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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, masturbation.

    This is my first try at an erotic story. I have written a women's sports column a time or two at my college newspaper, but I guess that hardly prepares me for erotica. I'm not real good at creating stories. I'm not a very good writer. But, I figured I could write a little piece on something I experienced myself. Nearly all of my sexual experiences have been 1 boy, 1 girl. There has been an exception or two.

    I have ever told this story before, but I've been getting real hot reading some of the stories posted here that were somewhat like mine. I thought I might give it a try myself. The whole story, as you read it here is true. I would love to hear from other women that have had similar experiences.

    First off I'm a 21 year old student. I live on campus just like the rest of my friends here at school, dorm-life. I have long brown hair and brown eyes. I have a more feminine build than an athletic one. I'm not a classic beauty, but I'm told I'm very cute. I absolutely never have trouble finding dates. I'm a natural athlete. I inherited that from my father. I'm on the softball team here. (I know, your thinking "This is going to be some ho-hum lesbian story" well, there are a couple of pretty butch players on my team, but believe me, I've never been tempted. ).

    I won't say the name of the university I attend, For obvious reasons. I will say that our women's fast-pitch team has been real successful in the last few seasons. You may have even unknowingly seen me play if you are a regular watcher of ESPN2. ( I actually got a couple emailed marriage proposals after that, our school lets you search the student body's database for email addresses.) Well, this all started off with softball oddly enough. My team was out of town at a big week long tournament. My best friend Andie, myself and another our team mates were staying at Andie's Aunt Sissy's home about 15 miles from the athletic fields. It was a 30 team tournament. During the 3rd game I turned my right ankle. (not on the field, ha ha but by stepping on a bat while on the bench) I didn't need to make a trip to the hospital but I did need to wrap my ankle. The medic said to stay off of it for a few days. This really upset me because I had just broken up with my boyfriend a week earlier but I was playing really well.

    The next day I tried going to the game just to watch, but I made my sprain worse just getting in and out of the truck, and walking to the bleachers and back. So, the following day everyone recommended that I to stay back at the house and just give it a rest.

    The next morning I agreed do as they asked. Aunt Sissie offered to stay and keep me company but, I assured her I would be fine. "Just call me and keep me up to date on the scores." They agreed. Aunt Sissie showed me where the magazines and sodas were. She offered to show me how the satellite tuner works but, she said the only her husband could explain that, and he was out of town for the week. I told her I would give it a shot, "I'll be all right, thanks." They loaded up and pulled out of the driveway. "Well be back by 9pm" Andie said.

    After they pulled out of the driveway I watched them until they were out of sight. Then I hobbled back inside for a few more aspirins, and to fix myself a salad and some juice. It was 11am, and the Price is Right was just coming on so I sat down to keep myself occupied with the TV. I was cramping a little, my period was about to start (thankfully I was having one). "A real miserable day..." I thought to myself. I soon tired of the silly game show so I went out to the patio with my meal. It was sunny and warm outside.

    Aunt Sissy has a beautiful house in the country with acres and acres of yard and woods. Her closest neighbors are at least quarter of a mile away. Lots of room, that's nice but probably too much yard work for my lazy butt. As I relaxed and settled down to eat my lunch I heard a muffled bark. Aunt Sissie's golden retriever Gypsy was nosing to get out the patio door. I got up and let the pup out. The dog was allowed to run around freely so he could do his business way out in the yard. Well, this is getting a little long winded, no action yet huh?

    I'm sitting out there enjoying the midday sun for a while. I'm in my shorts and cutoff sweatshirt just watching the mutt prancing around, and loving the peace and quiet. My ankle doesn't seem to be hurting so I'm happily eating my lunch. I'm feeling the breeze blow a little and feel the sun beating down on my arms and my thighs. I'm actually feeling a little sexy for some reason. I noticed that I am unconsciously sucking on a piece of carrot from my salad. "Boy I miss Todd..." I said to myself ( I know, corny reference but it's true, that's what I was doing!) "...but screw him. I can be happy without him!" Although, whenever I got horny I could always get him to drop what ever he was doing to make love to me. "I don't need that anymore" I thought to myself. I shifted out a little in the patio chair and lightly touched my inner thigh as I leaned back to relax. Boy, where did all this tension come from all of the sudden?

    I guess I was a little upset with all the events of the last week or so. I took a slow sip of my juice and accidentally spilled a little on my leg. I wiped it away while pulling another chair up right next to mine. I slid my leg (my hurt one) out onto it and sighed a little. I looked around and stroked my inner thighs gently.

    My, I was all alone out here for the whole day ...and I was beginning to get an Idea of what I might doing with rest of this day ; ) I had not masturbated much since I left home for college. No privacy in the dorms. "It's so beautiful and quiet out here" I said to myself. I pressed my palm to my shorts over my pussy and smiled when I felt how warm it was. I stroked my thighs up and down, resting a hand over the hot spot I'm getting between my legs. At the same time, I'm also admiring my legs. (I've got great legs I'm told.) I'm blessed with a pretty good build. I got that from my mother, she actually modeled swimwear and pantsuits in the early 70's before I came along.

    I love admiring my body while I touch myself. I also love to be naked. "Well,..." I began thinking to myself. "...between the shrubs and the (vinyl) tablecloth no one, even with binoculars could see what I was doing here." I continued to caress my legs, calves and thighs for a few moments. I pulled at the crotch on my shorts to make a little room in there for a finger or two. I pulled them a little to the side and enjoyed the breeze coming in across my already wet pussy. I worked my way in and started to slowly rub my pussy, for the first time in months. I lifted my leg from the chair to the top of the table to make more room for my hands. "I love playing with this beautiful pussy." I said out loud. I leaned my head back, closed my eyes and felt the hot sun on my face (and everything else exposed). I felt like a little girl sitting there stroking away without a care in the world. This went on for at least twenty minutes or more. Up and down, up and down I worked my fingers like a pro, bumping my clit at the end of each pass, I got increasingly hotter. "These shorts have got to go" I glanced around to see if it was clear (of course it was) wriggled out of them, and casually threw them up on the table. I then went back to work on myself. I looked down at my cute pussy now out in the open air, in the sun. I'm not sure if I have ever done this before, outside that is. Wow. This feels good!

    I keep my pubic hair short and neat. All my boyfriends have liked it that way. I like it too, especially right now. I can feel my nipples against the inside of my sweatshirt. (I like them pulled, sometimes.) I reached up from my pussy for my shirt and I pull it just up over my breasts. The feel of the sun and my caresses on my breasts puts things in a higher gear now. Well, now I'm fully involved with myself. I haven't been this hot in awhile. I can feel that my face is flush and I'm breathing pretty heavy.

    As I'm dabbing a little of my pussy juice on my nipples I hear the dog returning up to the patio. I look up at the pup. "All done puppy?" I said, never missing a stroke on my pussy with my left hand. "How do you like this, here?" I'm facing the golden retriever, with one leg up on the table, pussy lips glistening in the sun and my breasts protruding from under my shirt. "How's this look?" The pup sniffs at my foot and looks at me like a happy little doggy. (she is 14 months old Aunt Sissy told me) Even though I'm only exposing myself to a dog, it still excites me a little. I once again continue on for a little while, pooch looking on, my legs spread wide and eyes closed. Both hands very busy. "Boy this feels soo good, I could do this all day."

    I'm now starting to get a kick out of the idea of sitting outside in the sun, legs spread wide, having sex with myself while the dog looks on. I wish there was a jacuzzi or even a pool around here so I could continue my fun...and you know, maybe position myself over the jets for some hands free stimulation?! I would love to just lay back and be brought to orgasm. Ah...wait a minute, I just had a nasty idea ..Gee, I wonder if this puppy dog eats pussy? I just giggled to myself devilishly. I continued my masturbation in full view of the well behaved pup. She looked on almost approvingly. As I grew hotter I thought "I'm sure that would really feel awesome." As long as the puppy enjoyed it, I guess It wouldn't be wrong! Not like I was taking advantage of her just for my human desires. I guess. Yea, this has got me thinking.

    I had read a story a year or more ago about how back in 1800's some towns in the northeast were called `Dog Towns'. It seems while sailors were away on whaling expeditions, the women of the towns all had dogs to keep them ah...relaxed. Hey pretty neat huh? I got pretty turned on after reading that, although I had particular drive to make it happen for myself. When I was in the tenth grade one of my girlfriends told me another story that seemed to stick in my mind. She told me that when she was a kid, she was over her girlfriends house one day, hanging around the pool in the summertime. As she walked through the yard, around the side of the house, something caught her attention. There was some something going on in the basement. As she knelt down to peer in the basement window, she and saw her girlfriend's mother. (who was about 33-35 years old at the time we figured) She could hear the woman moaning and saw her tossing her head from side to side. She was lying on the sofa in the rec room with her robe spread open and crumpled under her. She had both legs propped up nicely and spread wide. Her hands were rubbing her big white breasts and brown nipples. Between her legs, the family's dog was licking away, glued to her ass and pussy. She claimed this went on for 45 minutes or more, but she didn't watch it all because of fear of being caught and she was kinda shocked by the whole incident. I thought, at the time "That's kinda weird, but kinda hot at the same time."

    I was thinking, "Hey, maybe this is done more often than it's talked about." as I worked my wet fingers around my clit over and, over again. Hmmm. Well, I don't know, but I am alone here for the next 8 hours or more. We will see. Both hands were now down busy on the lips of my pussy. I noticed a few beads of sweat on my belly from my brow and my face. A few drops fell onto my breasts, as I breathed heavy and continued the rhythm. I must have been a sight, sitting there outdoors behind Aunt Sissie's house in broad daylight. Just sitting there in the middle if the patio, at a table where many times people gathered for cookouts. But right now it was just me, no pants on, legs spread, shirt pulled up with my breasts exposed, sun shining down. Just playing with my pussy and tits. With the golden retriever checking me out. My shorts were lying in the middle of my salad plate.

    "This sweat shirt has got me sweating all over the place. "It needs to go, but I'm not sure if I need to be totally nude out here, all spread and moaning. Things may start to get out of control here real soon" Maybe I'll move this party inside. "C'mon girl" I called the dog. I gathered up my shorts and dishes, straightened the furniture and headed inside.

    I threw off my sweatshirt I saw how hard my nipples were from what I was thinking about. Gypsy darted off down the hall. As cupped my breasts, I walked through the kitchen and admired myself in the mirror on the family room wall. "Wow, I can lay on the sofa and see my whole body" I noticed. I sat down and continued to fondle my breasts watching in the mirror. Gypsy pattered into the kitchen and pressed her nose up against the far corner cabinet and glanced over at me. "That's right, her food is kept in there, I'm supposed to feed her pretty soon." Well..." I thought, "...she can wait a while." I'm having too much fun with myself in here. Besides... ahh... maybe I might just want some doggy licking soon, and an eager doggie tongue is what I'll be needing. Oh yes, I'll just wait.

    As I returned to my masturbation session, I spied a banana in the fruitbasket Sissy keeps on the counter in the kitchen. Hmm, all the cucumbers in the house are probably cold (in the fridge) so, lets get that banana. "With a little of my juices we'll get things going real good." I grabbed the banana and Gypsy followed me back into the family room. I watched myself in the mirror and continued the show for Gypsy "How do you like this girl?" I licked the banana and lowered it to my pussy. I gently let it glide along it's length, across my very, very wet pussy lips. The dog sat down at my feet as I worked myself into a frenzy. I spread my legs wide and stroked and kneaded my pussy and breasts at least 20 more minutes with my eyes closed. I opened them back up to see in the mirror, a picture of a totally naked girl with an ace bandage on her ankle. My sweat still dripping and I was masturbating like mad, face flushed red. I'm getting to the point where I am ready to cum so I tossed the banana onto the end table. I rolled over and laid on the sofa, face down, both hands buried under my stomach working away at my pussy with special attention on my clit. I had two small orgasms and just kept going. I took one hand out, reached over and around my butt to rub my ass.

    Another half hour or so of slow tender caressing and teasing I sat up and smiled at my audience. I sat back up and spread my legs wide to stretch out while I played with my tits some more. "Hmmm, what else can we do here,...I said to myself, looking around "I've got this big house all to myself." I grabbed the remote for the TV and rubbed the smooth side between my breasts, down my belly to my pussy lips, then up and down a few times, then I tossed it back on the end table. I kicked on leg over the arm of the sofa and diddled some more, I raised my other foot up in the air to get Gypsy's attention again. I sat forward and pet her for a minute then reclined again to return to my pussy. The dog sat close to the sofa and seemed to be watching my fingerwork. "Doesn't this look delicious honey?" I slid a foot over to her and brushed her head a little, she licked my ankle and heel while I smiled and worked my pussy in and out (with two fingers now). I then rested my leg on the edge of the sofa to allow her to continue licking my foot. This new sensation felt awesome! Sooo good. "Yes, this is nice" I said to myself.

    I hoped she wouldn't stop because I felt like was ready to cum again. I just pulled my nipples and stroked my pussy while she licked away at my toes and all over the sole of my foot. I looked up in the mirror just as I arched my back and let out a low moan with my next orgasm. Whew! Wow, what a sensual experience, and the licking never stopped for one second. I stopped to rest the hand on my pussy for a moment and offered her my other foot for a licking. As I played with my breasts I enjoyed a steady licking on both feet. I dropped both wet feet to the floor and scooted my ass to the edge of the sofa. "You like licking my feet puppy dog? Would you like to lick some more for me?" I smiled and gently guided her head up to my knees and had her give me a doggie licking just a little higher up, but after a minute and a few licks on my thighs she stopped. "That figures. Damn well mannered dog!" (I know how hard it is to train a dog to keep his nose out of peoples crotches and this dog is freshly trained so...) So I sat on the floor and played with my clit some more. Maybe this will stir up some interest. Hmmm, let me see something here I thought. I got up on my hands and knees with my butt facing Gypsy. I think I might like some more of this licking. Maybe we'll get something going on my ass. "Here girl, as I wiggled by butt in her face.

    I know what I want now, and I'm getting real excited. I know I could just waltz over to the kitchen and smear butter or jelly all over myself and get a good cleaning, but I'm up for the challenge. Anyway I love to be teased. I want that gorgeous, wet puppy's tongue dancing all over my ass and up to my clit, but I was willing to wait (a little). I hopped up in the chair and called her over. I plunged a finger in and out of my pussy while I watched her in the mirror coming closer to my chair. I wasn't anywhere near finished yet, It must have been 1:30 by now. I offered her a foot to lick on and she went to work on it again. I was going real good again, "I want that big flapping tongue on my pussy. Hey puppy I'm pretty hot here, can you help me?" I said, as if she could really understand me. I dropped down onto the floor spread my legs spread wide, I grabbed her head and gently guided it in the direction if my hot little pussy, I shivered and my nipples stood out straight as I got a few licks on the inner thighs but when I let go she backed off from my pussy and just lapped away along my legs to my ankles and calves. "I know honey, you have been swatted on the tail enough times to know to stay away from between peoples legs." How am I gonna get my pussy eaten now?

    I pulled a wet finger out of my steaming pussy for just a moment and offered it for her approval. "There you go girl" She sniffed it quickly, licked once and continued to clean my hand off. "Now we're getting somewhere.." I said, as once again I stirred from the sensations from her tongue. Of course now I had my other hand buried in my pussy (with my thumb over my clit). "'s that taste honey? Ready for some more?" I reached up once again to guide her head to my now waiting, aching pussy. "C'mon girl, it's ok, good girl." I lead her in the direction of my glistening little pussy lips as I repositioned myself to give her the access to the target area. "It's ok baby! ...That's right, come on!" She wasn't resisting, but just looking, getting closer as I tugged a little harder. I reached around to her collar with one hand, raised my butt up a little, and used my other hand to reach down and spread my pussy lips. She sniffed and... "It's ok girl, good girl" ...then...lick...lick ahhh "That's it" I whispered. "C'mon honey, good girl, goood girl, yes thats a good little puppy" "Keep going...ahhh...gooood girrrl.." A had dozen or more electrifying, quick, light flicks across my lips and a couple bounced over my exposed clit. I gasped! "Oh yea, that's a good girl!" I praised and her encouraged her all I could. She wagged her tail and licked a little more for me. This time a little off target, but waves of pleasure still went out from my hot pussy. She continued to lick at my inner thighs and up to my belly button even. "That's a good, good girl!" Her tail began to wag and I knew I could come easily from this if I could keep her going. I looked at her and smiled, sat up and showered praise on her, rubbing behind her ears. I made sure she knew she was doing good. "Good girl that's a good puppy dog!" I leaned forward and hugged her and stroked her head and the fur on her back. "Now c'mon baby lets do some more!" She wagged her tail and jittered like she was excited she had done something good. I knew I was onto something here so I smiled and got myself in position for more.

    "All right baby c'mon give me some more of that good lickin'" I laid back in the middle of the carpet, rolled over to my side a bit and pulled one knee to my chest. I patted my pussy with the other hand, "Here you go...come on baby!" To my pleasant surprise she went down right to my hand, and that tongue of hers went right to work again. "that's it...ahhh...gooood girl...good" She lapped away like she was drinking water! "Wow this... is... awesome" I shifted a little to move her licking down to my ass. "Ohh yess, good girl, good girrl" I rolled a little more to my belly and she followed slurp, slurp on my ass steady. Wow her tongue is so big and wet, "I've never had anything like this before". I shifted up to my hand and knees, and cocked my hips to give her access to my whole ass and pussy area.

    On my knees, with my ass up in the air and my face buried in the carpet I just let her go. This was getting really good. I began to rock my hips in a slow rhythm, just taking it all in. Her tongue felt like it was searching, almost probing. It seemed like she had a taste for something down there and couldn't seem to get enough of it. "Ohhh...that's a good, good girl" I was going crazy, digging my nails into the carpet and inching my knees wider and wider all the time.

    What a job this puppy was doing on me, no wonder some women train their dogs for this. I can imagine how a well trained pup could work you over, any way you like! She kept at it while I just closed my eyes and held on.

    I was ready to go for it now. I rolled over onto my back "good girl baby, good girl" I spread my legs wide and pinched my nipples. I looked down to see her almost diving back down to smother by pussy with that amazing tongue. I was grinding back and forth almost involuntarily now, I put my heels on the floor and raised my ass up in the air, and that tongue was locked on target. "Ahhh....ohh...ahh...ohh goood girrrl..." I dropped my butt back down after a minute and (I'm proud to say I can still do this) I put one leg just about behind my head. "Good girl.." I whispered, "I'm going to cum in a second here puppy." No matter how I wriggled around she was there probing and flicking away on my hot pussy. My juices were really beginning to flow and it almost seemed she wouldn't stop. I glanced up in the mirror to see the sight of a puppy tongue washing me to orgasm.

    By now my rhythm, and her rhythm were almost together. I was responding to every stroke with my whole body. I was moaning loudly like I always do during great sex. At this point I was pretty much out of control. No guy's tongue ever gave me anything like this. "That's it...good girl...ah...ah...ahhh...ah!" All of a sudden I came. I'm sure I screamed, though I don't remember doing it. Spasms shook my whole body. The waves just kept coming, washing over my body. My sweet little puppy stayed right on me whole time. I just panted and let it take over me. It went on forever, it seemed.

    I couldn't believe it, what an amazing way to cum. I actually had to slowly slide my hand down over my pussy to guide her wonderful licking away from my now very sensitive pussy. I looked over in the mirror and saw my red face, and the blush all the way down to my chest like always. Gypsy was looking at me wagging her tail, I saw a few drops on her chin whiskers.

    Wow, a girl licked to multiple orgasms by a dog. I had wondered about it before, now I knew. I praised Gypsy, petted her and scratched her back. "Such a good girl" I told her. I scooted over to prop myself up and lean back against the foot of the sofa. I put my arm around her neck and she licked my face. I could smell a hint of my juices on her. I sat there and rested for a few moments.

    I sat up and asked "Hey Gypsy ready for something to eat?" I jumped up and got her food from the cabinet while she waited. I got a drink of water and watched her tear into that bowl of food like she tore into my hot pussy. "Dog Towns" I said to myself.

    I figured I might take myself a bath before I hit my second wind. She'll be done before I get out. They won't be home for hours...

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    nice story but you should have retunded the favour

    Nov 3 2010 17:38
    great story, had the right effect on me.

    May 1 2017 17:32
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