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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, public.

    As instructed by the high priest, Sarah disrobed and walked over to the cushions in the center of the room. She kneeled down on the cushions and rested her rear on backs of her high-heels, waiting in anticipation for what was to come. As soon as Sarah was in position, Lisa came into the room, leading a large dog by a leash. She took the big dog to where Sarah was waiting.

    Sarah knew that Lisa had been preparing the dog in the back room, getting it ready for the initiation ceremony. Sarah could see the dog's large cock dangling down between its legs, bright red and glistening as if wet. Sarah just stared at the penis for a few moments, guessing that it was at least 6 inches long and still growing. She licked her lips and then leaned forward on her knees to move her head closer to the dog's cock. She took the dog's shaft in her hand and began to slowly milk it, watching closely as it continued to grow even bigger and more red.

    Sarah started to feel a nasty tingle in her loins as she wantonly pumped the dog's cock in her hand. The dog too was getting more excited with Sarah's skillful stroking, and began a slight thrusting motion with its hips. Knowing what was expected of her, Sarah moved her mouth to the tip of the dog's member, and began swirling her tongue around the pointy head. She could taste the pre-cum as it began to flow from the head, and savored its gamy flavor. After a few seconds of licking the wet cockhead, Sarah looked up at her audience, the dog's juices dripping from her red, pouting lips. She gave the onlookers a wanton look, licking her lips sensually for a few moments and then returned her attention to the dog's still growing dick.

    Placing her hand behind the knot, she guided the dog's big cock into her hungry mouth, moving her pouty lips over the slick, veiny skin. At first, she was able to take about 5 inches of the dog's cock into her mouth, about two inches shy of the knot. She knew with time she could take more and continued to suck with abandon. She could feel the pre-cum spurting out of the tip, filling up her mouth and dripping down her chin. She continued to suck, moving her sexy mouth up and down the dog's throbbing dick, taking it as deep as possible.

    Sarah felt so nasty sucking off the dog, and her pussy began to drip with excitement. She wanted to pleasure this dog, to suck it like it had never been sucked before. She wanted to take it into her hot mouth all the way to the knot. She wanted to feel its hot sperm shoot into her mouth, wanted to feel the dog tremble with pleasure as she sucked it dry. Most of all, she wanted to give everyone in the room a show like they had never seen before. With these things in mind, Sarah decided to change positions to allow her to better service the panting dog. She stopped sucking and lay herself down with her head supported and slightly elevated by the floor cushions. She oriented herself to give the audience a good view of the nasty sucking she had planned for the lucky dog. Once she was in the right position, she grabbed the dog's throbbing penis and pulled him over her so that he straddled her body, his penis hanging directly over her face.

    "I'm gonna suck you dry, doggie. Do you like that?" she moaned as she guided its cock back into her hot mouth. With the new position, Sarah knew the dog would be able to take control of the action and thrust into her mouth. She let go of the cock with her hand. As soon as her lips wrapped around his throbbing prick, the dog began to fuck Sarah's face. He drove his cock into Sarah's hot mouth, fucking her face with long, fast strokes. By now his cock was fully erect, about 8 inches long from the knot to the tip, and big enough around to stretch Sarah's lips to the limit. Sarah knew she was putting on a dirty show and was glad that Lisa was getting every second of it on videotape. The audience watched the show with lust as the dog fucked Sarah's sucking mouth, getting more and more excited by the fantastic blowjob she was giving the dog, and looking forward to the escapades they knew would come next. Sarah knew what her next feat was to be, but for the time being, concentrated on sucking this dog like he had never been sucked before. After a few more minutes of hot, nasty sucking, the dog's knot began to swell even more, and the penis became even brighter red as the dog neared climax. Sarah could tell that the dog was getting close because it's thrusts became more uncontrolled and the pre-cum squirted more copiously from the dog's highly excited prick. The dog's rapid, powerful thrusts forced the cock deeper and deeper into Sarah's gobbling mouth, but she was able to take the dog's spurting head past her gag reflex. Finally, her desires became reality as she felt the knot bumping against her pillowy lips- she had taken him to the limit!

    Using her hand to grip the dog firmly behind his swollen knot, Sarah tightened her mouth around the dog's cock, anxious to bring him off in her mouth, but wanting to slow the pace of thrusting so that the audience could get a good view of the dog's orgasm. Her technique worked, the dog slowed his frantically pistoning cock, and allowed Sarah to control it's depth and speed. Sarah sucked only the head, not allowing more than a few inches of wet, hot dog cock into her mouth. The dog began to whine in ecstasy, trying in vain to grind his whole oversensitive prick into the hot sucking mouth below him. Sarah tightened her lips even more around the slippery, plunging cock, knowing this would trigger the dog's cum. Within seconds, she was rewarded with an explosion of hot dog cum in her wanton mouth. She quickly opened her mouth wide to allow the dog's cum to splash past her lips and down her chin. For almost 10 seconds the dog ejaculated into Sarah's mouth, and what seemed like a pint of hot dog jism had flowed from her mouth down her chin and neck. Finally the cock stopped spurting, and Sarah relaxed her grip on it, allowing the big dog to wander off and lick himself dry. Lisa stopped the camcorder and handed Sarah a towel to wipe the sticky cum off her body. The audience shifted in their chairs, relieved that the intense act was over but ready for the second act to begin.

    Sarah freshened herself with a drink of water and then returned to the floor cushions to proceed with the rest of her initiation. As dirty as the first act was, the second act was even filthier. Sarah looked forward to giving the audience an even better show than she had just done. Sarah kneeled down on one of the cushions and lowered her upper body down to the ground, resting her elbows on another cushion. She stuck her fine rump high into the air and spread her legs wide to allow the audience to see her sexy dripping cunt and tight rosebud anus. With one hand she applied a big glob of astroglide to her asshole, working the slippery sex lube into her tight bunghole with two fingers. She was really turned on from sucking the dog and needed little time to prepare her ass for the completion of the initiation rite. As she worked her greasy fingers into her gripping asshole, she could feel her cunt get even hotter and her clitoris becoming more hard, almost aching for sex.

    She yearned to have her vagina filled by hard cock, but knew that her anal penetration would be even more intense. She suddenly wished she could have two cocks in her at once; one to satisfy her anus and the other to pleasure her cunt. This filthy thought made her even more horny, and she began to thrust her fingers into her butthole with deeper, faster strokes. After a few more moments, a big dog with short hair was led out to Sarah waiting on the center of the floor.

    The dog's cock was already beginning to harden, and Sarah could tell it would be at least as big as the cock she had just sucked off. She licked her lips sexily while staring at the rapidly growing dog dick in front of her. She nodded to Lisa to start the camcorder and then lowered her chest back down to the cushion so that her tight, lubed ass was thrust high into the air. The dog was quickly led behind Sarah's upturned rump, and she watched it as the handler positioned the dog over her back, the big throbbing penis pointing down at her crotch.

    Sarah reached back with one hand and firmly grasped the dog's engorged cock behind the knot and guided it to her ready asshole. The dog had been well trained and waited patiently for the girl to insert his throbbing cock into her opening. Sarah spread her legs even farther and then allowed the pointy cock tip into her tight bung. She moaned with pleasure and slight pain as the thick penis penetrated her sphincter.

    "C'mon doggie, I want your cock in my ass" she moaned as her hand allowed another inch or two of the dog's big dick into her rear. The animal responded to Sarah's encouragement and began to slowly push his red-hot schlong into her tightly grasping anus. She could feel the big cock swelling in size at it plunged into her hot, moist depths and wondered if she could take the whole thing in up to the knot.

    "You've got a big cock, don't you boy?" Sarah asked as she felt him push a few more inches into her bottom. "I bet you love fucking girls in the ass, don't you?" Sarah knew she was a tight fit and was glad that the dog's pre-cum was now lubing her tight ass, making her rectum hotter and even more slick. By now the dog had pushed about 6 inches of thick meat into her rump, and still had two inches left in front of the knot. Sarah wanted to be able to take the whole cock into her ass, to let it bottom out in her and to feel the swollen knot against her anal opening. To allow even deeper penetration, she released her hand to give the dog a chance to thrust freely. Now with both hands free to help balance her body, she was better able to push her ass higher into the air, to grind herself against the dog's thrusting penis. "Fuck my ass, doggie" she shouted when her ass was fully adjusted to the big invader. The dog, no longer restrained by Sarah's hand, began to thrust faster and more deeply into her sexy, gripping asshole. He raised himself higher on her back so that he could better control his insertion and began to fuck the horny moaning girl in earnest.

    "Oh god, you're so big! Fuck the shit outa me! I wanna feel your hot doggie cum in my ass" Sarah groaned as the dog sank his cock in her up to the knot. Feeling the hard knot against her anus, she knew she was hilted and moaned with desire at the spectacle she and the dog were creating. She could imagine how nasty the scene must look to the audience, the big animal mounted on her back, her long legs spread wide and ass held high, her chest resting on the floor cushions. She could picture the dog's long, red, dripping cock rhythmically pushing its way into her clenching bunghole, straining against the tight grip of her anus. She could feel her wanton ass spasm around the dog's cock and could feel his pre-cum filling up her tight cavity. Sarah knew that the dog couldn't last long in her asshole and wanted to make his climax something he would never forget.

    "I'm gonna make you cum in my ass, lover" she said as she tightened her sphincter even more around his throbbing, desperately thrusting cock. "Do you like that? Are you gonna cum for me now?

    The dog responded by thrusting more rapidly and with more force. Sarah could feel the engorged knot banging up against her ass and the pre-cum spurting more strongly into her hot, clutching anus. She felt so nasty getting ass fucked by the big animal and could feel her wet, tingling vagina begin its contractions. The tighter she gripped the dog's cock with her ass, the stronger and more intense the contraction in her pussy.

    "Fuck me hard, boy. Do my hot ass!" Sarah shouted as her intense ass-fucking continued to rise to fever pitch. She began to grind her beautiful ass against the dog's thrusting cock, moving her hips in slow, sensual circles as the dog pumped into her anus. She moaned in ecstasy as the hot dick plundered her poopchute, spurting scalding pre-cum into her hole. She wanted this intense pleasure to last, but knew that her hot, tight ass would soon bring the dog to a wild climax. She decided to concentrate on making the dog cum, so she stopped grinding her hips and allowed the dog to fuck her at the pace he wanted.

    Sarah relished the delicious feeling in her cunt and asshole and knew that the dog must be experiencing even greater pleasure as his hot throbbing cock fucked her tight bunghole. He began to thrust even faster as Sarah focused on squeezing her sphincter around his ready-to-burst penis. The dog's pre-cum was now flowing from the young girl's asshole, lubricating his red-hot piston as it bottomed out in her rectum. The animal whined in excitement as he drove his member into Sarah, his thrusts becoming more uncontrolled and frantic.

    "Oh god, he's gonna cum!" Sarah cried when she sensed the dog's impending orgasm. She pushed her upraised ass even higher into the air to allow the dog maximum penetration for his climax.

    "Cum for me, doggie. Shoot into my ass, you filthy fucker!"

    Suddenly, the dog stopped his rapid in-and-out thrusts and tried in vain to shove his swollen knot into Sarah's tight asshole. Unable to do so, he then ground his dick around in her rectum, mashing the knot against her opening, whining in ecstasy as he could feel his cum begin to rise. At the same time, Sarah squeezed her ass even tighter to make sure the knot couldn't get in. The tightness and slickness of her ass was more than the dog could handle and within moments, his nuts began to shoot their hot load into her rump. For at least 10 seconds the dog emptied his hot seed into the girl's ass, whimpering as his intense climax played itself out. The audience was entranced by the sight of the dog straddling Sarah's back, his huge red cock buried in Sarah's tight anus.

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    THIS WAS GREAT, IT LEFT ME WANTING TO READ MORE. I'm begging you to write more, soon.

    Jan 8 2010 08:37
    well that did it for me...

    Nov 12 2010 21:03
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