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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, anal.

    My Dog Pepper and I came home from jogging and the house was quiet since Mike drove the girls to Mom’s to go with my mother to the movies. I was hot and sweaty and I got myself some water to relax in the living room before I took a shower. Pepper, our Dalmatian, came up to me and nuzzled his nose into my crotch. I had shorts on but it gave me a tremor in my loins. I spread my legs because I felt that he could do very little with my shorts on.

    Pepper began licking the sweat between my legs and next thing I knew I was hunching his doggy snout! I began moaning and twisting my nipples while diddling myself under my shorts. Then I could not take it anymore! I slid my shorts off my wet body and Pepper plowed between my legs before I could get my top off!

    He was licking me fiercely and I wrapped my legs around his neck and held tightly to his fur. I felt his tongue fold up inside my cunt and run up over my clit and I was so excited that a shock shot through my body! I did not cum but my muscles seized up and I stiffened my legs and body because I felt I was on the edge of an orgasm like I was caught on the edge of a waterfall!

    Then Pepper stopped and I was stunned as if someone had pulled a rug out from under me and I laid there shaking as my dog jumped on top of me! I told myself I wouldn’t let this happen but now I was on the edge and I had no reasoning anymore! Pepper’s big prick slid over my clit, through my pubic hair, and smeared my tummy with his precum, and then he pulled back, and like he had been doing it forever, he poked his cock into my cunt!

    I was surprised that he got in me without my help and then I was surprised at how deep his penis penetrated my folds! I felt him sink deep, and with each lunge he got deeper until I felt him pound on my cervix with just three thrusts!

    I couldn't believe it, he was past my cervix and straight into the back wall of my pussy! He felt like he was in my womb and my colon! It hurt mostly because I wasn't expecting it and it shocked me. The pain hurt so good but it was becoming overwhelming and so I wrapped my legs around his back and held him to me!

    My dog was fucking me like a man and I was in a daze, just absorbing his animal sexuality and I loved it! Then unexpectedly he licked my mouth and reflexively I sucked his tongue as if he were a lover! I slurped his saliva and rubbed my hands through his fur, feeling his muscles bulging with each thrust he forced inside of me. I was amazed at how strong he was!

    I never imagined he could be so strong and powerful! I was so fucking hot and turned on I came hard and long! I had never cum so hard in my life before and it rippled through me unlike anything that ever happened to me from head to toe! It was like an explosion in my womb that spread to all my appendages and my clit felt like it was going to burst! I felt like I was never going to stop!

    Before I finished I felt heat inside me. He lay on top of me as he spurted shot after shot of hot doggy sperm into me. My cervix's rubbery lips were flared trying to suck up his sperm as if wanting me to get pregnant! His hot cum filled me and began to flow out of my swollen pussy and over my ass.

    Pepper hung for about four or five minutes and I came every time he spurted his sperm against my back wall! He was deeply seated in me. I rubbed his neck and told him what a great lover he was and he licked my lips and I sucked on his tongue as he sucked on mine also and swabbed out my mouth. I reached another orgasm thinking about this erotic kiss between animal and woman.

    I felt his meat slide out of me and he licked his cum off of my moist flesh and cleaned my cunt with his beautiful mouth. I didn't know if dogs liked blowjobs but I felt I owed it to him and I got down on the floor and pulled him down next to me. We lay there together and I rubbed his belly. His descended prick began to extend once more from his sheath.

    I turned over and I put it into my mouth. It tasted much better than I had thought. He licked his cock and we fought over it for a minute and I got the urge to test how deep I could take it into me and I sucked him down like he was a man. He must have liked it because he quit fighting me and left me to do the sucking. His pinkish red dick slid past my tongue and down my throat.

    I heard him whine but I could not tell if it was happiness or pain but I was obsessed. I felt his member growing bigger in my mouth, expanding my throat and his knot inflated and pressed against my lips just under my nose. I felt his juices flowing down the back of my throat and I had to drink it quickly or I would choke! I wanted him inside me again but I did know how many times he could do it before he was worn down.

    So I released his enormous cock and it slid from my mouth. He was spraying like a fountain as I released him and my face and tits were covered in his pre-cum. I bent over the chair and stuck my ass out and called to Pepper, slapping my ass for him to mount me. I heard myself urging him, "Fuck mama baby, fuck mama."

    Instantly he was on me and I lurch forward into the backrest of the chair as he forced his way, not into my cunt but my ass! He jabbed me hard and my ass parted slightly and before I could react to his mistake I felt his ram me again and his cock tore into me! "Oh God baby you know what mama likes," I screamed at him.

    It took a minute for me to catch my breath and relax to give him full access but I was already rolling into one of those intense anal orgasms that usually hit me and left me in a body cramp. He then began fucking like a rabid dog and he was so heavy I could not push back. He had me pinned into the chair (although I didn’t protest too much) and I lay there while he fucked my ass.

    My cunt was on fire and I felt his pounding vibrations reverberate through my womb and over to my clit. I was crying, "Yes, Yes, Fuck me!" over and over. He was my master and I subjugated myself to him. And when I finally let myself go I came! I came so hard I was squirting all over the floor!

    My formerly tense legs were now trembling and weak. Pepper filled my ass with his fluids and left me a wreck and ruined woman lying on the chair. I felt him try to pull out but my asshole was in a full choke on his cock behind his knot. I told him, "Stay baby stay, please stay!"

    He must have understood because he lay on top of me for twenty minutes until his knot came down enough to pull out. I was too weak to move for nearly twenty minutes.

    Afterwards I took a long bath and had time to think about it all and decided that I don’t think I can give that up. It was fantastic and I plan to keep on doing it. As long as Pepper wants it I am his, forever.

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    Good story, interesting reading, BUT! Who is Sam?

    Feb 25 2007 13:21
    Sam is real name of the dog? ;) Corrected...

    Feb 25 2007 21:29
    Great story!!!! Loved it!!! I wish I had a dog so he could do that to me.

    Feb 28 2007 04:11
    I have a willing male dalmatian, if you are thin, small, and willing. North of Salt Lake City.

    Mar 5 2007 10:40
    and female, of course!

    Mar 5 2007 10:43
    Good story. Mmmm

    Nov 19 2008 13:52
    I'm looking to get back into this wonderful lifestyle. If anyone can help plz email me at

    Nov 24 2010 12:36
    That was a great story, what really got me excited and hard like a rock was when they were kissing, I have never done that, but I would like to find a bitch that would like to put her tongue in my mouth and make out like that!!!

    Nov 28 2011 04:01
    What a great story, only you could expand on the kissing, make a kissing session like a fucking session. More please!!!

    Mar 17 2012 03:07
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