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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, teens, group.

    I wanted to make a movie about bestiality but I wanted to do something special. I've seen all the junk being produced lately and just wanted to improve on it. The movie had to be very kinky with multiple dogs on one woman. The more dogs screwing a woman the better the movie, I thought.

    I started off by looking in the dog classifieds section of the local papers. I wanted only the larger breeds as their cocks were the biggest. I didn't search long before I found over 50 dogs that were being given away for numerous reasons, from growing too large to not having enough room to care for them. There were German shepards, shepard/husky mix, shepard golden mix, a bunch of pointer mix and a few great Danes, not to mention your garden variety mutts. One by one I collected them all and put them in large dog crates in my basement. The real problem came on how to care for them all. For that I turned to my girlfriend Sue. Together we fed and exercised them in our back yard and since we lived in the country and had plenty of land the noise was no problem.

    Now came the problem of training them to have sex with women. With 50 dogs it would take several months at least. I looked to Sue for help again and she gladly agreed. Dogs are naturally horny and will fuck all the time if given the chance. Most were fast learners but a few took longer to get the hang of it. Sue was the perfect trainer as she has had her share of dog lovers. Actually it wasn't that hard and she really enjoyed screwing all those dogs. She started out by masturbating them, then sucking their cocks. She swallowed a lot of dog cum those two months. She taught them how to lick pussy and finally how to mount and fuck her. That wasn't that hard since she let them fuck her doggie style which is the most natural position for dogs and allows for maximum penetration. I did have to help some of them mount her and had to masturbate some of them a little to get their cocks hard and out of their sacks enough for them to start humping her. For most of them it was easy. She would just get down on all fours and wiggle her ass at them. In no time they were mounting and straddle her and some were tying with her right away. She did a great job of holding some of those large dogs on her back as she's only 5 feet 2 inches tall and some would tie with her for an hour or more and would not turn around ass to ass. At night we would take three or four of them to bed with us and had our own orgy.

    She had them so well trained that they would all get excited and bark as she walked past their crates. She'd stop and let one or two out only to be quickly wrestled down onto the floor where the quickest one would mount her rear and fuck her till they were tied. Some would just stay on her back until they were able to pull out, while others would turn around ass to ass in the classic doggie tie. The other dog always took up a position at her head and licked her face and mouth as though it was her pussy then he'd mount her there where he would fuck her mouth.

    With all the training done, it was now time to make the movie. But first I needed a woman to perform the acts. So I put a small ad in the regional tabloid papers for a woman to star in an upcoming adult movie. In a few days I got a call from an 18 year old and a 20 year old. I set up an appointment for them the next morning. At 8:00 am sharp the girls showed up right on schedule. I let them in and introduced myself. Jane was the 18 year old and was only 5 feet tall. Lisa was 20 and 5 feet 6 inches tall. They both were beautiful and I quickly developed an erection. By the looks of them I knew they were un-experienced and had never done a movie before. Not what I was looking for but I gave them a chance nevertheless. I had set up the video cameras and was already video taping them when they walked in.

    Both had been having sex on a regular basis and Jane had been having sex with her three older brothers since she was 12 and was screwing three boys in school now. Lisa also had sex with her brother and cousins till last year when they all left for collage. I asked them if they had dogs at home and they both responded yes. Both had two males at home of the larger breeds. Of course they both asked me why I had asked about their dogs. It was at that point that the conversation was about to get heavy so I asked them if they wanted an adult drink. They said OK. I knew liquor would soften the blow of the questions I would soon ask. I made up a couple of strong drinks which they quickly consumed. They also drank two beers each.

    Getting back to the questioning, I asked them if they had ever had sex with any of their dogs. They laughed at the question before answering no but Jane said she sometimes watched as her dogs licked their own cocks clean and that her brother had a bestiality magazine that she sometimes read. She was more than curious. It was at this point that I asked them if they wanted to take their clothe off so I could video tape them. Both agreed and they undressed. What beautiful young bodies they had. They were firm yet soft and their beautiful white skin was perfect in every way. Jane was short and a little heavy but she had a huge hairy pussy with big juicy sucking lips. She'd be able to take on any dog with that big pussy. Lisa on the other hand was taller and more slender and had a more tight pussy with hardly any lips showing and she was almost clean shaven. You know what they say, big woman, big pussy. Little woman, all pussy. When I asked them why they wanted to make a movie, both responded that they needed the money and that it may be fun. I told them that the movie I was interested in making was about women having sex with dogs. Lots of dogs. They just notted their heads.

    I decided to show them an x rated movie that started with regular sex and gradually changed to bestiality just to see their reaction and soften the blow. We watched it on the big screen. They had never seen an x rated movie before and I could tell it was having a positive affect on them as they both were playing with their vaginas. I made up some more drinks to soften the blow of the next scene which was about a dog and a women. The scene started out with a fully clothed woman and her dog on the sofa. The woman played with the dogs genitals and then his cock which gave the dog an erection. The woman took off her clothes and the two of them engaged in some bestiality sex for the next half hour. I could see that Jane and Lisa were excited and had a finger up their pussy holes now. This was the perfect time to bring up two dogs to see what would happen.

    They hadn't noticed me get up and bring them in until the dogs picked up their pussy scent and went over to them to have a taste. It all happened so fast. The dogs went right up to them and stuck their heads between their crotch and started licking their pussies. They both were taken by surprise and pushed the dogs back a little and tried to close their legs but they kept right on licking. They both looked nervously at me for guidance and I told them just to relax and let the dogs lick them. Lisa was stiff as a board and just starred at her dog as he licked the juices of her pussy while Jane relaxed a bit and opened her legs more. She went back to looking at the movie. In a few minutes the dogs wanted to fuck so they jumped up onto them and began the familiar humping motion. Jane wasn't nervous any more and began to touch his erect cock which was dangling in front of her. Lisa just starred at her dog's growing cock and would not touch it at first but after seeing Jane stroking her dog's cock, she too took hold of it and began masturbating it. The dogs were fully erect and the knot was fully formed which brought the usual questions. After explaining all about a dog's cock and how they tie to the pussy, Jane asked if a dog could tie with her and if it was painful. I said it wasn't painful but it took a little getting used to a dog's cock due to its size and the swelling of the knot once inside her pussy. Jane said OK lets do it. Lisa was more hesitant and said she would just watch for now.

    Since the dogs were already fully erect and were ejaculating, I went and got another dog. I went and got Big Ben, the gray pointer since he was one of the more aggressive and horny dogs we had and he would be able to get his knot into Jane's big young pussy. I put the other dogs away and instructed Jane to get on her hands and knees on the floor. I then let Ben go and he went right for her rear. He licked her pussy and ass for a minute and then with his half erect cock he mounted her and completely covered her under him. He quickly wrapped his paws around her waist and drew himself and his cock in between her ass cheeks. his cock disappeared between her ass cheeks. It only took him a few strokes before his cock found and entered Jane's pussy hole. In an instant he took off like a bat out of hell fucking Jane fast and hard. He had to get that knot in before it grew too large to enter which is why dogs fuck so fast. Jane then exclaimed, the knot is in, the knot is in. Oh, I feel it getting bigger and bigger. It hurts a little but it feels good. It's still getting bigger. Meanwhile Ben was still fucking her just as fast and hard as his knot grew larger and larger till it was the size of a grapefruit and completely sealed his throbbing cock deep inside her love canal.

    It was now that he shot hot torrents of dog cum deep inside her hole. The knot insured that not a drop of dog cum could escape. After several minutes his humps began to slow and then he stopped completely. Ben and Jane were now in a tie. He then began to dismount and turn around ass to ass. He lifted his rear leg up and over his cock and her ass cheeks and turned around which formed the classic ass to ass dog tie. The tie was now complete. For the next hour or so he would shoot eight ounces or more of dog cum up her pussy in slow but steady squirts.

    Meanwhile Lisa just starred at the two of them in amazement and shock. She couldn't believe that a dog was capable of having sex with a woman let alone tying with her. I must admit, it is quite a shock and extremely erotic to see it for the first time. Lisa was a bit curious now and went over to them and got down to look at his cock in Jane's pussy. She reached under and felt his shaft disappear in her. Her pussy was stretched to the limit and her pussy lips had swollen tightly around his shaft. Her clitoris was barely visible and was half pinched between his cock and her inner walls. The outline of his knot was clearly visible around her bush and caused it to bulge out. You couldn't even get a finger in between her pussy hole and his cock. The knot just wouldn't let anything in, or out. He must be filling her up. Jane said she could feel his hot scum as it shot deep inside her but she knew that it was that huge knot that was also giving her that full feeling.

    I asked Lisa what she wanted to do and all she did was lick her lips. I knew what she wanted. I brought up Rex, the German shepard and let him have at her. Lisa was still on the floor next to Jane and Ben which were still in a tie. Rex came over to Lisa and began to lick her face then her breast. At the same time Lisa began to stroke his sack which caused his cock to enlarge and slide out. She was in control now and knew what to do. She let go of his cock and laid back on the floor and lifted her legs up and into her chest. Rex immediately went for her exposed pussy and licked it till it got cherry red. It sent her into multiple orgasms. He then tried to mount her but wound up humping her leg and thigh instead. He was squirting some clear slippery liquid and she asked what it was. It was pre-cum and was used for lubrication. The scum came after the tie and was more thicker and stickier. She was going to get in the doggie position so she stretched her legs out to turn over. Rex who was already half over her now stood completely over her. She rolled over on her stomach and lifted her rear up to meet his half erect cock. In an instant he wrapped his paws around her waist and began to hump her slowly at first and then super fast as his cock entered her pussy. In a few seconds Rex's knot entered her pussy and began to grow inside her and would soon seal her pussy shut and make it virtually impossible to pull his cock out till the swelling subsided. He was tied to Lisa but he kept on humping her rear for a while longer before slowing down and stopping completely. The tie was now complete. Lisa was now full of dog cock and the knot inside her made her feel fuller than she's ever felt before. Her tight pussy was stretched beyond the breaking point and her lips were also stretched and tightly wrapped around his cock shaft and her clitoris was nothing more than a little bead dangling below. And to complete the tie, he dismounted and turned around ass to ass. It was going to be a long day.

    An hour had gone by and I knew that Ben would soon untie from Jane so I went ahead and got Blackie ready. Ben finally pulled his cock out of Jane's pussy and Blackie pulled away from me and went right for Jane's hole. He didn't even lick her pussy. He just mounted her directly and replaced Ben's dog cock with his own. He was horny. He fucked Jane so fast and hard that she couldn't hold him up and the two of them came crashing down onto the floor. His cock and half knot slipped out of her pussy and she fell flat on her stomach. Blackie continued to hump the wind. She got up on all fours again and he re-mounted her and quickly found and entered her pussy hole again. He started to fuck her fast again but she held on long enough for him to tie with her. But he did not want to turn around ass to ass and Jane's back was starting to hurt her so I forced him off her and lifted his leg over his cock so they could be ass to ass. I'm glad I took him off her because they stayed tied for 45 minutes.

    I went and got two more dogs and allowed them to mount the girls from the front. The girls just sucked their cocks while the dogs fucked their faces. Their mouths and pussies were full of dog cock. We fucked throughout the day, stopping only for lunch and the occasional pee and to clean up all that dog cum from their pussies. We even tried four dogs on each girl. It was a real orgy. They masturbated two dogs at a time while a third licked their pussy. The fourth had his pipe cleaned. And then when the girls got in the doggie position, four dogs would try to mount them at the same time.

    Of course it wouldn't work and the five of them would come crashing down onto the floor. She would get up again and the dog closest to her rear wound up mounting her and tying with her. One dog would untie from her and another would quickly mount and fuck her till he was tied to her. And another one would come in after and tie with her. And he'd fuck her for maybe an hour and he would pull out and the great dane would mount her and fuck her for maybe 45 minutes before he pulled out and then one of the mutts would mount and fuck her for 20 minutes. Then the golden retriever would mount and tie with her for 15 minutes only to be replaced by the other pointer where he would fuck the hell out of her and tie with her for an hour. This went on and on and on till all 50 dogs had tied with them.

    Talk about dog cock overload. I mean their pussies were full of dog cock most of the time except for the 20 or so seconds it took between a dog's cock pulling out of them and another dog's cock going in and tying with them. There pussies were locked in a tie most of the time. And with so many dogs, by the time all the dogs had fucked them, half of them were already horny again and wanted to fuck them again which they did over and over again till their pussies were stretched so much that the tie only lasted 10 minutes or so. But after two weeks of constant fucking the girls had enough and left for a month and only came back a few days out of the week.

    Needless to say this is going to be a great beasty movie.

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    A very exciting story! I'd love to be able to see that video or even better, have helped them make it. I was rubbing my cock through every word. Thanks for sharing.

    Oct 8 2007 04:41
    Wonderful bit of writing. If only it were true -and available on the!

    Jan 3 2010 19:41
    Mmmm loved this!

    May 10 2012 14:57
    I love this story,and I hope it to be a part 2.Thank you.

    Apr 14 2013 03:17
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