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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, voyeur.

    Last week my wife and I had a real wild experience that I thought I should tell you about. I've been interested in women having sex with dogs for several years. It started when I read a story in an adult magazine several years ago about a woman having sex with a dog. I had never even contemplated the idea, but it really turned me on, and the more I looked into it, the more concrete it became for me as a fantasy. Anyhow, a few years ago I married a beautiful brunette named Kayran. Her sexual appetite is as unusual as her name, and we've tried all kinds of stuff, including group sex, sex toys, swapping, etc...and as of last week, dog sex.

    Last Friday a friend of mine left town and asked us to feed his dog and look after his home. He has a nice place with a hot tub and a heated pool, so we were really looking foreword to staying the night. Friday evening we went over with our swimsuits and changed into them in the bathhouse near the pool. I fed his big friendly Great Dane while Kayran started changing. After the dog was fed, I went in the bathhouse to change into my own suit.

    Kayran made it back out to the pool area quicker than I did, and I heard her yell, so I quickly pulled on my trunks and ran out to see what was the matter. Well, let me tell you, what I saw gave me a stiffy in an instant... She was standing there with her long legs spread and my friend's Great Dane licking her between the legs. The look on her face was half surprise and half arousal. She had yelled in surprise, but looked over when I ran out and asked me what we should do about "this" and pointed to the dog's head between her legs. Well, I know my wife, and I could tell she was interested in something kinky, so I told her to pull her suit off and see what the dog would do. She pulled it off, pulling one long beautiful leg through at a time and nearly fell over as the dog really went at her slit while she hopped on one leg trying to balance herself and pull the other leg through... She had to put her hand on the dog's big black shoulders to catch her balance, and he just pressed his face in closer, licking long licks across and sometimes up into her with his huge pink tongue. Branson, (the Dane), never missed a lick. It was only a moment before Kayran really started to moan and thrust her quim into the dog's face. She moaned and between gasps huskily told me she had to lay down because her knees were getting weak and she wasn't sure she could cum standing up. I laid a bunch of beach towels on the ground and she quickly lay prone and spread her legs to give the dog continued access. Wow, was I turned on. I could tell how aroused she was by how open and engorged her labia were. She was sopping wet, and the dog just kept lapping like he knew how to please her. When she finally came, I think it was the hardest I've ever seen her cum.

    After watching for a while, I went over and looked under Branson to see if his penis was aroused. I guess he wasn't really because it was still in the sheath. I grabbed him and reached under to rub the shaft inside his sheath to get him hard. I wanted him to fuck my wife, and by the way she was squirming and thrusting her hips, I knew she wouldn't say no. Well it took a few minutes, but he started to get hard. I found a spot just in front of his balls, where the rubbing really worked. He started to hump his haunches, and his penis came out of the sheath, wet and gleaming. It was huge and sticky and filled my whole hand. After a bit, it was all out in its glory including the knot and he was squirting clear fluid with every stroke. He was ready. I told Kayran to get on her hands and knees under the dog. She did, but he was too damned tall! We were getting crazed about the whole thing so I had to find a quick solution and found some long but thick Styrofoam float things and stacked two of them under her for her to climb on in the doggy position. They were just narrow enough and tall enough to work! I grabbed Branson's front legs and maneuvered him into position. A few strokes and he was humping again, and I guided him into her hole with both hands.

    I don't think I've ever seen her so turned on. I had to hold the floats steady because she was thrusting back against him so hard that I was sure they would both fall over. It was so hot, and there was clear dog cum all over her ass and legs. I couldn't believe how much cum he had in him. He was plowing my beautiful wife in an inhuman way, and she was loving it. He was so big, that I was afraid he would hurt her, so I reached around and put one hand around his shaft to keep his knot out. After a few minutes he hunched over against her really hard and pressed his hips against her, gripping her with all his might... Thicker cum poured out of her while she moaned to me that he was coming. Wow, I've never seen anything like it. Seconds later it was all over. He dismounted and turned away, butt to butt with her and I released him. He pulled out with a sucking sound and walked away to clean him like it was all in a day's work. She was gaping open and cups of dog cum were drooling out of her... She was exhausted and had to lay down. I stroked her beautiful hair and face and told her I loved her. It was a fantasy come true. Anyhow, to finish the story, we tried it again twice on Saturday and it was just as exciting. In two weeks when my friend goes out of town again, Kayran wants to try to suck him and is thinking about trying to take the huge knot. We'll see what happens.... One thing at a time!

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    This was something you are very lucky and I envy you

    Apr 6 2008 17:32
    nice story very horny

    Dec 12 2009 17:14
    was horny, not so much now. you gotta tell us what happens, or maybe i should say, what happenED when she tried taking that knot. man would i like to be her. WRITE MORE!!!

    Jan 8 2010 02:34
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