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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality.

    My name is Rita and I want to share something with you. It's something I discovered innocently enough a year or so ago but which, I must confess, I have nurtured with total disregard for any innocence.

    My husband is a foreman at a steel mill and, at times when the workload is heavy, he is required to work long hours. The mill sometimes operates seven days a week and when Russ comes home (sometimes late at night -- sometimes early in the morning after a double shift) he is tired. Too tired to give me the attention I'd like to have once in a while.

    I am twenty-seven years old and have been told often enough that I am "A gooood lookin' woman!" (as some of Russ's friends like to say). I had gained some extra weight when I was pregnant with our son, Russ Junior, and after he was born I had a devil of a time losing it. But that was seven years ago and I have managed to stay in shape pretty well just by watching what I eat and by the normal exercise I get while working around the house. Some days I make enough trips up and down the stairs to qualify for a marathon! I also have an exercise cycle that I sometimes ride in the living room in front of the TV.

    Early last spring our neighbors across the street asked if I would take care of their dog, Max, while they were away on a three-week vacation. I couldn't very well turn them down. They knew I was at home all day and probably assumed I'd be overjoyed at the opportunity to show my good will. My mind told me that I really didn't want to accept the burden (a small burden, granted, but still a burden) but I didn't know how to refuse graciously.

    Russ and Russ Junior thought it was great! Russ Junior had taken to playing with Max when he was out and loved the way he howled. Max is a beagle, mostly brown with a few black and white splotches here and there on his back. Even I, not the world's greatest dog lover, thought he was a good looking dog and he seemed to be well behaved. We had his blanket and food bowl in a corner of the kitchen and he seemed to make himself right at home after the first day.

    On the first Monday Max was with us, Russ was working (as always) and Russ Junior was at school (1st grade). I had finished my housework by lunchtime and, after eating, I moved my exer-cycle into the living room so I could work out while watching my soaps. By the time I had ridden my regular ten miles in thirty minutes I had worked up a respectable sweat and decided to lay on the floor for a while and catch my breath. We have a big over-stuffed pillow that usually sits on the sofa or on the floor next to it that I like to lay on when I watch TV. I was on my stomach, the pillow sort of bunched up under my chest with my arms wrapped around under it.

    I became totally engrossed in the program I was watching and I had completely forgotten Max was even in the house. I was wearing one of Russ's T-shirts and a pair of soft cotton shorts and when Max walked silently up between my slightly parted legs and pushed his nose up into my crotch I screamed like the devil was after me! I was on my feet in an instant, yelling at the stupid dog to "stay the hell away from me" and to "not EVER do that again."

    Even while I was screaming at him I knew I was being overly harsh but I couldn't help it. He had scared the daylights out of me! Naturally, after my first scream, Max disappeared around the corner into the safety of the kitchen and I followed him as I sternly impressed on him what kind of behavior I expected. He was huddled in the corner on his blanket, his eyes about as big as saucers staring at me.

    I went back into the living room and sat on the sofa, still trembling a little from the excitement. I couldn't get my mind back on the program though. I felt ashamed for having screamed at Max and, after a few minutes, walked back out into the kitchen with the intention of apologizing. Maybe that sounds really crazy, apologizing to a dog, but I knew it was the only thing I could do...

    Max shrunk back into the corner tightly as I approached and I could see that he was shaking in fright. God, talk about making a person feel guilty! I reached out to pet his head, talking softly.

    "I'm sorry, Max," I said. His ears perked up and he lifted his face out of the blanket. "Yesss, Rita is sorry for yelling at the poor fella." He tried to lick my hand and I didn't stop him, letting him lick while using my other hand to scratch behind his ears. "Did you smell something good between my sweaty old legs," I asked. "You should always ask first before putting your nose between a lady's legs, don't you know?" My tone of voice must have convinced him that I wasn't mad at him any longer and he was soon standing up, his tail wagging a mile a minute.

    I invited him to come back into the living room with me and he followed eagerly as I went in and sat on the sofa. I don't know what part of my brain was controlling me then, but I sat on the front edge of the cushion and slouched back, half lying there. I held my knees apart in an obvious invitation to Max and didn't make a move to discourage him. Sure enough... with only the slightest hesitation, he wagged himself as if propelled by his tail right up between my legs and buried his nose in my crotch. What he was doing was completely contrary to everything I'd learned about what a dog should be allowed to do but I wanted to see what he'd do next. I sat there like that and rubbed his ears for him as he sniffed and prodded me. When he began licking the crotch of my shorts, I almost made him stop... but I didn't.

    It felt nice and, after all, Max certainly wasn't going to tell anyone what he'd been doing! Sometimes his tongue would stray a little and I'd feel it on the bare skin of my thigh and I'd squirm a little from the roughness of it. Max was whining as if frustrated and I knew I was going to take my pants off for him, that strange part of my brain sending out the signals for me to follow.

    "Are those mean old pants in your way, Max", I asked him. "Do you want me to take them off?"

    If he could have spoken, I'm sure he would have told me because he backed up a bit as if to give me room to stand, his tail swinging wildly and rapping against the leg of the coffee table. I stood and quickly slipped out of my shorts and panties, dropping them to the floor next to my feet. Max's head followed them down and he nosed them around a little as I sat once again. He didn't waste his time on the pants, instead returning to his place between my knees. I reached out with both hands in a moment of indecision, one covering my shamefully naked crotch and the other holding his very insistent nose away. I rubbed his ears thoughtfully while struggling with better judgment and slowly resigned myself to go ahead with it...

    "Are you sure you want to lick Rita's wet pussy", I asked him playfully as he began whining again. I felt really strange using such coarse language but it seemed somehow appropriate to the strange occasion.

    When his cold nose touched my hot skin I thought I'd go crazy! He quickly zeroed in on the spot he was interested in and buried his nose between the lips of my cunt. My God! The sensation was indescribable! I wanted so badly to push him away but his nose warmed rapidly and he started licking again... and I didn't WANT to push him away any more. His nose was prodding me and I could feel his hot breath panting there. His tongue moved up and down over my anus, apparently tasting a bit salty or something. I carefully eased myself back to lean against the rear cushions of the sofa, releasing my grip on his ears, and I just laid there for the longest time while Max treated me to an experience I'd only HEARD about. I held the tip of my middle finger on the throbbing bud of my clit and rubbed it around in small circles as his rough tongue continued to stroke up and down between my lips over and over.

    I was cumming almost before I realized it was happening and I stared down at Max through glassy eyes as my hips moved of their own accord in a somewhat pagan rhythm. Wave after wave of pleasure gripped me and I found myself once again squeezing Max's ears to hold him still so I wouldn't go mad! I gently pushed him away then because I had become so sensitive that his tongue was beginning to hurt my skin.

    "Thank you, Max", I said. "You're a real gentleman." He almost seemed to smile and I laughed nervously, suddenly feeling a little guilty for letting him do what he did. "But this will have to be our little secret. Do you understand me? If you try that when someone else is here, I'll paddle you GOOD!!!"

    He seemed to understand somehow because he turned then a walked slowly back out into the kitchen. I went to my bedroom for some dry pants and put them on, still feeling a little weak. When I peeked around the corner into the kitchen, there was Max on his blanked, busy licking himself.

    I retreated into the living room then thinking, "That's a good boy. You'll have to do THAT for yourself."

    I couldn't seem to get back into my soaps again though and I sat there on the sofa sort of day-dreaming about what had happened. Russ had never ever even hinted that he might be willing to do what Max had done ... and my up-bringing prevented me from asking him to. The few times I'd given him head were tolerable but I hadn't enjoyed it. I did it because Russ wanted me to...

    For the remainder of that first week, Max and I played our little game each day. I tried to tend to my housework each morning to get it out of the way, the excitement building to a peak by the time lunch was over. I made it a point to give myself a good workout on the bike so I'd be nice and sweaty for him ... I surmised that that was what had attracted him to me in the first place.

    I think it was Friday that I followed Max out to his blanket when he had finished with me. I sat cross-legged on the floor next to him and watched as he licked endlessly at the red shaft protruding from his hairy sheath.

    "Would you like Rita to help you with that, Max?" I asked, shocking myself with my own words. He looked so pitiful. He looked up at me as I rested my hand lightly on his leg. I wasn't at all sure whether I would go through with it, and when I moved my hand over to touch the glistening tip of his penis with my finger I decided that maybe THAT would be carrying it too far. But Max rolled over onto his side then, lifting his leg up for me. About two inches of his penis was showing through the opening in his sheath and it felt very warm under my finger. I gently explored with my fingers, feeling the length and rigidness of his slender little boner. Growing a little more bold, I moved the soft sheath up and down along his shaft slowly, not quite able to pull it all the way up to cover the tip of his penis but able to expose another two inches or so when pushing the loose skin back toward his sack.

    Feeling a bit queezy in my stomach at the idea of jacking off a dog, I almost stopped. But that other part of my brain won out and I continued.... I gripped him a little more firmly, not able to wrap my fingers around him but sort of gripping the sides of his sheath between my thumb and fingers. I stroked him up and down like that for several minutes, fascinated by the feeling of his gristly shaft slipping smoothly inside the sheath. When Max started growling softly I wondered if he was wanting me to stop or if he was getting ready to cum. I assumed the latter and quickened the rhythm of my hand.

    His haunches began jerking then in the motion I'd seen several times when witnessing the act between two dogs. I tried not to interfere with his spastic movements as I continued to stroke him, watching closely the red knob at the end. A few moments later his growls took on a deeper tone and I watched as several spurts of thick white fluid spat from him. Some of it landed on the blanket and some of it on the short hair of his belly as his hips bucked a few more times and then became still. I released my grip on him and watched in amazement as he twisted his body around to begin licking himself again. He sniffed around, locating the spots where his cum had landed and licked it all up! When he'd finished and had curled himself up into his nap position, I left him.

    During the weekend Russ Junior was home all day, naturally, and I couldn't help feeling a little frustrated at being prohibited from doing what Max and I had enjoyed so much. Max came sniffing around me several times but seemed to understand when I shoo'ed him away. Russ was home all day Sunday with us and that made it a little easier to keep my mind where it belonged. Fixing dinner and waiting on him made the time pass...

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    great story Rita. Im laura. Would love to talk about it. Im Im very...very, discreet

    May 24 2006 19:21
    Nice and sexy story... arousing as it should be. Well Done.... hope to read from ay again !

    Dec 11 2009 15:55
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