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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, dogsex, horsesex.

    It was late in the afternoon at Timberville Veterinary Surgery. Sarah Matthews was the head veterinary nurse at the surgery and was tidying away the freshly cleaned instruments in the operating room. She was alone for the first time in months, all the other surgery staff had gone home as she had 'casually' said that she would finish up. Sarah was a pretty young woman of 24 with long blonde hair who could have had many boyfriends but she wasn't interested in men. She closed the instrument drawer and leaned back upon the operating bench, anticipation twinkling in her large brown eyes. She thought of the animals brought in through the course of the day and it made her flush just thinking about some of them. She could not resist the surge of her lust through her veins any more. She unpopped her white tunic and bundled it untidily on the work-basin. Knowing what she wanted, she slid her hands under the hem of her knee length skirt and tugged at the elastic of her knickers. She slid them off relishing the sensation of cool air against her warm vagina. Sarah noticed the slight wetness to the cotton of her underwear, due to the shuddering excitement that wracked her body. She wasn't an animal lover, she was an animal fucker and the more perverse the sex, the better.

    Sarah opened the door to the kennels, were dogs in for observation were kept. She walked slowly up the aisle of cages, looking for a handsome beast to satiate her lust for canine sex. She found the ideal animal, a proud and muscular greyhound. She opened the gate to the cage and raised her skirt up around her waist, gently offering her moist vagina to the animal, to see if it was interested. The greyhound moved forward and sniffed tentatively. It must have liked the smell of female heat for it immediately licked, probing between the slightly parted lips of Sarah's evenly thatched pussy. The sensation made Sarah involuntarily gasp, contracting the muscles in her abdomen. She coaxed the dog out by backing away slowly so it had to keep stepping forward in order to keep licking her faintly aromatic love-juice. Once it was right out of the cage, Sarah unzipped her skirt and let it fall away. She ran her hands over the dog's flanks and she craned her head over to see its penis, which was extending its swollen redness out into the air. Almost smiling with glee, she fell to the floor and ran her forefinger along its heated length. Each time, the dog's prick shuddered and hardened. It had stopped attempting to lick her and merely stood, almost stoically, quietly savouring her touch. She moved her head under the dog's belly and extended her tongue, gently touching the tip of its prick. She always loved the rich, briny taste of a dog's preseminal fluid and within moments she encompassed the hot cock in her mouth, gently but firmly sucking it. The dog, in a state of heightened arousal, matched the movement of her head with a jerky but slight motion. She wanted it inside her so she turned over onto her hands and knees and moved in front of the dog, displaying her glistening cunt. The dog immediately jumped onto her back, frantically trying to penetrate her vagina. It missed and connected with her anus but, being moistened with Sarah's saliva, it slid in without much difficulty. The warmth of the anal penetration nearly had Sarah coming on the spot but she held out, relishing the delicious friction of the dogs cock fucking her ass.

    Within half a minute, the dog came. Sarah felt the sudden spasm and squeezed the muscles of her rectum around its cock, the gorgeous feeling of warm spunk jetting into her butt. The dog withdrew but Sarah was not satisfied, she wanted more! She wanted to be dirtier! She moved to another cage and quickly opened the gate. Out came a poodle, in for diarrhea treatment. She grasped it around the belly and stroked it, kneading its little penis into life. Suddenly, the poodle started to whimper and Sarah knew what was coming. She raised her head, moved its docked tail aside with her left hand and licked the poodle around its anus. The poodle started to defecate its sloppy diarrhea. Sarah pressed her mouth around the spurting anus and sucked as the dog's partially-viscous excrement filled her mouth. She gasped for breath as she orgasmed, dribbling diarrhea down her chin. She pulled away from the poodle, breathing hard but not yet satiated. She half ran back into the surgery, the foul smell of dog shit emanating from her face. She swallowed what shit was in her mouth whilst she opened the "Animal Mortuary". Now she could really satisfy her lust for obscene sex. She opened the first, small locker. Inside was a rat, cold and stiff after having been put down earlier that day. She grabbed it and pressed it against her vagina, rotating it like a cob of corn in butter. Although chilled, its fur absorbed the juices. She turned the rat in her hand and grasped it around the back by its rear legs. She maneuvered its cold snout up against her anus and slid it in, squealing in delight at the strange sensation caused by its ears through her anal sphincter. Her orgasm thundered through her body; left hand rubbing her clitoris and her right hand thrusting the rat into her butt.

    Sarah Matthews slept well that night. Another day at work tomorrow.

    Sarah on the Farm

    An cool evening mist settled across the rolling fields of Timberville Farm. The gentle crooning of the cattle returning home drifted through the closing dusk. There was a Landrover bumping up the dirty track to the old style flint-brick farmhouse. The gravel in the yard crunched as the tyre bit in under the force of the brakes and the Landrover creaked to a halt. The drivers door opened and out stepped Sarah Matthews, head veterinary nurse for the Timberville district. She had tied her blonde hair back and, shouldering her bag, walked over to the front door of the farmhouse, pausing only to look across the darkening hills, savoring the cool evening air. She grasped the iron door-knocker's knurled hammer and banged on the door. The farmer's wife, Martha, opened the door. The warm, moist air from the inside causing a light condensation on Sarah's driving glasses.

    "Hello, dear," said Martha cheerily, "Frank's out back in the barn. Go straight round" she continued, indicating to the out-house and barns with her thumb.

    "Sure" answered Sarah. She trudged over to the barns and headed for the only light showing. She approached the door and pushed on it, surprised at the weight of it. The door creaked open and Sarah stepped inside. It was pleasantly warm and fairly well lit. The farmer, Frank, was standing in a well-strawed area, stroking a pregnant mare down its neck. He turned at the sound of the door.

    "Hello Sarah" he said, "Got a problem with this mare."

    Sarah nodded.

    "Due to foal today?" she asked.

    "Yeah, due to foal since Monday, answered Frank, concern lining his words.

    "Don't worry, smiled Sarah, "I'll take care of her." She dropped her bag to the floor and opened it. She removed a large thermometer and a stethoscope. Clipping the stethoscope around her neck she moved towards the mare.

    "Easy girl, easy, she whispered reassuringly. She felt along the underside of its flank, secretly enjoying the pregnant warmth radiating through what is surprisingly soft under-belly fur. She raised the stethoscope to its side and popped the ear pieces into her ears.

    "Feel's like an alignment complication, she explained, "The foal should have moved round into position but it's got stuck."

    "That's bad isn't it?" asked Frank, even though he knew it was. Sarah nodded grimly.

    "'Fraid so," she answered, still listening to the mare's belly. "If we're lucky, the foal's head won't have caught the umbilical cord and we can save it".

    "If it has?" asked Frank.

    "Well, if it has there's a risk of accidental strangulation if we try to birth her." Frank looked down at his grubby boots.

    "We've got to try," he said.

    "Yes. Hang on." Sarah went back to her bag and removed a jar of sterilized lubricant. "I'm going to have to try and re-align the foal so she can give birth properly. We'll need that cord." She pointed to a length of rope in her bag with her ungreased left hand. Frank took it out.

    "What are you going to do with that?" he asked.

    "Simply loop it around the foal's legs and use it to help apply a bit of force to the birth. The mare's weakened, you see." she explained "You'd better steady her, she's not going to enjoy this. I'm going in"

    Frank patted the mare on the side of the neck, speaking calmly to it. Sarah moved around to the rear of the mare, gathered up the tail and looped it with an elastic band to keep it out of the way, and ever so gently inserted her well-lubed hand into the horses red and partially distended vagina. The mare fidgeted, feeling a little discomfort. Sarah was inwardly enjoying the incredible warmth around her forearm although had little time to consciously enjoy it. More pressing things required her full attention. She reached inside and found the small but firm hoof of the foal.

    "I've got a leg, hang on." She felt up the shank to the knee of the foal. "It's okay, it's the rear leg. We can do it, pass me the cord." Frank took the cord from the bag and placed it into Sarah's left hand. She partially withdrew her right arm upto the wrist and fed the end of the cord into her right palm. Then, with the cord held gently in her hand, she moved in again, located the foal's rear legs and carefully tied the cord around them. Once the cord was in place, she slowly removed her arm which was smeared with maternal blood.

    "The amneotic sac's been burst for a while, we must get the foal out now before it suffocates"...

    One Successful Induced Birth Later...(Get on with it, I hear you cry)

    Sarah stood proudly watching the foal stagger around its mother. Frank rested a hand on her shoulder.

    "Well done," he said, "I'm very grateful."

    "If it's alright with you, I'll stay the night to keep an eye on them both."

    "No problem, I'll make up the spare room," answered Frank.

    "No, I'll stay in here. I can't see from inside," said Sarah. Frank nodded.

    "Ok, no problem. If you need anything..."

    "I've got all I need in the landrover," finished Sarah, "Goodnight!"

    "Ok, see you in the morning," Frank left her and went back to the farmhouse. Sarah settled down in a clump of hay and watched the newborn foal try to suckle.


    It was just gone 1 a.m. when Sarah awoke to the sound of a horses whiney. She was slightly disorientated at first but soon gathered herself. She stood up and moved to the door of the barn, avoiding the heaving bodies of the sleeping mother and foal. Across the path was a small set of stables, three in all. She couldn't see very well because of the dark blue colors of night throwing a blanket of shadows everywhere. She pulled on her boots and sweater and walked across to the stables. All but one were empty. In the middle one stood a large and proud stallion; a palomino. Sarah felt a familiar tingle surge through her body, the horse stared at her, it's handsome feature's offset by warm affectionate brown eyes, almost bovine in character. Sarah opened the half-door to the stable and entered, closing it behind her.

    "Hello boy," she crooned, running her hand down its back. The firmness of it's body excited her terribly and she felt her vagina lubricating like butter melting on a hot baked-potato. The stallion nudged her gently with his nose, sniffing her odour. Sarah continued to run her hand down and over it's flank. Round onto its rump where she drew back slightly to trace a fine forefinger down to the stallion's pubic bone, between the anus and scrotal area. The horse moved gently, as if to encourage her. Crouching down, she brought her hand forward along the side of it's sheath. Through the flesh she could feel the gentle pump of blood swelling it's penis within the sheath. She started to massage the sheath, gingerly at first but firmer as it responded. Soon the horse's penis extended dramatically protruding from the sheath, thickening and swelling with each stroke.

    The horse shifted from one side to another, subtly pushing it's now huge cock through Sarah's cupped hands, so she didn't even need to stroke. She was aware of the cool night air so she moved under the horse and leant towards it. She extended her tongue and licked around the circumference of it's swollen prick, tracing the line of it's phrendulum (the tissue between the helmet and the shaft) with her tongue. The taste was pleasantly piquant, the sign of an often cleaned horse. The stallion was now highly aroused and was trembling slightly as Sarah took as much of it's length in her mouth as possible. She sucked and slurped on it's cock but stopped when she got the sudden briney taste of preseminal fluid.

    "I want to fuck you," she whispered hoarsely. She yanked down her jeans, which gathered around the tops of her ankle-boots, she never wore knickers anyway.

    She rolled onto hands and knees and pressed up so her back was against the horses underbelly. Then, she shuffled backwards until she felt the hot tip of it's cock against her buttocks. Reaching back with one hand, she guided the tip into her drooling cunt and pushed herself onto the stallions cock barely keeping from moaning out loud as it's hot penetration swelled still further, stretching her pussy almost to its limit. The horse, fortunately aware of Sarah's size, stood shuddering in the night, almost tenderly fucking Sarah, letting her do the moves.

    Sarah's cervix burned with pleasure. She'd finger her clit if she wasn't using her arms for support. She felt the pulsing of the horses loins, it was about to come but she wanted it elsewhere. She slid off it's cock, letting the cold air restrain it's ejaculation. She wiped her pussy with her hand and daubed her anus with her own lubrication. Then, back in position she guided the horses cock into her ass, the penetration almost orgasmically painful in a way. The horse, further thrilled by this tighter orifice, started to come. Sarah squealed as she felt the thick load sluice around her rectum. She climaxed as the horses pulses subsided and almost fell off its cock onto the straw. She lay there panting as the stallion's seed trickled out her slowly contracting anus. She was a horse lover, definitely. She redressed herself, pulling her jeans back into place, hoping that the small flow of horse-spunk would not make a damp patch on her ass. Sarah patted the horse, kissed it on the nose and went back to her barn until morning.

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    it was okay but sarah is a very dirty girl in a almost creepy way i never was a big fan of girls eating shit

    Mar 18 2007 22:11
    Sarah is discusting and revolting. After she ears a bunch of shit, she probably will want to give you a nice french kiss! Yuk! I just want to watch some animals fuck her hard!

    Apr 18 2007 10:35
    being pervy is half the fun

    Jan 24 2008 01:18
    what a sexy bitch..wish i had a woman like that

    Nov 8 2009 21:59
    NAUGHTY SLUT! Wish I had even a small amount of the nerve she has? Wish I had a male, even a horse would be okay with me. I don't think that the shit would bother me much. THANKYOU FOR A GREAT READ!

    Jan 7 2010 07:39
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