baboon it would be totally her fault. And yet, she did it anyway.

    She rolled the window down a little so that this baboon could get his cock inside the car. This baboon's cock was a good amount thicker than the previous baboon and about an inch longer. This big fat red missile was bigger than Derrick's cock. Karen grabbed the cock and squeezed it hard. She thought about how much fun she could have with the baboon's cock. She kissed the tip of it. She took it completely into her mouth. The baboon groaned just like the last one.

    Karen put her knees onto the driver's seat and looked around to make sure no cars were there. None were in the baboon area. She was alone.

    Karen put her feet up on the seat now and bent over, facing the passenger side of the car. Her ass was now hitting the roof of the car. She bent her legs and held onto the baboon's cock through them. Karen lined the baboon's cock against her pussy and felt some of his pre-cum drip down her leg. It had been so long since she had a cock in her, and this cock was bigger than her husbands. But she just stayed there, motionless, not sure if she wanted to do this.

    Before she had time to make a decision, the baboon lunged forward pushing half of his 6-inch red rocket cock into Karen's pussy.

    "OH ... MY ... GOD!" Karen moaned. She instinctively pushed her pussy back to meet his cock.

    Four inches squeezed into her tight pussy.

    "FUCK ... MY ... PUSSY!" she moaned loudly. She grabbed onto the passenger door and started pushing her pussy back to the baboon harder now.

    The entire baboon cock slammed into her pussy. She immediately had an orgasm.

    "Ooooh... Ohhh... Ahhh... Ahh... OH MY GOD, FUCK ME!" She was screaming now. "Fuck me like an animal!"

    The baboon started screaming himself. He was in sexual paradise. And although neither of them could understand the other, they somehow got into a rhythm and the baboon cock was now pumping in and out of Karen's pussy like a piston.

    This was the best sex Karen had ever had and she never wanted it to end.

    "Fuck me harder monkey!" she moaned, pushing her pussy back to the baboon. "Fuck your monkey slut! Give me your big fucking banana!!"

    I don't know if the baboon understood or if Karen's moaning turned him on, but he began to pump his cock into her harder than before. His body and Karen's ass were now slapping against the glass window so hard that anyone who saw this would have sworn the glass was sure to break. But it didn't -- it stayed in tact.

    Another orgasm hit Karen harder than before. Her body started to shake uncontrollably and she nearly passed out. She couldn't believe how incredibly good she felt.

    "I'm cumming again!" she moaned. "I'm cumming all over your big monkey cock!"

    She continued to buck wildly while the baboon slammed his cock into her. She started squeezing her big tits and moaning unintelligible words.

    "Oooogaaaooow! Errrggggtt! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" She started pushing her pussy back harder than before.

    Her entire body was covered in sweat and it was dripping all over the car seats. But now, she no longer cared about what her son and his friends would think when they got in the car. She only cared about having her pussy filled with baboon cock and the next orgasm that the animal was close to giving her.

    "Pound my monkey slut pussy!" she yelled to the baboon, continuing to push her pussy back to him as hard as she could. "OH FUCK! Fuck me! Ooooooh fuck me! Oooooh... ahhhh... fuck me monkey... I'm your slut... I'm your whore... I'm Karen the monkey cock whore..."

    Karen felt the baboon begin to pick up his pace causing her to have a fourth orgasm and causing the baboon's cock to explode with a burst of cum into her pussy.

    "FUCK ME! I'm c-cu-cumming again! So... oh... oh... are you! Cum in my pussy! Ooooh! Breed me! Mate me! Ooooh... Pump that monkey cum into me you stud! Send your monkey sperm deep into my hot fucking cunt!"

    The baboon emptied what felt like 10 gallons of cum into Karen. His cum was dripping out of her pussy down her legs and onto the car seat, door panel, and window. After he was finished, he pulled his cock out of the human slut he had just fucked and scurried off into the grass with some of the other baboons. Karen turned around and watched him and it looked like a couple of them were giving him high fives and pats on the back.

    Karen licked the baboon cum off the door panel and window and then scooped what was on her legs into her hand and guided it to her mouth. She got dressed and picked up the boys and drove home.

    She couldn't believe what she had just done. She had cheated on her husband. Not with a man. With a baboon. And what she really couldn't believe is that she loved getting fucked by the baboon. And the best part about the affair she had just had? She knew she couldn't get caught because nobody was going to tell her husband.

    So for the first time in a long time, Karen smiled as she went to bed with her husband. Sure, she still wasn't having sex with him, but a new world of sexual adventure had been opened to her. And because of that, she couldn't help but smile as she drifted off to sleep.

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    Loved the story. It makes me want to be fucked by a wild baboon.

    Mar 19 2007 23:30
    Baboons are too hard toe by. Get yourself a nice large unneutered male dog, maybe a german shepard or St. Bernard.

    Mar 20 2007 08:58
    love it / is there going to be a second chapter??? will be waiting

    Mar 24 2007 02:31
    Some times, it would be nice to be a baboon

    Apr 23 2007 11:52
    if you want an animal, usse a dog

    Dec 3 2008 20:25
    Looking for the next chapter when all of the boy get into you

    May 15 2009 06:18
    Great story. Just waiting now on the next chapter where hopefully all three of the boys and their dogs fuck her. Thanks for writing.

    Apr 7 2010 04:02
    Isn't she just wonderful xxxxx

    May 16 2014 14:13
    Bloody she is fantastic xxxxxxxxxxx

    May 16 2014 14:46
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