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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, teens, lesbians.

    Tanya was a single mother of a fine little son. She worked two jobs and hardly had the time to spend with him. Her parents didn't offer the young mother any help in her struggles. As for the father, he moved away the day after Tanya had told him that she was pregnant.

    She was a very sweet young girl that was a very good people person and had no problems finding a job as the manager of a fast food restaurant. It was a hard job but it paid the rent and paid the bills. Her other job was at a dog kennel on the weekend.

    "Tanya, I need a big favor." Tom the owner of the kennel said to her looking at her auburn lying across Tanya's pretty face. He was a kind man that hired Tanya because she reminded him of his daughter who was killed last year.

    Tanya knew his favors paid good money that she could always use. "What's up?" she asked with a big smile as she looked over the 65-year-old man putting her hands on each of her shapely hips. She really liked he and his wife; they were kinder than her own parents were.

    "Betty and I have been planning a trip to the lake and with the new dog, I can't leave him here or take him with us." He said with a frown on his aging face. "We really want to go and you know I'll pay to watch him." He added giving the pretty young girl a wink.

    Tanya returned his smile and asked, "What do I have to do? Come here every day?" she hoped she could take him home because she was off for a few days herself and was looking forward to being at home.

    "Shoot you like him right? Hell take him home with you tonight. He'd love being with you!" Tom said as he gave her a loving pat on her bare back. Today was a hot day and Tanya had worn her bikini top and a skimpy pair of shorts.

    Tanya was happy he trusted her to take the massive dog home with her. With him in her apartment she would feel safe for the first night since she moved in the place. It was a bad part of town and it was the only thing she could afford. "Oh yes! I'll love him for sure now." She replied with excitement in her soft voice.

    "I'll feel better with him staying with you and the baby. When we get back, it it's all right with you, I want to help you get a better place." He said moving closer to Tanya. "I really care for you and would die if anything ever happened to you." He added as he pushed against her thin hips with his.

    She was in shock at Tom's advances, "Um... I guess." She stuttered out not knowing what to do. She loved Tom as a father and yet her young mind raced with desire for the older man. She had been a very sexual girl all her life and as of late it seemed to get worse.


    Her first sexual encounter was when she had just turned 18. It was a hot summer day, so she and her faithful dog Jody had walked to the family pond across their farm. It was hidden deep in the woods, very secluded so, Tanya never wore a bathing suit.

    She jumped in the water and Jody followed her in just like normal. They swam and played until Tanya was tired, "Come on, boy!" she yelled to him as she walked to the grass to stretch out and rest. She could feel her tiny cunt pinching up so bad today and she needed to cum in the worst way.

    Jody lived to be by his owner, he loved her more than he did life. He ran to lie next to her on the soft grass. His long wet tongue licked the side of Tanya's face, making her giggle.

    "Stop it before you go and me get hornier than I already am." She teased pushing him away, but the big dog flopped on top of the young Tanya and began licking her even more. She started to play with him and before she knew what was going on, Jody had a massive 'hard on' and it was boring into her flat stomach.

    "Holly shit!" she yelled when she felt his long dog cock on her belly. "I've got to see this!" she moaned rolling the big dog on his back to look. "Wow! We could have fun with this big boy." She added moving even closer to the hard cock.

    Tanya looked at the big cock with eager eyes, "Wonder if you'd mind if I touched it?" she said looking to her long time friend. He lie on his back with his legs spread for her to see, with his long tongue panting from the heat and excitement.

    "What the hell, I don't think my baby would bite me, would you?" she said in her loving voice she used to talk to him with. Her shaking hand moved to the long dog cock, she lightly ran her delicate fingers over it. "Oh wow! It feels so good and it's so hot." She moaned placing her head on his chest and began stroking up and down the dog's cock.

    Jody lie under her enjoying the feel of her hand on his cock, but he had other ideas. He pulled from her, standing over her with his long dog cock in her face and his head between her legs; he began licking his loving masters excited cunt.

    "Oh fuck yes!" Tanya yelled out as his long sandy feeling tongue licked up the middle of her burning young cunt. "That's Mommy's good boy." She said in a loving voice as she reached to hold his long dog cock with both hand and stroked it.

    He licked the wonderful juices from her hot cunt, he had been smelling her for the last two years and now he was tasting her. He started humping his hips as she stroked his long cock, "Yes that's my good boy." Tanya softly said as she stroked him, enjoying his powerful hips humping into her tiny hands and wondering if he would fit inside her body.

    He moved faster, until he froze, Tanya couldn't believe her young eyes. At the base of his beautiful cock a giant ball began to form. Bigger and bigger it grew until hot salty dog sperm shot from deep in his cock. Tanya lie stroking him as fast as she could go, letting the cum cover her young body from her breasts down to her burning young cunt.

    "Oh My God!" Tanya moaned after he had finished and lie beside her, panting harder than ever. "Wow, now that was fun!" she giggled as she rubbed his cum over her breasts and into her hot cunt. She was on fire now and needed help. "Hey buster, you're going to help me now!" she said in a firm voice and pulled his face between her legs to her very excited cunt. "Lick it, boy!" she ordered him and he obeyed his master.

    His long hot tongue quickly licked up the center of her hot cunt, teasing young Tanya until she thought she would faint, "Oh yes! That's my good boy." She cried out as her faithful dog pleased every inch of her excited and wet cunt. "Go boy, help Mommy." She urged him on.

    Then it hit her, "MOTHER FUCKER!" Tanya screamed out as the most powerful orgasm she had in her life ran through her young body. Making her blood rush to her brain so fast her head felt like it was spinning around. "YES! OH GOOD BOY! Good boy!" she cried out as he licked her with more enthusiasm than before.

    Another orgasm rushed through the young girl as the dog licked harder and tried to jump on her, "Hold it, boy!" she said with a firm voice. He had a great idea, but it was getting late and they needed to get back to the house before it got dark. She sat up hugging her new lover to her body.

    "Maybe tomorrow my handsome lover boy." She said leaning to his mouth. He started licking her mouth, she opened it and the two lovers began kissing each other. Tanya let him lick deep in her mouth as she rubbed his growing cock one more time. His tongue, even in her mouth, drove her young body wild with excitement.


    Tanya walked to the large cage that held, Gabriel, a giant mastiff male Stud Dog that weighed more than 215 pounds. Her mind raced thinking of Jody, her first lover. "Hi. How's my big baby today?" she asked in her soft little voice. "Guess what? You get to come home with me." She added with excitement and wondered if this was a good idea or not. It had taken her over three years of seeing a pyschiatrist to get the idea of loving dogs from her mind.

    She opened the cage and walked in being greeted by a giant nose running between her slender legs, sending a long missed feeling rushing through her young body. Each of her small hands grabbed the wire of the cage to keep her from falling down. "Oh fuck!" Tanya moaned as the feelings tore through her lonely body.

    She managed to pull her hands from the fence and moved his massive head from her, now burning cunt. "Easy big boy!" she said in a soft, loving voice. "I'm not supposed to do them kinds of things with you." She added with regret in her voice. "If you want to come home with me, you have to promise to be a good boy." She said as she squatted down to hug the massive animal against her body and knew this wasn't a very good idea.

    He gave her a long, slow lick right across her mouth, sending more visions of Jody, her first lover through her mind. "Oh boy!" Tanya sighed as his long, wide tongue went over her wanting mouth again. This time the young woman opened her mouth, letting her tongue mingle with his. "Oh shit!" she moaned and pulled her aching body from the large dog. "This is not a good idea." She mumbled to herself as she led him from the cage.

    Tanya loaded his food and then him into her small car, "Well, you two have fun!" Tom said giving her a very tight hug and he gave her firm ass a good hard squeeze.

    "We will." She replied pulling from Tom. "You and Betty be sure and have fun, too." She added closing her car door and drove to pick up her baby.

    Once there Tanya walked up the stairs and saw a note taped to the door that read,

    'Tanya, Fred and I are taking the baby with us to see my mother. We should be back in a few days. You enjoy your time alone and be sure you rest!

    Your friend, Calie.'

    "Oh fuck! This is going to be great. I can sleep all fucking day!" she said looking to the car to see her new massive friend looking out the car window. "Well, hope you don't drive me fucking crazy." She said hoping her old feelings for dogs didn't over take her mind again.


    Once in her small apartment, Tanya pulled off her bikini top and unbuckled the belt holding her shorts, letting them fall to the floor. The heat of the day and the old feelings running through her made the delicate pair of panties very wet.

    Tanya walked the bathroom to shower off the heat, smells from the kennel and hoped the hot water would take her mind off the beautiful stud dog. Leaning over the toilet and into the tub to turn on the water, she never heard Gabe coming up behind her.

    His big nose ran between her legs, straight to her burning cunt, 'LICK'

    "Oh fuck!" Tanya screamed and fell on the toilet, leaving her ass and wet cunt free for the massive dog to lick her.

    'LICK' 'LICK' 'LICK' Gabe's long, wide tongue sent Tanya's brain into a frenzy of thoughts.

    Tanya struggled to get up, but the shock of his tongue paralyzed her body. She couldn't move or didn't want to. "Stop!" she yelled to the massive dog. "Stop!" she yelled louder at the dog as he enjoyed the taste of this young girl's body. He pulled away and went to lie in the living room.

    She pulled herself from the toilet, pulling off her panties Tanya slid into the hot water in the tub. "Shit, I can't believe he did that to me." She said closing her eyes and began touching her swollen nipples, thinking of her time with Jody.


    The next time Tanya had the chance to run off to the pond was over a week. She was going crazy thinking of all the things she could do with Jody and the things he could do to her. She got up early that morning, made a lunch and off she went as fast as she could go.

    "Oh God I've waited to long for this." Tanya said as she pulled off her shirt. "Come to Mommy." Jody came to stand in front of his master. "I have something for you." She giggled out slipping out of her jeans, leaving her completely nude. Tanya moved forward, Jody smelled her scent and began licking her wet cunt.

    Tanya fell to her knees, "Wow!" she gasped out and lie on her back, spreading herself for Jody. "Go baby, it's okay." She told the dog in a sweet voice and patted the inside of her burning thighs.

    He moved to her as fast as he could and started licking her tiny cunt. Jody knew were the sweet taste was coming from, his tongue lapped at the small opening. "Oh fuck!" Tanya screamed out as her dog brought her body close to a well-needed orgasm. "Go baby! Fix Mommy, my cunt is burning for you to lick me!" she said in a desperate voice as she twisted her aching nipples.

    "Wait, Mommy needs to fix my boy, too." She moaned pulling his lower body over her face. "Much better!" Tanya groaned out grabbing Jody's dog cock in her hands. "Mommy needs to feel my boy get all hard for me." She moaned as her hands slipped up and down the growing dog cock.

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    Wow! A dog keeps umping cock in to you after he's turned and for TWO Hours.
    I wnat one of those, if it were to exist.
    You have no idea DO YOU?

    Jul 6 2007 01:27
    I think, no, she has no idea. This story is pure imagination, maybe wishing, how a dog fucks or the size of a dog's knot. Do you, DebbieX? I wish I had a nice male or a female German Shephard here right now!

    Dec 24 2007 10:51
    I love the kissing part, there needs to be more of that!!!

    Nov 27 2011 19:45
    That is a wonderful story. Please keep iting some more. So i can dream every time.

    Dec 29 2012 02:17
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