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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, dogsex.

    Part I

    I admit it. I am a dog slut. A couple of weeks ago, I nicknamed myself the Neighborhood Slut. I am 41 years old, 5 ft - 10 brunette, slim and attractive, 36a-34-37. I am very proud of my small, almost nonexistent breast. I look like I'm in puberty. When I'm excited they protrude almost an inch. Two ballooned out three-inch round red mountains with extra long hard nipples at the ends. They really get men's attention when they get hard. Being tiny breasted has never been detrimental. My puffy extra long nipples make up for any loss from size. They are very sensitive and provide loads of pleasure. Rubbing them against the fur of a dog is exhilarating, flooding my pussy with juice.

    I haven't been interested in men for three months. I just can't get dogs out of my mind. It is effecting my work and my social life. I have trouble concentrating at work from thinking about my nightly exploits. I have all but dropped out of my social circles choosing to walk alleys rather than be with my own kind. It all started from a dog sex experience I had with my neighbor's dog Max. Since then I have been roaming my neighborhood at night taking on any dog that I can find. I started out being picky, but now I take them all. I have never been in this good of shape. Walking five to six miles plus the work out from six to eight dogs every night. My hips and stomach have really firmed up. Better than any gym has done for me.

    By day I am a successful executive in a fortune 500 company. By night I am the flea-infested slut of the neighborhood. At this point I have six pretty steady pooches that service me on a regular basis. I wear a leather buckskin colored skirt that I can flip up and use as a shield against their toe nails, a tight fitting Lycra top that I can feel my nipples through, no panties, and a pair of tennis shoes. The shoes are soaked regularly in my urine so that I can leave a trail for them to follow. I go by and mark their favorite fireplugs, fence post, garage corners or telephone post with my urine and then go to our rendezvous spot in the Neighborhood Park. I don't have to wait long before one or more of them show up and take turns at me. I have sex with all that come. I feed and caress them when we are done. On weekends I sometimes take one of them home to doctor and make sure they are in good health. During the course of the weekend we fuck like two rabbits. All night long we go at it. If I wake up I am the aggressor and vise versa. In the morning after breakfast we start again. Usually by the end of twenty-four hours we both have had enough of each other and are itching to get back on the street, so I let them go at dark and start my routine.

    There is one of my regulars that is my favorite. I named him Big Boy. He is a Heinz 57 variety with a long line of bloodhound in his gene pool. He has big floppy ears and the droopy mouth of a bloodhound and a slender shorthaired body. He must have some Great Dane in his bloodline too. His sex equipment is the size of a Great Dane. His cock is 8 inches to his well-sized knot with 2 inches on the backside. We can really get tied together. His knot is big enough that there is no way we can part for sometime after sex. When his knot is inside me several inches and I can clamp my vagina down on his shaft on the backside of his knot. I squeeze hard around his knot and Big Boy rewards me by pounding the daylights out of my cervix until he shoots his load of hot cum. I enjoy wave after wave of strong orgasms when we get tied like this. When we are back to back and still locked together, every pant of his breath sends another orgasm through my body until he has cooled down from our fucking.

    After the regulars work me over, I head out walking the alleys marking likely spots and looking for more dogs to fuck. I am getting pretty good at attracting horny males and learning the ways of a dog bitch in heat. Sometimes I find one and watch her to pick up pointers on attracting a good stud enjoying the breeding she takes at some point during the night.

    When I am in heat, I bottle my urine for later use. I had to buy a small refrigerator to store my urine bottles in. I found out that dogs don't respond well to ordinary urine. But they do to urine from when I am having my period. I usually can store enough to last for a month. Once I had to take a day off from work and drink water and pee all day to catch up on my supply.

    My routine now is to come home from work at 4:00pm; I eat a quick bite, shower and go to sleep. At midnight my alarm awakens me. After midnight, the alleys in my area are mostly deserted. So I can do almost anything that I want. I get into my outfit and head out to service my regulars and then start walking around. At 4:00 am I return home, shower, have breakfast and head to work. Fortunately, I can work the early flex hours at my office and get home for some rest each day.

    I not only take on strays. I treat the neighbor's dogs too. There is this big husky that I adore. He has two beautiful saffire eyes, a silver blue coat, and large equipment. He just lives a couple of doors down from me. I took him for a long weekend a couple of times. The neighbors came by looking for him and got suspicious when he showed up on Sunday evening clean and well fed. They suspect that someone in the neighborhood must be taking him. If they only knew the truth about their missing dog and me. I'm sure they would not allow me to baby sit him when they leave on trips. So I have resorted to one night stands with him for the moment. I really like his chisel pointed cock. It has almost no taper to it. It is two inches in diameter and feels like a blunt instrument moving in and out of my pussy. Reaming me with every thrust. He can really get all of my erogenous zones working over time. I have noticed that sex with other dogs is more intense for several days after I have had him. If I plan a weekend with one of my studs, I make sure that I have Husky on Thursday night to prepare me for the weekend of fun.

    On occasion, I come home for the night and after taking a shower I hear scratching at the back door. Some stray has followed my scent back to my house and is looking for a bitch. Most of the time I can coax them in, when I do they are in for a treat. I'll take them down to the basement, sprinkle on some urine and get on all fours. It doesn't take long for them to get revved up and mounting my fine ass for some deep fast strokes on my mound. The other morning, a big black and white spotted dog showed up. He was built for speed. He mounted me going at my cunt like Speedy Gonzales. He had my sparse tits swinging to his blinding thrust and my cervix cooing from the attention. What a treat that fucking was. I hummed all the way to work. I dripped his cum all day. I hoped he would be hanging around when I got home. He wasn't there, but my intuition tells me he will be back. He licked me affectionately as he was leaving.

    Last night I went into an area I had not gone into before. I left some marks in the right places and pretty soon I saw a big Rottwiler coming in my direction. His head was down following my scent. I usually try to find a nook in the alley to get into for my encounters. But this Rot was on me so fast I had no time. He was very bold, sticking his nose in my crotch as soon as he got close. When he picked up the scent he had been trailing he raised up on my shoulders and almost pushed me over. I got on all fours right in the middle of the alley. The moon was bright and I could see our profile in our shadow. Between the image on the ground and the thoughts in my mind of someone seeing us from a distance I had an immediate orgasm. This Rot was very strong. Once I was on all fours he thrust his tongue into my wet pussy lashing at my wetness repeatedly. I guess my scent had really turned him on and he had to drink of it before mounting me. He reared up onto my back and using his front legs pulled my entire body up to meet his cock entering me on the first thrust. He wasn't built for speed, but his endurance took me to several strong climaxes before he shot me full. He could pound on my cervix holding tension and pressure on it. Was he ever strong. I thought that I was going to cum on every stroke. His balls sack gave me a huge amount of cum. I felt so full and satisfied when he finished. Fortunately his knot went down quickly and we parted company after some passionate kissing. That's something I picked up from watching other bitches. When they get fucked really well, they spend some extra tongue time with their mate. I hope I can lure him into being one of my regulars. Dog sex with him is almost like rape. He takes control, takes what he wants and gives it his all. He was never brutal or out to hurt me like rape would be.

    Part II

    Last night four of my regulars were waiting on me at our spot. I took all of them on, then fed and played with them all. After the last one left I went to the new area where I found the Rott. In the next alley over I spotted an immense Great Dane. This was a new dog. I didn't want to lose him. He didn't bark when I approached, but didn't approach the gate either. He seemed a little bashful and confused to see a human appear instead of a bitch in heat. I guess the wind was blowing from me to him so he probably already had picked up my scent and knew I was approaching before I spotted him. I left some pee and pussy juice on the gate and then went on down the alley. After a few minutes, I could hear him rattling the gate and whimpering. I walked back up the alley. He was at the gate licking at the area where I had left my mark. I petted him and let him get a good smell of me. I turned around, bent over and put my cunt up to the chain link fence. He immediately stuck his nose in my pussy. He started licking me and whimpering. Just as we were getting into a marvelous rhythm, lights started to come on in the house. Lucky for me there was a hedge I could get behind, before I was discovered. The man came into the yard, looked around, scolded the dog and took him indoors. The dog was whimpering and trying to resist. I was hot and ready to go at it and my treat had just been taken away. I was scared of being discovered, but my lust was overtaking my fear. I could see this really big and thick shield hanging under the dog and I was really frustrated not being able to get at him. Before I could think of any way to get involved saving my partner, the man took the dog into the house and left him on the locked porch.

    I waited awhile and then went into the yard trying to find a way to get him out, but everything was locked. I left in search of another dog, but came up empty handed. By the time I got home, I was so horny I couldn't sit still. The only thing I could do was take the edge off with my vibrator. It was definitely no substitute for a dog. No wonder I had not used it in months. I went to work with a wet pussy and nothing to satisfy it with. I masturbated at lunch to no avail. I could hardly sleep that evening waiting for midnight. I woke up every hour watching the clock. As soon as my alarm went off, I was already dressed and heading out the door. I wanted to bypass my regulars, but thought better of it. My entire group of regulars showed up and I gave them all a good fucking. I must of cum ten times, but it didn't phase my lust for the big Dane. I left the group while they were still eating and headed for his alley. As I approached his yard, I could see a light still on in the back bedroom. I huddled there in the dark of the hedge waiting for that damn light to go off. I could see the big Dane by the back door. I rubbed my dripping pussy in anticipation of being with this magnificent Dane until the light went off. I waited another ten grueling minutes before I approached the gate. As soon as he saw me he whimpered and headed for the gate to greet me. I opened the gate and let him follow me down the alley. I knew that I better take him to the park, so that his whimpering wouldn't wake anyone up. I was so horny by the time we reached the park I could hardly wait. I let him stick his nose in my crotch and lick me once. I eased under him keeping his tongue against my pussy lips and started working on his huge cock. He already had three inches protruding from his sheath. I took him into my wanting mouth. After a few pulsating strokes, there was more of him than I could take down my throat. I suddenly was frightened at his size and wondering if I had made a wrong decision. But my lust took over and I rolled on all fours under his immense body. I rotated my hips upward so that my pussy was positioned for entry. I pushed back opening my cunt lips on the end of his cock. He thrust forward entering me on total instinct. Wow was he big. He had been whimpering the whole time we were licking each other, but when he started humping me, all he could do was pant. He was driving me hard, slapping his big balls against my cheeks. After I knew I could take all of him, I started thrusting my hips back into him as hard as I could. He was filling every nook and cranny of my pussy. It felt good. The end of his cocks was pushing my cervix forward stretching me to my limits. It was painful and at the same time intensely erotic and sensual. I was an orgasm maniac. I must have cum five times in the first two minutes of his thrusting. As soon as my vision would reappear another strong orgasm would build and let go vibrating my whole body. I could hardly stay on my hands and feet. As he felt me wither, he gripped me around the waist and held me suspended over the floor continuing to thrust deeply. As my sensual systems started to even out and let me fully enjoy being royally fucked, I could feel his knot starting to grow. I wanted to desperately tie with him I braced myself against the bench in front of me and slammed my pussy into his thrust. We held our opposite pressures on my pussy until his knot slipped into my cunt. I came immediately, one huge glorious peaking orgasm that kept vibrating inside me for two minutes. He was starting to slow down, so I clamped my vagina down on his knot and he started thrusting again. He could only move about two inches inside me now and the rest of his thrust moved my whole body back and forth. I don't know how I was holding his entire enormous shaft with that big knot, but I managed. He slowed his thrusting signaling that he was going to cum. I knew he would make one rapid thrust marking the beginning of his orgasm. When he did I slammed my pussy back at him. He howled and let me have the full fury of his balls. He felt like a hot fire hose inside me. Pulsing and squirting inside me over and over again. I didn't think he was ever going to stop. I really didn't want him to stop. I felt my stomach extend as he blew up my vagina with his sperm. Not a drop passed his knot. It was glorious. When he finally pulled out of me I ate as much of his cum as I could get on my hands. We lay together in the park for a long time not moving. I had planned to take him twice, but I don't think either of us was up to it. I slowly got up and took him back to his yard. We kissed and nuzzled at the gate and I promised him to return. I walked very slowly back to my house.

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    Very good storie,please wrigh some more for us,thanks in advance.

    Jan 6 2007 16:30
    That is soooooo loveingly delicious having a wild lover.Enjoy.

    May 21 2013 03:39
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