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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, 1st, dogsex.

    Chapter 1: Introduction

    I woke up suddenly from a vivid dream that I couldn't remember at first. It was late Saturday morning, the sun was streaming in through my curtains and I was lying naked on the top of the bed, a little cold. I had the makings of a hangover too, my head spun as I reached over to pull the quilt around me.

    "That's your own fault girl", I admonished myself, "That second bottle of red wine was defiantly not a good idea." I felt strangely sticky and was about to get up and take a shower, when I noticed Duke had deserted me too, my big dog wasn't curled up on his usual mat next to my bed. I could hear him padding about in the kitchen no doubt wanting to get outside. Thinking of him suddenly triggered my brain and the details of my erotic dream started to slowly drift back to me. I had dreamed I was watching a blue movie just as I had done late last night except I was the star of this one but it was starting as real fact, repeating what I had done last night then kicking in with weird fantasies, like sex with a dog, my own dog, Duke. I was getting very mixed up now and suddenly felt strangely uneasy remembering my erotic dream.

    Or did I even want to? Despite myself it slowly it started to come back to me...


    The Dream

    I walk in my door, still stressed from the week and depressed that it's a Friday night and I don't have a date.I put my stuff down and greet Duke, my Doberman who comes bounding in from the yard real happy to see me. Duke is a big dog for a Doberman, about 100lbs and his head is up to my waist. I fuss him for a while, give him his huge dinner then take off my clothes and head for the shower.

    I turn the water on and step under the hot, pulsing water.The water washes away the week's stresses and I begin to relax. My muscles slowly un-tense and the weight of the world is lifted off my shoulders. As the rough flannel passes over my nipples, I shiver, reminding myself exactly how long it has been since I have had sex. I'm horny now, I mentaly promise myself a bedtime treat, ten minutes DIY and a movie.

    I get out of the shower and just slip on an old oversized cotton shirt that hangs down to mid-thigh.My bugalow is warm and private, I often slouch around half naked but comfortable...

    Making a quick TV dinner for myself I open a bottle of decent red wine and eat in front of the TV. Duke pads over and sits next to my chair, waiting for any leftovers from my plate.

    He lives in the yard by day and he really can be a fierce dog with strangers.That's why I prefer him inside at night, he even sleeps on a mat by my bed.

    The TV is rubbish tonight. I flick through the channels in desperation until finally I accidentally come across a slightly pornographic documentary about Lesbians which I watch through, opening another bottle of wine. By the time I let Duke out for his final run of the evening it's quite late. I've finished the wine and feeling rather tipsy as I let him back in again. Duke follows me as I climb a little unsteadily upstairs then flops down on his mat with a thud as usual. I decide I am still feeling horny and search for my porno videos to find my favourite one. The sight of two muscled men with huge dicks screwing one girl never fails to get my pussy steaming. On more than one occasion lately that video and two vibrators have helped me get to sleep, imagining being in her place, with two big cocks spurting simultaneously up my own places!

    I turn on the movie and sprawl against the headboard at the centre of the bed, one leg bent out a little. Duke stands up and lays his head the edge of the bed and just watches me.

    Normally he is not allowed near the bed but right now I am too horny to care, anyway it seems suddenly strangely exhibitionistic. The movie comes on and I fast forward through the first few minutes until just before the first fuck scene comes on. Lazily, my hand strokes my thigh as I watch the actors strip each other. Unconsciously, I pull my shirt up to my waist and lightly run my fingers over my dampening pussy, making contact with my clit just as the movie shows the first guy's dick spearing in and out of the girl's pussy.

    Images of that dick flood my mind as I shove my fingers deep in my own pussy, fucking it to the tempo of the fucking on the screen. There is slight movement on the bed but my eyes are glued to the movie as I finger fuck my pussy.

    My breath quickens and I close my eyes close as I concentrate on the images in my mind.

    I feel something warm and wet against my pussy, nudging my hand away and I feel a tongue take a tentative lap along my slit, making me moan. I realize that it's one of the studs from the movie. The lapping grows more and more intensive as he gets into the taste of my pussy. Wanting more, my phantom lover sends his tongue deeper into my pussy and physically probes it up inside me.

    "Oooohhh... that's gooood..." I moan as the tongue shoots in and out of my pussy.

    My hands roam over my breasts, pinching my nipples between my fingers. The long tongue changes its movement a little now and actually pulls back the hood of my clitoris with each long lick of my slit. This causes my body to shudder and shake then ultimately start to cum as I give a loud moan, and flood his magical tongue with pussy juice. The man moves up to kiss me and I open my eyes to smile at him. I drift back to reality with a start as I see Duke's head and realise the wonderful tongue that has just brought me to a climax was his. Deflated and suddenly guilty now I try to struggle up to my knees, telling the dog to stop it now and stay back off my bed.

    Ignoring my protests, Duke jumps onto the bed and moves purposely toward me. I stare fearfully at him, clearly seeing now that licking my pussy has turned the dog on. His pointed cock is showing out, its a dark red colour, thin and quite long, as long as a man anyway. Turning around, I try to crawl away from him and almost reach the head of the bed when I feel a tug on my shirt. Duke has the tail of the shirt in his mouth and is trying to use it to drag me back to the centre of the bed.

    Still struggling, I try to slip out of the shirt, still admonishing Duke to stop and let go. As I struggle, I hear the sound of tearing cotton and the entire back of the shirt from the collar down is ripped, exposing my butt. Stunned at his determination, I hesitate for a moment before trying to get away again, but it's a short moment too long.Duke mounts me from behind me and clasps his front paws tightly around my waist before I can move.

    His weight is pinning me down and making it impossible for me to get away as he starts to hump his cock rapidly against my bare ass. It stabs my asshole and it hurts but as I instinctively raise my hips to get it out of his way it makes it even easier for him to find his mark.

    I feel Duke's wet cock touching up against my pussy lips several times but then suddenly a bony pointed end slips right up inside me. All the struggling and horrified fascination I've felt as I have been trying to get away has turned me on in ways I never thought would be possible. My pussy is now so wet that Duke's cock slides up into me with little or no resistance at all and with a final triumphant grunt he rams the whole length of his now rapidly swelling cock deep into me. I can feel his hard balls slapping against my butt and realise with a shock I am being fucked up to the hilt by my own dog, worse, his red cock feels fantastic deep inside me and is now swelling up bigger with every thrust he makes.

    Its thick, hot, long and as hard as hell. He begins ramming in and out of my pussy with a speed and power that is definately not human. It feels like a steam engine is pounding in and out of my pussy and I can't help but moan and involuntarily try to push back onto his every thrust. I have never felt anything like this still thickening cock in my pussy.It's smoother and much harder than a man's cock and certainly bigger than anyone I've fucked.

    I can feel his solid balls slapping hard below my pussy against my clitoris and the wild sensations of that, the fur scraping against my back and the long tongue lapping against my neck is driving me wild, causing my body to shudder and shiver in delight as I wantonly and willing open myself up more for the dog, urging him on and fucking him back wildly.

    I hear satisfied grunts and growls from Duke as he enjoys the tightness of my pussy and the clenching of my muscles gripping tight around his dick as he fucks me hard and fast.

    Suddenly, his thrusts change, he's suddenly becoming more frantic and rougher, there's no rhythm any more. I can tell he is getting closer and ready to cum and the thought that I have turned on this animal frantically fucking me so much that he is now about to climax and fill my eager cunt full of dog cum leaves me gasping in "filthy" depraved excitement.

    I can feel my body quaking from the inside out and slowly intensifying with each thrust then suddenly huge waves of orgasmic euphoria crash through me and an animalistic cry erupts from my lungs as I wildly thrash under Duke, trying to impale myself even further back onto that lovely swollen cock that is pounding into me and making me come.

    My intense excitement urges the dog on too and after several more thrusts, I hear a high pitched howl and suddenly feel Duke collapse across my back. His hot thin cum is suddenly flooding my pussy and runs down my thighs as it overflows. I can also feel something very strange starting to happen, a huge lump is rising up just inside my pussy.

    The knot in Duke's penis is swelling up to hold him there, fast inside me. It feels like a huge ball, ripping my pussy open slightly as it starts to come out but he forces it roughly back up into me. I moan in pain and endure it, obeying Duke's insistent pushes to get my head down. His swollen cock is now pushed right up against my cervix and he's purposely leaning his weight on me as he pumps more and more of his hot thin cum into me, instinctively trying to lower my head down so that his sperm has the chance to run into my cervix and impregnate me... his bitch.

    I just crouch there, forehead pressed to the pillow shuddering breathlessly in wonderment after my multi-climax. Despite Duke being collapsed across my back, I can still feel his grossly swollen cock deep inside me, twitching and spurting as my pussy grips it tight, still squeezing and milking his balls of every last drop of his hot sperm.

    As the dog calms down five minutes later his cock plops gently out from my pussy and back into its sheath, we both lay back spent on the bed with Duke resting with his head on my lap. From time to time gently giving me a lick and cleaning his come from my legs and very also gently, occasionaly licking my now leaky wet pussy like an attentive, satisfied lover.

    I eventually fall exhausted into a deep, satisfied sleep too, warm in the sexual glow of my wonderful climax, and dreaming wistfully about sexy hot thick, DOG's dicks.


    The next thing I know it really is Saturday morning, and I wake up on the bed a little cold, the sun streaming though my windows, remembering this odd erotic dream. 'Dream?', my hand goes idly to stroke my pussy but feels the sticky thin fluid still leaking from me then with horror my eyes take in the claw scratches on my thighs. A second later Duke bounds in, leaps up on the bed and immediately starts pawing at me franticaly, trying to turn me over onto my knees, his red cock starting to show and his hips already bucking in anticipation of his next fuck from his new found eager bitch on heat.

    "My God, what have I done? What the hell strength was that bloody wine? Get down Duke, no you can't, get off me please Boy, not now, What am I saying? Not ever again, get down Duke, please, stop it, stop it... I don't want to fuck. I mean I can't do that, not with a bloody dog, my God, I already have and you know it... oh my God, cumming with a dog! What will I do if someone finds out? Don't do that Duke, people will guess... Stop it, stop it."


    The next thing I know it is Saturday morning, and I wake up on the bed a little cold, the sun streaming though my windows, remembering this odd erotic dream. 'Dream?', my hand goes to idly stroke my pussy but feels the sticky thin dog cum still leaking from me then with horror take in the claw scratches on my thighs. A second later Duke bounds in, leaps up on the bed and starts pawing at me, trying to turn me over onto my knees, his red cock starting to show and his hips already bucking in anticipation of his next fuck from this new found eager bitch on heat.

    "My God, what have I done? What the hell strength was that bloody wine? Get down Duke, no you can't, get off me please Boy, not now, What am I saying? Not ever again, get down Duke, please, stop it, stop it... I don't want to. I mean I can't do that, not with a dog, my God, I already have and you know it... oh my God"

      | Author: Diane O'Dwyer | Comments: 2 | Print Page | Send to Friends

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    Pretty good story, but then... I liked it in its former incarnation too: "Better Than A Movie". Mastiff called Zeus though wasn't it?

    Aug 25 2007 23:47
    Very good but I too liked its former incarnation

    Jul 20 2013 18:34
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