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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, horse sex.

    I’d go as far as to say that in the office were I work they consider me to be a bit of a boring, daddies girl type.

    My name is Beth and I’m 24 years old now. I’ve been to university and have ended up with a good job in the centre of Leeds in northern England. I’m a consultant in something so boring I won’t go into.

    I would describe myself as 5’7 tall, I keep very fit at the gym I attend most evenings after work and am about eight and a half stone. I know I’ve always been good looking and have long blonde wavy hair and blue eyes. I’m lucky to have long legs and true to form, guys can’t take their eyes off my chest because although slim, I am 32E in the bra department.

    Now to my story and it stems from me becoming very good friends with one of the older consultants in my office. She lives with her husband and young family, slightly into the country side with a lovely stone built cottage in a place called Ilkley.

    She always goes on about the fact that she has a horse and that she had recently bought a pony for her daughter. Under normal circumstances her elderly parents would be happy to watch the house and look after the horses. This time it was a whole family holiday and so she approached me with a view to house and horse sitting.

    At first it seemed like a bit of a pain, until I remembered the lovely country cottage with on suite rooms and easy transit into my office by train. It made time from my one room apartment look appealing. I have ridden just a couple times before as a girl and as my colleague left me full instructions for their care and feeding, I agreed to spend ten days at her house.

    After work on the Monday, I finished at the gym as usual and jumped on the train to a station just outside Ilkley. I had my trainers on and walked the fifteen minutes to her house up a lovely shaded country lane.

    I was hungry and had dinner, before I went upstairs and had a quick shower and slipped into some loose, grey cotton, running shorts and a white, training t shirt. I slipped my running sandal’s on and went out to meet the boys in the stable.

    Zeus is my colleague’s stallion and is a very big animal. I’m not too sure about horse terminology but his shoulders are almost the same height as the top of my head and he is a kind of dark grey colour with a white patch on his head. I think he used to race and due to injury had come to my colleague at a reasonable price. He still had the long muscular legs and muscular frame of a race horse in my opinion.

    Her 7 year old daughters pony, I would describe as about the same height as me to the tops of our heads. He’s a light brown colour and I must say looks a little skinny to me, but I suppose is perfect for a young girl to learn to ride on. His name is Milo and when I first saw him that evening, the one thing that stood out about this pony was his huge bollocks! For his size, he seemed to have a hugely oversized pair of darkly coloured balls hung half way down to his knees from the back!

    Anyway, they share a single, stone built stable that has a kind of hay store off the side that Milo goes in on an evening. To the back of this stable they have some land that they can exercise on.

    So this first summer evening I went into the stable and Zeus was standing side on to me at the back of the stable. I don’t know what I expected, but I walked in greeting him and went over to him as he lowered his head to my stomach height. I think he was gently testing my sent as he was sniffing at me as I petted his huge head.

    I am not an expert, but I could sense he was getting slightly agitated and he even tried to kind of bite my t shirt and I had to push him away slightly. I was just wondering whether he didn’t like me for some reason when I noticed his tail was held high behind him and I actually thought he maybe needed to shit!

    He shifted his back legs further away slightly and I was ready to see him shit, when a loud ‘thud’ came from under him, then again and again. I was stood right next to his neck, so I stood back and was so shocked by what I saw. I literally stood open mouthed, Zeus had the biggest hard on I’ve ever seen. It’s hard to describe how I felt, other than I honestly started to blush as I could not take my eyes off it.

    He was stood in a position that kind of showed it off and the loud slapping noise was his huge cock ‘twitching’ upwards into his belly and slapping loudly. I had my hand still on his shoulder as I just stood staring at this massive cock. I’m not totally stupid and I know horses are supposed to have big ones, but his huge, pink cock must be nearly three feet long. It’s very ‘fleshy’ looking, but very stiff as he flicked it up and down. Never mind my wrist as a comparison, as this thing is thicker than my ankle and the end of it was like a huge, pink, flat topped cooking apple!

    I’ve had two boyfriends and I’ve dealt with cocks a little but this thing just had me completely gob smacked. I have to admit that as I stood there initially I was getting aroused by the sight and also the musty, warm odour coming from under his belly. He kept scraping the ground with his front feet and trying to bite me again as I stood like an obsessed teenager. I’m horny just typing this as I remember that evening, but at the time it gave me like a buzz all over my body that I don’t think I’ve ever felt before. It must have been Zeus’ amazing body, cock and the way he was so frisky.

    He followed me with his head as I slowly stroked his large midriff and then I slowly moved to my knees next to his shockingly swollen cock. I can’t deny that I was in a strange daze as I just had urges I’ve never felt before. Possibly because of the huge cock that was now inches from me!

    I guess horses don’t shower every evening, but it was clear as I got close that Zeus’ massive penis was in need of a little washing. I just had to lift my hand and I gently felt at his huge, throbbing cock. This first touch was just amazing and it just sent tingles of excitement all over my body as it felt so warm, so big, so heavy. I was beginning to get very involved with what I was doing. As I slowly gripped at his massive shaft, his heavy foreskin clearly had foul smelling stuff around it and as soon as I touched it the strong musty smell transferred to my hands, so I decided to stop.

    To cut a long story short that evening I fed and watered the horses then returned to the house were I had to wash my hands! I could not get the experience or the endowment Zeus was blessed with out of my head. In fact, all the next day, I was useless at work because this amazing sexual experience was driving me wild, I was so horny!

    Finally, about three in the afternoon, I made my mind up that no matter how good a girl I was, I was going to have to let my depraved side come out and take advantage of the situation I had found myself in. It was clear that Zeus would need to be washed, but having seen my two ex boyfriends in the shower, I was happy that a bucket of warm soapy water would be just the trick.

    And so it was, at nearly seven that evening, I had run a nice warm bucket of water with my most gentle, scented, bath milk in. I was even armed with my bottle of scented baby oil. As I made my way out to the stable I can’t deny that I was already feeling excited and horny at the thought of all that cock! On walking in I realised that Milo was also standing in the main stable area, as he must have made his way out of the hay store. He looked at me, so I petted his head just for a while as I watched the even then excited Zeus.

    I was getting myself so worked up as once again Zeus moved his hind legs back, but this time I got to see his huge penis pop out of his body then grow into a long, floppy goliath. I was getting moist as I watched his display and knew that I had to satisfy my craving to be close to him tonight.

    I left Milo and soon found myself stroking down Zeus’ body again. I moved to the floor at the side of his hind legs, while he turned his neck to watch me, and dipped my hands into the bucket. I had both hands onto him and as soon as I began to wash the rapidly expanding cock, I was once again overcome with sexual desire for this amazing animal. It seemed to be only seconds before he had a full erection again and I was amazed that as it twitched I had to move my hands with it as it was so powerful.

    I could tell he loved my caresses as he simply stood with it all hanging out while I worked the slippery milk into his foreskin and heavenly shaft. I was so aroused that I could feel the dampness in my pussy and was totally focused on his pleasure. He was clean by now, so I picked up the bottle of baby oil and squirted a large helping into my hands, before beginning to apply it to his achingly large erection.

    At that point his huge body began to emit deep neighing and grunting sounds as I worked his cock with both my hands. It was clear to me that my male friend was enjoying my attention and I was completely focused on making him continue his pleasurable grunts. I think we were both getting too carried away as he moved his hind leg and knocked the bucket over.

    My tracksuit bottoms and t shirt both got splashed as it fell over, so I decided on that warm night that we should all be naked. I was soon bare, except for trainers and back on my knees next to him.

    I was engrossed by his huge cock. As I felt between my legs with one hand I found myself to be more aroused than I think I’ve ever been. I was on all fours with one hand on the floor and my right hand moving his cock to my mouth. I know guys like to be sucked, but to be honest there was no way I could accommodate the end of Zeus’ penis in my mouth. I was happy to kiss, lick and suck at my partners bulging erection, as I slowly masturbated him and he gently bobbed his hips with pleasure.

    Once again I can’t deny I was fully engrossed in my activities, as I had totally forgotten about one other thing. I jumped with shock as I suddenly had a warm pony mouth and nose placed straight into my rear end! I was about to jump out of the way when his long, hot, horsy tongue began exploring me! It felt exquisite having my wet pussy and backside lapped at by his huge tongue as I continued pleasuring myself and Zeus with my hand and mouth.

    The pony kept stopping and trying to bite at my side like Zeus had before and I slapped him away each time as I had no clothes on now. Each time he returned his nose to my pussy, but his nibbling left small bruises on the outside of my bum cheeks.

    As I’ve said I am not a horse expert, perhaps I was missing some special horsy body language or maybe just getting far too carried away with my male companions. Either way I was not prepared for what happened next. As I continued wanking Zeus his huge body convulsed and he grunted loudly, his massive cock twitched wildly out of my hand and a watery substance started pouring like a tap out of it. I remained, for that split second, on my hands and knees staring at his cock as he thrust his hips and a torrent of watery liquid poured out of the animal. It became clear that this was his orgasm as this watery stuff gradually changed into thick, white come pouring from him, it was an awesome sight!

    This is not all that happened though, completely by surprise but somehow without injury, I suddenly had two, pony front hooves drag down either side of my rib cage. I can tell you that the pain was bad as I had grazes on either side, but more importantly I suddenly had a huge weight bearing down on my back. It seemed to be spread between my shoulder blades which were onto my arms and mostly onto my lower back/bum that made my knees hurt on the floor. I yelped loudly, but I knew immediately if I adjusted my position I’d be squashed under the weight. Fortunately this huge mass above my back seemed to be adjusting itself anyway.

    It was unmistakeably obvious that the huge weight was of course Milo trying to mount me, but all this happened very quickly. I could feel him adjust his position and the pain of what I assume were his front knees bending into my back, resulting in my back arching and my bum being forced into the air. It was then I felt him probing with something which I now know to be similar to a human cock in many respects, except that it is at least three or four times bigger than any mans cock I have experienced.

    As I said the weight on my knees pinned them to the floor and his front knees pushed my back down. Whether this is a deliberate natural design in a woman to help her be pinned (not by a horse!), but I found myself unable to move my lower body and most importantly my bum pushed out completely exposed to his excited thrusting. At this point I was very scared and regretting what I had got myself into.

    What I now know to be his hugely swollen cock end, felt like a very large, squashy, tennis ball being pushed heavily against my pussy. However, this didn’t last for more than a couple of thrusts, as I suddenly found myself rammed open and filled almost in one thrust, right up inside my wet, excited pussy. It was definitely a good job that I was so horny or damage would have been done at that first painful thrust.

    I had never intended to have full sex that evening and had certainly under estimated this pony’s desire for my womanly body and pussy. Now there I was with him thrusting his huge cock inside me. I have to admit that the pain at first was a cross between a very bad attack of period pain and a deep stomach ache. I assume this was simply because he was using his huge, pony body to thrust into me right until my pussy or even womb would not allow anymore in.

    I found myself looking at Zeus’ now shrinking, but still huge, dribbling cock, as I also thought about those massive balls that the pony which was now inside me possessed. I can’t deny that after his first five or six strokes, I suddenly got used to the pain as he adjusted himself all the time and I became full of sexual energy. I think I even started to moan from pleasure with each of his strong thrusts despite the numbing pain.

    I’m not a slag, in fact until that evening I was always a good girl, but I just can’t deny that as he thrust that achingly large penis in and out of me I was enjoying it despite the pain. It was definitely the wildest experience I had had up till that time.

    Well, that is right until I started to convulse from my pussy, as my orgasm arrived without any warning. It was a huge ground shaking one, as Milo still probed away at my deepest parts I let out a stifled scream. I felt nearly ready to faint with this huge orgasm as my completely stuffed pussy tried to contract around his giant cock. Then I very nearly did faint, as he rammed his huge cock into me and even more pain erupted. I knew it was his turn now, but I wasn’t aware just how big a pony’s penis can get at orgasm.

    He genuinely must have been inside my cervix as he used all his strength to push his cock to the absolute extent my vagina and womb could take him. At that point his now stationary swollen, cock end felt like it might burst my insides. I really could feel every inch of that massive shaft twitch and pulse as he erupted deep inside my womb with his huge orgasm. It was so intense I nearly fainted again, but then came around as I felt hot fluid literally pouring out of my pussy, onto my thighs and down to the floor. This most amazing sexual partner had finished with me for now.

    There was just one more problem with a young woman being taken by a hugely endowed pony like Milo. To finish off my suffering, he pushed with his front knees onto my back to enable him to lift then put both hooves down at one side of my body. As he did this I got the strangest sensation, as I felt his huge, still swollen penis pull inside me. By this I mean that his erection was not as stiff, but also felt like it had not decreased in size. I expected him to withdraw from me but I was still on all fours with him stood, rear legs between my legs, and that huge penis still swollen deep inside me from behind.

    It was becoming uncomfortable now and I was trying to look around my bum but nothing seemed to move. Finally I carefully lifted my right leg up from under me and round onto his back slightly, so I could twist around and be propped on my elbow, hip and left leg. It was an amazing sight as I looked at his foreskin gathered up to the entrance of my pussy and could feel his hugely swollen cock still lodged deep inside me. I was starting to get worried as to why he was still firmly engaged within my pussy. I reached my right hand down to his foreskin which was covered in our juices and gently grasped at it. He looked around at that point as I held him, then I slowly but painfully started to pull my hips backwards.

    It felt like I was trying to pull some ridiculously inflated object from my womb and in a way it seemed I was. It hurt, but suddenly I felt his huge end pull from my cervix and then he quickly slid from my slippery vagina.

    This bit probably stands out in my mind most. I looked on in amazement as the most unbelievable amount of massively thick, pink cock plopped out of me. It really must have been perhaps two feet long (though I don’t think it could have been so extended inside me), but it was the bulging size of his end, again shaped like a flat topped cooking apple, it must have been five inches wide! Just as a final lesson to me, as my satisfied pussy released his huge cock end from its grasp, my hips fell to the floor and his huge cock spurted a torrent of thick, white come in an arch straight up my tummy, chest and onto my face!

    I fed and watered the boys that evening, then went for a long soak in the bath. I felt fine that night, but I must say my pussy ached for maybe three days after that. I found myself sitting slightly to one side on my chair at the office. What I would say is that this experience had awakened new found urges in me, not necessarily being taken by the huge animals as my aching pussy reminded me, but certainly a new found pleasure at contact with these hugely endowed boys!

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    Try a nice sized dog next time. Be sure to have about an hour for him to get his nice knot in you and for it to finish and deflate so he can pull it out. Try a big dog such as a German Shephard. My dalmatian would love to do it but he will not get stuck in you I think knot, his knot is not big enough to tie firmly.

    Jun 10 2007 10:46
    Very good story, but I think 12"x3" Is excessive!(bit over estimated), but the story is excelent!!

    Mar 26 2011 03:14
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