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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, teen, 1st.

    When I got to be thirteen, and watching my Mom getting fucked by a boat load of men, all my life, I was very curious about sex, especially getting my pussy licked, as I had seen quite a few of her men, do that to her. This included my father, who had divorced her when I was two, because she was trying to fuck every man in the township we lived in, and my Dad never stopped fucking her, even after she got remarried to a real asshole.

    My Dad fucked my Mom on the morning of the day she was getting married to the asshole and he took her in the ass, fucked her in the assholes bed and made my Mom give him a blow job before he left, which I captured on the brand new recorder my Dad had given me for the occasion, without my Mom knowing. My Mom still fucks anything with a cock, including the assholes brother, when he comes to stay with us, very nine or ten weeks.

    Now you know what my Mom's like and where I got my sexuality from, because I am one horny young lady, but don't really want to be fucked by one of the boys I know, because they are all assholes and when I was looking for a good porn site, I came across a bestiality site that really got my interest. I thought about it for a day or two, then thought why not try a dog, it won't tell and will always be there for me, so I got my Mom to take me to the pound.

    I found a big mutt, who hadn't been neutered yet, who was very friendly, took him home and gave him a bath, during which, when I washed his sheath, I made him get a hard on. I was a little surprised by what it looked like as I thought it would be like the cocks I saw on the porn sites. It was really pink, kind of pointy and wet as hell, but being the curious sort, I jerked him off to see what would happen.

    When I saw how big he was and how big his knot was, I started thinking that maybe I should just let him lick my pussy, but when he shot his load all over me, I started wondering again what that would feel like inside me. I had one of my Mom's dildo's that I had been using on my pussy, but it wasn't as big as the dog's cock, so I just figured I would have to be careful.

    I dried the mutt off, took him up to my room and was really hoping that this dog would like to eat pussy. I got on the bed, my little pussy was wet as hell and dieing to licked, so I called the mutt up on the bed and he got one whiff of my cunt, got right between my legs. My legs were spread pretty far apart, but when the mutt's tongue touched my pussy, they opened up twice as wide. What an incredible feeling his tongue gave my pussy, my playing with my self, didn't come close to what that tongue made me feel.

    My pussy was on fire like it had never been before, I closed my eyes and got lost in the sensation that tongue was giving my hot little cunt. The fire kept building in my cunt, I was moaning like one of the sluts on the porn sites and then a feeling I can't describe hit my pussy, I shot cum out of my cunt like a fire hose, so much so, I thought I pissed myself.

    The dog licked up every drop of my pussy juice, but kept right on tongue fucking me and when he stuck his tongue in my hole, my pussy erupted again. He tried to mount me then, but I was still a little scared, so I grabbed his butt with both hands and pulled him up towards my head. The next thing I knew his cock was right at my mouth and he was pumping, trying to get it in my mouth and being really curious as to what a cock would taste like, I took it in my mouth. It was really hot and wet from all the pre cum that came out of it and when I sucked on it, I found I loved the taste of his cum, so I just lay there and let him fuck my mouth, while at the same time I sucked that sweet cock.

    I had enough sense to grab his cock around the knot, but when he shot his load into my mouth, I almost left go of his cock, because it felt and tasted so fucking good. All that hot cum being pumped down my throat, by that sweet cock, made me cum again and that dog pumped a lot of cum into my mouth.

    I wondered if a boy's cum would taste as good as the mutts but then got consumed by the thought of what it would feel like to have all that cum, pumped into my pussy. I figured me and the mutt would take a nap and then I would find out what it felt like to be fucked by a real cock.

    My Mom woke me up to eat, so I fed the dog, ate and took the dog up to my room, which made my Mom quite happy, as the asshole was going into work early and I knew one of her “Friends” would walk in right after the asshole walked out.

    When I got to my room, I took my clothes off sat on the edge of the bed to take my socks off and the mutt buried his tongue in my cunt. I lay back on the bed with my legs spread as wide as they could open and let my cunt lapping friend have his way with my pussy. It only took a minute or two and I was cumming like a fire hose had been turned on and my little pussy was so happy, I could have stayed like that forever.

    After the mutt made me cum three times, he decided he wanted my pussy, so he put his front paws on either side of me and raised up so his cock was at my pussy and was stabbing at it, trying like hell to impale me on his cock. I figured it was time to feel a hot cock in my cunt, so I grabbed hold of his cock and guided it into my pussy.

    At first just a few inches went into my cunt and it was the best feeling ever, his cock was hard, hot and wet and I came all over it. He pushed hard as hell, pushing all most all of his cock into me I think and it was stretching my poor pussy to it's limit, causing me a little pain, but he kept pumping his cock into me.

    After a minute, my pussy got used to the size of his tool and the fucking I was getting from the mutt was so fucking awesome, he made me cum four or five times. Given the position the mutt was in, he couldn't bury his cock all the way in my pussy, which meant he couldn't get his knot in me, even though he tried like hell. I think my pussy was so tight on his cock, he couldn't hold back and much to my great delight and pleasure, he filled my pussy up with his red hot cock juice, making me cum again.

    When he pulled out of me, there was a kind of sucking sound and then I felt my asshole being bathed in hot cum, a feeling I can never get enough of now. There was so much cum pouring out of my pussy, it soaked the end of the bed, but I could care less, my pussy felt so fucking good. When I could walk again, I took a shower and wanted to sleep, but my mutt had other ideas and when I lay down on the bed , he went right at my pussy again.

    I pushed him away, but I could see he already had a hard on and since I wanted to keep him happy, I made him lay down, curled up to his cock and started sucking him off. As I was making him happy, I realized how much I liked giving the mutt a blow job, like Mother, like daughter I thought, as the mutt gave me a hot load of sweet cum. I woke up the next morning, in the same position I was when I fell asleep, between the mutt's legs and damned if he didn't have a hard on, so I did what any good, red blooded American girl would do, I gave my dog a blow job.

    I was fast becoming addicted to the mutt's cum and the thought hit me, that waking up now will be a whole new, pleasant experience, having desert before breakfast. When I got home from school, the mutt was waiting for me with a boner that wouldn't quit and I tried to get him to wait until we got to my room, but he was so horny, he had pushed me onto the couch and ate me right there.

    I was glad I didn't ever wear any panties, because I think he would have torn them off of me. I lay there like a little slut, letting him take me like I was his bitch, which I later realized I was and when he started to try and fuck me, I knew I wasn't going to make it to my room, so I got down on all fours.

    I pulled my skirt up so the mutt had access to my cunt, he mounted me and after a couple of tries, found my pussy and had about half of his cock in me on the first push. Then he made one big shove, buried his whole awesome cock in my needy pussy and started pounding my pussy like he had been waiting all his life to do it. I was amazed at how good his cock felt in my little pussy, it had filled my cunt to the breaking point and was touching every part of the inside of my super hot cunt.

    I think I screamed as I squirted the biggest load of cum ever, out of my pussy. Then I felt the knot growing in my cunt, stretching it further then I thought it could ever stretch and I felt a stream of hot cum cover the inside of my pussy, for the first time in my life. I was almost delirious with joy from the feeling and I started begging the mutt to give me more, but his knot was full size now and he turned so we were ass to ass, just like I was a female dog and I knew from the web site, he was about to fill my cunt with hot cum.

    He felt so good in my pussy that I kept moving around, because he was rubbing my “G” spot and I was going fucking crazy. Then I got to feel the most incredible feeling, red hot cum, splashing all over the inside of my pussy and I think I screamed again as I had my biggest orgasm yet.

    His knot had me sealed so tight, I could feel both of our cum, sloshing around inside my pussy, while his cock seemed to pressing against my belly. I was really spent now and wanted to lay down real bad, but had to stay on all ours and wait until my lovers cock softened up enough to free my pussy.

    I heard my mother's voice saying what a little fucking cunt I was, looked up and she was standing just inside the front door, with a big shit eating grin on her face. She said, “You are your mother's daughter aren't you?” then she asked me if I enjoyed myself, while laughing and just then the dog's knot went down, releasing all the cum stored in my pussy, changing my mom's expression to one of awe.

    We now have two big dogs in our house and my mom swears they are the best pieces of ass she ever had, she also told me that the dogs cum taste's much better then a man's. I'll take her word for it now, but I know sometime soon, I'm going to find out for myself.

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    Yes please write some more,you write it so well,Thanks in advance.

    Mar 23 2007 02:17

    Jan 28 2008 16:34
    great story

    Feb 14 2008 23:11
    This is something, keep on going, what a great story

    Apr 5 2008 00:08
    Made my cock rock hard, thank you

    Jun 15 2008 05:30
    Love Agnes xxx

    Sep 5 2009 13:34
    Oh My .... that's a hot story... well done... write more !

    Jul 19 2010 08:41
    oh wow this story made me so wet please right more!

    Nov 7 2010 12:07
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