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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, teens, dogsex.

    "To find the derivative of something like x^3, take the exponent, put it at the front, and subtract one from that exponent. That'd be 3x^2," a voice said in the back of Elen's mind. 18-year-old Elen Cavendish sat in Intro to Calculus, half-listening to the teacher. Finding herself utterly unable to concentrate on the teacher, she turned her attention to more interesting things; like drawing people, flowers, and whatever else came to mind in her notebook. The boredom of sitting still for the last hour filled her mind. The only redeeming thought was that it would be over in just five minutes, then she could go home.

    "Why is everything in my life so boring?" she thought to herself, "I wish I had a little spice in my life." Elen had plenty of friends, but in her small town of 1,500 people, there wasn't much to do with them. Hanging out was only interesting for so long.

    Elen was shaken out of her thoughts by the ringing of the bell. Freedom. She packed up her belongings and stuffed them into her backpack. She didn't have any homework, but she always brought her books home anyway, just to make her parents happy. Going out into the hall, she lingered in college a moment longer to make conversation with some of her friends and to be hit on by a couple of boys. Boys had taken an interest in her ever since she hit puberty. Her slim, shapely figure and early development of her breasts had made her a hit with the opposite sex. Add in silky-smooth, bright blond hair and cute face, and what do you get? A very sexy girl.

    Elen reciprocated, too. She even had had sex several times with one special boy, John. He moved away last year. Since then she simply didn't have the urge to do it with any of the other boys at her college anymore. Elen had always been one of the most intelligent and mature students at her college. This actually posed a problem for her sex drive, since she simply couldn't bring herself be interested in an immature or intellectually inferior boy. She appreciated their attention, though.

    With nothing else to do around college, she left and headed for home. For her it was a two-mile, half-an-hour walk. Her typical route followed roads most of the time, but took a shortcut through a field with high grasses.

    Half way through the field Elen spotted a dog in her path. It was a large German Shepherd. It didn't make any aggressive moves towards her or growl, so she didn't feel any danger. Taking a closer look, she noticed it didn't have any collar on, thought its fur looked clean and well kept.

    "Hello, boy," she said in a soft, calming voice, "Where did you come from? Are you lost?"

    Elen had always had a deep compassion for animals, and her heart went out to the big dog. Surely it had a home to go home to. She slowly made her way over to the dog, being careful not to spook him. The entire way she tried to sooth him by talking to him softly, and holding her hands out invitingly. Her efforts were rewarded: she got all the way to him. He didn't run away or growl in warning.

    "Are you someone's pet, boy?" she cooed as she petted him.

    While she stood there petting him and talking to him softly for some time, Elen thought about what she should do with him. She couldn't take him home, since her parents had no tolerance for pets of any kind. She couldn't take him to an animal shelter, since her town didn't have one.

    Her thoughts were abruptly interrupted when the huge German Shepherd leapt up at her, licking her face and knocked her onto her back. Since it was May, it quite warm, and Elen wore a short skirt to college that day. Now that skirt rode up around her waist, and her legs reflexively spread to help her try to break her fall. The dog took this opportunity to access her pussy, which was now being covered with only a thin layer of cloth. Startled, it took her several seconds to realize what he was doing.

    "Bad boy! You can't lick me there. That's wrong. Stop," Elen cried.

    He either didn't understand her or didn't care. He just kept on licking her crotch through the panties. Instinctively, she closed her legs. The huge dog growled in response.

    Realizing that he could probably kill her with a single bite to the neck, she fearfully opened her legs. He immediately resumed his licking. It didn't take long before her panties were soaked with his saliva. Elen was very scared, and had no sexual interest in dogs. Despite her lack of interest a desire began to stir deep within her. He began to lick her panties into her pussy lips. She couldn't deny that it felt great.

    "How long is this going to last?" She asked more to herself than to him. Moments later, he dexterously grabbed hold of her panties with his teeth and tore them open. Amazingly Elen was totally unharmed. Now with her privates exposed and vulnerable she finally made her realize what he was about to do. This was not going to end any time soon. He wanted to be satisfied. Horrified, Elen began to back away from him. A loud growl and a gentle but pain nip on the leg let her know that he meant business. She stopped dead in her tracks.

    He now had full access to her vagina. He greedily started licking all around and even into her hairless pussy. The rough wetness of his tongue rhythmically scraped against her clitoris. If she wasn't aroused before, she was now. Every fiber of her being knew that this was wrong, and yet her primal instincts still couldn't resist the sexual stimulation this animal was providing her. Elen began to pant and moan under his continued assault on her clitoris and invasion of her vagina with his tongue. It didn't take long before her lubricating juices began to flow on their own and the German Shepherd eagerly explored her pussy, seeking them out. He relentlessly lapped them up.

    Despite all the pleasure she felt, she knew she couldn't let him go any further, at least at the intellectual, civilized level. In her mind, she formulated a plan for escape. She would twist around and get up, then make a run for it. Even if she didn't make it back to her house, almost anything was better than getting raped by a dog. Maybe, she thought, she could find a tree branch or big stone to use as a weapon to scare him off with.

    Elen made her move. She twisted around and got onto her hands and knees. Just before she was able to get fully to her feet, she felt his powerful forepaws wrap around her slim waist. His weight was like an anchor and she sunk back to her hands and knees with him on top. His rough paws scratched her sensitive sides, and his coarse stomach hair brushed against her back. She struggled valiantly for a minute, but there was no way she, a 110-pound girl, could get him, a 190-pound dog, off of her.

    "Great escape, Elen. Way to go," she thought to herself. "What's he going to do now?"

    That's when she felt the tip of his cock touch her bare thigh. She hadn't realized that he would try to actually penetrate her. She didn't think such a thing was even possible between a dog and a human, but here she was. Elen looked down between her hands and knees and saw it. It was huge. It was at least nine inches long, bright red, and glistening wetly.

    "Oh fuck! I can't let this happen to me!" She struggled with all her might, but all it served to do is exhaust her. Once she finished struggling, the victorious dog began to try to find her pussy. Elen's pussy was wet and open from her previous stimulation. It was ready, even if she was not. He was used to the height a pussy was on a bitch, not a human, so he kept jabbing and missing. Each jab he went a little higher, until finally he hit what he was searching for, Elen's pussy. Elen let out a cry of despair, finally resigning herself to what was about to happen. After entering her, the German Shepherd made a quick series of thrusts, which pushed his entire cock deep into her. His cock now fully inside her, Elen could feel the tip of his cock pushing against her cervix. At first the stretching of her pussy hurt a lot, but before long it subsided. She had to admit, this felt totally unlike her experience with John. This dog's cock felt hot inside her. Strangely enough, that heat felt very erotic, and only heightened her pleasure. This dog was almost much larger than John, filling her fully and completely.

    Finally comfortable and situated, the dog began to hump her at a rapid pace. In and out. In and out. Every time he pushed fully into her, the tip of his cock would press against her cervix, and the fur at the base of his cock would brush against her clit, which by this time was engorged in arousal. Her mid-sized tits jiggled back and forth with every hump, and her nipples hardened. The pleasure rapidly built within her. Before long she couldn't help herself, and she began to hump back at him. Feeling something wet hit her neck, Elen looked up at him. His tongue was hanging out of his mouth and was dripping his saliva all over her hair and neck. At this point, Elen was so horny so as to be past all reason and morals. She opened her mouth and let some of his saliva drop into it. Surprisingly, it tasted good to her. The thought of performing such a taboo act hit her then, and pushed her over the edge into oblivion. She orgasmed. Hard. She screamed out in bliss for what seamed like forever. The sounds of her screams were muffled by the old-growth trees surrounding the field. No one would be hearing them. The orgasm seemingly made every muscle in her body fire spasmodically, and still the dog continued to hump. Seconds after the orgasm subsided, she felt a pressure developing at the base of his penis, just outside of her pussy-- his knot.

    A sudden fear of being torn apart by it seized Elen. She took hold of the base of his cock to prevent it from entering her. It felt hard, hot, and a slightly slimy. It continued to grow until it was almost as big as a baseball. Then his frantic pace slowed to a stop. Thinking it was over, she let go of his cock. Suddenly, he pushed forward with tremendous force, almost knocking her face into the ground. The huge knot pushed itself half way into her. Before she could stop him, he humped again and it was pushed the rest of the way into her vagina, where it lodged itself. Her pussy hurt, as it was stretched to unbelievable proportions to allow the knot to enter.
    The huge dog humped a couple more times, softly, then stopped and seemed to tense up. He howled, and she felt his cock begin to spew cum deep into her womb. His cum was even hotter than his cock and it boiled deliciously into her. He continued to spurt cum into her for what seemed like forever. Elen felt their combined juices running down her leg. Finally it stopped. The huge dog let out a contented sigh, and licked her neck affectionately. After a beat, he tried to pull out of her, but his knot held him it, and it caused her some pain.

    "How could I let this happen to me?" She thought. "I've got to get out of here." He tried to pull away quickly, hoping it would yank out. The knot held fast however, and pain shot through her abused pussy. She almost panicked, but realized that if she struggled it would only hurt her more. Reluctantly she resigned herself to waiting it out. It had to go down eventually, right?

    After a minute, his cock shriveled inside her, but his knot stayed enflamed. He kept dribbling cum into her slowly, and by now the back of her hair was soaked with his drool. Elen ignored it and waited impatiently. Twenty minutes later she tried to put it out again. With a wet pop it slid out of her. The pop was followed by a gush of their combined juices down her legs.

    Realizing she was free, she shuffled out from under the big dog as fast as she could. He looked at her for a moment, and then ran off into the high grass. All alone, Elen broke down. A loud sob escaped her mouth, and she collapsed onto the soft grass.

    "What could possibly be more humiliating or awful? I can't even tell a single person about this. If anyone ever knew..." Elen cried. After a few minutes, she gathered her emotions, and decided to get home and clean up before her parents could find out. She quickly gathered up her belongings and torn panties and headed home. She walked with her legs spread widely. Walking normally hurt her abused pussy.

    When she arrived home she saw her mom's car in the driveway.

    "Shit! How long late am I?"

    Knowing that she must look like shit, she snuck into to her bedroom window as quietly as she could. Silently, she changed her cloths then made her way to the bathroom. Before she made it there, her mom saw and intercepted her.

    "Oh there you, you're late-- what happened to you? You're all dirty." Her mom asked, with genuine concern in her voice.

    "Uh... I stayed late to go over some things with my one teacher, uh, on the way home I tripped on a branch and fell," Elen replied as convincingly as possible.

    "Are you sure you're OK? Well, get a shower," her mom said. Elen exhaled in relief. "I'm making dinner now. Your father is working late, so we'll be on our own tonight."

    Elen took a long hot shower. The water felt great, washing all the dirt and grime of her traumatizing experience from her tired body. After the shower she ate dinner and spent the night with her mom, watching TV and chatting as casually as she was able.

    Night came, and Elen lay in her bed, thinking. She touched herself gently on her nether lips and realized that the dog hadn't actually hurt her permanently in any way. In fact, he had never acted threatening; as long as she had did what he wanted. She pushed her finger further into her vagina. His cum filling her had felt so... good. I bet there is still a ton of his sperm swimming around within me.

    "What is wrong with me? Having sex with dogs is wrong. And yet... It felt good. That, I cannot deny. If it felt good, what is so bad about it? He's a fucking animal," she argued back and forth with herself in her thoughts.

    After thinking about it for almost an hour, she decided to go through the field again the next day on the way home. If the dog was there, she'd give herself to him freely. The pleasure he gave her was too good a thing to pass by. With those thoughts in mind, she finally let herself fall into deep sleep.


    Elen woke the next morning feeling more content and rested than she had been in a long time. She was still a little achy, but in a way it made her felt more alive. Slowly she got up and got dressed. Today she decided to wear another skirt, this one slightly shorter than the one she wore yesterday, and a white blouse. After getting dressed, she followed the smell of breakfast into the kitchen, where her mother was making bacon and eggs.

    "'Morning, mom."

    "Good morning, hun," her mom replied, smiling.

    Soon after Elen came out, her father did too. They greeted each other and they all sat down to eat. Stuffed, she got up from the table, retrieved her books from her room, said goodbye to her parents, and began her walk to college. This time she avoided the field, not wanting to run into the dog again prematurely.

    Elen's day at college progressed like almost any other. This time, however, she thought about her episode with the German Shepherd the entire day, even drawing pictures of him in several classes. At lunch she paid half-attention to the conversations her friends were having. Several periods later, she was delighted to hear the sound of the last bell. Elen already had her belongings packed up, and she rushed out of college, not stopping to chat with anyone. Her friends looked at each other and wondered why Elen was acting so strange that day. Elen walked to the field as fast as she could without arousing suspicion from anyone. Finally she got to the place she met the dog the day before.

    "Dog? Are you here?" she called, thinking she'd have to name him soon. It just wasn't right to be fucked by someone or something without knowing their name. Elen decided to wait. She was a couple minutes earlier than she had been the previous day. While she waited, she set her backpack down, and took off her panties. Recalling the day before, she began to get wet. She had been reluctant then, even raped, but now she was here on her own free will. Getting hornier by the minute, she laid down on a particularly soft looking tuft of grass and began to finger herself.

    A few minutes later, at almost the exact same time as yesterday, he came out of the high grass. The huge German Shepherd looked at her, barked his greeting, then ran over to her. He nuzzled her playfully. Elen petted him, and he licked her face several times, getting saliva all over it. Not one to waste time, Elen spread her legs and invited him to feast upon her.

    "Here, boy. I've got something for you I know you'll love."

    He didn't waste any time either. Before Elen knew it, his tongue was buried deep inside her pussy. His tongue wiggled around inside of her and Elen squirmed in pleasure. In a few short minutes, she could feel orgasm nearing. His rough dog tongue constantly stimulated her clit, making waves of pleasure spread through her entire body and her spine tingle. The orgasm hit her like a sack of bricks. Elen arched her back, spread her legs as far as she could, and screamed in ecstasy. Her screams echoed off the trees surrounded the field and made a flock of birds fly into the air. Her vision blurred and got dark, she was that close to passing out. Unconsciously, she wrapped her legs around the dog's head and pushed him into her deeper.

    Finally coming down from her five-minute orgasm, she decided it was time for him to fuck her. He had certainly earned it. Elen flipped around and climbed onto her hands and knees. The huge dog backed away for a moment, then mounted her, and wrapped his front paws around her waist. Elen looked up at him, smiled, and kissed him. With one of her hands she reached down behind her and grabbed his red, hot cock, which had already emerged from its sheath. Carefully, she aligned it with her gaping, ready pussy.

    "Oh God, its so much better when I'm willing... Okay, now fuck my brains out," She said to him.

    As if he understood her, the dog plunged his entire red cock deep into her vagina. Before long he began to thrust in and out of her wet pussy, slowly at first, but rapidly picking up speed. His rough fur brushed incessantly against her sensitive clitoris and her spine tingled pleasurably. Elen humped him back eagerly, and soon they developed a rhythm together. With the constant stimulation of his fur on her skin, and his cock within her, Elen didn't last long. She came hard, and clamped down on his cock with her vaginal muscles. Her world exploded as the bliss consumed her.

    "Ahhh! Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me! Yes!" she cried.

    Elen came down from her orgasm, but the dog continued to fuck her at a frantic pace. Minutes later she came again. Not as powerful as her first, but far more powerful than anything she had experienced prior to yesterday. By this time her hair was again full of his saliva, which his tongue continued to drip down onto her hair and neck.

    Getting close to coming himself, his knot began to swell inside of her, and his whole body tensed up. Prepared for it, his knot didn't hurt as much as yesterday. After some initial discomfort, her pleasure began to increase from the tightness and fullness. Once the knot swelled fully, Elen's fate was sealed. He was going to cum into her deeply, and there was nothing she could do about it. The German Shepherd growled, then began to unload his dog cum into her. The viscous fluid invaded her most intimate parts, seeping throughout her vagina and uterus. The feeling of that delicious heat filling her made her cum hard, one last time.

    Both of them finally exhausted, they rested together, waiting for his knot to deflate. While they waited, Elen tongue-kissed the dog, getting saliva all over her face in the process. Half an hour later, his knot finally came out, emitting a wet popping sound as it did. Fluids gushed, but she tried to keep as much of their combined juices in her by raising her back end and lowering her head to the ground.

    "I want to keep as much of you in me for as long as I can," she said to the great dog.

    Petting him affectionately she said, "I think I'm going to call you King. King, from now on I'm going to come here every day I can after college. From now on, I'm your bitch. You can fuck me and cum in me all you want."

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    OMG!!!!! I came 2 time while reading this story. I loved it!!! I wished it could have been me.

    Jun 3 2007 00:05
    very nice story....would have loved to been there and watched all the hot action. my wife and kids would have loved to have shared with you too.

    Jun 7 2007 20:45
    Wouldn't a bigger dog be nice? Say a St. Bernard?

    Jun 11 2007 07:31
    Shepherds are just the right size i think. Any longer and it really is ufortable.

    Jun 12 2007 03:03
    THX_this,one was really a great and sweet -story
    I hope they, meet again, and maybe with new continuation.

    Jul 3 2007 17:24
    Wow I came so good,I loved the story.

    Sep 16 2008 00:54
    WOW! I love that story! Very hot!

    Nov 19 2008 11:47
    God this story was hot, make me want a German Shepard even more now.

    Jan 26 2009 02:07
    Time ta tell my gf we gettin a dog ..

    Jul 25 2011 16:36
    Very sexy story...loved the details and loved the action

    Aug 26 2011 23:43
    Yes I agree, a very hot story, I liked the details to, only next time they meet have them spend more time kissing and tongue swapping, I loved it!!!

    Nov 27 2011 20:19
    you write a very good story keep it up

    Oct 18 2013 09:28
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