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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, masturbation.

    With her back porch door opened, Laity sat down on her country sofa and laid a tall glass of ice tea onto the floor. Sunlight lazily streamed passed the door and a soft warm breeze enveloped her nude body. The sweet scent of garden flowers teased her nose and caused her to breathe deeply and expel a large sigh of disgust.

    She was definitely frustrated. Here she was, a top junior executive employed by a Fortune 500 company and she couldn't find any eligible males to satisfy her wanton passions. A five-digit salary that prompted her to leave Ohio and settle in California seemed useless to her now.

    When she volunteered to be transferred to her company's branch office in Marin County, California; she didn't realize how valuable straight males would be in the city. All of her male associates were cordial and efficient but did not express any sexual interest at her: they either were involved, fat, ugly or gay.

    Not that she didn't try. She often went to Victoria's Secret to buy enticing lace undergarments. She spent an entire week's paycheck to buy that blue-laced brassiere which allowed her ample nipples to show through her blouses. Her female associates often joked about the "thumb tacks" that seem to be posted on her breasts. All she knew was that she spent a fortune buying soft and lacy undergarments and nothing seemed to be happening!

    Back home in Ohio, the type of silken wear she would wear could cause all-American cocks to stand up and salute the flag. Ohio, where there were plenty of real men with thick salamis ready to rock her into ecstasy. How she missed these strong men who could tease her cunt lips with their strong, forceful turgid cocks! Blue veins marbling their extra large cocks. Their massive purple-headed mushroom caps pulsating as the hot blood flowed through their hot dicks.

    It must be the way they breed men back home. The memory of hard thrusting coupled with the swelling of their large penises inside her cunt sent chills up her spine. She needed to be held, loved, and filled by a virile man. She laid back down on her couch and started to massage her outer vagina lips with her left pinky.

    When she frequented the local bar and grills after work, she could only salivate at the cute-looking men with their well-endowed manhood straining to burst out of their slacks. Unfortunately, they were looking at other cute men.

    "Dammit!" She thought..."This isn't fair."

    It had been so long since she achieved a satisfactory orgasm that her womb ached for the caress of the hard, thick slab of meat which would rock her savagely to orgasm and still remain granite hard. She wanted a cock that she couldn't quite wrap her hand about it. A symbol of manhood that would gently sway in the warm summer winds of Ohio. Home, where the sun went down and darkness quickly enveloped the corn fields, she felt safe when her hand would grope about for her love and find the security of his turgid member pulsating with manliness. How she wept inside as memories of the hard dick pelting her lips with pre-cum drops into her mouth. The saltiness of the man-made cream danced about her tongue.

    The "Boy/Dick of the summer" would gently bat at her face...swaying and caressing her eye brows, nose, cheeks, and finally coming to home plate - her lips. She could feel the intense heat that the cock radiating within her mouth. Teasing the crown with the edges of her front teeth, the dick expanded and cause her lips to stretch further. Eight to ten spasms would shake the dick as the ample semen would jet into her mouth and warmly coat her throat. The smell of a hard cock...lingered in her mind.

    Gazing down, she noticed that her vagina lips had expanded and her vulva turned a pretty shade of pink. Her clit peeked out its hood and she gently nudged it with her ring finger as her pinky continued to play with the vulva. She was getting extremely wet. Closing her eyes, she continued to dream and masturbate in silence. Her pulse quicken and her breathing was becoming short.

    "Almost there..." she thought as she quicken the pace of her fingers... "Almost there."

    She spread her legs further apart and moved her hips to the edge of the sofa. She didn't want her vagina fluids soaking on her sofa; instead, her nectar slowly dripped down her thighs. Her right fingers pinched her eraser tipped nipples. She tweaked them until they protruded out like "thumb tacks." Her uterus started to twinge and she noticed that her clit has receded back under its hood...she was frantic for her pending orgasm!

    She quickly reached over and picked up a cube of ice from and drink and started to rub it gently over her sensitive nipples, down her breasts, stomach, pubic bush, vulva, and finally her clit. Her labia folds were swollen with anticipation.

    She closed her eyes and braced herself as the internal tremble started to shake her body. "This is going to be good... it's been so long." She needed - No! She wanted to come hard! Her legs started to tense up and her ankles came together intuitively. Both of her knees started to wobble.

    "Wooph!" came a bark at the base of the sofa. Her eyes quickly opened and she saw her neighbor's Great Dane sniffing and nudging at her cunt. "Oh no!", She squealed.

    "Get away!" she thought but it was too late. Her body suddenly stiffened and her hips started to hump up and down in uncontrollable ecstasy. Her cunt opened and closed as the internal spasm racked her body with pleasure.

    "Hhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!" echoed throughout her porch as her orgasm swept throughout her sweating body. Her hips thrust upwards and her knees started to come together. Unfortunately, the damn dog's head was in the way. That couldn't be helped for she needed to finish off the last ebb of orgasm and her legs instinctively hoisted the dog's head further into her cunt area.

    By the time she came to her senses, the dog was happily lapping at her vulva. Her pubic bush was rapidly becoming matted with her sweat and the dog's lickings. For a moment, she felt repugnant at the situation, but her body was responding otherwise.

    The afterglow from her orgasm prevented her from reacting fast enough to push the dog away. "Oh... what the heck!" It felt good she thought and allowed the dog to continue. "Interesting", she thought. The rough tongue on her vagina was pleasant. Suddenly the dog rose and started to poke her with a warm, stiff rubber object.

    "What...Oh no! Stop... Please stop!" she wailed. The Great Dane had an enormous erection and was trying to penetrate her! She couldn't believe it. The dog was hovering over her as its instinctive animal behavior continued. Its rear muscles, taunt and firm continued to prod at her vagina.

    Instinctively, she sought to stop this action. This had gone far enough! With willful strength, she took and hand and grabbed the dog's penis and attempted to draw him off. Strangely enough, as soon as her hand closed about the smooth and wet animal instrument, the Great Dane yelped and lunged forward further - pinning her body underneath him.

    There she was, in this precarious position with the dog on top and her hand on his pulsating penis. For some strange reason, she marvelled at the girth and length of the penis. "No! A COCK!" echoed through her mind. It didn't matter...this was a cock, alive and mushrooming in her hand. With decisive deliberation she continued to stroke the Dane's cock. "I wonder..."

    Guiding the head of the cock towards her outer vagina lips, she proceeded to rub the tip with short and firm strokes. She held onto to the cock as if it were a prized possession. It looked like a human dick, acted like a human dick, and well...almost smelled like a male dick.

    "It's okay," she thought mentally. I am not doing anything kinky here. I'm just a woman playing around with the neighbor's dog. Suddenly she noticed the round sacs of testicles hanging behind the long hard cock. "They are huge!" as her eyes widen. Sacs of oranges - fruit ripe for the picking.

    "I wonder how his dick would feel in my cunt?"

    Slowly she teased her lips with the cock and the next thing she knew the head was inside of her. "Not bad... but kind of different." She felt in control and allowed the dog to continue to hover and push. Suddenly, it was all in and the dog started to speed up its humping tempo. A warm feeling came over Laity as her hips started to match the tempo of the dog. For every male thrust, her hips slammed upwards to meet the thrust.

    Within seconds, the dog tensed and Laity felt spurts of dog semen jets racing about in her. There was so much of it that it started to leak out of her vagina and onto her thighs. She didn't come at all although she felt that she was on the verge of second orgasm. "Oh well... not as good as a man."

    Expecting the dog to drop off of her, she was mildly surprised that the dog was still hard and in fact: his cock seemed to be growing larger. Something must have triggered inside her body since her hips continued to hump against the trapped dog dick. With each hump, the dick seemed to be growing larger and larger!

    "Yeeeesssss... fuck me! Hhuuuuuuuuu... yeessss!" like a pig she squealed as her second orgasm hit. She pinched both her nipples and laughed as her body continued to shake and shiver. Her vagina must have squeezed this Dane dry, she surmised. In ten minutes, the Dane dropped off and slurped at her cunt as to seemingly mark his territory and proceeded out the porch door.

    She looked at his swaying balls as he trotted off and she smiled. The animal's dick was still wet with her fluids. She was damn glad that there were cocks of all makes and sizes in this world.

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