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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, group.

    The shuttle bus lurched to a halt kicking up a dusty haze from the heat scorched earth beneath it's tires. It's occupants were a group of young girls on a field trip hosted by the local veterinary organization for those interested in applying as assistants in the county's medical outreach program. The county of Forest nestled in the state of Nebraska was so spread out that farmers were on a waiting list for the local vets to visit to provide the routine inoculations and medical checkups of their animals.

    The outreach program was designed to train potential assistants in helping to provide the basic services of health care for the animals that the veterinarians couldn't attend to in a timely fashion. Jen and Heather had both just graduated college and were excited at the prospect of starting a new career working as vet assistants.

    The girls broke up into three groups, each paired up in teams to work together with one of the local vets in giving a series of injections and taking blood samples from the horses on the Cooper Ranch. Jen and Heather were working with Dr. Susan Blake this afternoon. As the trio headed off to one of the barns the other girls in the group spread out to go about their own tasks with their respective vets.

    Jen and Heather chatted with Dr. Blake as they entered the stuffy barn, the air was dry and dusty, filled with the smell of fresh hay, dried leather and the unmistakable scent of horse urine and feces. "Geeez it's pretty ripe in here." Giggled Heather. Dr. Blake smiled and spoke softly to the pair telling them they'd better get use to this if they intended on working with horses and other farm livestock.

    Jen turned to her friend and said "Yeah Heather what did ya expect roses and cherry blossoms?" Dr. Blake just smiled and told the girls to get serious as they had plenty of work ahead of them and some of it might be a bit unpleasant. Dr. Blake led the girls over to one of the stalls that housed a stallion called Thunder. He was jet black in color with a coat as sleek and bright as polished onyx.

    "Ok girls let's get to it, this is Thunder and we need to collect both a blood and urine samples from him." "I'm going to show you how to draw the blood but I want you to get one of the plastic cups to catch some of his urine in when he pees." I have rubber gloves in the kit there so you can put those on." Instructed Dr. Blake.

    The girls both looked at each other with sheepish grins wondering who would be the one to hold the cup as Dr. Blake began drawing the blood sample. The two girls gloved up and knelt down beneath Thunder gazing in awe at his massive penis. Heather asked Dr. Blake how soon she thought it would be before the horse decided to pee so they could get the sample. Dr. Blake told the girls that it might help to use the cleansing rag in the bucket of water by the stall to wash the animals penis as it should stimulate him enough to capture the sample.

    Jen reached over and grabbed the rag and began swabbing the horses penis with it, wiping it down as it began to grow and unfurl from it's leathery sheath. "Holy shit, he's gettin a boner." Squealed Jen. Girls, girls, that's natural, don't get in a panic." Chided Dr. Blake.

    Jen washed the brute's thick shaft with the rag rubbing up the veiny stalk and over the head which spread out like a huge flower. "God Heather, I can actually feel his blood pumping up his cock, the whole thing is like hummin in my hand." Whispered Jen.

    Heather leaned in closer to her friend and whispered back "Imagine tryin to suck a cock that damn big, you'd strangle on that thing." Both girls were mesmerized by the girth and length that was jutting out of the animal's sheath. Heather mouthed to her friend hoping that Dr. Blake wouldn't pick up on it and said to Jen. "I dare ya to give that dong a little kiss." "Fucking gross out!!!" Yelped Jen. Both girls began snorting with laughter but came to an abrupt halt when Dr. Blake leaned down and spoke to the pair.

    "Go ahead Jen, give it a kiss, hell I've done that and plenty more many times and it's not as bad as you might think." "In fact I bet you'd like it, I know I sure do." Both Heather and Jen were shocked speechless, barely believing what they had just heard. Dr. Susan Blake slid in between the pair and told them to watch and learn. The woman knelt beneath the horse and used both hands to grip his huge stalk, urgently stroking up and down the thick veins running along the sides of it. She told the girls to use their fingertips to press on the veins, to feel the blood coursing thru them as it vibrated with the awesome power of the animal.

    As if in a trance both girls began to trace the veiny tubes, feeling them surge with blood and vibrate thru their fingertips. Jen and Heather both gasped at the sensation, the force with which the brutes erection began to grow and throb. "Now cup his balls girls, feel how huge they are, how they begin to swell as his seed builds up in them." Moaned Susan. Jen and Heather began to cup and fondle Thunder's enormous ballsack. The animals balls were huge, the size of baseballs nestled within the slick leathery flesh, hot to the touch as they pulled and rubbed on them.

    Heather was getting dizzy from the heat in the barn and the tingling that began to grow in the pit of her tummy spreading down toward her cunt. Jen was lifting Thunder's balls in both hands, feeling them throb as his boiling load began to churn within them. The girls looked to Susan as if pleading for direction only to see her gripping the cock shaft in both hands, her tongue darting deep into the animals piss slit.

    Dr. Blake was purring softly as her fingers spread the flower-shaped head open driving her tongue deeper into it's tube scooping out thick strands of clear juice. Jen was reeling on her knees as she watched the doctor, feeling confused and intoxicated by the depravity of what they were doing with the stallion.

    Susan had been whisked away in her lust for the beast, her mind now only on urging the horse to a shattering climax that she could feel and taste. She firmly directed the girls to kiss and lap the animals balls, to suck at them so that they would balloon with his seed and fill to the point of bursting. Jen and Heather were like robots moving on sheer command alone, no will to resist the filthy act they had been dictated.

    The girls were panting as their warm tongues lapped at the wrinkled fleshy sack holding Thunder's balls. Their hands lifting them up to rub over their lips and cheeks, each girls mouth locked tight over one of the horse's nuts nibbling and bathing it in with their sticky mouths. Both were drooling copiously as they fought to cram as much of the horse's heavy sack within their mouths.

    Dr. Blake was munching, nibbling at the meaty cock head of the animal, jacking his sleek black fuck tube with both hands as it shook and rippled fighting to pull free. "Hold his prick girls, grab it and don't let go." She yelled. Susan hurriedly stripped off her smock and blouse revealing her firm breasts, the nipples bright pink and stretched taunt. "NOW girls, take off your tops, hurry so you can feel how hot his cum is when he starts blowing his load." Susan urged. Both Jen and Heather removed their T-shirts and bras and huddled close beside Susan.

    Dr. Blake gripped the animal's cock tightly and began licking up and down the stalk, pulling at it with her hands violently trying to coax it's massive load up the shaft. "Work it with me, eat his prick with me girls, suck and beat the bastard's juices out of him." She hissed.

    Thunder's hooves began kicking up the parched ground, his flanks shaking and a thick sheen of sweat forming over his chest as he felt the gorge of his climax pumping thru his balls. The animal's cock rumbled with the power of his coming expulsion of thick gamy seed.

    All three woman were rubbing and pulling at the horse's tremendous shaft, their nipples brushing alongside it as they kissed and licked it. Washing the entire length of it with mouths hungry to taste the beast's eruption of cum. Jen and Heather were mewling as they lapped and sucked at Thunder's pulsing organ. The girls nipples burning hot and aching as they slid their firm young breasts over it.

    Thunder began to snort in rapid bursts of air as he felt the initial surge of his cum racing up his quaking prick. "Jen, Heather, take the fucker's cock head with me, grab on and hold tight, he's gonna blow any minute." Screamed Susan. Both girls gripped the animal's fleshy cock tip twisting to hold on, lapping at the rubbery flesh of his flaring head. Dr. Blake was lapping back and forth over the spreading piss tube buried within the meaty cock tip, whimpering for the horse's ejaculation to spill out.

    "Pull down on his prick, milk it out girls." "He's blowin it NOWWWWWW!" Cried Susan. Heather and Jen felt the force of Thunder's thick scalding load race up this cock shaft. Their hands gripping tight around his tip pulling it down. They could feel the beast's root swell huge within their hands as the first gout of cum shot out splattering it's belly and rain thru the air.

    Dr. Blake thrust her face over the spouting tip, her mouth held wide as another hot torrent issued forth blasting her full force. Thick nuggets of sperm splashed over Susan's face and hair, into her mouth choking her as she fought to swallow the thick goo. Her nipples were dripping with hot seed as she gulped and gagged on Thunder's choad. Jen and Heather were hypnotized by the volume of his ejaculation. They opened their mouths and fought to catch the heavy ropes of his pearly cream. Strand upon strand of thick sperm rocketed from the horse's prick as if a floodgate had been pried open. All the women were awash in heavy slime, shaking as their own climax hammered into their burning cunt slits. Thunder's shaft with slick and dripping with his spunk as the woman fought to hold tight while it continued to erupt showering over them.

    Each woman was near collapse as she drunk the frothy mix hot from the beast's pipe. Gooey strands clung to their hair and cheeks, sliding down their breasts and bellys soaking them. The air in the barn was heavy and heady with the scent of sweat, cunt and sperm. As the horse's flow began to subside they each in turn nursed the open slit sucking the dregs of the gamy fluid out. Their tongues meeting and curling over each others to lap the last splendid drops of rich nectar from the animal. Susan began smearing the thick slime over her face and breasts then massaging it into the skin of both Heather and Jen. All three women began rubbing the warm gluey sperm over each others naked flesh, licking it from the other's fingers. Dr. Blake clung to both Heather and Jen smiling wickedly as she whispered breathlessly to them. "That's today's lesson girls, I wish to see you both in the morning."

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    very good , be waiting on the next day's lesson

    very good

    Sep 18 2006 03:22
    Excellent. Let's have the next lesson.

    Nov 2 2006 15:39
    Yummy! ;)

    Nov 19 2008 14:09
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