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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, masturbation, oral, anal.

    This is a story for the ladies, about Pat, a lady who loves K9s. It is fact somewhat of a true story as several parts based on fact. She is a married lady who craves sex and loves it anyway she can get it. Pat asks her husband to get her a "Watch Dog". Of course, she is the one who picks it out.

    After several months with her new found "Watch dog" she wants another one to keep the first one company. At least that is what she told her husband. Pat finds that having both doggies at the same time was so satisfying. That was until she was discovered fucking her two doggies by her husband. This is her story and I hope you enjoy it.

    I am a 38 year old housewife who loves sex. I have a wide ass and a few extra pounds on me. My hips and legs are sort of plump and I keep my pussy well shaven so I can watch myself in the mirror as I masturbate. I LOVE to masturbate and do it several times a day. My collection of toys is quite large and I love to see my pussy when I am playing with it.

    It began as a young girl when I was about 10 years old. We had a small dog that liked to lick my pussy. I would take the doggie and put him in bed with me at night just to have him lick my young pussy. This went on for about two or three years until the dog got sick and died. I was heart broken and my parents never got another dog after that.

    All through high school and even after I got married, I would think about him licking my hot little pussy. I had many climaxes to the thought of him licking me. I began to notice the larger dogs right after I got married and loved to fantasize about being fucked by a doggie cock. I would lay in bed at night and think about a large dog fucking me as I masturbated or when my husband was fucking me.

    My favorite way to have sex is doggie style and I love it when my husband, Jim would take me this way. It goes so deep and feels so good when he is slamming his big cock to my wet pussy. I also love to be ass fucked and Jim will do it to me every once in a while as he is not too crazy about anal sex.

    One night as he had me on my hands and knees, I was thinking about his cock being a big doggie cock that was fucking me. I was having a great fantasy as he pounded his cock to me. As I climaxed, I knew right then that I had to find a dog that I could fuck! I had to have some doggie cock in me!


    The next day I asked Jim if I could have a watch dog as we lived in the suburbs and thought it would be nice to have one for protection. He agreed and told me to go out and find the kind I wanted since I would be the one looking after it. I had his permission and that was all I needed!

    I began to look for that special doggie as I thumbed through the want ads and even went to the dog pounds, trying to find just the right one. I ran across and ad in the paper that said: "Large Loving Lab for sale. Owned by a lady who has moved to another state and can not take him with her. Looking for another lady who wants a companion. " I called the number and talked to the lady who invited me over to see him.

    I was there the next day as I knocked at her door, my pussy a little wet just from the thought of having a big Lab around the house. Ann, the Labs owner, let me in and that was when I first spotted Bear. He was a big, black lab and was so friendly to me as I sat on the sofa as Ann asked me to sit down. There was something about her that I liked, something that told me she was my kind of lady. We chatted for a few minutes and then she asked me that big question.

    "Do you like having sex with a K9?" asked Ann. "I hope you are not just wanting a dog. Bear is very special and loves to have sex with me. Have you ever tried it with a doggie?"

    I told her that I had always wanted to but that as far as I ever got was having a dog lick me when I was younger. The hot talk between us was getting me excited as she told me that he was well trained in pleasing the ladies. She said she had a couple of girl friends that would love to take him but their was no way they could keep him.

    "Would you like to see Bear in action?" she asked, "If you want to, I will show you just how good he can be. And if you like, maybe I can get him to mount you also."

    "That sounds so hot! Of course I would love to see him in action." I replied, "Will you help him mount me after you are finished? I have never actually had a doggie cock before and would love to try it."

    As Ann began to rub my upper thigh, she called Bear over to where we were sitting. I had a long dress on and as Ann patted the floor in front of me, she suddenly raised my dress as she told Bear to smell my pussy. It startled me a little as she had my dress above my waist as Bear stuck his nose between my thighs.

    "Open you legs and let him smell of you. He likes to lick you through your panties." Said Ann as she parted my legs for him, "You have such beautiful thighs and I know he will love you! Mmmm, I would even love to lick you too!"

    I sort of lay back and let her lead the way as she rubbed my hot pussy through the flimsy panties I had on. Her fingers were dancing over my slit as I spread my thighs wider for her probing fingers as Bear licked my wet slit too. I was so fucking hot! Bear was licking my wet pussy as I reached down and found Ann's pussy as her hands went to the top of my panties to pull them down. She too, had a slick pussy and such a big clit!

    "I want to taste you like Bear does." She said to me, "Do you want us to get undressed? I want to taste your smooth pussy so bad! See? Look how big Bear's cock is getting!"

    I glance at the huge red doggie cock as Bear gave me a long lick through my panties. His doggie cock was bigger than my husband's, Jim! It was about 10 inches long and as thick as my wrist! He really had a marvelous cock on him! I did not say anything but I knew I had to have that huge doggie cock in me.

    As she slipped my clothes off, I also undressed her as Bear looked on. Ann laid me down on the sofa as I spread my legs wide for her as she climbed between my open thighs. She was at my cunt in no time as her ass went high into the air. I saw Bear as he got behind her as she knelt at my love fountain.

    I saw Ann as she spread her thick lips, her other hand reaching for Bear's cock as I watched his huge, red cock being placed at the entrance to her smooth pussy. The sight of that huge doggie cock was driving me insane as I watched her take him and guide it to her waiting cunt.

    As I saw his big, red doggie cock enter her, Ann began to slowly kiss and lick the insides of my plump thighs. I felt her as she put both of her thumbs to each side of my puffy pussy lips and opened me up like a waiting flower. She spread my puffy lips apart as she started to flick her hot tongue over my slit, taking the tip of her tongue and licking around my throbbing clit. She then took my clit into her mouth as she slowly began to suck on it as one of her hands went to my ass, her fingers parting my rosebud as I felt one finger slip into my asshole.

    She was sucking on my plump pussy and had her finger, fucking my ass as I opened my eyes to watch Bear fucking his doggie cock to her from behind. The way he was pumping his cock to her was so hot! First he would slam it hard to her as he rapidly thrust his doggie cock so fast to her as he fucked that smooth pussy.

    I was ready to cum as I felt her put two fingers up my ass as the tempo increased on her sucking my clit. As Bear thrust hard and deep to her, she was being pushed hard against me as I rocked my ass off the sofa as I tried to put more of my wet cunt to her fucking tongue.

    I felt her began to tremble as Bear thrust his doggie cock hard to her and held it so deep. I knew she was cumming as Bear began to pump her cunt full of his doggie cum. He was hammering her pussy so fast as he shot that hot doggie cum to her, making me cum that much harder as I pulled her head to cunt, grinding it to her suckling mouth. I came over and over as Bear made her cum one behind the other until we were so drained that we all had to slow down.

    We took a short break as Ann crawled on top of me, her dripping pussy leaking the doggies cum from it as she shared his cum with me. It was still so hot as it ran out of her pussy and onto my well sucked cunt.

    "Now, you get on top of me. I want us to rub our pussies together as I have Bear mount you." She told me, "That way he can slide that doggie cock to you as I fuck you too! Doesn't that sound good?"

    I did as Ann said and climbed on top of her as we meshed our cunts together, her large clit rubbing up and down my wet slit as I felt her clit trying to go deeper into my hot pussy. She was fucking me with her big clit! I was loving it as I felt her take my ass cheeks and pull me hard against her as her clit found my wet opening.

    As she rubbed her clit to me, I felt Bear as he began to mount me from behind, his paws on my hips. I then felt his slimy doggie cock against my slit as I pushed back to it, removing her clit from my pussy as he thrust so deep into my hungry pussy. He had thrust that huge doggie cock so hard and so deep to me that it took my breath away as I felt my pussy being stretched so wide, his thick cockhead so deep in me as I began to adjust to his thick doggie cock.

    With his huge red cock so deep in me, I began to rub my cunt back to Ann's pussy as he fucked me. I had never had a doggie cock and this felt so different! I was LOVING it as he hunched my hot pussy so fast. Then I felt the thick knot as it went into my pussy, stretching me even wider as it sank into me. Ann was fucking her pussy to me as Bear was slamming that knot and doggie cock so hast and so hard!

    I started to cum as I felt his doggie cock began to pulsate so deep in me, the thick cockhead against my womb as he started to cum. I felt that hot doggie cum as it flooded my pussy, so hot and so good! I had never felt anything so hot inside me as his cum. It was filling me full as Ann slammed her pussy to mine, making me cum that much harder as I almost fainted from the pleasure I was receiving.

    I was being fucked by both dog and woman as I came so many times. Bear pumping me full of his hot cum as I felt Ann begin to cum also. I was really getting a good, hard fucking from both of them and Bear had filled me so full of that hot doggie cum. But then, I felt his cock begin to slow. His knot was still inside me as I felt Ann rubbing my ass cheeks as Bear's cock slipped from my dripping pussy.

    "Well, do you think Bear is to your liking?" Ann asked as she gave my wet cunt a long, hard rub with her large clit. "He sure seems to like you!"

    That was the day I took Brea home to be my "Watch Dog". He was such a good addition to my household and Jim sort of liked him too. During the days when he was at work, I would call bear to my bed room and have him lick or fuck me. This went on for about a month as I got braver and braver, wanting to explore all the kinky dog sex I hear read about.

    One day while Bear had jumped upon my bed, I saw his big red cock sticking out from beneath his sheath. I reached down to play with it for him. As my hand wrapped around his slimy red cock, I started to stroke it up and down for him. I was jacking his cock slowly as it grew so fat in my hands. I then decided to try sucking on his cock as I lowered my head downwards as I brought his huge cockhead to my lips.

    His cock was so big as I kissed the thick head, the taste of his hot doggie flesh on my lips was so exciting. As I held his slimy cock in my hands, I began to lick on the big head. He tasted a little salty and had a tangy taste to it but I would grow to live the taste of his tangy doggie cock!

    I slipped my lips over the big, red cockhead as I began to slowly suck on his cock. He was liking me doing this as he lay back and his cock stayed hard. His cock was thick and I had trouble getting it all the way into my mouth. I could only suck about half of his lovely doggie cock into my cock starved mouth. It took both my hands to wrap around it as I eased my hot mouth up and down over his huge doggie cock. He had my jaws stretched so wide as I sucked his cock.

    I began to suck him further in as his cock hit the back of my throat, causing me to gag a little but I overcame that as I kept trying to swallow it. I turned my pussy up to his mouth as I felt him beginning to lick my wet cunt, his cockhead sinking so deep into my throat as I took it in.

    I glanced at the mirror to see what I could see as I saw the loveliest sight. I could see his big red cock as I sucked on it! This made me so hot as I felt him applying long, hot licks to my hungry pussy. There I was on the bed with a doggie cock in my mouth and having my pussy licked at the same time! It was some sight to see, a lady and her dog 69ing each other! What a slut I was! But I was loving it and so was he!

    As I sucked on that hot cock, I was pumping it up and down, trying to get him to cum as I greedily sucked on that big, red doggie cock. Then I felt his cock as it began to swell in my mouth, knowing that he was ready to cum as I sucked that much harder on his huge doggie cock. I was pumping and sucking on his cock as he licked my smooth pussy as I felt the doggie cum start to spurt.

    He began to shoot that hot doggie cum to my suckling mouth as I worked on his cock, sucking it so fast, trying to milk the hot cum from it as I sucked. His doggie cum was so hot as it filled my mouth and throat! I kept sucking as he kept pumping his tangy doggie cum to me, my mouth so full of it as it ran out around his cock and down onto my chin. He had so much doggie cum as he fucked my face with that big, red cock.

    I was cumming too as he filled my mouth, his cum leaking out around his cock as it dribbled down my chin and onto his balls. I had never has so much cum in my life! I was so fucking hot that I came three more times before his cock started to grow soft.

    That was the first time I had sucked on his cock but it would not be the last! After that day, he was either fucking me or licking my pussy every day. I loved his huge cock and I wanted it all the time. At night when my husband was fucking me, I would fantasize about it being Bear fucking me. I would cum so had! If Jim knew what I was thinking about, he probably would have divorced me right then.


    A couple of months went by as Bear and I would fuck every day. Then I got to wondering if maybe two dogs would be better than one. So, again, I talked to Jim and told him that I thought Bear needed a companion, another dog to keep him happy. Little did Jim realize that I was wanting another dog for me! Jim said yes and I went searching again for a big Lab.

    I found one through a site I visit on the internet. After several days, I got in touch with a man who had one for sale. When I called him, I found out that he was well trained and had a nice sized cock on him. He was a large dog and his master told me that he was his girl friends fuck toy, but that she had left him and went to live with another lady. He said he did not have the time to look after him and that he would sell him to me cheap.

    I made an appointment and was afraid to go alone to see the dog, but I went anyway. The man was very sweet and did not want or ask me to have sex with him, which I thought was great as he was an older guy. I paid him $400 for the dog and he said if I did not like him to bring him back and he would give me my money back. I left with Buster that day and took him home to meet Bear.

    The first time I had both doggies on my bed at the same time, Bear was a little jealous as he growled at Buster. Them Bear mounted me and gave me an extra hard fucking as Buster looked on. He was sort of saying to him that I was his bitch! As Bear pounded my cunt with his big doggie cock, Buster came over to my side. I reached down and took his cock into my hand as I played with it as Bear fucked me.


    The next day I had them with me again as I first took Buster's doggie cock and stroked it for him. It grew quite large in my hand as that large red doggie cock got so hard. This time as Bear looked on, I had Buster mount me and spread my pussy lip apart as I guided his cock to my waiting cunt. His thick cock sank so deep as he went all the way in me with one rapid thrust! He had filled my wet pussy with one hard thrust as I flinched a little from the size of his huge cock being fucked into me.

    Buster was not quite as large as Bear but he had that certain movement to him that Bear did not. His cock was a little different shape and size as he fucked it to my up turned pussy. I felt his big doggie cock as he hit bottom, filling my entire cunt with that monster doggie cock. He would shove it deep and then back out a little as he fucked me like a man. His big cock so far in me making me cum so hard as he thrust it in and out of my cock hungry pussy. Oh, how I would cum!

    Then I had Bear come over after Buster had pulled his limp cock from my pussy as his cum ran down my thighs. Bear mounted as he wanted to show me just how well he could fuck me. I was on my hands and knees as I gave my dripping pussy to him. He really fucked me hard! It was as if he was grudge fucking me for letting Buster have some of his pussy. As He pounded his cock to me, I saw Buster laying there by my head. I took his doggie cock into my hands and began to stroke it up and down as he again got so hard.

    As Bear fucked my hot pussy, I lowered my mouth to Buster's big cock. I Began to suck on his cock as I slipped my mouth further over the big, thick cockhead. I could taste my pussy juice on his cock as I slowly sucked on the slimy red cock. I began to take it deeper as I tried to deep throat his cock while Bear was sliding his huge knot to my throbbing pussy. Buster also had a tangy taste to his doggie cock that made it that much better.

    As I sucked on his cock, I felt it start to throb inside my mouth as I also felt Bear's huge doggie cock started to swell up inside my well fucked cunt. I knew they both were on the verge of cumming as I sucked harder on that huge doggie cock and threw my ass back to take as much of the other big doggie cock up my trembling pussy. Both of their cocks started to cum as I worked on each one, the one in my mouth and the one in my twat.

    I felt that big cock in my mouth as Buster began to pump his hot doggie cum to me, while Bear was thrusting his huge red cock so far up my pussy. I had that cock sucking on it so hard as I milked the hot doggie cum from his huge red cock. His cum was so hot as I gulped every drop of that doggie cum as he filled me with his doggie juices. He was cumming so much and I was taking it all. Swallowing as much as I could as Bear emptied his hot doggie cum to my climaxing pussy.

    There I was, my ass in the air as I was being fucked by one dog and sucking on the other as they both filled me with their hot doggie cum! What a fucking slut I was! I was taking on both dogs at once as the cum ran out of my mouth and cunt. I again looked at the mirror and saw such a fucking hot sight! Me on my hands and knees with a dogs cock up my pussy and one in my mouth! I came so much that day.


    A couple of days later, I had them both in my bed as I again was having Bear fuck me as I was sucking on Buster's thick cock. They were really pounding it to me as I was fucking them back. I was making loud noises as I sucked on that big doggie cock, so loud that I did not hear the door open as Jim came in.

    "What the fuck is going on? I knew you had been fucking our dogs! I knew it!" he shouted at me as I glance up to see my husband standing by the bed as the doggies were having their way with me.

    "You sick bitch! I hope you like their cocks!" he said as I pulled Buster's cock from my mouth, "You look so fucking hot fucking our dogs! Hell, I might as well join in on the fun!"

    "Oh, Jim. It is not what you think." I tried to lie to him, "I was just experimenting and things got out of hand. Don't be mad at me."

    "Mad? Mad at you? No way am I mad." He said as he dropped his pants and took his cock into his hands, "I just wished you had told me that you liked to fuck dogs before now. I love to see a lady being fucked by a dog! I have watched so many on the internet."

    "You don't have to watch them any more! You have your own doggie bitch right here at home." I answered him as he began to play with my huge tits, "You can watch me anytime you want!"

    Jim pumped his cock until it sent his hot cum all over my tits as he shot a huge load of cum from his cock. Bear was pumping my pussy full of his doggie cum as Buster had started to shoot his hot cum to my sucking mouth. There was cum everywhere as I climaxed so hard.

    Afterwards, Jim said that he wanted to see me sucking their cocks and that he wanted me to sit on one of their cocks as he fucked me in my ass. The very thought of having three cocks in me send shivers over me as I reached for his limp cock. It wasn't long before it was good and hard as he began to position the dogs or me.

    I sat down onto Bear's cock as I leaned forward to take Buster's red cock into my mouth. I felt Jim as he helped them both enter me as his cock found its target, my hot ass! I felt the big cockhead as he slipped up my ass as I also felt Bear as his doggie cock hit bottom in my cunt. I had Buster's cock so deep in my throat as I sucked so greedily on it.

    Jim's big cock was forcing its way deeper up my ass as I took each doggie cock and worked on it with my body! I was being well fucked in every hole as I had all three cocks in me at the same time! What a feeling to be so full of cock! They were pumping e so full of cock that I almost passed out from the pure pleasure they were giving me as I let each one have its fill of me.

    As they started to cum, I took each cock and milked it as I felt them starting to fill me with their hot cum. I had one doggie cock shooting my pussy full of hot doggie cum, a doggie cock pumping his hot doggie cum so far down my throat, and a husbands cock filling my tight little ass with his hot cum! What more can a woman ask for than to have a cock filling her with hot cum in every hole?

    We still fuck and suck at my house and have even gotten a couple of other ladies come over from time to time. I love watching them being fucked as I masturbate at the sight of my two dogs fucking them.

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    wonderful story. Would love to hear more from you. [admin]No underage talking here![/admin]

    Feb 21 2007 17:08
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