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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality.

    Dana was thirty when I first met her, a tall woman, 5'10" with dark red hair, cut short. She had white, white skin. I was at the party of a friend of a friend and didn't really know anyone. It was late and I had been drinking steadily, standing on the edge of the crowd just watching the people. I hadn't noticed her earlier, but our gaze met from across the room. She has these crystal clear blue eyes that can swallow you up whole. She smiled slightly and made her way through the crowd toward me. My gut tightened at her approach, I get that way in the presence of beautiful women. She moved like a cat. She wore one of those simple black dresses that fit her like a glove. It ended just below her crotch and you knew she couldn't have anything on underneath it. Her body was lean and muscled; I was to discover she ran five miles every day. Her breasts were large and bounced slightly as she moved.

    She stopped in front of me and slowly looked at me from top to bottom.

    "You're Mark's friend Jim. Right?" Her voice had a slight accent but I couldn't tell from where.

    "Ah, yeah, ah, Mark, yeah that's right" I'm a brilliant conversationalist. I had no idea how she could know me and I didn't think Mark knew anyone that looked like this.

    "I understand you're a film maker."

    "Well actually I make technical films, you know for corporations. PR, training stuff, like that. I don't make movies if that's what you mean."

    "I'm looking for someone to make some films for me. You interested?" When she spoke she looked directly into my eyes and wearing heels, she was as tall as I.

    "What kind of films? Is this for a business or something? Are we talking a big production, several cameras, sound men, lighting?" I said too quickly. My mouth was dry and I was afraid my voice would squeak.

    "No, this is a small production." she answered, almost purring. "Actually it's more of a video record of certain events that I want to save. I'm sure you could handle it and I know you'd find it interesting. Plus I can pay well for your time."

    "I am between assignments right now and have some time. Yeah, sure I'd be interested. Let's meet and go over the details." Actually I was thinking I'd film the grass growing if she was involved.

    "Here's my address," she said pulling a card from the front of her dress. "Be there at 9:00 tomorrow night. And bring your equipment. I'd like to get an idea of the product and I have something in mind."

    She turned abruptly and walked toward the door. My eyes followed every movement until she vanished from sight through the door. I glanced down at the card she had given me. It said simply "Dana" One Woodbridge Lane. I knew where Woodbridge Lane was and it wasn't in the cheap seats.

    The next day crawled along; it was like waiting for Ed and Dick to show up with that big check. At 8:30 I was in the car, my gear stowed in the trunk. I drove west out of the city to the address on the card.

    Her house sat alone on a small hill just past the new development. I turned off the road through the stone archway and followed the winding driveway up to the big stone house. The house had to have at least 15 rooms. I wondered where she got her money, probably the old fashioned way, from her daddy. I parked in front of the entranceway and got my gear from the trunk. I pushed the doorbell and could hear chimes echo from inside. The huge wooden door swung back and there she stood.

    I found myself staring right into her tits. She had on a black leather corset that ran from her hips to just below her breasts. The corset held her breasts straight out, her nipples were erect, at least a half-inch long and seemed to be pointing at me. After a moment I looked up at her face to find her smiling at me, obviously she had gotten the reaction she was looking for. She wore a black leather collar about three inches wide around her neck. The collar had three rows of short silver spikes. My eyes traveled down her body. She wore no panties and her pussy was shaven clean. Her cunt lips seemed to pout at me. She wore black nylons attached by straps to the corset and five-inch heels, which is why her tits were staring me in the face.

    "I see you brought your equipment, excellent. Please come in, I want to get started right away."

    Her voice snapped my head up from starring at her pussy. I followed her into the entryway and she shut the door behind me.

    "My equipment? Uh, yeah, I brought my equipment. Ah..." I was looking for something to say but couldn't think of anything to cover the situation. I glanced around the foyer. The floor was stone, slate or something like it and lead to a massive wooden staircase. Closed double doors lead to rooms off both sides.

    "I trust you're not uncomfortable with the way I'm dressed." She said, teasingly. "As I told you I want you to document for me certain events. You'll be filming here in the house and on the grounds of the estate. I have had a room here in the house equipped with everything you'll need to edit the video here. For reasons which will become clear to you, I don't want the video leaving the property."

    "An edit suite is pretty expensive to put together, I'll check it out to see if you have everything." I found it hard to carry on a conversation with a very beautiful, most naked woman.

    "You can do that later, don't worry though I spared no expense. Bring you camera and follow me, I'll show you where we'll be filming tonight."

    I followed her back alongside the staircase to a door which I guessed lead to the basement. I stared at her ass as she walked in front of me. Her butt checks were full and firm; her legs muscled. She opened the door and started down the stairs. At the bottom she turned right and opened a door that lead into a large, brightly lit room. The room was about twenty feet wide and thirty feet long. Mirrors from floor to ceiling covered the far wall. The wall opposite the door we had entered trough was covered with black curtains. There was no furniture in the room, but in the middle sat a raised platform, about ten feet square and 12 inches high, covered with dark blue carpet. The rest of the floor was covered with black tile of some sort. On the ceiling, running from end to end were two tracks about thirty inches apart, from these tracks hung several short chains, which ended in large rings. It looked like the chains could slide along the tracks and be positioned anywhere along the room.

    The most striking thing about the room was its occupants. In front of the curtains stood a very large black man. He was easily six and a half feet tall. He was naked except for boots laced to his knees and a leather hood, which completely covered his face except for cutouts for his eyes and mouth. His skin was like polished ebony. His cock was huge and hung nearly half way to his knees. It had to be eight inches long and that was still soft. In his left hand he held a leather leash and attached to the other end was a huge black Great Dane. The dog stood better than three feet tall at the shoulder. His coat shinny black. He wore leather booties on his fore legs. He was staring at Dana, his tongue hanging out.

    " Get your camera ready." She said to me. She was staring intently at the two figures across the room. "This is Jacob and Duke. Let me be clear, you job is to film, do not interfere."

    She walked over to the platform and sat down on the edge. I hurried to get my video camera out of its case. I made sure I had a tape cassette inserted and that the battery was fully charged. I put the camera on my shoulder and began to record.

    Dana lay back on the platform and raised her long legs in the air. She spread her legs and opened her pussy. I moved quickly around so I could zoom in on her cunt. Jacob bent down and released Duke from his leash. The dog immediately trotted over and put his muzzle in Dana's crotch. Her mouth opened and a low moan escaped, I think in anticipation of what was to come.

    "That's it Duke." Dana said. "Does my pussy smell good?"

    Duke responded by starting to lick her pussy. As the dog licked her, his tongue parted the lips of her cunt and dipped inside for just a moment before traveling on to her clit.

    "That's a good boy!" Dana purred. She snapped her fingers and Jacob moved to the platform. He stood by Dana's head facing the dog and grasped her ankles pulling them toward him. This raised her hips and put Dana's asshole into the path of Duke's tongue.

    I moved over beside the dog and dropped to one knee to get a close up Duke's red tongue lapping up Dana's cunt juices, which were flowing freely. I panned the camera up toward her face pausing for a moment on her tit. Her nipples were rigidly erect and seemed to have grown longer then when I had first seen them. On her face was a look of total pleasure.

    I panned back to the dog and noticed his cock had begun to emerge from its hairy sheath. I was surprised at how long and thick it was and how very red.

    Jacob dropped to his knees straddling Dana's face, his cock hung down touching her lips. Dana opened her mouth wide and sucked in the head of that enormous black cock. She used one hand to stroke it while moans escaped from around the dick.

    Duke was becoming more agitated, his hips starting to buck. He stopped licking Dana's cunt and barked sharply. Dana released Jacob's cock from her mouth and motioned to him. He released her legs and she rolled over and rose to her hand and knees. She moved to the center of the platform, Jacob backing before her, his massive cock now completely hard bobbed in her face. Duke bound up on the platform and immediately tried to mount her. I could see now why he wore the leather booties on his fore legs. Duke began humping wildly, his cock poking Dana's ass and thighs.

    "Help him Jacob!" Dana begged. Jacob moved around behind her and reached under the dog. I zoomed the camera in to catch Jacob insert Duke's red cock into Dana's pussy. Duke hopped forward and buried his cock completely in his mistress. Dana let out a little scream as Duke pounded her. Jacob moved around to Dana's face and grabbed her hair jamming his cock down her throat.

    I moved back to get the entire scene of this beautiful white woman with a black dog humping madly on one end, while this huge black man rammed his cock in and out of her mouth. Dana's body rocked back and forth between them, her tits swaying beneath her. I moved to the rear and zoomed in on Duke's cock. At least six inches of beet red dog cock fucked in and out of her. I noticed a large swelling forming near the base of Duke's cock. Quickly it grew to the size of a tennis ball. The knot pounded the entrance to her cunt and suddenly slipped in, a squeal escaped Dana's mouth from around Jacob's black cock. I couldn't believe it. The dog's cock now seemed to be locked inside her and though Duke continued to hump away none of his dick escaped her pussy.

    Duke's bucking became more frenzied. Dana tried to keep pace rocking back the meet every thrust.

    "Oh God he's cumming!" she yelled dropping Jacob's cock from her mouth.

    Duke's humping slowed and finally stopped. He clung to Dana's waist with his for legs, panting. After a moment he began trying to back away from her and after a few jumps his knot popped from her pussy. Dog cum ran from Dana's pussy and down the inside of her thighs.

    Jacob walked behind her and stood facing her upraised ass. His cock stood stiffly out from his body. It still glistened with Dana's saliva. He put his hand between her shoulder blades and pushed her head to the carpet so that her ass opened before him. Holding his cock in one hand he pushed it into her cunt. I was amazed to see that huge member disappear inside her. Jacob stroked in and out a couple of times coating his cock with juices from Duke and Dana. He with drew from her pussy, which gaped open for a moment. He positioned the giant head of his dick at Dana's puckered anus and pushed. Dana groaned and pushed back. I didn't think she could take the big of a tool in her ass. But it was well lubricated by dog cum and slowly the huge cock pushed past her sphincter muscle and I watch as all 10 or 11 inches slip inside. Jacob stood still for a moment. Dana looked like a white Popsicle on a black stick.

    Slowly Jacob began to move, drawing his member out of Dana's ass until just the head was in and then shoving the entire length back in. Duke had walked around and stood in front of Dana who dipped her head under the dog's belly and took his cock into her mouth. She sucked its entire length into her mouth. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked the last of Duke's cum from his balls.

    Jacob held her hips and began to rapidly pound in and out of her asshole. He suddenly pulled out of her and grabbed his dick. Dana's asshole gapped open from the intrusion of that huge cock. Jacob jerked his cock several times until cum exploded from the head. I zoomed the camera in to catch his cum squirting down Dana's open anus. He then jammed his cock once again into her ass. I could see Dana's entire body shudder. He pulled from her body and stepped down from the platform. Duke jumped down and followed him through the curtains and out of the room.

    Dana remained still, her face pressed into the carpet of the platform. Her face had a dreamy look to it. I panned the camera to her still upraised ass. Cum ran from her anus and cunt. They both looked red and inflamed. After a moment she rolled over and sat on the edge of the platform.

    "That's all for tonight." She said a slight smile on her face. "Can you find your way out? Leave the camera and call me tomorrow." With that she walked through the door and out of the room. I could hear her footsteps as she climbed the stairs. I shut the camera off and put it back in the case. I stood for a moment, hardly believing what I had filmed but looking forward to the next session.

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