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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, voyeur, horsesex.

    Chapter 1: Horse Riding in Berkeley

    The Berkeley morning was cold and foggy - I couldn't see the campus just down the hillside. It was Monday and I'd been living in my new ranch for one week today. Stumbling outta bed, I needed some breakfast and coffee. The kitchen answering machine light showed messages. Clearing my five acres for a fireline got me exhausted - looks like blind, too. The ads for roommates wanted must be working, but I didn't notice the blinking light w hen I showered at midnight.

    My tired body was on automatic pilot as I hit play. The first message from Cindy woke me up. She was upbeat and a new Berkeley student studying law with four more years to go. Her UC Berkeley volleyball scholarship brought her here from home, a farm in Central Texas. Living close to the UC campus would aid her studying and give her more free time.

    I finished eating and called Cindy as the sun started to rise. If she came from a farm, I knew she'd be awake. I was right - her voice was sexy and friendly. I invited her over to see the ranch and she asked when. After I gave her the address and directions, she said she could meet me in half an hour. After hearing the other messages, I was erasing them when my cell phone rang.

    My neighbor Mike from the next ranch was calling to ask if I still wanted that firstborn colt from his pair of Arabians. His mare just foaled yesterday.

    "HELL, YEAH!!," I shouted into the phone. Calming down after I gulped a deep breath, I excitedly asked Mike when I could pick him up. Laughing, he said when I stopped yelling in his ear the colt would be ready in a few days - Saturday works for him. This weekend was available, so I agreed to meet at his ranch Saturday sunrise.

    My memory flashed snapshops of why this was happening. We'd known each other for years, and I knew Mike wanted a stallion for his Arabian mare. I stopped at a horse ranch on my way through New Mexico, and the owner showed me this fine Arabian. I raised his foreleg - he didn't have any tires I could kick - when the stallion began to show me just how healthy he was. With a little snort, his mammoth baby-maker started extending out. This massive horse cock stretched out like a telescope that could see if Pluto really was a planet. This stallion was 'hung like a horse'... A REALLY THICK HORSE. We bargained briefly, but I paid close to his asking price for the horse with a trailer thrown in. I then drove right over to Mike's and sold him Passing Lane for a small profit and the first male colt.

    A reflection on the curtain brought my mind back because my future renter had arrived. I saw Cindy uncurl from her monster 4X4 as she started walking this way. After she jumped down, her eyes were level with mine - and my floor was three feet above the driveway! Like Julia Roberts, wavy brown hair reached her jeans. Unlike Julia Roberts, she had to be nine feet tall! Deep shadows were on her plaid shirt. The Guinness Records Book people should probably contact this lady soon.

    The shadows on her flat stomach were caused by the largest and fullest breasts that I have ever seen. They were like giant watermellons. As Cindy walked towards my door, her traffic diverting knockers barely drooped. Standing almost straight out they defied gravity with nipples that pointed towards the heavens. This beautiful young lady was tall and built!

    I opened the front door just before she got there and we exchanged pleasantries. After asking her inside, I noticed that she automatically ducked her head to enter under the 8' door jamb.

    I offered her seating on any chair available, but I suggested the kegger-sized barrell in the kitchen might fit her legs best. Smiling, she said she liked that idea and sat down.

    Cindy told me she was 21 and the rest of her personal bio. It seemed like only monents passed, but her charm, easy smile, and her damn fine looks kept me mute and attentive for almost half an hour!

    I must have been daydreaming because she was now just looking at me... oops - my turn. I told her the simple house rules - The Golden Rule - and that rent was due on the 1st each month.

    She started laughing as she patted her back pocket. Cindy then pulled out a thick wad of big bills and joked: "I got cash here on the barrellhead!" I laughed too as she had me grinning; I knew I'd chosen well.

    I asked Cindy to follow me as I gave her a tour of the house, starting with her spacious bedroom and attached bath. After she ducked again, I said that I would correct the doors after our tour.

    Asking Cindy if she had bedroom furniture, she said she did and could move it in today. I asked if she needed help moving; she just waved me off saying, "Nah - I got it!" as she hurried back to her 4X4 and drove off.

    That would work out well as I had to elevate the front door frame, her bedroom door jamb, the bathroom, the kitchen - sheesh, I'm lucky I had a twelve foot high ceiling! The kitchen table under the chandellier acted like a safety cone and would protect her pretty head from crashing into it. And I need to raise it closer to the ceiling.

    I drove to the home store to purchase hardware and arrived back before Cindy. Just after I had finished cutting a higher front door opening, I saw her pull up. She saw the doors in my truck bed and rushed over to help me with the doors. It was only 9am with much already accomplished between us when Cindy's farmgirl training showed itself in her style and abilities.

    She said these doors are for her benefit so she offered to help. I wanted to see how much carpentry she knew, so I agreed. She was fast and needed the ladder only to hold me and the power tools. Between us, we'd modified the doorways and installed the ten foot doors in only an hour! My elation prompted me to return the favor by helping unload her truck.

    Returning after my first load, I saw Cindy moving her solid oak headboard by herself. I said, "Hold on, Cindy - I'll help you get it past the door frame without denting you or any of the wood."

    Cindy grinned her thousand-watt ivories and waited for me to pick up my end. She didn't look like she needed my help; looking back, she probably didn't want to embarrass me by saying anything. Holy shit - my end weighed almost two-hundred pounds! I'd read that California Governor Schwarzenegger liked the same type of heavy solid oak furniture.

    We got the headboard inside and we finished her truck unloading. I left her to privately arrange her room so I could go and nurse my sore muscles.

    But I still had to unload my own truck. I removed my electronic purchases and took it all into the barn. I could see the whole barn from the loft ceiling, so I ran up conduit and an AC outlet to supply a wireless mini-cam. Another installation under the barn workbench was for the second mini-camera with both aimed towards the horse stalls.

    The receiver was easiest - a video cable plugs into the pc and type in the new hardware. After calling up the images on a split screen, I started testing the camera features for panning and zoom.

    Both cameras picked up Cindy as she walked into the barn. I called her into the barn office and she came in. We started talking about lunch just as the computer timed out and went blank. Cindy offered to scramble up something in the kitchen, so I told her where everything was and she went to it.

    The food smelled great and in half an hour it was done! Broiled BBQ chicken breasts with hot roasted ears of corn, hot peas, sliced carrots, garden salad, and some sour French garlic bread! I ate well and got sleepy, telling Cindy that I'd take a nap and finish the tour in an hour. She said she'd clean up and see me when I was ready.

    After my nap, I was driving her around my five acres like a tour guide. I repeated what I knew about how this ranch once fed and watered a hundred head of cattle and how lightning burned down the former house in 1950. Former residents had to shoot mountain lions before the stone wall was built. We drove back to the ranch house and worked at our endeavors through the rest of the week.

    Saturday came early with us both awake and about before daylight. I asked Cindy to ride along with me to meet my good friend and neighbor Mike. We finished breakfast and drove down the mountain road under a beautiful sunrise. The awakening sun on the morning dew reflected vibrant colors on everything we passed.

    I brought bags of oats and granola for the new colt I would name Aladdin. We got out of the truck as Mike walked up to say hi. I introduced Cindy to Mike as we walked over to see the horses.

    New faces excited this colt, and we all watched him prance around to exercise his new legs. I called out Aladdin and fed a handful of food to him. He happily pivoted on his hind legs, reared, and pawed the air.

    Aladdin's dad was the only one here taller than Cindy. Passing Lane was in the next corral and he started to exhibit once again. Just like before, Passing Lane's penis rolled out like a pirates hidden cannon! I saw him sprout in size till he had what looked like a telephone pole! I was already headed that way to thank him with some oats and granola as everyone else followed.

    I gave some food to Cindy and she started clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth. Both horses looked her way; Aladdin stopped dancing and dropped onto his forelegs as he went over to her. She fed him some more oats and granola, and then a strange thing happened. Aladdin also started to get a woody! Like father, like son.

    His cock was smaller than his dad's, but he wasn't even a week old yet. Just starting his fifth day of life, he still had a two-liter bottle between his legs that was about two feet long!

    Distracted by watching Passing Lanes 'developoment, ' Cindy had dropped her horse candy. As she bent over to pick it up, the colt moved up behind her with that giant baby cock of his and slid it right up between her spread legs! That made her straighten up real fast and bump into his belly, making Mike and I laugh. Cindy started laughing too after she finished untangling herself from Aladdin and thought about how funny it must have looked.

    I told Cindy and Prancer that we ought to hit the road when Mike said thanks again for Passing Lane; he was already earning $750 stud fees. Making money off Passing Lane's pocket rocket was a definite 'win-win.'

    Last night I'd placed a rubber bed cover and tall camper shell onto the truck, so it was safe for Aladdin in the F350. I opened the sliding rear window for Cindy to keep Aladdin occupied while I slowly drove home.

    Hmmm - I could smell Cindy's pussy as the air rushed in through our open windows. Her eyes were shut until she swiveled her head back to look at Aladdin. Sighing, she smiled at him and then took what I thought was another power nap until I saw her lick her lips with her eyes still closed.

    We got back and settled into a comfortable routine right away. Cindy studied at UC Berkeley fulltime. She used her free time to teach aquarobics. She stood in the deep end and shouted moves back at the class bouncing in 4'-5' water. She also tutored volleyball and did cash jobs in sportswear modeling and selling gym memberships.

    Guys swarmed around Cindy everywhere she went - she found it better to avoid shopping malls where crowds and fights always followed her. Normal stores couldn't help her anyway. Just where do you find an outfit that fits a very tall and slender woman with a 90-JJJJ bust? Forget a bra. The big & tall stores sometimes had her size, but it was a challenge not to buy something she didn't like just because it fit.

    I'd been shopping real estate in Texas and I bought another ranch in Texas that I was setting up. I worked a deal with Cindy for half her rent off to manage my Berkeley ranch in my absence.

    Two months later I went back to Berkeley and Cindy wasn't home. Stopping by Aladdin's pen, I could see that he'd grown quite a bit in my absence. He was about six months old and looked almost as big as his Dad. I'd already seen him offer Cindy his two-liter bottle when he was only a week old, making me wonder what his plumbing was like now...

    I had some oats and granola that I was feeding Aladdin when he decided to show me. I guess he reads minds like his Dad because that fucking tool of his started making it's own stage entrance. Like a chip off the old block, Aladdin's dong was growing in size until it looked like a three-foot long mailbox.

    I had trouble reaching up to scratch his ears, so I give Aladdin the rest of the oats and granola before I went into the barn office. I checked my emails and it dawned on me - I'd forgotten that the computer had been video recording all the activity in the barn.

    I accessed the video memory and saw normal videos until after I left for Texas. Then I received the turn-on of a lifetime! The split image showed the barn darken after Cindy closed the doors. Cindy took her clothes off to feed and talk to Aladdin. You could see shafts of dusty sunlight sneaking into the barn. Cindy and Aladdin were naked together - what a remarkable body she has. I saw her look around and turn over an empty wood drinking trough as she placed a saddle blanket on top.

    The video replayed the images and sounds as Cindy fed some oats and granola to Aladdin and bade him closer with her tongue trick. Aladdin ambled over with that submarine torpedo of his swinging like a caveman's club.

    Cindy felt for her contraption and mounted the blanket like a gymnast. Laying back flat, she raised up her pelvis and placed another folded blanket under her ass. Then she continued calling out to Aladdin.

    Aladdin got right next to Cindy as she raised a quart bottle of bees honey. Throwing away the cap, she poured honey around her breasts and nipples. Aladdin reached over with his giant tongue and started to lap up the honey, moving Cindy's giant breasts like unmolded jello desserts.

    His giant tongue lapped, poked, and slobbered great amounts of saliva as he tongued her tits and nipples like he hadn't eaten all day.

    Cindy threw her head back on the blanket as her sex gears shifted from a fast idle, revving through 1st and now moving into 2nd. She acted like her breasts were in that Timex commercial - she took quite a licking, but she kept on ticking.

    She reached again for the honey bottle and poured into her palm as she spread a trail down her belly. Aladdin couldn't lick the honey fast enough, really slurping that 12" tongue over her abdomen from her breasts downwards.

    The lower camera showed her grabbing the honey bottle. She spread her lips open with one hand and used the other hand to point the bottle into her pussy as she squeezed the end. Pulling the bottle away, she poured honey on her hand until it was dripping and massaged the goo into her pubic area and her outer lips. Aladdin's tongue was trying to lick the honey off her hand when he changed direction and started licking honey off her pubic mound. Cindy tossed the bottle away and laid her head back. This looked like that old school vinyl album cover by the Ohio Players called "Sweet Sticky Thing."

    Aladdin went to town following the road map laid out by Cindy's honey trail. His giant tongue was now licking around her pussy, literally driving his tongue into her flesh. The lower camera image showed her skin moving so much that, if I could lipread, I could decipher that her pussy was saying, "oooOOOOH" and "AAHHHH" Throwing her head from side to side, Cindy's body language was saying that she was enjoying the best tongue lashing of her life.

    In a sudden motion, her head rose up as she leaned on her elbows to see what he was doing. Finished with cleaning the outside, Aladdin's wet tongue started to lick into her pussy and he was driving her crazy!. As her wetness was flushing out more honey, Aladdin was lapping deeper and deeper each time. Cindy was spastically moving around, really spreading wide as her feet rose up and pressed on either side of Aladdin's large neck.

    Aladdin's split video had him pressing his tongue inside and around all sides of her honey box. He must be slurping in and over her g-spot, her clit, and his tongue would probably slurp to another spot and lick over her cervix.

    The split image showed both views of Cindy and Aladdin. I zoomed the lower split image and then I adjusted the loft camera image until I now had Aladdin and Cindy in the entire screen.

    Cindy's feet lifted off Aladdin's neck as she spread her legs wider. Aladdin's tongue and mouth were pushing into Cindy hard enough to hold her ass and legs in the air with no other support. It looked like that's when she had her first orgasm.

    She had grabbed her ankles and spread her legs out as far as they would go; not satisfied, she pulled her ankles close to her face to stretch out her insides. Pushing her pussy on Aladdin's tongue, Cindy eyes closed as her mouth opened. The chords from her jaw and neck got taut as she did her imaginary parachute drop from her Big O Jet Plane.

    As Cindy was comming down from her parachute jump, Aladdin was deeply tonguing for his last taste of honey. Like a gigantic updraft, Aladdin's tonguing seemed to bring Cindy above her earlier Big O Jump. This appeared as Cindy pulled her feet by her own ears and further opened her flower to Aladdin's relentless tongue.

    Cindy looked dazed as her eyes glazed; she lay in her own world. It was some minutes before she floated back to this world. Like a deep sea diver, Cindy was close to the surfact, but hadn't fully returned yet. It was when Cindy lowered her legs that her foot colided with Aladdin's giant cock!

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    Great story I'll watch out for the next installment

    Jan 25 2008 12:25
    Wonderful, I cannot wait for more.

    Aug 2 2009 11:13
    In your dream Ricky, me boy......

    Mar 27 2011 00:24
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