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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, masturbation, oral.

    Ginger's twat was dripping with wet excitement, as she pounded up the stairs to her apartment.

    Her heart thudded in her chest, seeming to cause her large round 36 c breasts to almost enlarge and swell with her heavy panting.

    She was so hot. So hot to have a cock between her legs. Oh, how she needed a good fucking!

    And it was waiting for her on the other side of that door. Her hands trembled as she slowly unlocked the front door. She had been waiting for this moment for so long. Two weeks she'd been gone, and all she'd had to satisfy her was her finger-fucking sessions in her hotel room. But all she thought about during those long drawn out masturbatory sessions, was having her 3 year old pet Labrador's cock buried up to the hilt in her cunt banging her senseless until she had orgasm after orgasm.

    She loved her pet dog Rover. She loved the way his tongue felt on her clit as he brought her to climax after climax, and just calmly kept licking her twat until she thought she couldn't have another orgasm. She loved feeding him her pussy, and her cunt cream for dessert. He always was such a good dog and ate her wet twat so good.

    Now, after two weeks she wanted to give herself to him in the most sexual way. Her vagina was churning with sex juices in anticipation of her animal lover's tongue down there licking her horny little twat in to orgasm after orgasm. She turned the key in the lock and stepped inside. She shut the door behind her and locked it quickly.

    He must have smelled her soaking wet sex through her panties, because he came running up to her with his nose thrust out sniffing the air. "Alright, alright, you little panty sniffer, I know you want it. So come taste me. Get a taste of your mistress's twat then give me your load."

    She didn't have to say more. Before the words were even all out of her mouth, his nose was buried under her dress sniffing; and his long wet tongue had already found the moistness in the crotch of her panties. "Ooh, oh yeah, boy, that's a good dog, eat me; eat my pussy. Ohoooo, oh, uh, huh, huh, good dog!" she cried as she felt his tongue begin to lap at her clit through her panties.

    She spread her legs wider to allow him more access to her hungry cunt. Ginger leaned her back against the door and watched her twat being eaten out by her well trained lover. "Uumph, umm, uh, huh, oh yeah, that's it boy, keep licking my clit pleasuring pussy, for me; it's gonna cream for you," she moaned to the mutt lapping at her cunt.

    He just kept merrily licking away at her engorged clit and swollen lips through her lacy panties. She began to shriek as her first bestiality induced orgasm in over two weeks began to build in her feminine depths. She could feel her cunt muscles begin to contract and spasm as her love juices started to seep through her soaked panties.

    "Oh yeah, good boy keep, keep eating me," she shrieked, now oblivious to everything else going on outside the door.

    The only thing that mattered at that moment was her pet dog's tongue buried in her pussy lapping up his nasty mistress's creamy dessert. Let everything else go. She needed this orgasm. As her pussy spasmed violently she screamed with passion, "Yes, keep eating me you good doggy!"

    His tongue swiped up and down, up and down just like a windshield wiper licking up the rain as it fell in torrents from her juiced up honey hole. "Oh yeah, lover lick me, lick me good," she cried. When her inflamed snatch finally began to stop spasming, she gently urged Rover to give her cunt a break long enough for her to get her panties off, and to get in to position on the couch so that he could eat all of her cunt, and enjoy the full flavor.

    He knew what to do. As soon as she positioned herself on the edge of the couch with her pussy and engorged clitty exposed to the open air, she slapped her leg, and then spread her cunt lips apart; he trotted over and continued his merciless assault on her clitoris.

    "Yeah! Yeah! Yes, ooeeee lick me!" she moaned as the tingling in her clit began to trigger another climax. She began to pry her cunt lips apart trying to feed the mutt more of her over heated twat.

    "Drink my juices, drink my sex juices you horny animal. I'm your slut, drink my honey," she shrieked open mouthed as her next orgasm rocked the vary foundations of her femininity.

    Then as his tongue lapped at her vagina, and thrust inside her she lost it, in another mind blowing orgasm. As her pussy spasmed on the dog's tongue buried in her cunt, she saw his big cock. "Is that for me?" she asked looking down at where he was still nuzzling her twat with his tongue. "You wanna fuck me boy?" she said throatily, as she began scratching him behind the ears wile he was still eating her twat.

    He looked up at her like he wanted something from her. Of course, she thought he wants me to be his slut! "Okay, let's go boy," she said and snapped her fingers.

    He gave her clit one more lick and then went trotting off to the bedroom to wait for her. She made sure the front door was locked, it wouldn't do for her to get caught having intercourse with her pet. She then stripped off her white dress, and white lace braw. She wasn't a bad looking lady, she could have had her share of guys, and she had.

    There was the next door neighbor's husband, the mail man, the paper boy, and even her own brother last year. She'd fucked and sucked them all and still she preferred bestiality to it all. She was a beauty however, with long fire red hair, and big green eyes. She had full red lips, and long creamy tanned legs. She had a nice round ass, and a delicious pussy which she had the luck and talent to be able to lick.

    She loved to perform cunnilingus on herself, but she liked it better when the dogs performed cunnilingus on her. She had the neighborhood dogs trained, so well that when she would walk by, all they had to do was follow the scent of her pussy to a nearby alley where she'd be waiting panties around her ankles ready to give each dog a taste of her twat, or a turn inside her creamy cunt. Plainly put Ginger just loved committing bestiality.

    All these thoughts were in her head as she came over to the bed. She always kept this spare bedroom ready, with all her equipment for her long sex sessions with her dogs. She climbed on the bed and got up on all fours. She placed her hands and feet in the restraints that would place her body at just the right angle to make the insertion of his doggy prick easy once he mounted her. She had him trained well.

    The minute her hands and ankles were restrained, and her legs spread on all fours, he hopped on the bed and mounted her from behind. His cock slid almost at once in to her moist twat gliding past her cunt lips and sheathing itself in her silky depths. "Oh yes," she moaned throatily as she felt him slide inside her all the way.

    He began pulling out until his cock head was the only part left inside the entrance to her vagina, and thrusting deep inside her at a rapid pace. She writhed on the bed in total sexual pleasure, as his cock rammed in to her again and again. She was in rapture screwing the dog. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh yeah, fuck that twat boy!" she screamed in to the pillow as she felt thrust after thrust from his animal cock ram her tightening and spasming vagina.

    She was completely mindless, as she took his thrusts, unable to do more than push her hips back to meet his thrusting. She would thrust forward as she thrust back on his cock, then they would slide until his doggy cock was just touching her vaginal entrance. Then she would impale herself on his huge fuck rod. she did this for a while with him until she felt his knot slam in to her vagina and stick fast just inside the entrance to her vagina.

    "Yes, yes, that's it lover!!" she shrieked. "Fill me up with your doggy cum!" She whimpered as she felt his cock begin pistoning in and out of the entrance to her womb opening her cervix to receive his doggy semen.

    With his knot buried inside her she knew there was no turning back now. She had to let him cum in her. She moaned and shrieked as the pain of her cervix being stretched by his cock head pushing in to her womb shot through her only to be replaced by the explosion of her next and largest orgasm yet. She squealed as her pussy spasmed around her lover's rod and he howled as she felt a warm gush of liquid shoot deep in to her feminine depths, and filling up her womb.

    "Oh yeah boy that's a good dog, fill me up! Fill your mistress's twat with your load of cum. Give me a whole litter!" she cried.

    Thank god, she thought she couldn't actually get pregnant. But she loved saying it, it made her feel so dirty. "Oh yeah I'm a nasty little slut, fill my cunt up with your cum, so I can drink it out of my snatch!" she moaned.

    He complied immediately filling her vagina and womb with more warm cream filling. He stayed knotted to her for the next ten minutes then he gradually went soft. He had serviced her good, and now she needed to get cleaned up. She released the restraints holding her and went in to the bathroom.

    She clamped her legs together tight, to keep his doggy cum inside her body until she could drink it. She wasn't worried, what she didn't drink her womb would soak up. She climbed in to the bathtub and propped her legs up on the wall, and pulled her head down to her pussy with her hands braced behind her head.

    "Smile!" she said aloud. "You're gonna eat your clitoris until your pussy explodes all over your face, then you're gonna take a walk around the block and feed your twat to the neighborhood dogs."

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    lease write some more stories about your dog,you write it so well.
    thanks in advance.

    Mar 25 2007 13:04
    Do a horse or a very large dog like a Saint Bernard.

    Mar 27 2007 11:17
    nice stroy, love the thoughts process, and how about a email and we can trade some

    May 27 2007 12:37
    love the story, especially about her being able to eat her own pussy...delicious

    May 6 2010 19:21
    Hi great story looking forwared to the next dogie story ok .

    Feb 14 2012 19:36
    amazing that you are flexible enough to suck and tongue your own pussy. good for you wish I could suck my own cock and swallow the semen too.

    Dec 19 2013 10:26
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