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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, teens, dog sex, 1st.

    Alodie is just like any other 18 year old girl you might meet. Perhaps prettier than most, she had a pretty that's quickly developing into sexiness as she develops. Her small nose, bright skin, and raven black hair made the boys her age really want into her pants. Not that she would let them though. Having been on a few dates, she was rather repulsed by the total immaturity of the boys. Her C-cup breasts were almost always being stared at by the boys, who were awful at hiding their watchful gaze.

    Above all else, she loved her dog. When they got him, they named him Dan. He's the largest Doberman she's ever seen, though Alodie's sure there are larger ones out there. Alodie has had sexual drive for years. She first started masturbating at 9, and had her first orgasm as 11. Sadly, she accidentally lost her virginity the day she tried using a dildo she found under her mom's bed. It hurt like anything she'd ever felt before, but that soon turned to pleasure as she could now use her vagina without further guilt.

    Two weeks ago, her dog walked in while she was masturbating with her hand. He had been around while she masturbated herself to orgasm many times before, so she was used to his presence, and was not bothered by it. That day had been a little different, though. She was half way to orgasm when suddenly she felt his wet tongue on her nether-lips. In three laps he made her orgasm. Never before had she thought about a dog sexually, but now she couldn't get it off her mind.


    It's Friday. Alodie got dropped off by the bus, and she entered her house. She was welcomed home by the usual overly-excited Dan, who almost knocked her over.

    "Okay, boy, Okay!" She called, laughing. She disentangled herself from Dan.

    Walking into the kitchen she was greeted by her mother. "Hey, honey. How was your day at college?"

    Alodie gave the same answer she did every day, "Fine, mom. Same as usual," She said, walking out of the kitchen on the way to her room, with Dan right at her heels.

    "Oh, honey, your father and I are going out of town for the night. Can we trust you to be home alone?" Alodie's parents went out of town often, and were used to leaving her alone with the house. She was quite trustworthy for her age.

    "Sure, mom! When you are you leaving?" she said, already wet between the legs thinking of what she'd do in her time alone.

    "In half an hour. Sorry for the short notice. There's some leftover meatloaf in the 'fridge if you want to heat it up for dinner. Remember, no blaring music, parties... and most certainly no burning the house down."

    "Hah, OK mom."

    Alodie went to her room and began to plan out how she would approach her dog. Realizing she had not a clue about how dogs did it with each other, let alone a human, she decided to try to find information about it on the internet after her parents left. Thank goodness they weren't paranoid and didn't put parent controls on their computer, like some of her friend's parents.

    She spent the time before her mom was to leave doing her homework, and thinking of what she would be doing that night. Before she knew it, her mom bid her goodbye. When Alodie heard the door downstairs slam, she packed up her books and went to the window of her room, which overlooked the driveway. After watching her mom start the car and drive off, she started up her computer and began to search for how dogs had sex. It took a couple of minutes but she discovered what she wanted to do was called bestiality or zoophilia. After that, she was able to find all sorts of things, from other girls having sex with dogs to actual guides on how to do it. She read as much as she could handle, then, horny as hell, set about doing it.

    "Here, Dan!" She called down the stairs. Within seconds, Dan raced up the stairs and stood at her feet. Dan's back was even with her belly button.

    "Good boy." Alodie petted Dan for a few minutes, talking softly to him, and then crouched under him. His sheath was visible, with just a hint of his cock point out of it. Rallying her courage, she reached out with her shaking hand and began to massage his cock. Not wanting to spook him and get hurt, she continued to talk softly to him.

    It only took a couple moments before more of his cock began to appear. A minute later his full cock was exposed; red, wet, and hot. Alodie stared at it in awe. It had to be 10" long. She felt entranced by his hard member, and her vaginal juices began to flow.

    "Wow, boy. I wonder if all of this will fit in me. I don't know, but I'll try," she told him. Dan whined as if in response. Remember what she had read online, she got two socks out and put them on his front paws, then stripped naked. The cool air on her bare skin made her feel very sexy, and served to heighten her apparent 'heat'.

    "Just like a bitch in heat." She said to herself.

    Alodie got down on her hands and knees. Dan, attracted by the smell of a female in heat, was drawn over to her. He stuck his nose in between her legs and took a tentative lick at her pussy. The wet contact sent shivers of pleasure down her spine, and she spread her legs more to provide him better access. One lick, as they say, is never enough, and Dan continued to assault her bare pussy with his tongue. The roughness of it brushed past her clit, and she moaned in pleasure. Not stopping there, he began to lick into her gaping lips into her tender vagina, seeking out every drop of her sweet nectar he could.

    "Oh! Good boy, Dan! Good boy!" She screeched as she reached her first orgasm. "Aaaaahh!!!"

    Seemingly ignoring her orgasm, Dan kept going after what he wanted, and continued stimulating her clit and violating her vagina. Thinking about the taboo of what she was doing just made her second orgasm that much better. The pleasure hit her like a wall, and she almost passed out. It tingled throughout her entire body for what seemed like forever. As she came down, she regained the ability to speak.

    "Yes, boy! Don't stop now," Alodie implored, still basking in her pleasure, she felt the licking stop.

    "Oh, come on, boy... keep going," she said, looking back at him.

    Suddenly, he leapt up onto her, wrapping his front paws around her waist. His rough fur brushed all over her back as he mounted her. He must have weighed a ton. Even if she had wanted to, she wouldn't have been able to get up. Luckily, Alodie didn't want to get up. She wanted Dan to fuck the living daylights out of her. A second later he tried to enter her, but missed by several inches. He tried again, and pushed against her anus. A few tries later, Alodie lost her patience and took hold of his hot cock and aligned it with her dripping pussy. His next push shoved it deep into her, and she cried out in both pain and pleasure.

    "Oh shit! I've never felt so full."

    Dan waited several seconds, and then pushed a little further into her. The initial pain subsided and all that was left was pleasure. He did this until he was entire in her, almost as if he cared about how Alodie felt. Once fully into her, he began to hump her, out an inch, in an inch. As he pumped, Alodie felt the pleasure building, as his hard, hot member pushed in and out of her gripping pussy. She could even feel the precum squirting from his penis into her eager pussy. His slow humping quickened in moments to an almost frantic pace. Alodie picked up his rhythm, and humped back. His cock slid easily in and out of her wet vagina.

    Her pleasure heightened with every thrust, pulse, breath, and moan. Climax came in record time and she screamed out in ecstasy. Every nerve ending in her body 'came' in unison, and her vision blurred as they did so. Just as she was about to come down, she orgasmed again, then again. On every stroke, she felt the tip of his cock touch her cervix.

    Suddenly she felt a pressure nearly the base of her pussy. His knot! She had almost forgotten about what she had read online! First time dog-fuckers should never let the dog's knot grow inside them. Realizing this, she tried to pull it out, but it was too late. It was already too big to remove. It kept growing, and soon became painful. It must have been as big as a baseball.

    "Fuck! It feels like my pussy is stretched to its limit."

    The pain associated with its huge size slowly decreased to nothing, and she began to appreciate the feeling of being fully filled. Half a minute later, just as she was about to worry, he growled in her ear, and his cock began to almost vibrate. Cum burst forth and filled her pussy and womb with its glorious heat. The feeling of it spreading inside her gave her a small orgasm. For what seemed like ages he kept spurting into her, before he finally groaned and stopped. He was still a heavy weight on her, but she could tell he was done his fucking. They were both tired.

    "Dan, this is the most content I have ever felt in my entire life. I'm going to fuck you every chance I get," Alodie said, sighing.

    For the next fifteen minutes, Alodie enjoyed the feeling of being together with him while his knot slowly shrunk. After it got small enough to disengage, it popped out with a wet sound. Some of his cum leaked out of her red and abused, but happy, pussy. Not one to let his bitch go unclean, Dan licked all the excess juices from her.

    Dan left and laid down in the corner to clean himself. Exhausted and still in a state of incredible content ness, Alodie laid there, naked, with her legs spread open. After an hour, she got up and showered.

    From then on, every time her parents went away on a trip, or she had an hour to herself, she'd be Dan's bitch, a relationship which lasted for many years.

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    very good and exciting story... thanks

    Nov 30 2009 22:11
    yes i loved it wish it was me and will be soon let me know where you got my email..prefer only women or couples to write ,but will consider older men ...

    Jun 29 2010 18:04
    love your story, very hot n sexy. thanks.....martin.

    Sep 2 2010 17:52
    Loved the story hope you can write more about that sexy body of yours and that great dane

    Aug 26 2011 23:09
    That was a great story, very hot, only next time you too need to kiss for a while!!!

    Apr 9 2012 22:18
    thanks for the story it was exciting for me wish I could get a knot like dans

    Oct 18 2013 09:24
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