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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, dogrape.

    Part 1

    Cecile Banks...the sexy young thing... the tease... the girl who guys could only fantasize about...was now covered with scratches and bruises. Her hair matted and caked with dirt, she was sitting on the stairs of her little 1-story house trying to recap what had actually happened to her. It was 3:00 a.m and she had just come home after a long 2 hour bus drive. "Things like that don't happen to girls like me...they just don't..," she thought to herself as she rocked back and forth with her arms wrapped around her knees.

    Cecile Banks is a 20-year-old clerk at Macy's. She has a fairly good $15-an hour job working behind the cosmetics counter. She spends all her money on herself and, along with that, her employee discounts on cosmetics make her even happier. It is easy for her to sell things... no matter what they might be. At 5'7, with long, silky, waist-length black hair, those green mischievous eyes, and the Angelina Jolie luscious lips, she is absolutely stunning. She may not be the slimmest girl, but her curvy hips, small waist, thick sexy thighs, and large gravity-defying breasts topped with tiny pink nipples, would drive any man crazy.

    Cecile was a tease, definitely a tease. She liked to see how far a man would go for her... only to turn her back on him. She always had to have her way and when it came to sex, she would never give head. She wanted to be pleasured, pampered, and lavished with nothing in return whatsoever. She believed that the privilege of being able to fuck and pleasure her was gratuitous enough. She did have her secrets though. At age 15, she had her clit pierced by her friend who worked in a piercing parlor, and had "delectable" tattooed onto the inside of her right thigh. She was a voyeur and led a pretty crazy sexual life. Her preferences included threesomes, lesbian sex, sex with older women (as well as older men), sex with young girls, toys, etc. But she had never considered bestiality.

    Going on with the story, it was Saturday and she was on her way to a party in Pennsylvania.. an hour drive from where she lived. Dressed in a tight iridescent jean mini-skirt and a silver halter top, she climbed into her 2000 Volkswagen Jetta and was on her way. The drive was boring.. woods, woods, and more woods, so she turned up her radio and started singing along and grinding her ass sensuously into the seat. It was getting dark and the road that she was on had less and less cars. She was getting quite uncomfortable because the man who was driving behind her in a white van kept on flashing his lights and driving too close to her car. She was sure that the bumpers were touching. Suddenly she felt a great jolt and realized that he had hit her. She looked in the rearview mirror and saw that he was accelerating again. Scared, she turned right on the nearest exit. Thankfully, he wasn't behind her. She looked back for a moment just to make sure and when she turned back around, there was a deer standing in the middle of the road.

    She swerved trying to avoid hitting the deer and spun out of control ending up in a ditch on the side of the road. Cecile sat there breathing heavily for a minute and then proceeded to climb out and see what her situation was. It wasn't good. She would never be able to get her car out without help. She decided to go and get help.

    10 minutes into her walk, she saw what looked like a driveway curving up a hill from the road. "Thank god.." she thought. She walked up the driveway until she came up to a huge iron gate. The house, or mansion rather, beyond the gate, was dark and no cars were in sight. She pushed the gate and, to her surprise, it opened. She walk past and heard it slam shut behind her. She was now walking along a dimly it walkway toward the house. Suddenly, she heard barking in the background. "Great, just my luck...dogs," she thought sarcastically. The barking got louder and more fierce, and now it was all around her. She could see large canine silhouettes coming closer. "Oh fuck.. there's like 5 of them," now she was scared.

    She started running when she felt a tug on her skirt. She stopped dead in her tracks. She was shaking now as she heard soft growling coming from behind her. Cecile turned around and saw a large doberman and another four coming closer. The doberman was growling and she couldn't take her eyes off of the shockingly large dog. Suddenly he barked and started sniffing the air. He must have liked what he smelled because he stuck his snout right under Cecile's mini and she jumped when she felt his cold nose poking her clit through her lacy thong. He pushed harder until his nose was wedged between her pussy lips. A chill went up her spine. The dog withdrew his nose from her pussy and growled. He reared up on his hid legs and knocked Cecile to the ground. She fell on her face and started whimpering. The dog started tugging on her skirt, but no matter how hard he tugged, he couldn't tear it or pull it off. Instead, he was pulling Cecile along with it. She was being dragged on the grass and when he dragged her over something sharp on the ground, Cecile cried out and quickly unbuttoned her skirt. The dog now completely pulled Cecile's skirt off and she suddenly realized her mistake. Now she was exposed from the waist down.

    The dog tore through her thong with no effort and all Cecile could do was lie on her stomach and cry. She saw her opportunity when the dog was preoccupied with sniffing and licking the thong. SHe got up and started running toward the house. She almost made it when she felt strong paws on her back pushing her against the wall of the house. With her face against the cold brick wall, she started whimpering and crying again. The doberman got back on four feet and softly growled at her. Her ass was right in front of his face and he gave her buttocks a lick. Cecile stopped crying for a second. The dog resumed his licking. This time he licked her right in between her ass cheeks and she let out a low whimper. He liked the taste and continued licking her asshole, slowly working his way closer and closer to her cunt. She started enjoying this licking and felt her cunt becoming moist. She spread her thighs to allow access to her pussy. The dog sensed the heat coming from there and gave her pussy a powerful lick, from the clit to the asshole. Cecile let out a loud moan. It felt wonderful. The doberman continued licking her pussy and ass, occasionally slipping his tongue into her dripping cunt hole. Cecile's breathing was becoming erratic and she felt herself on the verge of a powerful orgasm. "Ohhhh... mmmmmm...." she moaned and her knees started getting weak. She couldn't hold herself up anymore and slumped down on the grass on her hands and knees. This gave the dog more access as he continued licking her. He was intrigued by this bitch and he certainly loved her taste. Now it was time for more.

    Cecile's eyes opened wide when she felt two paws on her shoulder blades. "Oh no.. he's not about to do what I think he is.." she thought panickingly. She tried to move away, but the dog moved his front legs around her waist and held her tight as he positioned himself to drive his 10" cucumber-like cock into her. She felt something jabbing her buttocks and upper thighs.. inching closer to her pussy. "Oh shit...." she thought and felt tears run down her cheeks. Suddenly with one powerful thrust, the doberman slammed all his meat into her pussy hitting her cervix and stretching her pussy so much that she started screaming hysterically. He started pumping her, but with her pussy already wet from the previous licking and his precum, his cock kept slipping out. He tried to thrust it back in, but it slipped out and the tip of his cock positioned itself right against her puckering asshole. "No... no.." she cried and tried to move away, but he held her tight and humped so hard, that with his first thrust, he managed to get three inches past her sphincter. Now she was shrieking. She never liked anal and had never had more than a finger up her ass. His huge cock was ripping her asshole, but he continued thrusting. The tightness of her ass made him delirious and he was determined to push his whole cock in and fuck this bitch for all he was worth. The second thrust pushed another 2 more inches. Her asshole was stretched so much that it was actually tearing. His third thrust brought the rest of his cock inside her and he yelped when her sphincter tightened right above his knot. Now he had the full ten inches of meat in her ass and he started pumping.. withdrawing almost his whole cock and then forcing it back in with great speed. Cecile was still hysterical and the force of his thrusts kept on pushing her forward. He fucked her like that for almost 10 minutes and suddenly stopped. Cecile, who had almost blacked out, felt warm liquid filling her bowels. The doberman was cumming in her, shooting jets and jets of his cum inside her ass. He was not able to get his knot in her but she still felt like she was splitting in two. When he finished cumming, the dog withdrew his red, swollen, jizz and shit covered cock from her and padded away a few feet. Then he lay down and proceeded to lick himself clean.

    Cecile was worn out and the pain in her ass was excruciating. She thought it was over but then she remembered... there were four more dogs...

    Part 2

    Cecile lay there with her head resting on the grass and her ass pointing up. Her knees hurt from being in the same position for 15 minutes, but she didn't dare move. She couldn't believe that this was happening to her.

    Again she felt the familiar tongue on her ass. Another doberman. The second dog came up to her and started licking her clean. He licked from the asshole to the clit, picking up all the juices. HE licked her thighs which were covered with the dog's cum that was still dripping from her ass. Then he mounted her. Cecile braced herself and started crying again. Her ass was on fire and she didn't want to repeat the previous performance. She felt the dogs paws around her and the weight on her back growing greater. She felt the familiar jabbing of the dog's cock. But this time, the dog thrust his cock deep into her cunt on his first try. As soon as he felt the warmth of Cecile's cunt around his powerful member, he went in a frenzy, humping her incredibly fast and hitting her cervix and g-spot with every thrust. Cecile started moaning and grinding her ass back at him. The dog gave a happy bark, grabbed her tighter, and started fucking her with more and more momentum."aaaahhh... aaaahhh... oh yesss... fuck me hard... umphhh... fuck my hot twat... good doggggg," Cecile moaned. Cecile felt a huge climax building. She was in heaven... the huge doggie dick bringing her waves and waves of pleasure with every thrust.

    Suddenly she felt something really big making its way into her pussy. She couldn't reach back, so she picked her head up and looked between her legs to see a baseball-sized knot forcing its way into her pussy. She thought she could never accommodate something as big, but as soon as she thought that, the knot slipped in. "OH MY GODDD!!!" she screamed. The knot was stretching her pussy so much that it was becoming very painful. As much painful as when the first dog rammed her asshole. Then, to her horror, she felt the knot growing even larger. She tried to get it out by pushing down on it with her cunt muscles, but it was no use. She relaxed, and realized that it is actually quite pleasurable. THe pulsating knot was bringing her pleasure and she felt an orgasm build again. When the dog started spurting cum inside her, she climaxed, her muscles spasming rhythmically to the dog's cumming. She milked his cock with her pussy until she felt streams of cum run down her thighs. The doberman on top of her was worn out and collapsed on her back panting. She couldn't hold herself up with him on top of her. When she tried to get out from under him, she discovered that she cannot get his cock out of her pussy. They were stuck together. She tried and tried until his knot slipped out of her with a loud plop. Tons of cum made its way out of her cunt and formed a puddle on the ground between her thighs. She squirmed from under the dog and laid her eyes on his softening penis. "That thing is huge! and it's not even hard..."she thought. She watched as the dog licked himself clean and gave her pussy a few licks.

    She was extremely tired and tried to get up. Another growl. She turned and saw three more dobermans waiting for their turn. "Oh no..."she said out loud when the third dog sniffed around her pussy. As far as they were concerned, she was in heat, and she was going to be their bitch. Cecile went through three more sessions of doggie fucking. It was 1 am when she was lying on the grass curled up with cum all over her. The dogs were asleep next to her.

    She stood up and looked around. Her skirt was lying in the bushes. She walked over to get it, careful not to make a lot of noise. She couldn't take anymore fucking. Her pussy was sore and her asshole was torn. She had scratches and bruises everywhere, and no way to get home. She put on her skirt and ran to the gate. But the gate wouldn't open from the inside! She followed the fence until she found a spot where she could climb over. Finally she was out. Barely being able to walk, she found a bus stop along the road. She sat down on a bench and 15 minutes later she was on her way home. She couldn't help but notice that the 5 other people on the bus were staring at her. But how can you blame them? She was a big mess.

    Now she is sitting on her stairs not being able to believe what had happened to her. She got fucked... no she got RAPED... by 5 large dobermans... and she enjoyed most of it. This would be her first, but definitely not her last experience with bestiality.

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    what can i say, the way you describe this story makes my imagination works as 100mph i love every aspect of this narrative tale.specially the gangbang part. hope you still writing stories like this one. Keep up the good work and congratulations. Sincerely.

    Apr 13 2006 07:19
    Hi Cecile,loved your story and sincerely hope you will treat us with more.Please write to me I would love to ask you some questions and to know you a bit better.Mi name is Mario and live in Africa,pleaseeeeee back to me and make me happy.Love and kisses Mario.

    Apr 18 2006 20:02
    ms. cecile your story was very good , keep up the good work, hope to read more of your work thanks ge

    Apr 24 2006 06:04
    I read this story a few years ago on another site by a different author

    Apr 28 2006 16:14
    I hate it when it is a copy, see abovement.

    Jan 28 2007 07:54
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