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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality.

    Sarah stared incredulously at him, hardly believing her ears.

    "Forgive and forget? You've been screwing some cheap slut for the last two years and you expect me to forgive you?!"

    "Hey, come on. I felt you had to know. At least credit me with being honest. At least I told you."

    "If you were any kind of a man, you would have shown me enough respect to tell me at the beginning. How could you? How could you let me love you while you were with her..."

    Her face crumpled and her shoulders heaved with the first sobs of grief. Grief for the death of trust between them. He sighed and put a hand on her arm. She shook it off and raised her head, sudden anger flashing in her eyes.

    "Get away from me, you bastard. Get out. I was stupid to trust you. I don't want to see you again. Get out of my house and don't ever come back."

    He sighed. Then a resentful scowl clouded his previously affronted expression.

    "You think I need you?" he said, his voice rising. "If you can't forgive me one mistake, then I don't want you. That's it, woman. I'm outta here. Don't expect me to come back!"

    "Two years is one little mistake?! I don't want you back... Go. Now."

    The door slammed, almost breaking the glass. His angry footsteps echoed away down the drive, followed shortly by the roar of his sports car.

    Sarah went into the lounge and fixed herself a strong drink. Wiping the tears from her pretty eyes, she plonked herself down on the couch. There was a quiet clicking on the polished wood floor as her dog came over from his basket in the corner. He sat at her feet and rested his chin gently on her knee. She looked down into his large brown eyes and smiled, ruffling his headfur and scratching behind his ears. He seemed to smile up at her, seemed to understand her sadness.

    "Well, Barik. I'm gonna be alone for a while... I'm glad I've still got you."

    Finishing her drink, Sarah checked her watch and decided to hit the hay. It had been a long day.

    Upstairs, she undressed and slipped between the cool white sheets. Propping herself on one elbow to switch off the light, she saw Barik sitting by the bedroom door. She paused and looked at him. Outlined against his own shadow, the dog was an impressive sight. He was a large four year old German Shepherd in fine physical form. He had a deep chest and strong legs. His face was intelligent-looking, with well-defined features; deep dark eyes, broad muzzle and large triangular ears.

    He sat at a three-quarter angle to her, his large forepaws neatly together in front of his haunches. Her gaze traced along the slope of his back, across his neck to his chest and down. Sarah felt her eyes drawn down over the dog's flat belly...

    It was quite obvious when he walked, or raised his tail to wag. His chest, belly and underparts were all light colored, which only served to make it more noticeable; Barik was was a BIG dog.

    Now she studied him in the light from the bedside lamp. Her eyes were drawn to his large sheath, suspended from his lower belly like a fighter plane's fuel tank. It moved gently in time with his breathing.

    She called him, and he jumped onto the bed, sitting next to her. It would be so easy, she thought, to reach out and stroke it, caress it...

    Shaking the thought from her mind, Sarah ran a hand down Barik's back and tickled behind his ears again. He looked at her with those big brown eyes and whined, very quietly and just once.

    Almost as though he read my thoughts and wants me to...

    Suddenly the eroticism of the moment struck her, her eyes locked with his, the pleading expression on his face (or was it her imagination?), the proximity of such latent sexual power in his strongly muscled thighs...

    Her hand slid down his chest, down to the soft fur of his belly, lingered, then pulled away. What the hell am I doing? She asked herself. Wake up, girl. Jeez, better chuck this dog out before you get any more ideas.

    He whined again and licked her hand. Again, just once. Again she found herself staring at the lithe body and wondering...

    It was almost a relief when she finally gave in. Once more her hand combed through his chestfur, moving down and back. She felt his last rib as she went back, her fingertips tracing a path lightly along his belly before coming to rest with her hand between the dog's haunches, gently stroking the underside of his furry sheath.

    Barik's tail thumped against the bed as her fingers curled, encompassing his maleness, feeling the cylindrical outline held within the dog's sheath, and rubbing the loose skin slowly over its length.

    As Sarah's warm hand caressed, the dog's penis gradually lengthened and stiffened in her palm, extending out of the sheath and exposing its veined shaft, deep pink in color. Sarah felt her own arousal, her increasing wetness as she stroked him, inhaling his musky scent. His excitement was more obvious now. He looked at her with a certain sparkle in his eyes. His pink tongue hung from his panting mouth and his hindquarters twitched involuntarily.

    She released her grip and pushed firmly upwards on his belly, making him stand on the bed. Then she pulled his rump round so he stood facing away from her, but straddled over her prone body. His sensitive nose told him what he needed to know. His head lowered and she gasped, feeling his hot wet tongue slither over her crotch. Barik seemed to respond to her little cries of pleasure, and licked again and again, using his broad tongue to lap at her.

    Panting herself now, Sarah opened her eyes. Barik's ample equipment was swinging directly over her, his hindpaws on either side of her head. As his tongue probed her, she pulled his rump down and gathered him into her mouth, sucking on his length. The dog whined and responded by licking at her furiously, pushing his snuffling nose down and snaking his tongue into her. His tail shook his whole body as it wagged eagerly.

    Sarah felt the desire within her, the heat in her lower belly, the tingling between her legs. She was wet with the German Shepherd's saliva and her slim body was slick with sweat, her nipples hard. She wanted him badly. Giving him a final almighty suck that the dog felt pull at his very belly, Sarah wriggled out from under him and turned onto her hands and knees.

    Barik needed no encouragement, no guidance. He surged forward, mounting her from behind and pressing his hardness against her rump. Sarah chuckled nervously and lowered her rear, spreading her knees wider. The dog shuffled back and tried again, this time finding his position and slipping himself in easily. Sarah let out a yelp of pain followed by a low moan as the dog's steely shaft stabbed into her.

    His instincts took over. Tensing like hydraulic rams his thighs pushed it fully home, and Sarah groaned as his knot worked into her. Back, then a rough thrust forward, and another, and another. Dimly aware of the woman's grunts of animal desire, the dog squeezed his eyes shut and speeded up, his rump jerking and spasming. He shot forward again with tremendous power, shooting, splashing inside. A hissing growl was drowned by Sarah's scream of ecstasy and she collapsed under him.

    They lay, breathing heavily. He twitched a couple of times, still emptying himself into her gasping body. His knot tied them for a while, then she turned, forcing him to withdraw with a wet slurp. The woman put her arms around her big German Shepherd dog and cuddled up close. As her eyes closed, Sarah realized she had never been alone, not with Barik so close. He was everything; loyal, perceptive, intelligent, loving... Together they fell into a deep slumber, no longer woman and dog, but equals bonded by love.

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    good story

    Jun 12 2006 20:40
    not long enough

    Jun 24 2006 20:11
    Great story! Done it for real? How does a dog's penis feel temprature-wise in your human body with the body temprature difference? I do know a dog's vagina feels very nice and warm to a human male's penis.

    Mar 22 2007 08:12
    But please add more tell us hows it going now sure your still helping each other

    Jun 22 2008 17:05
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