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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality.

    The operation to implant a stainless steel rod in Barbano's broken rear leg went well, but then a low-grade infection that appeared to be resisting medications. There were grave fears that the horse would not survive and the syndicate of owners of the horse frantically demanded that his semen be harvested so that they could use some of it to sire more horses for them with his champion bloodline.

    The rest, they intend to sell to other breeders for huge fees to off-set the costs of the operation and hospitalization as well as put a tidy profit in their bank accounts.

    The equine hospital in question was not set up with the proper equipment to harvest Barbano's semen on short notice and the frantic lead veterinarian doctor assigned the task to one of his young assistants, Susan, who at eighteen was planning in the fall to enroll at a local university to study to become a vet herself.

    Because of the urgency of the situation, the lead doctor, having determined that Barbano could possibly take a turn for the worse and be gone within 48 hours, was faced with immense pressure to secure as much semen as possible within a short period of time. He called Susan into his office and told her that he wanted her to make sure she "harvested" Barbano's semen a minimum of twice a day and, if possible, three times. Very busy, he didn't take time to elaborate on how she should do this and she was left to her own imagination to devise a plan.

    Not able to think of any other way, she decided she'd just have to roll up her sleeves and use her hands to encourage Barbano to give up his semen to be frozen for possible later use.

    She decided that she'd use a card table-sized, sturdy four-legged table to hold a surgical pan and place it beneath the horse. Then she'd sit on one side of him and, wearing surgical gloves and using lots of special medical lubrication, she'd jack Barbano off just like she had her only two boyfriends to this point in her life. She'd point his penis at the pan and shoot the semen into it. After Barbano was finished, she'd take the semen to the lab, pour it into a proper semen storage container, label it, and put it in the freezer. She figured this was going to be easy.


    The next morning, after she'd gotten the table and pan set-up beneath Barbano for his first semen harvesting session, she produced a rag that she'd used to wipe-up some of the juices from one of the mares in heat at the hospital and Barbano got very excited, his penis growing to an amazing length. Susan, being a city girl and really having never had much exposure to horses, was astounded by his penis size, realizing it was as big around as her forearm. She slathered her hands with the lubricant and began pumping the big piece of meat.

    Because Barbano's excitement at the mare's scent, it didn't take much longer than three or four minutes before he grunted and his penis began pumping thick ropes of semen into the pan. When he was finally finished, there had to be at least a pint of semen, if not twice that much. Susan had never seen that much semen at one time and could feel that her pussy was very moist as she carried the pan into the lab to bottle and label it.

    At just after noon, she again harvested Barbano's semen, barely three hours after the first session. She became much more aroused by the feel of his huge penis in her hands and then his grunting as he ejaculated as well being amazed by the feeling of power she felt at making this huge male organ ejaculate! Feeling it recoiling and ejaculating again, and again - all because of her hands was a real turn-on, and this time Susan's panties were actually quite wet when she took the semen to the lab.

    The third time that day that she harvested Barbano's semen, she actually turned the table slightly so that the corner was pointed at her and she used that to lean against and massage her crotch as she manipulated Barbano's gorgeous penis, once again finally making it spill its thick and creamy precious fluid. The difference was that this time, Susan was also cumming. Using the table corner to masturbate her tingling pussy, she'd one of the largest orgasms of her life and had to take extra time to get herself back together afterward before she took Barbano's semen up to the lab.

    That night she laid in bed thinking about her day. One hand slid down unside her panties and began circling her clit, then sliding through her pussy slit and sliding deep into her pussy before re-tracing its route back up and circling around her clit. She could only keep this up for about five minutes before she had another large orgasm, stifling her moans of pleasure with her pillow so her mother wouldn't hear and come to see if there was something wrong with her.


    The next morning when she got to the equine hospital, the lead doctor called her into his office again and complimented her on the amount of semen she'd been able to harvest, encouraging her to, "go out and do the same again today!"

    Susan couldn't wait to get to the barn to see Barbano and when she got there it was obvious that he was just as happy to see her. She was so excited that her crotch was damp and Barbano apparently smelled it, nuzzling her down there.

    "Barbano, you naughty boy you!" she giggled as she stepped back, then went about preparing for the first "milking" (as she'd started calling it) of the day. This time she'd come prepared with an electric vibrator that she could stuff in her pussy. All went well and Barbano dutifully shot his normal huge load into the pan while Susan had another huge orgasm herself.

    During the second milking she got so hot and bothered that she decided she just had to have a taste of Barbano's semen. After milking his spend into the pan she stuck her finger into it and brought a large dollop to her mouth, deciding it was sweeter than either of her boyfriend's.

    The last milking of the day she laid on the table in only her panties and directed the giant penis so that it slid back and forth over her very aroused vagina, while Barbano humped away valiently, dry-fucking her as she moaned with pleasure. The feeling of having his hot, heavy penis sliding over her very sensitive clitty and pussy slit caused her to cum four or five times before Barbano finally gushed his hot, sticky load all over her neck and whole upper body.

    Afterward, Barbano brought his head down and nuzzled the exhausted girl as though giving her a hug, and she responded by petting his long snout and telling him he was the best lover she'd ever had.

    Finally, she scraped what she could off herself into the pan, after first having a another nice big dollop for herself, and noted that she'd collected about the same amount of semen as before, even though she had to hose herself off and put on the extra pair of panties she'd brought with her to work.

    That night she brought herself off with the vibrator while thinking how sexy and wonderful it felt having Barbano's big fat penis sliding over her pussy and she had sweet dreams of Barbano that night that were sort of kinky. She dreamed that Barbano was actually fucking her and she loved having his big thick penis inside her. Then when he came, he flooded her little pussy with his hot love juice and it ran down her legs and ass to the table and floor as she scooped up handfuls to savor.


    The next morning when she got to the hospital, she was again summoned to see the lead doctor, and it scared her when she saw the somber look on his face.

    "Susan, I regret that I must tell you that overnight Barbano developed a very high fever and very early this morning, he passed away."

    "No! That can't be! He was so happy and frisky yesterday!" she argued hoping against hope that the doctor wasn't being serious.

    "I know how you feel, Susan, but I'm afraid that now he's gone."

    Susan's eyes teared up and she began crying. The doctor walked around his desk and gently hugged her, comforting her with quiet words and praise for her work with Barbano, finally telling her to take the rest of the day off, with pay and to come back in tomorrow if she felt up to it.

    Susan drove home in a stunned daze, walked into the house and sitting down in front of the TV, but not seeing nor hearing what was on. When her mother got home from work, she found her daughter with puffy red eyes and a pile of used Kleenex from crying all day.

    Susan went on to major in animal husbandry at the university and became one of the foremost specialists in the capture of semen from horses, mules and donkeys, but she would never reveal the secret to how she was able to extract nearly twice the amount of semen than anyone else working with a particular animal.

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    A lovely occupatient, wish I was a vet with access to dogs(males) and male horses.

    Oct 8 2006 16:06
    A Terrific story hope there's more toe

    Nov 2 2006 11:33
    Mmm, that's a hot story!

    Nov 19 2008 14:11
    Really cool story! I am now looking for women who would like to cum and work with my stallions-all expenses will be paid just email me!

    Sep 6 2011 05:14
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