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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, 1st, teens, masturbation, dog sex.

    The following story is fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons or events is strictly coincidental, though historical events or people may provide a starting point for this story.

    Looking around carefully, Janet Stepanski slides quietly out the side door, jacket draped carefully around her neck. Gym class is just too much to take today, with the way the boys ogle her in her gym clothes. Today had been even worse than usual, since she's so horny her nipples have been hard all day, showing plainly through her romper suit, but the jacket will hide them. At least it's her last class of the day, with just study hall after. They never take attendance in study hall, and if somebody does, she can just say she was in the library or the restroom.

    Carefully making her way around the other end of the gym, she starts for the street before she remembers that those stoners always hang around down by the little store. It's bad enough walking by there with other girls, and she doesn't want to walk by alone. Now if she goes over the other way, she can walk down the alley to the back gate.

    'Why'd they have to come here? We've got lots of relatives, so why'd they have to move in with us? There's no privacy anymore! I've gotta share my bedroom with four noisy, nosy little girls! I can't even be alone in the bathroom!' she thinks, grousing to herself about her cousins living with them. 'Uncle Ben isn't even looking for a job! Dad thinks he is, but he isn't! Just having him here is bad enough, why'd he have to bring his whole family?! Buncha noisy snooping brats! I haven't had enough... ' she trails off, blushing spectacularly. 'I haven't cum for weeks!'

    Crossing into the alley, she's relieved to see that it's empty. 'Now where can I go?' I can't go home yet, Mom would freak if she knew I was skipping school. And she'd make me babysit those brats!'

    Walking slowly down the deserted alley, she pauses for a moment, suddenly really seeing the big equipment storage shed for the first time in years. 'There's almost never anybody in it, an' the doors are open if there is someone there... ' The doors are locked up tight, but she rattles them to be sure. 'Anybody coming in will make a racket... Now where was that loose spot?'

    Looking around, the dark-haired teen makes sure no one's watching, then slides into the narrow space between the corrugated metal siding and the neighbor's high board fence. Once she's in the gap, she's effectively invisible unless someone looks directly down the narrow slot, and as soon as she pushes past the first scrubby bush, she can't be seen even then. It's only a few more feet to the loose sheet of siding, and it's still loose! Mr. James must not have ever found it, if he even knew there was another way in.

    Carefully prying the metal aside, making as little noise as possible, the brunette sticks her head through, looking around nervously. There's nobody inside, so she carefully sidles through the gap. It's a lot harder than it used to be, she's not a skinny little kid any more, and she finally has to put the board at one side of the opening into her cleavage and sidle sideways around it, effectively making extra inches by getting her boobs out of the way. Having big tits can be great, especially for attracting boys, but sometimes they're just a nuisance!

    Cautiously sneaking around in the dimness, she's soon sure there's nobody else here, and she sits down on the end of the narrow wooden bench between a grader and a front-end loader, spotlighted by sunbeams slanting through the dirty windows high on the wall. "Finally!" she murmurs to herself. It's the first time she's been alone in weeks. Her gray eyes half-close as she leans back on her hands. The sunlight feels so good, and it's so quiet...

    The warmth of the sun heats her chest, raising the temperature of her hard nipples even more, and Janet squirms on the bench. The extra warmth feels like it's melting her insides and they're trickling down into a warm liquid pool in the base of her tummy...

    Opening her eyes again, she reluctantly rises to check that no-one can come in easily, even checking under the storage platform at the back, then drifts to a halt back by the bench, hands rising of their own accord to touch her big, high round breasts. The warm pool is growing to a lake, and she gasps quietly as that first contact sends a hot rush through her. This has been the longest time she's gone without cumming since she discovered how to get herself off... and it's taken its toll on her self-restraint.

    As she looks around one last time, her trembling fingers unfasten the button closing the top of her one-piece pink romper suit, then slowly, sensuously pull the zipper tab down, allowing the strained cotton to gape open, exposing the upper slopes of her round full titties, straining her white bra. The cool air feels good on her hot pale skin, and the zipper tab continues down at a steady glide until it reaches the bottom of its travel below the slight curve of her belly. She's just a touch overweight, but it just gives her a tummy that's not quite flat and big plush tits, though she looks rather fat in her usual loose clothes. The boys had sure stared today, though, even Claude had admired her, and she smiles at the memory of the male attention, even as her nipples harden more.

    She shivers with arousal as her hands glide back up over her belly and rise over the fabric-encased mountains above, then onto soft bare skin again; pink cloth slides down her arms, getting in the way until she impatiently shakes the suit off, ignoring it as it pools around her ankles. After a moment's stroking, she unhooks her sturdy cotton bra, releasing creamy globes the size of cantaloupes, standing high, firm and proud as the white undergarment slides down her arms and drops onto the bench.

    Raising her hands back to her chest, she cups the soft silky titty-meat happily, sighing as the lush flesh overfills her hands, short pink-painted nails digging lightly into silky white skin. Her hands gently knead her oversize boobs gently, raising her passions further, then shift out so her exploring fingers can touch the hard little pale-pink nipples topping the silky mounds like pale cherries atop giant scoops of ice-cream. She groans softly at the touch.

    Dropping her hands, the fiercely aroused teen pushes her panties down, peeling the wet cotton away from the soft dark curls at the base of her belly, stepping out of the undergarment and rompersuit to stand with her voluptuous pale body glowing in the sunbeams slanting through the gloom, clad only in shoes, hands rising over her head as though she's offering herself to the sun. After standing that way for a moment, she slowly pirouettes in the light, admiring her reflections in the machine windows. Her raised hands flatten her tummy out completely and raise her tits, making them look even bigger and higher. Her reflection shows her she's a terrifically erotic sight; the boys at school would love to see her like this. She giggles at the thought, embarrassed and aroused, knowing she'd never do it.

    Her hands drop, to slide over her curving nakedness again, cupping her oversize tits then gliding over softly curving tummy, combing through wet dark curls... she jerks as a fingertip parts drenched pink pussy-folds, releasing feminine moisture to wet her hand. Her feet automatically step apart as her other hand joins the first between her shapely thighs, caressing her drenched sex as her upper arms squeeze her soft white breasts together. Her breathing is picking up speed, becoming a sexy panting while a sexual flush creeps over her impish face and slowly crawls down her throat and chest.

    There's a scrape and something moves in the gloomy back of the building; for almost a minute the buxom nude doesn't notice, until something dark paces out of the shadows towards her.

    "Eeeeh! Wha... ?" she tries, unsuccessfully, to cover her tits with one hand and her crotch with the other. It works for her pussy, more or less, but covering her boobs with her hand is like trying to cover a tabletop with a doily: the soft smooth tit-meat bulges over her hand and arm, rendering the effort something worse than useless, highlighting her nudity instead of concealing it.

    The next moment, even the effort is rendered moot as she realizes that, first, it's Brutus, the Rottweiler that lives behind the storage shop; and, second, there'd been no clashing as the doors opened, so he must have another way in. She looks around anyway, and the gloom makes obvious the doors are still closed.

    "Brutus. How'd you get in here?" she inquires, forgetting her initial fright. The big dark dog trots up to her, stubby tail wagging happily. Most people are scared of Brutus, but she's played with him since he was a puppy small enough to hold easily in her hands. He knows Janet, likes her, and looks at her with 'Bambi' eyes, stubby tail wagging furiously, wanting her to scratch his ears. That feels so good, and he groans appreciatively as his human friend scratches away.

    Forgetting her nudity, the big-titted girl impulsively kneels on the gritty concrete to hug the big dog, then blinks in surprise as her soft white boobs flatten and rub against the dog's hard black shoulder. The rub of coarse dark fur against her sensitive pink nipples alone is enough to send a hot liquid rush to her overheated groin, and the heat of his hard muscular body does absolutely nothing to cool her off. Gray eyes wide, she settles herself a little better and deliberately rubs her smooth tits over the big dog's rough coat, groaning quietly in incredible pleasure.

    Brutus sniffs carefully, recognizing the smell of hot pussy; turning his massive head, he sniffs the teen's wet fingers, then licks the tasty girl-juices up. Lost in her own pleasure, Janet doesn't notice that or the slick red cock starting to slide out of the black-furred sheath beneath his hindquarters...

    Once he's satisfied himself that he's gotten the last of the lubrication off of her slender fingers, the huge Rottweiler turns the other way, and Janet starts to move with him, trying to keep her tits pressed against that hard furry warmth, only to freeze in place, shocked to the very core of her being, as a long, rough red tongue slashes sloppily over her exposed creamy skin. "Ahhhh! Ahhhh!" she gasps as her new-found lover licks her right titty again. His tongue is so incredibly hot!

    She jerks in ecstasy as his third tongue-stroke washes her right nipple with hot dog-drool; the erotic sensation is so far beyond anything the buxom virgin has ever dreamed of that she feels like she's going to explode! The big dog grins happily as he soaks the twitching girl's massive mammaries, getting the left one too; she unconsciously arches her back, pushing them up and out so the outsize animal can reach every bit of her sensitive white gazongas. The bestial attention soon pinkens the soft white globes with her incredible sexual heat and the long sloppy strokes of his rough red lapper.

    As the naked girl writhes under his talented taster, the big dog's massive head drops down her soft belly, licking his way southwards until he can swipe his tongue through the soft dark curls covering her pink and white pussymound. Janet squeals breathlessly as his rough red tongue splits her unused pink pussy open, slurping up pussyjuice and wiping across her clit! It feels like she can count the bumps on that delightful girl-taster in its time-warped passage across the sensitive pink nubbin.

    Overwhelmed by the erotic attentions of her first lover, the overheated brunette leans forward over the big dog's broad back, shuddering on the edge of climax as her own weight mashes her silky white tits into coarse black fur, crushing her human feminine softness against his bestial male hardness. The brightness of the pool of sunlight heightens the contrast of the soft white girl pressed against the huge hard black dog pleasuring her.

    Just before the thrashing teen climaxes under his relentless tongue, Brutus stops licking. As she whines in shocked disappointment, he wiggles out from under her twitching body and steps back, prancing excitedly; she pushes herself to hands and knees, shuddering as her soft creamy titties and rock-hard hot nipples brush across cold, hard gritty concrete.

    His amber eyes watch the nearly creaming teen carefully as she writhes in her heat; judging the moment right, he rapidly circles behind the kneeling brunette while she grabs for him. Before she can turn around, his powerful tongue slashes up through her open cunt, laying the tender pink folds wide open with one terrific slurp, and she shudders ecstatically, rolling her hips back and spreading her knees. "Ooooh! Ooooooh! G-good b-boy! Unnnh!" she whispers.

    Stepping back and judging her arousal again, the huge Rottweiler licks his chops, then springs up onto the soft white ass she's presenting so invitingly! Janet grunts under the unexpected weight, then moans as a hot, wet, hard thing slides across her steaming pussy. Before she even thinks, the kneeling girl reaches back between her spread thighs to grasp it; as she captures the hot slick rod, she realizes she's holding the dog's hard cock! The mere thought sends an incredible thrill racing through her plush body; after only an instant's hesitation, she pulls the pointed, slippery shape between the open lips of her empty pussy.

    Feeling the familiar liquid heat around the tip of his stiff prick, Brutus shoves violently and Janet squeaks in sudden pain as her tight pink cherry bursts in an instant, leaving behind a rapidly vanishing pain in her crotch, a few drops of blood mingling with the dog-drool and pussy juice trickling down her shapely white thighs, and a huge, long, thick, red dog-cock sliding swiftly into her freshly opened pink love-tunnel. "Eeeeek! Oh. Oh! OH!" she whispers. "That's... Tha'... Oooohhhh..."

    The big black dog seats his stiff prick as deep as he can get into the hot, welcoming hole he's just opened up, gliding into her tight passage until she shivers delightedly as the tip of his sheath enters her clutching cuntlips. He holds the penetration for a moment, adjusting his position to set his front feet against the front of her thighs, rough black pads and hard black claws digging lightly into soft white girl-flesh, then Janet whines as he pulls back out. A split-second later, she grunts as the big dog drives vigorously back into her, then withdraws again before she can react. Every thrust is going deeper and deeper into her willing white body, and the slick wet sounds of a hard-on thrusting deep into wet pussy echo slightly in the gloomy space, accompanied by the girl's moans and the big beast's panting.

    The enthusiastically humping black dog clutches the plush white ex-virgin tightly as the two lovers grind together on the garage floor, spotlighted in the gloom between the hulking machines by the sunlight streaming down from high windows. Her plush white bottom jiggles and her round, dangling tits bounce energetically with every buttock-flattening thrust her canine lover pounds into her open slot; she can feel his black-furred cock-sheath rubbing through her stretched pink pussy-lips as each mighty push slams his black-furred loins into her obscenely presented white bottom.

    Looking up and to her left, she can see reflections of herself and Brutus fucking vigorously in the light; the images burn themselves into her overheated, overloaded mind as she looks at her naked white body wiggling ecstatically under the huge hairy black beast that's just popped her overripe cherry.

    The image is just too much, and the humping, straining dog-toy flashes into her first orgasm in weeks, groaning and gasping quietly beneath the pounding dog, forgetting in her ecstasy that she doesn't have to be quiet here.

    Brutus grunts pleasure deep in his chest as the cumming girl's spasming pussy clutches tightly enough at his rampaging prick to slow his jackhammer thrusts. No rottie bitch ever does that! His rumbling grunt echoes through the broad black chest pressed against the slavishly kneeling brunette's white back, resonating through her body from her dangling, jiggling boobs to her stuffed pink pussy as Janet groans through her first deep-cunt climax, dimly astounded by its fury as she responds mindlessly to the vigorous dog-fuck. That's her best cum ever!

    As she droops beneath her first lover, gasping for breath in the aftershocks of her cum, the outsize Rottweiler covering her regains speed, making her pale flesh quiver as he drives on to his own cum. Only seconds after her orgasm, still panting for breath, the stacked teen is humping back at the big black dog, delighting in the pleasure racing through her. If she'd known fucking would feel like this, she wouldn't have waited so long!

    Her bestial lover's panting sends hot wet breath puffing over her back, strings of doggie-drool dripping onto the submitting teen as she shudders and jiggles beneath the rutting canine. His slick red prick is swollen hugely now, and there's some sort of bulge at the base that won't let it slide clear out any more. It's another delightful new sensation, even though it hurts a little as it stretches her near-virgin pussy out to its natural limits.

    Then the pounding prick grows a tiny bit more, shudders inside the thrashing brunette, swells and sprays scalding-hot liquid deep into her juicy cunt! That's all it takes, and Janet explodes into an even better cum as her canine lover thrusts so deep into her he has nearly two inches of furry black cock-sheath in her ravaged pink cunt as his thick white cum sprays her unprotected cervix, making her cum even harder as he floods her well-used pussy.

    The overheated pair thrash through their shared cum together before collapsing into a heap of panting flesh. The buxom teen's arms finally give way, and she collapses, soft white tit-globes flattening against the hard, gritty cement floor. It feels cool, almost icy, against her flushed, overheated skin as the panting black-and-brown dog stands proudly over his twitching creamy fuck-toy, raven-furred loins pressed obscenely against plush white girl-ass, stubby tail wagging happily.

    Then the thoroughly fucked girl gets another surprise when Brutus gets his breath back. As she's enjoying the feeling of a hard cock imbedded in her well-stuffed pussy, he steps his right front foot over her back. She thinks nothing of that, but then he turns further and raises his right rear leg, scraping his hind foot over her naked back and turning so he's butt-to-butt with his human mate!

    The sudden twist in her insides and the furry rub against her plush ass and the back of her soft thighs rocket the unsuspecting teen to a shockingly sudden orgasm; Brutus groans happily as she clutches his cock inside her hot pussy, enjoying the pleasure no dog-bitch gives him.

    Eyes still closed, the gasping, twitching girl slumps in her subservient pose, soft warm white tits mashed on the cold hard gray floor until her bestial lover's still-swollen cock-bulge goes down enough to release her. The cool floor feels good on her hot, swollen nipples.

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    It got me way too hotttt and i can't wait for a part #2 soon?

    Nov 16 2007 21:23
    Wow, I got hard, love to

    Nov 17 2007 23:56
    very very very good chapter 2 she gets preg or not???? outstanding

    Dec 11 2007 02:30
    Wow!! I would love to see that in action with my dear dalmatian. He is getting old but would love to do it still. Any takers? Near Salt Lake City.

    Feb 20 2008 13:42
    i wish i was her!!!

    Sep 27 2009 02:38
    awesome; I have a sister 32-EE that I'd love to see with my dog. This girl sounds just like her. so far I've only got some spy vids of her in the shower. how can I get her to do my dog? advice please message me.

    Apr 30 2010 14:25
    please write more; can this girl take a horse?

    Apr 30 2010 14:33
    Very hot story, it reminds me of my cousin,I caught her in the positionof being nude nude like that, but it wasn't a dog that got her it was me. I wish I would have had my lab with me so he could have had his turn, and made her his human bitch!!!

    Mar 20 2012 07:07
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