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    Vulgus, where are you man? Aint you got anymore stories like this in you? I sure did like it. But P - L - E - A - S - E write some more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jan 21 2010 07:11
    Nice and sexy story....theasm is brought step by step to a no return point... mmm well done, wtite more please !

    Jan 20 2010 16:27
    Nice. Very nice!

    Jan 17 2010 18:53
    there are no pictures.

    Jan 12 2010 00:44
    Caninelover, horses have 18-24 inch cocks. I've helped breed them before.

    Jan 11 2010 07:02
    Yea, I have a couple questions. If you don't mind, could you email me at ? Please & thank you!

    Jan 11 2010 05:49
    Yes, you need to continue! Awsome story!

    Jan 11 2010 05:00
    OH, YEAH! WONDERFUL story! MORE, please sir. (I'll read them.)

    Jan 9 2010 23:54
    WONDERFUL, GREAT! I LOVED that story. You got anymore? Would love to read them! P-L-E-A-Z-E write more, soon!

    Jan 9 2010 23:51
    That is eous... VERY nice & hot story, write more.....

    Jan 9 2010 14:57
    Great-good story! I would like (No. absolutely love) to hear about some of her other tails. So !!!PLEASE!!! write more. You are so-o good.

    Jan 8 2010 23:48
    Well, it looks to me that you can write. The content was Great. The story was Great. All the sentences made sense (I have read some that don't). I sure hope that you will write more

    Jan 8 2010 09:08
    HEY, THAT WAS GREAT. I'm not a writer, just a reader. I would LOVE to read more of your fantasy writing.

    Jan 8 2010 08:51
    THIS WAS GREAT, IT LEFT ME WANTING TO READ MORE. I'm begging you to write more, soon.

    Jan 8 2010 08:37
    I really enjoyed your story & I hope you have more. Your grammer needs a little work I sometimes had trouble seeing what you were trying to say, the words didn't really fit. EXAMPLE: Only this time they were jumping with join and excitement. I think you meant to say joy and excitement. But as I said, IT WAS A GREAT READ! I would really like to read more.

    Jan 8 2010 08:24
    Reminds me when my female cousin being two years older than me showed me how she came all over our uncles large dog....She was 13 and I was 11 and she wanted to see me get my ass hole licked by the dog and she would drink all my spunk........Later I taught her to piss all over her younger sister preparing her for a dog tongue bath and to be used as a sperm holder for our pleasure.

    Jan 8 2010 04:56
    Hey, that was a nice story. It is so good to read a story that you can understand, where all the words are, at the very least, spelled right. It is so good to read a story where it is all related by the same person. Your content was great! THANX FOR WRITING IT! :)

    Jan 8 2010 02:49
    was horny, not so much now. you gotta tell us what happens, or maybe i should say, what happenED when she tried taking that knot. man would i like to be her. WRITE MORE!!!

    Jan 8 2010 02:34
    GREAT story! wonder ... could it really happen -- NAH! IMPOSSIBLE! write some more, like reading the impossible

    Jan 8 2010 02:19
    thanx, was very good story. looks like her nose was jerked down a couple of notches, maybe now she can look life in the eye. write more P-L-E-A-S-E?!

    Jan 8 2010 02:06 proudly presents premium bestiality sites

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