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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, horse sex.

    Hello and welcome to the second installment of my story. To wrap up last time, it's fair to say that I had bruises down my ribs for 2 weeks from Milo's attention! Because I remain single in the relationship department, I have used my first experience as something of a fantasy on the lonely nights when I've masturbated.

    I would also add that when my friend and her family returned, I decided to inform her that everything had been just fine. I chose not to tell them I had masturbated her huge stallion to orgasm before her daughters pony fucked me to orgasm in the doggy style and emptied his huge bollocks in my womb…..

    It is a long time since it all happened and I am now 26, sporting shoulder length, straight, blonde hair. I still attend the gym most evenings and have increased weight to 8 stone 8, but as my bra size has increased to 32EE; I think I know were the weight is.

    I have to say that when I was sat at my desk at work and my friend approached me, I had to hide my blushes as she asked for my help again. My mind raced as I answered her, "of course I'd be happy to look after the boys again over the half term holidays". God, it was a full week of trying to control my urges!

    So the week arrived and on the Monday I was sat at work having arranged to stop at the house in Ilkley from that evening. True to form I had been thinking of Milo and the Stallion the whole weekend and despite my best attempts, was in quite a state of arousal. Lunchtime came and I went out of the office to get a sandwich, attempting to calm down a little. I was literally buzzing with excitement as I walked into the centre of Leeds and as I passed a well known chemist chain I stopped and walked in.

    I needed some moisturiser anyway but added to my basket an extra large tube of KY lubricating jelly. I guess that was about the point when I resigned myself to the fact that although I was a respected business person and young lady in most people's eyes, I was now firmly overcome with my sexual desires for the horses and that I might as well make the most of the fortunate situation.

    As I walked back to the office I had several admiring glances from men and even women. At 5'7 plus my black heels, my blonde hair, good looks and wearing a trim, black trouser suite; tailored to my 27 inch waist and around my huge boobs, I know I'm attractive. The thing is I couldn't have cared less as I just had those horses in Ilkley firmly in my mind.

    Finally 5 o'clock came and I dashed to catch the train. I was soon walking up the quite lane again, carrying my laptop and hand bag, up the drive and let myself into the front door. I deposited my laptop and went straight through the house into the back yard. I kept my long overcoat on as it was getting a little chilly and still had my handbag over my shoulder.

    I opened the stable door and went inside before shutting it behind me and then went to the back door. As soon as I opened it my two gorgeous boys strolled into the warmth of the heated stable.

    Milo went off straight to drink some water, but Zeus seemed happy to see me as he turned and nuzzled into my chest. I don't know how good a horses memory is or maybe it was my perfume, but within an instant I could hear the same thud as I'd heard before as Zeus 'flicked' his already engorged penis against his belly.

    I couldn't believe this was all happening so quick; it was like I'd never been away. I moved and stroked down his body as I lifted my coat slightly to kneel at his hind quarter again. His cock looked huge and remarkably clean as he continued to 'flick' it against his stomach. I reached up and the contact was electric as I grasped his massive cock and with both hands started to gently toss him up and down. His foreskin felt thick and heavy against my dainty hands as I worked it back and forth on the massively swollen horse dick.

    My panties were already wet and Zeus was clearly enjoying the attention as his familiar deep grunts came from within him. It wasn't long before Milo was stood next to me and was sniffing and breathing over my body as I fondled Zeus. He kept making slight, hi-pitched neighing noises and was clearly desperate for attention from his strange mare.

    I let Zeus's huge pole continue its 'flicking' motion as I moved next to Milo. I stood to the side of his rear end and running my fingers rearwards on his thigh, moved my hand through his tail and began to caress those huge testicles. I can't say enough just how big this pony's balls are. Even bigger than Zeus's, each about the size of a small melon; I continued to fiddle with them as I felt around his leg and began to caress the now growing penis.

    Perhaps Milo had been young at our first meeting, as now I was sure that those huge testicles and his prize cock had grown. He didn't appear to be a physically bigger animal, or maybe I was not aware just how big his tackle was last time. But as I pulled the now engorged cock, it stiffened to easily 2 feet in length, but I couldn't make my fingers meet around his shaft.

    I was convinced he had matured in his privates and felt a slight fear at his new girth. It didn't stop me almost drooling with sexual arousal as I got intimate with him. "Who's a big boy Milo?" I comforted, as I slowly tossed him off in one hand and gently caressed his balls with my other. "God you are so fucking sexy", I exclaimed. It was no use, I was longing as much as any woman ever had to be fucked.

    This was a mistake I later realised as I moved into the hay store in my best work suite, shoes and over coat. I didn't even call Milo in as he followed inches from my rear. I unbuttoned my coat and sat onto a hay bail that was flat on the floor and up against a larger pile. Milo nuzzled me again and this time let out a curdling NEIGHHHH! "Calm down my big stud", I said as I grinned at his excitement.

    I unzipped my trousers at the side and slid them over my black heels; I folded them before pulling my black thong off and throwing it onto my trousers. Slipping my overcoat onto the hay below me I unbuttoned my jacket and then my blouse too. I finally popped my front fastening bra and felt the release as my large breasts broke free of there support. I sat back onto one elbow with one leg up on the hay bail and slowly began to touch my cleanly shaven and very wet pussy.

    Milo obliged by grunting and sniffing at my privates as I caressed them but he was not about to wait. He lunged forward and up and I just had time to fall to my back and squeeze my jelly like boobs up between my arms as his front hooves landed either side of my middle on the hay bail.

    I quickly raised my heels onto the front of his rear thighs to try and control him and then slipped the tube of KY jelly from my hand bag. In my haste I broke the top off and squirted far too much lube down between my legs. I was wild with sexual hunger and all the time I was preparing, he was thrusting with his massive erection just above my stomach. His cock was pink in colour, over 20 inches long, but now even before he'd got inside me; it seemed that his shaft just got fatter all the way up to his massively swollen red end.

    I was just thinking it looked far too big to penetrate me in that state, when my shoe slipped off his thigh and he was able to adjust then guide his cock to my entrance. I had squirted more than half the tube of KY onto my pussy. Nearly at the first contact of his immense cock with my tight opening, did he spread me and lunge into me.

    "AAARGH….UMMFFFF", I exclaimed as that cock buried into me. I could feel his huge end, which must have been 5 inches across in all its anger, glide up my slippery but painfully stretched vagina. It felt so easy for him to fuck into me with his giant horse cock as a result of the KY jelly and I was so horny that I soon forgot the pain. I tried to push my legs onto his thighs to control him but found I could not control this now maturing pony. My head pushed up against the hay bail above me and I was unable to move away from Milo's thrusting anymore.

    I was so aroused that within seconds my whole body convulsed wildly. My vagina and cervix contracted heavily as it was battered into submission by his thrusting. "OH GOD YES..." I shouted far too loudly, as my slim body raced through its orgasm underneath him.

    Milo grunted louder all the time as my legs now fell uncontrollably wide open, my heels sticking up either side of his rear end. I felt ready to faint as he just seemed to continue to force as much of his massive penis deep into my insides. I could feel every twitch and pulse of the gigantic phallus as he buried it one last time then swelled up to an unbelievable proportion. I felt his shaft swell from between his legs and towards me, over and over again as he emptied his warmth into me. I made a loud farting sound as he drew back a little, then pushed into me fully, releasing a torrent of cum from my stretched opening.

    He pulled back again as if adjusting, but this time I yelped as his massive dick slid out of me with a plop. A huge torrent of come gushed from his erupting cock and poured out all over me. My boobs, face, blouse, jacket and overcoat were covered in his thick white spunk. As it exploded even my trousers on the floor ended up with a big streak of come up one leg! Not to worry though as I lay completely prostrate, he located my entrance again and lunged back to my absolute limit. His pulses continued and his juice poured from me for what seemed like 2 or 3 minutes. This time, with the aid of KY, he slipped from my depths and walked away trailing come.

    I couldn't move a muscle as I lie on my back on the hay bail, my legs down to the floor and still spread. I could feel his come all over me as my nipples got even harder as the spunk cooled on them. As I finally managed to sit up even my shoes didn't escape. The spunk poured down my calves onto the £100 pounds worth of leather! I don't know if larger balls make for more come in guys and horses, but my whole suit had been ruined in one orgasm by Milo! The sense of satisfaction and release I got more than made up for it though. I had again submitted like a mare in season to his immense phallus and testicles and enjoyed probably one of the most filling, (but soaking), experiences any woman will ever get!

    I managed to wipe and clean my shoes off. I even got my blouse into the washing machine on a hot wash and it too cleaned up. My over coat was machine washable too, but after washing, the spunk seemed to gather at the hem line and go very stiff almost like starch; so that was ruined! My 100% wool suite I bagged up and took to the wheelie bin, as I didn't see asking if the dry cleaners could clean about a pint of spunk out of the jacket and trousers!

    The next day at work I was my usual prim and proper self. I must be a bit more used to the experience, or at least the KY did the trick as, although I had a dull ache inside my pussy as it recovered, I was already looking at the photo of Milo on my mobile by lunchtime!

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    Girl you go get it. better then a man and they will take care of your needs. you coulda clean your wool suit. just soak it in cold water, then took it to the cleaners, Ms. i don't see you as bad, you are just taken care of your needs and are safer in do so with what is going around nowdays thank you very muck it outstanding ge

    Jan 7 2008 04:02
    enjoyed your story and wish i'd been there to rub the spunk all over you

    Jan 13 2008 14:38
    Loved the story (both parts) hope there will be more toe.

    Jan 23 2008 12:51
    Lovely story. I could feel every push and shove Milo made. I too hope to hear more about your exploits or maybe join in with you one day!

    Jan 24 2008 00:53
    =that was a good story. i wish i was there.

    Feb 18 2008 13:26
    This was a greate story. Please tell more....

    Jul 10 2010 14:22
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