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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, teens, anal.

    Everyone thought that Meghan was just your average 18 year old, but she was anything but average. The first thing to know was that she was far from virginal. Not many guys, but plenty of experimentation. Her favorite thing to do was to use her dildo on her tight little asshole and plunge it deep up inside herself.

    Not such a unique choice of vice by any stretch of the imagination, but that wasn't the interesting part. Meghan's favorite stimulation was from her best and most loyal friend, Desiree. Desiree was a golden retriever with beautiful soft fur. She loved to lick her mistress' tight, hot, wet pussy while that dildo slid deep and fast into her even tighter rectum.

    The two were inseparable friends and no one ever suspected that they were anything more than any other girl and her dog. But their little family was incomplete. They needed men in their lives, or at least one man, a nice big male dog. And they were about to find him.

    Meghan's parents had finally given in and agreed to getting another dog. And she knew just what she wanted. He was a gorgeous golden retriever she'd seen at the pound several times. His name was Charlie and he was just as excited as Meghan to meet her. Every time she browsed the pound he'd see her and jump and run in circles, even roll over and show her his sheath. He knew what she wanted and he wanted it too.

    Meghan filled out the paper work with trembling hands, she was so excited she could barely stay standing. The mere thought of what she was going to do with him when they got home had juices dripping down her thighs, soaking her panties right through, and whipping every male in the building into a frenzy, dogs and men alike, although the men didn't know why. The pheromones being pumped out of every pore of her body were the most potent thing in nature. They made their way through the sinuses and into the male brain, activating every pleasure center in every cortex. She had no idea of the unlimited power in her arousal.

    Meghan brought Charlie out to her parents car, the entire ride home was excruciating. Charlie couldn't keep his nose away from Meghan's crotch and she was barely able to make herself push him away. The twenty minute drive seemed like hours, but they survived. Luckily for Meghan her parents had to leave right away for a weekend at her aunt's house.

    As her parents backed out of the laneway Meghan practically dragged Charlie upstairs to her bedroom. He was getting antsy with that smell of pussy flooding his nostrils and swelling his cock. By the time they got to her room and Desiree his thick red cock was halfway out of his sheath and ready for a little fun.

    Meghan stripped off her clothes as fast as possible. She undressed so fast that she actually ripped her tight little blue cotton panties. The smell from her cunt was intensified by the exposure to the open air and it whipped Charlie into a lust filled frenzy and his entire cock stretched its way out into the open air. With that dripping snatch readyand waiting the dogs practically fought over the teenage girl's body.

    The sight of those two canine tongues wrestling against each other and Meghan's pussy lips could turn anyone into a dog person. Meghan's moans could actually be heard two houses away, but she didn't care. Meghan wouldn't have cared if the national guard had broken down her door at that point, she was going to be fucked. She wasn't going to make love, she was going to fuck on an animal and primal level. She ran on pure instinct as she sank to her knees, then her hands, and stuck her hips out and back.

    With her hips pushed back, Meghan's supple ass cheeks spread wide open, revealing the tightest, most cherry rosebud any man could ever hope to see. Charlie pushed his way past Desiree and leapt up on Meghan's back, mounting her like the bitch she longed to be. She felt that hard hot rod poking and prodding her all around her ass cheeks and upper thighs.

    The most infuriating thing anyone could ever experience is the feeling ofa dog trying to hit his mark and failing. The problem is that they are bred to expect a cunt to be somewhere it isn't on a beautiful woman. The good thing is that we have opposable thumbs to make up for it.

    Meghan reached back and grabbed Charlie's throbbing member just above theknot and pulled him slightly upwards until she felt him at the entrance to her ass. She held him there for a few moments while he shot watery pre-cum all over that tight little sphincter before he took charge. Charlie slammed his hips forward until his cock head forced its way past her ring of muscle and into the tightest cavity any cock ever slid into.

    Charlie kicked into high gear and slapped his furry flesh against her smooth skinned butt cheeks, making them ripple like a pond on a windy day. Meghan was rocked back and forth by Charlie's intense fucking, sliding steadily across her floor towards the door of her room. Not to be left out, Desiree followed along side her mistress, slurping her rough tongue along Meghan's nipples or clit any chance she got. The young girl was on sensory overload between the cock in her ass and the roaming tongue, she was on the verge of blacking out.

    She got dizzy as pain shot through her anal ring. Charlie's knot had slipped in and was swelling rapidly. It soon reached the size of two golf balls, one on either side of the shaft. She was stretched beyond anything she thought was possible, but the best was yet to come. With his know fully inflated, Charlie pumped his almost scalding hot cum up her intestines by the gallon.

    Her stomach swelled up like she was three months pregnant with all that dog cum, almost to the point of bursting. But she never expected the intense feelings that came when he dismounted and turned. The cock dragged its way through her insides until it finally stopped and they were ass to ass. Within seconds Charlie was pulling at her sphincter, trying to get out, but the tight ring of teenage flesh would not give.

    With a little licking from Desiree and a lot of patience from Meghan, Charlie finally shrank enough to pull out and Meghan collapsed to the floor in a heap. It didn't matter that she was halfway into the hall at this point, or that Desiree was happily lapping up the fresh load of cum oozing out of her stretched and open anus, all Meghan could do is fall asleep right there and dream about all the incredible fuckings she would have in the comfort of her own room.

    The End... Or the Beginning, it's up to my muse. ;)

    I absolutely love feedback, so feel free to send ideas, other fantasies, or especially descriptions of what you did while reading this. ;)

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    Learn to spell and proof read your story. Otherwise, good. Would like to read one about you doing a dog with vaginal insertion.

    Apr 7 2007 09:17
    Women and anal K9 ! Great story ! Got any more !?

    Jan 2 2008 01:27

    Jan 10 2013 03:35
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