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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, teens.

    It was Christmas break during my freshman year in college. I finally had some time to myself after several days of parties and reunions with friends and family. Today was going to be my special day alone. Dad hadn't returned yet from a business trip and mom was off doing last minute shopping.

    As I walked into the family room, I slipped out of my bathrobe and slid onto my old friend, the beanbag. My nipples were already red and extended, just waiting to be caressed. I licked my palms, placed them gently against my nipples and began to slowly move them in circles. Ahh, that warm tingling spread from my breast down to my cunt. I made the little circles faster and faster until my breathing was ragged and my nipples were begging for relief. I am lucky enough to have large firm breasts. If I cup them, I can easily lick and suck them. As I raised my right breast to my lips I slid my left hand to my cunt and slowly ran my fingertips around the edges of my wet, swollen lips.

    Just as my tongue began to taste that familiar flavor I heard a creaking noise and realized that someone was coming in the front door! I could hear voices and footsteps. I knew that I didn't have enough time to get dressed and compose myself, so I grabbed my bathrobe and jumped behind the couch. I was crouched down on my knees, with my forearms on the floor and my ass in the air. What a spot to be discovered! I tried to control my heavy breathing and make myself as small and quiet as possible.

    I recognized the voices as that of my mom and her best friend Mrs. Jenkins. Mom was saying, "I'm so glad I ran into you. I get so stressed this time of year. A couple of sets of tennis is exactly what I need! Why don't you make yourself comfortable while I change?" This was great, they would be out of here in a few minutes. I could hear Mrs. J walking into the family room and settling into the recliner. She was just a few feet away from my hiding place. I tried to be even smaller and quieter than before. Mrs. J turned on the TV and began flipping channels. At least I didn't have to worry about her hearing me breathe.

    I was beginning to relax, and thought I was going to get through this without a heart attack when I felt something cold and wet touch me right in my asshole! I almost let out a scream but managed to contain myself. I looked over my shoulder and saw the pointy ears of Buster, our German Shepherd, rising above my ass cheeks. I tried to wiggle my butt to discourage him but he stayed right with it, sniffing like crazy. I wanted to turn around and slap him but I didn't dare move with Mrs. J so close. The next thing I knew, Buster began to run his tongue across my exposed pussy lips. It was all I could do to keep from screaming. I bit my lip and tried to clamp my pussy closed and my ass cheeks together so the damn dog couldn't reach my hidden places. Buster paused for a second then went back to licking with a vengeance. His tongue ran repeatedly from the top to the very bottom of my cunt. He turned his tongue sideways and slipped it between my lips. My clenched butt muscles automatically relaxed at the feel of a warm tongue sliding into my pussy. Hey, this didn't feel so bad. If it wasn't for Mrs. J being in the room I could really get into this.

    Luckily, she seemed to have settled on a music video channel and cranked up the volume to enjoy the music. I relaxed a bit more since there was now no chance that she could hear what was happening on the other side of the room! As I relaxed, Buster began to lap away like crazy. I pushed my ass a little higher in the air and spread my knees to give him better access. His tongue was running in and out and up and down my twat. My juices were beginning to flow and this seemed to spur him on.

    He found my clit and began teasing it with fast furious little licks. A wave of lust swept over me as my clit started swelling and aching from his rapid fire licking. I was really starting to enjoy this. My fear of discovery was turning into the excitement of having sex in a public place. I hadn't had this feeling since my friend Rick and I had sex behind the stage at our senior prom! My pussy was now spread wide and dripping with my juice and Buster's saliva.

    He was slurping up the hot, sticky fluid. His tongue ran repeatedly across my clit and then penetrated deep into my pussy. It was like getting great oral sex and a great fuck at the same time. As Buster made one especially deep plunge into my pussy I began to feel that warm orgasmy feeling starting. The orgasm hit me hard, it was one of those long rolling-thunder orgasms that leave me shaking all over. As the feeling subsided I slowly slid off of my hands and knees and stretched out on my stomach. Buster kept licking but in this position he couldn't reach my hot spots. He contented himself with lapping up the juice that had dripped down the back of my thighs. I was completely enjoying the warm after-cum buzz and the feel of Buster's tongue running up and down my thighs. That is when I looked up and clearly saw Mrs. J's face reflected in the mirror alongside the fireplace!

    It was heart attack time again! I knew I was caught. Mrs. J had seen everything! Oh my god! What had I been thinking? Tears were forming in my eyes until I noticed that Mrs. J's eyes were closed. She seemed to be totally absorbed in the music and unaware of me. I knew that I had been extremely lucky that she hadn't seen me and Buster in action but my luck wouldn't hold out long. All she had to do was open her eyes and focus on the mirror and I would be dead meat. The last thing I wanted to do was explain to my mother why I was naked, behind the couch, with the dog licking my ass! Grabbing the only cover at hand, I curled into a tiny ball and pulled my nightgown over my body. I was hoping that I looked like a blanket dropped behind the couch. At that moment, Buster laid down and put his head on top of me. This was terrific. Maybe now it looked like Buster was sleeping on his favorite blanket. I was beginning to realize that Buster was a very handy friend to have around.

    I didn't make a move until after mom and her friend had left. As soon as they were gone I crawled from behind the couch and collapsed on the beanbag. Finally I could breathe normally. My heart seemed to be beating at a normal rate. Everything was fine with the world! Buster came out, did that long stretching motion, and casually walked over and put his head in my lap to be scratched. I gave him a big two handed ear scratch and a big kiss on the nose. "Buster I didn't know you were so talented. You are one good doggie". He must have caught the happy tone in my voice and immediately began licking all over my face. I gave him a big hug and began running my hands across his neck and back. He immediately rolled over on his back and exposed his belly for a good scratch. I was glad to oblige and began slowly running my hand back and forth across his tummy.

    I was looking at Buster in a new light. Although I had rubbed his tummy and examined his equipment many times before I had never thought of the possibility of anything sexual between us. I began stroking my hand closer to his penis sheath. I slowly slid my hand down the length of his sheath and gently across his balls to see what would happen. His body twitched as I touched his balls and I could see a touch of pink at the end of his sheath. I began to slide my fingertips up and down the length of his sheath. Each time I reached the top I would increase the pressure a tiny bit to pull the sheath back and expose a little more of his hot pink cock. I had about 1/2 inch of pointy pink meat exposed. This was starting to get my juices going again but all I could think about was giving some pleasure back to my friend. Buster let out a low growl as I increased the pressure while continuing to slowly stroke up and down. I was a little worried that this was a warning until I saw a good 2 inches of his dick sticking out of his sheath. Wow ... that thing was big. I had been fooled by the small point of the tip. The widest part was more than an inch thick! I continued to stroke while I moved in for a closer look. There was a small drop of cum oozing out of the tip.

    Knowing that we were both hot and horny was making my cunt start to ache. I put my left hand down to my slit and began stroking myself in time with stroking Buster. As soon as my hand was covered with my pussy juice I wrapped my fingers around his cock and began pumping him in earnest. I was soon rewarded with 6 inches of engorged cock staring me in the face. The site of this gave me second thoughts. Was this what I really wanted to do? .

    The drop of ooze had turned into a steady trickle. I knew that I wanted to taste it and that, YES, this is what I wanted to do! I bent my head down and slowly ran my tongue around the tip of his dick. The fluid was hot and slightly sticky. The taste was kind of like smelling a good musk perfume with a slightly salty flavor, if you can imagine that. I let the tip slide into my fully open mouth while continuing to slide my hand from top to bottom of his now rigid shaft. Buster's groans increased and he began to pump his hips to match my hand action. As my hand slid down his shaft I let it continue across the sheath to his balls and gave them a gentle squeeze. His pumping action was driving his cock in and out of my mouth. It was touching the back of my throat when it was in all the way. His hot cum was dripping out of the corners of my mouth. The taste and sensation were wonderful. I had given blow jobs to a couple of boys before but it had always been an awkward and unfulling experience... at least for me. The boys seemed to enjoy it. With Buster it was completely different. We were moving together perfectly. I didn't feel awkward at all. I was happy to be making my friend feel as good as he had made me feel earlier.

    We were going at a frenzied pace when something amazing happened. Buster's dick rammed into me and stabbed against my throat. I ran my hand down his shaft and found that even more of his hot-iron had popped out of his sheath. This new section bulged out to about 1 1/2" - 2" thick. I could barely get my hand entirely around it. When I gave it a good squeeze and started stroking it Buster went crazy. He jumped to his feet so quickly that I didn't have time to react. There was Buster's rock hard cock staring me in the face. As he began humping the air his cock brushed against my cheek. I just turned till I was facing him, opened my mouth and let him slide inside me. At this point I didn't need to stroke any more. He was pumping like crazy. I just laid my hand flat along the bottom of his bulge to keep it aimed in the right direction. I pulled my lips down over my teeth so I wouldn't scratch him as I gently closed my mouth around him. After a while his thrusts became very fast. His cock was going so far into me that the large bulge in his shaft was bumping into my lips. Each time he rammed into me I thought I would gag but then it would draw all the way out until the tip was barely spreading my lips. He finally rammed it in further than ever before and held it in tightly. The bulge grew even larger and was spreading my lips wide! Hot cum began shooting into my throat while Buster's body began shaking like I had been when we were behind the couch. It was a good thing that I had learned to chug beer at school, hot cum was pouring into me. I just held my breath and waited for Buster's spasms to stop. Eventually they did, and then he started to slowly pump again!

    I wasn't ready for more of this so I slowly pulled back while putting firm pressure on him with my lips. When his tip popped out of my mouth hot cum shot all over my face. I licked up what I could to savor one last taste. But I didn't want to waste any time, Buster was ready and so was I. I was ready to have that hot dick inside my burning pussy. I crawled to the couch and lay my upper body on the couch with my knees wide apart on the ground. I reached back and patted my ass to give Buster some encouragement. It was all he needed. With a quick yelp he was on top of me, his dick was sliding back and forth through the crack between my cheeks. His front legs were over my shoulders and squeezing my neck between them. Something wasn't quite right here. I struggled to lift up a little bit and got his legs over my shoulders. When I lay back down on the couch his legs were gripping me tightly under my armpits. There was a wonderful tickling feeling from his fur under my arms. Buster was still happily pumping away, only now his dick was underneath and sliding back and forth over my pussy lips. I reached back and gave him a slight push up as he was pushing forward. That's all it took. He was in. As soon as he felt his cock go inside me he drove it all the way in and began pumping like crazy.

    I was in heaven. It had been quite a while since I had been fucked, and I couldn't ever remember fucking being like this. We fit together perfectly. As he slid in and out I began pumping my hips to meet him. I could feel his hot breath on my neck and ear. I turned my head around and received a big tongue across my lips. I stuck out my tongue and for an instant we were fucking and french kissing at the same time. This drove both of us mad. Buster was humping fast and furious. I finally stopped moving because I couldn't keep up the pace. I just relaxed and enjoyed the feel of him in and out inside of me. I was lost in the moment and I could feel my second orgasm of the day beginning. Just as I was beginning to peak, Buster gave an extra hard push and I felt the bulge beginning to spread me even further. As he pushed the bulge all the way in me I began to scream. I felt that I was being stretched to the limit and as the bulge slid inside me my orgasm reached a second peak. Wow, this was the best sex that I had ever had. I gradually became aware that Buster was pumping another load of cum inside of me. This just made me hotter. He was slowing down but I started grinding my ass into him. This kept him going for a while but eventually we both were lying still in the warm afterglow of great sex.

    When my breathing had calmed and my mind had recovered I began to have thoughts of a hot shower followed by a nap. I tried to get Buster to hop off. Finally I pushed my shoulders up so that he would get off. He did, but I hadn't realized that he was still fully lodged inside me! When he hopped off he turned to head in the other direction. His cock spun around inside me but didn't come out! We were stuck together butt to butt with him inside of me. I had vague memories of seeing dogs stuck in this position and the purpose of the big bulge in his dick suddenly became clear to me. I didn't know how long we were going to be like this so I laid back down on the couch and tried to enjoy the sensation. After a while his dick got smaller and slid out of me with a sucking sound. Buster headed for his favorite spot in the corner where he began licking himself just where I had licked him earlier. I stared at him with amazement for awhile. It was hard for me to comprehend that I had just had the best fuck of my life and it had been with a dog! Who would have guessed? I gave him a hug and a kiss and headed for the shower to clean up.

    A couple of hours later mom and Mrs. J returned from their tennis match. I was curled in my favorite beanbag watching TV, completely dressed this time. Before she left Mrs. J asked if I would be interested in house-sitting for her the following week. She said "I really need someone who can take care of my dog Oscar. He gets lonely when I'm away and needs a lot of attention". She said this with a wide smile. My heart was getting another workout! Her eyes had been closed... I thought.

    I did spend a few days with Oscar and learned a lot about Mrs. J, but that, as they say, is a different story.

    Hope you liked it.

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    This is a GEAT... sexy and interesting story. thank you

    Dec 2 2009 22:36
    To enjoy the sensation and feeling would be hot. Thank you for the great stary and hope you enjoy the pleasure many times over.

    Dec 25 2010 21:11
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