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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, dogsex.

    The Adventure Continues...

    It's Saturday morning around 7am when I first awoke. Immediately the tasks that needed to be done begin to flood through my mind. Oh well, better get an early start I thought. Throwing back the covers, I scrambled out of bed and headed for the shower. Ah, that feels good I thought as the hot water massaged my body. Shit, only one problem. The way the water jets sprays the water onto my breasts and nipples always gets me horny. Gently slipping a hand downward towards my sex, I gently rub my clit for a brief second or two. No no, I said. I won't get anything done if I start that now. Stepping out of the shower, towelling myself off, I throw a flimsy tee-shirt on for my morning chores. Now, for a nice hot cup of coffee.

    Sitting at the kitchen table sipping on my java, I think what should I do first on my list. Hmm, gonna get sorta warm today so guess I should take care of washing the car first.

    Gathering all the stuff I needed to clean my MC I headed to the back door. Oops, better put something else on. Nah, just gonna wash the car, it's still early, the yard is hidden from view, and shit it's warm out anyway. Besides I love the non-restrictiveness of this flimsy short shirt. And plus I'm an exhibitionist.

    I had been washing the car for about half and hour when the sun really began to shine. This tee-shirt has got to go I thought, its too darn hot. Not having that much more to do and being out of site of passers by, I pulled it over my head and laid it on the banister rail of the deck just in case. So now here I am cleaning away at my car in the yard, completely nude! This isn't really strange for me since I spend most of my time nude when home alone. (don't forget, I share a house with my brother)

    Cleaning away at my car and humming a song to myself I started thinking of the next chore I had to do today which would probably be to clean the house. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I caught a movement coming from behind the utility building just at the edge of the back yard. It had startled me at first but as my eyes focused on it I saw that it was only a dog. A rather large black and tan hound dog. Hmm, I don't recognize him. Better make sure he isn't mean and stuff. Not exactly dressed to be attacked by a vicious dog, I thought to myself. Get, I shouted. Trying to see if I could scare him away. Nothing doing. The stupid thing just stopped and looked at me wagging his tail and panting with his tongue hanging out. OK, I said. Least that's a good sign that you don't attack at first sight. He should be no problem I said. Leave him be I thought.

    Back to matters at hand. Bending and stooping to clean and shine my wheels and back to my humming I all but forgot about him. Around the car he came right up too me and just sat on his rear just starring at me. Hiya boy I said. Where did you come from I asked as if he could answer. Well maybe you can I that. All I have to do is look at the tag on his collar. Dropping the rag I was using to clean with, I moved towards him to read the tag. As I leaned forward I petted and rubbed his head to let him know I was indeed friendly and meant him no harm. As I was reading the tag he moved his head upwards and gave me several quick and rough licks with his tongue right across my left breast and nipple!! Hubba Hubba boy. Now this dog doesn't know me so he had no idea that doggy luv does not offend me anymore. But I didn't know him either so I was not going to initiate anything between us. I saw whom he belonged to and that his name was Raskle (he he) and I made a mental note of the phone number so I could call them when I went back inside the house. I petted him on the head again and said good boy and returned to my car cleaning.

    I opened the door to the car to start brushing off the seats. As I leaned into the car I was half stooping and bending leaving my ass completely and most pleasantly exposed and presented. Well Raskle must have liked it cause the hound walked right up to me and started licking my ass with those quick and rough licks of his. At first because of my awkward position I couldn't move to get away from his advances but as his tongue moved from my ass cheeks to my also very exposed pussy, I cried out, or did I? Shit, I thought, that feels great. I stayed as I was and let him have his way with me. Raskle licked and probed my now wet pussy with his tongue for seemingly and eternity. He licked from the bottom of my pussy to the top of my ass in one complete thrilling swipe of his wet and hot tongue. I tried desperately to position my ass so his tongue would focus mainly on my clit. Finally I did. And off I went. He sent me into a mind-blowing orgasm, one right after the other. The more my juices flowed, the faster Raskle seemed to lick me. As he did this I managed to support myself on the seat with my face and head and massaged and pinch my nipples with one hand while fingering my clit with the other. In doing so I often felt him licking my fingers as I spread my juice all around my cunt and ass for him. Finally Raskle backed off from his licking as I just laid there limp from utter satisfaction and amazement.

    I was able after a while to compose myself and scramble out from the car back onto the ground where I faced my attacker. I sat my bottom on the door runner of the car and starred at Raskle whom was also sitting on the ground licking his tongue out and starring at me all dreaming eyed as if to ask was it good for you. The position he was in my eyes drifted downward towards his sheath where I noticed for the first time that this was indeed sexual for him. His cock was extended from its sheath all the way to the knot. Raskle was to my surprise at least 7 inches long and well around 1 1/2 in diameter. Who would have guessed. What breed was he anyway? Shit what a I cock I thought. Reaching out to pet him again on the head to show friend ship again, I lowered my other hand to his lower belly and gently begin to stroke him. He responded immediately by licking my face all over. Even across my mouth he licked and several times I opened my mouth to let his tongue enter my mouth almost as if we were French kissing. My hand began to travel lower until I reached his sheath and could feel the swell of his knot. Oh Raskle what do we have here boy I asked, as he continued to lick my face. I stroked him gently but steadily bring him to full arousal. As I began to touch and stroke his cock he stood and almost spread his legs and arched his back giving me better access to his now rock hard cock. I moved to the ground just under him giving me perfect position for what I knew I was about to do. I raised my head and sucked Raskle's cock into my mouth causing him to hunch forward. I licked him slowly at first as I continued stroking him. He seemed to be enjoying this I thought due to the way he seemed to be trembling. I started to suck him a little faster and a little deeper. The more I sucked him the larger it seemed he became. I could feel and taste the watery fluid he was releasing into my mouth almost in a steady stream. For a spell there I thought he might be peeing in my mouth. I kept sucking for I don't know how long. As I really got into sucking him I felt him start hunching his bottom forward into my mouth, his legs started trembling more and he started whining. Faster still I sucked as I continued to massage his sheath and balls until suddenly he stood motionless and............

    Cum cum and still more cum poured into my mouth and deep down my throat. He spurted that hot and gooey cum of his into me as I had no choice but to swallow hard so as not to gag. I jerked him hard to try and get all of it and still he was shooting in my mouth. It flowed out of mouth and down my cheeks and onto my neck breast and regretfully the ground. Finally it appeared he had finished shooting his load but I continued sucking him. He seemed to be trying to get away now but remembering a little trick I had learned. I used the hand that I had been massaging his balls with I quickly let a finger travel right up to his anus and begin to probe around and in it. Playing with a dogs ass fools them into thinking they have to relieve themselves so they automatically stand still. As I was fingering this strange dog Raskel's ass I was able to continue enjoying the sweet sensation of sucking on his still amazingly hard cock. After a while I figured he had had enough so I released him from my sucking and probing of his ass. Raskle quickly retreated a few feet away and began licking his own cock maybe in trying to clean it or maybe soothe it, maybe both. Wow, what an animal I thought. And I thought Rusty (my own private shepherd) was something.

    Oh well, I quickly finished with the car, although it was hard to concentrate with Raskle lying over there still staring at me, but I finally completed cleaning the car. Putting the stuff away I thought it only fitting that I should at least feed and water Raskle. After all, I was famished myself. I went into the house, retrieved a bowl of food and water and called to Raskle. He seemed reluctant to venture up on the deck but my gentle voice must have assured him it was all right. As he lapped up his food and water as I rubbed his head and body all over thinking that I sort of hated to call his rightful owners to come and get him, but I did. I phoned them and a lady named Beth said that she would be over that afternoon to get him when her husband came home with the car. I told her that was find and gave her directions to my house.

    I continued with my day's chores often going to the door to check and see if Raskle was still there. As soon as I opened the door he would sprang to his feet and start licking out his tongue and wagging his tail. Smiling to myself I shoved the notion of what I still wanted to do but was afraid time wouldn't permit so I tried to put it out and to the back of my mind. Even though I had come several times from the licking he had given me, I was still as horny as could be. Well, my brother will have Rusty back here day after tomorrow. Guess I will have to wait for him I thought.

    Around 5 o'clock Beth called and said that she would be unable to come pick up Raskle and if it were OK with me she should be able to get here sometime the next day. No problem I said. He's being a great companion I said smiling to myself. After some idle chit chat we said our good byes and hung up.

    Now my wicked mind was truly off and running as well as my juices again. I quickly hurried to finish my house chores as well as cooked dinner in case Franky, my brother, decided to come home for dinner. After doing all this I remembered that I hadn't showered since my morning encounter with Raskel.

    As I sat in the tub soaking for almost an hour, I couldn't get that sensation of wanting to come from something other than my fingers and a rough tongue. I needed something hard and furious to fuck the shit out of me right now. Now why don't I masturbate quickly again and call it a day and just relax back with a good old movie. Hey, that's how this all started with rusty, remember, I thought. (Don't tell me U didn't read DogBitch 1) Deciding not too rub myself silly I scrambled out the tub, grabbed a towel and thought I would go out on the deck and catch the last of the afternoon rays. As I stepped out on the deck I had all forgotten about Raskel, honest. Guess he had forgotten about me too cause I had already stretched out in the lounge chair in the back yard, completely nude, when it darned on me that I didn't see him. Aha he must have left I thought, oh well better call Beth back and tell her.

    I don't know how long I lay there, don't think I really went to sleep but suddenly I was licked back into reality by the most wonderful sensation. Ohhhh, I thought, Rusty hon, you're back! As I turned my head to greet him I saw that it was not my Rusty, but rather Raskel who had returned and was now taking such liberties with me. Having met him only hours before, and already the two of us having been properly introduced in a manner of speaking, I didn't push him away. Instead I arched my back and raised my ass in the air to allow him and his swirling tongue better access to my quickly moistening pussy. God did it feel great. Raskel was not only licking my pussy but was making complete swipes from my clit, up through between and deeply into my pussy and not completing the lick until he reached the top to the crack of my also wet and sensitive ass. The more he licked me the wetter and hotter I became and the more I shoved my ass back to him. He licked me tirelessly for what must have been ten minutes or so and I must have come four or five times and still I was dying for more and more he seemed to want also.

    This animal knew how to lick a woman's pussy for sure. He couldn't possibly be this good and attentive without someone showing him how. No man was this good the first time they ate pussy. Shit he was driving me insane with just his tongue. Oh god, gonna come really hard this time I thought as I felt my insides starting to quiver violently again. NO NO NO, why did you stop Raskel I thought, and just as I was thinking that I felt his enormous weight trying, fighting to climb on my back. Realizing now that he did have sence enough to try and make me his Bitch, I knew it wouldn't work to well with me still in the chair. Shoving him backwards some so I could get down on the ground, my new Master let out a deep growl. Wo boy I said, I'm not going anywhere. Me you want, me you gonna get. Must not have been moving fast enough cause he growled louder again and showed a few teeth till I was obedient enough to present my ass to him once again. Only a few quick licks deep into the depths of my pussy did he take before I felt him climb upon my back and start hunching forward. I could feel a few quick jabs of his monster cock trying to find access to his just reward so I reached back between my legs, taking hold of him and guided him right into me.

    EEACHHHHH, I screamed, Raskel plunged straight into my pussy with one mighty stab. Deep into my pussy he pounded quickly and violently. Gee, holy shit I shouted as I tried to crawl forwards some to try and escape his force. Again I heard him growl above me as he too crawled forward. Making the mistake of moving forward again, I suddenly realized that I would have to succumb to being his bitch for as long as he wanted and in anyway he wanted. What I felt was his mighty jaws clamp around the back of my neck to hold me in place. He wasn't biting me in the since we often think of when we think of a dog bite, but rather he just clamped his jaws around the back of my neck more like a vice. A vice with teeth. Having me in his grasp this way I couldn't move at all and he was now fucking the ever lasting shit out of me. More and more he slammed his cock into me until I suddenly felt him work his knot into me. God did it feel huge, but I could tell that it was not through swelling. My pussy lips were having no choice but to stretch with him. Having his knot firmly in place now he released my neck from his jaws, and even with the knot locked inside me I could still feel his cock plunging in me and twitching. I don't know how long he fucked me or how many times I came. All I know is I just slumped my head to the ground there in my own back yard and let myself scream, come, and even be scratched all to hell by his front claws on my back. Raskel was drooling all over my neck and back now. Finally after I don't know how long I felt him arch really hard and sort of let out a high pitched whine, and then I could feel his hot cum flood me. Feeling that hot cum flood my womb this way, I too let out another scream and cam the unteenth time today. I could feel his cum spraying my insides till I thought it impossible for him to have another drop but still I could feel something leaking inside me. Wow, would this never end I thought. But end I really didn't want it too. This was just too damn much.

    Raskel I guess finally had enough, cause I felt him suddenly turn and try to climb off me. Only one problem. Yep, we were definitely stuck together. I could feel how large his knot still was and I knew we wouldn't be going anywhere for a while. Might as well enjoy it I thought. Reaching back between my legs I could feel how wet and messy I was from the doggy cum that had leaked from my pussy now. Wiping some of on my fingers I brought them to my lips and licked just to relish the taste and remember the experience. I did this over and over till my legs, thighs, and outer parts of my pussy were all cleaned up, while still tied to Raskel.

    Plop, I heard and felt my pussy go as Raskel and I were finally free from each other. I turned to look at him and his cock and I couldn't believe that I had actually taken all that cock that I saw dangling between his legs. What a prize this animal was. And I had to give him back. Don't know bout that I thought smiling to myself. Gotta think of something. Wouldn't it be grand to be driving home wondering which one I was gonna get fucked by, Rusty or Raskel? Hmmmm, maybe both even, hehehe........

    Oh well, clean up time again.

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    Wow, I would loved to have been there to watch Rusty do his wonderful thing and start this new era with you. I am very happy that you finally published some things and wish to read more of your adventures with Rusty and who ever....I would love to tell you about Bosco, King and my beautiful wife Sonya. Maybe we could connect and talk about it. Hope to hear back.

    Aug 14 2006 20:31
    Wow, sometimes I wish I was a woman instead of a man. I would own 3 large male dogs. I wouldn't even mind cleaning up after them! I sure would not have them fixed but they would not be out breeding other dogs in the neighborhood, I would certainly give them enough that they would be 100% satisfied!!

    Jun 16 2007 11:49
    you write so well susan brown, well done, can we have more please. thank you.xxxx

    May 29 2010 13:52
    great story sounded like it really happened

    Mar 12 2013 23:09
    Not only a hot story, but you sound like one hot lady. I would love to know you as a friend!!!

    Jul 8 2013 18:22
    Trying to learn more about k9 sex
    Any one want to chat email me

    Apr 26 2017 16:15
    Love your story

    Apr 26 2017 16:16
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