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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality.

    For some time now, Ruth had a fantasy of getting stroked by a big dog but she had no real desire to actually do it and as her fantasies went, it was great in her brain. She never gave any serious thought to doing it, so when it happened it was a great surprise to her. Her husband had bought a two year old Boxer, a month previously and had gone out of town on business, so she was at home alone with the dog. Damon was a very large dog. He weighed a huge one hundred ten pounds. He had a large brown head and a smooth glossy golden brown coat. He was a friendly dog, was house broken and accepted commands well and so in a short time he had become a part of the household as if he had been with them for years.

    The Friday evening after her husband had left and she had dinner, fed Damon and had taken him for a walk, Ruth sat in the basement watching the television. Damon lay at her feet curled up as if half asleep. The movie that was showing had a lot of sex in it and as Ruth watched she found herself becoming excited, in fact she became very horny and wondered in her mind, why it was that whenever she was horny like that, her husband was never at home. As she became more turned on watching the movie, she slid her right hand under her skirt, pulled the crotch of her panties aside and began playing with her pussy. Soon the room was filled with her pussy smell as she lay back in the sofa, legs spread apart, pussy lips pulled open, fingering her clitoris and her juices oozing from her pussy. As she lay with her eyes closed, masturbating, she slipped into another world. Her reverie was disturbed by a sensation that she had not produced. When she opened her eyes to see what caused it, she saw Damon's body in front of her. His great head was under her skirt and she realized that he was creating the sensation with his big, rough tongue licking her crotch. Her first reaction was to push him away and she did but he returned, burrowing his head a little deeper between her legs and continued his licking. He seemed to know just where to lick because he concentrated on the area around her clitoris and Ruth just eased her body lower down into the sofa. This made her ass hang off the edge of the cushion. She pulled the panty crotch aside to expose her pussy fully and let him go to work. In a few minute Damon's tongue had her on the verge of erupting into and orgasm but she closed her legs and pushed him away because she didn't want to come too soon, she wanted to prolong her enjoyment of this situation.

    Damon barked at her and when she opened her eyes to look at him, he was standing looking at her wagging his tail with the biggest hard-on that she had ever seen on a dog. His sheath had retracted and his big, red dick was jutting out under his belly. It was at least eight inches long, bright red and as thick as the space formed by putting her thumb and forefinger together to form a circle! "Oh, poor Damon," she said "you want some relief too,"

    "Come let me help you." She reached under his belly, took his big cock in her hand and began stroking it. Within a short time, Damon began humping against her hand and he kept trying to bury his nose back up into her crotch. She wondered if Damon would know what to do with his big cock as he had with his tongue if she put it near her wet pussy. She stopped stroking Damon's cock, pulled her panties off pulled her skirt up around her waist, exposing her bare ass and knelt on the carpet with her elbows resting on the sofa. Damon immediately burrowed his nose into the crack of her ass and its coldness made Ruth jump. He licked all in between her ass cheeks until he found her wet pussy and then he concentrated his efforts there. She raised her ass and lowered her chest onto the sofa, spread her legs wide apart and jutted her buttocks back to open herself up better to Damon's invading tongue. Damon went to work. She enjoyed his licking and couldn't help thinking, " I certainly could enjoy a big cock now."

    As if reading her mind, Damon stopped licking her ass and pussy and jumped onto her back. She was surprised and tried to push him off but he was too heavy for her and he had no intention of moving. He started stroking, jabbing his dick wildly into the air. His cock struck her backside, then the back of her legs and kept hitting until it finally found the space between her legs. He continued humping and Ruth was not sure whether she had subconsciously shifted her backside to find the stabbing cock or not but all of a sudden the cock found its mark and lodged between the lips in the opening of her pussy. Instinctively Damon seemed to know that he was in the right place and drove his cock deep into her. She yelped in pain as the large dick cleaved her pussy open and sank into her. Damon immediately started stroking hard and fast and the friction was very painful. She struggled to escape to no avail and so she opened her legs as wide as she could to accommodate his big tool in an effort to ease the pain, as she lay pinned under his great weight. Gradually the aching subsided, as the leaking juices from his cock mixed with her pussy juices. The dog seemed to know his work. His front paws seized her on either side of her waist so she could not pull away from him and he drove his cock deeper and deeper into her, distending her pussy and forcing her to take all of his huge dick. She tried to contract her pussy and squeeze the big cock in an effort to decease its girth but it was so thick that only her asshole contracted. Her pussy was distended beyond her muscular capability. Damon kept driving his cock into her until he hit a spot deep inside that produced visceral pleasure within her bowels and Ruth closed her eyes as this new pleasure took control of her mind. When she could think again, she realized that she was humping her body in time to Damon's thrusts. Her pussy felt like a low-grade fire was burning inside of it and it slowly spread up her belly and into her breasts. Her big nipples were as hard as she could ever remember them being and they throbbed and burned in time to Damon's fucking rhythm. Before she could prepare for it, her body spasmed and her orgasm erupted from deep inside her pussy. Ruth's hands dug into the sofa as the pleasure wracked her body. She squealed with sweet pleasure. Somewhere within her cum hazed mind warning bells went off signaling to her that if she didn't move away from Damon he would embed his knot in her. Somehow she found the energy to shift her ass and prevented Damon's cock from penetrating any deeper. Damon kept humping for a while. Her pussy was now able to take his full size and she was so wet from his leaking and her juices, that there was no longer any pain. She kept maneuvering her ass to prevent his knot from entering her. Eventually she felt long, warm pulses from his cock, signifying that he was coming. She kept her backside at an angle to him as he pushed forward trying to embed his knot in her. She could feel it pressing up against her pussy lips but she was able to keep him out. After about five minutes of trying, as his sperm shot continually into her, he finally withdrew and lay on the carpet beside her, licking his shrinking cock until it retracted into its sheath. Ruth remained kneeling on the carpet with her chest pressed against the sofa as her belly and legs continued to tremble and quiver from the mini orgasms that still wracked her. She remained there for at least half an hour as Damon's come, mixed with her juices leaked from her pussy and ran down the insides of her legs onto the carpet. She kept trying to contract the insides of her pussy to bring it back to its normal size but Damon had spread her too wide. The feeling that she had the Lincoln Tunnel between her legs lasted for about an hour after, until the walls slowly closed on their own volition. She was finally able to struggle to her feet and stagger to the bathroom where she sat on the commode and peed as their juices leak from her battered pussy. Much later she made it upstairs to her bed and fell into a deep and peaceful sleep.

    The next day Damon acted as he normally did. She fed him, she walked him and he just lolled around the house. Later that evening as they were in the basement and she was watching the television, Damon got up and started barking. She went to the door thinking that maybe he had heard something outside but she saw nothing and no one. As she came back to the sofa, Damon tried to push his nose between her legs. "Wait a minute," thought Ruth, "he is not trying to get more pussy is he?" She decided to find out what he was trying to do. She removed her panties and sat in the sofa with her legs wide apart. Sure enough, Damon started licking her pussy. Ruth patted him on the head and said "You are just like your master, you always want pussy." As she enjoyed his licking she looked between his legs and sure enough that big cock was swinging under his belly. At that moment the telephone rang and it was her husband calling. "What are you doing?" he asked. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you." she replied. She then told him what had occurred the night before and what Damon was doing then. Her husband laughed, "I don't mind sharing you with him but nobody else."

    "Well let's see if he wants more pussy." her husband said, "turn your ass to him and keep talking to me on the phone."

    "You are a real pervert," Ruth replied but she smiled and did as her husband instructed. She knelt on the carpet, pulled he skirt up around her waist and lowered her chest onto the cushions. Without any prompting, Damon climbed on her back. "What is he doing now?" her husband asked. "He is on my back jabbing his hard cock all over my back...ooohh!!!" Hearing her sudden exclamation, her husband asked "What happened?"

    "Oh God," Ruth answered, "he found the hole." As Damon stroked her, her husband listened to her moans of pleasure on the phone. "He.. he.. he's so big," gasped Ruth as Damon drove his cock into her repeatedly. Damon fucked her good. His cock spread her pussy wide open and as their juices mingled he sank deeper and deeper into her. She kept the phone to her mouth and conversed with her husband between gasps of delight. "Oh God, I'm comin-n-n-g-g-g." wailed Ruth as her orgasm took away her control. As her husband listened to her ragged breathing brought on by the savage orgasm, she jammed her ass back against Damon in the throes of her ecstasy, not realizing nor caring that Damon had stopped stroking and was just pushing his cock deeper into her. His knot distended her cunt lips and started sliding inside her but Ruth was too trapped in the grasp of a thunderous orgasm to do anything about it. No warning bells went off this time as she grunted and pushed back against Damon. His knot slipped into the wet, slimy opening of her pussy spreading the muscle wide and entered her. Once fully inside, it began swelling. When the pain hit her, she realized that his knot was in her but it was too late to get it out because it had gotten so large that she was locked up by the giant knot. It felt like it was the size of an orange! She realized that the pain stopped if she pushed back hard against him. The deeper he was inside her, the less was the discomfort, so she pushed and made him go as deep as he could get. Damon was now coming and his cock flailed around inside her pussy, jerking and pulsing and shooting long squirts of hot come into her all at the same time. This turmoil in her pussy set her off into another orgasm and she shuddered and moaned into her husband's ear as her body gave into the scorching feeling of sexual pleasure. She clamped her pussy as tight as she was able to, holding that big knot inside her and trembled and trembled as orgasm after orgasm took both her mind and breath away.

    When she could gather her senses, she realized that Damon was no longer on her back but had turned and they were locked up like dogs are, ass to ass. Damon was trying to pull himself from her but his knot was still too big and it hurt when he pulled so, she clamped her pussy muscles down to retain him. This clamping made her start coming again as Damon's cock was still flailing and pulsing and spewing hot sperm into her. After what seemed like an eternity but what was in fact twenty minutes, Ruth felt Damon's cock begin to slide out of her pussy and the pain was minimal so she relaxed her pussy to let it ease out. Slowly the knot shrunk down to the size of a lime and little by little, eased out of her tortured pussy, exiting finally with a plopping sound. A gush of sperm and cunt juice squirted from her pussy and she had another mini orgasm. Damon curled up on the floor and licked his softening cock and her husband chuckled as she incoherently tried to tell him that the dog was finally out. "I'll be home tomorrow, baby," he whispered and Ruth smiled in her orgasmic semi-coma as she knew just what that meant.

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