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    Wow, I didn't think that anything could be worse but you were right!

    Dec 20 2007 22:25
    "Two feet of Horse cock throbbed in her as he started the spurt." Yeah, right. Would like to see you take two feet inside you. If you could, you might be able to satisfy me!

    Dec 20 2007 11:25
    i am looking for a woman in wisconsin or minnesota that will let me watch them be with a animal

    Dec 19 2007 19:47
    I want to help my dog get it on with a woman before he gets too old for his enjoyment. He would now jump right on! He and I need some local to Salt Lake City volunteers. Clean, short and thin. Breast size does not matter, He doesn't mind if you even have breasts or not.

    Dec 18 2007 04:25
    That my friend is something I`ve never figured out.I just let it happen with who ever I was with and if they were agains my dog licking them I stoped and put the dog out.

    Dec 17 2007 13:45
    I draw the line at licking any shithole!

    Dec 17 2007 12:51
    "Jake was humping frantically trying to get the enlarged knot at the base of his cock into my ass. I had the presence of mind to reach back a grab the knot. I knew I couldn't take that."

    How did you know you couldn't take his knot? I took a knot from a German Shephard and they are a bigger dog than Jake. Just don't yank it out before it goes down. That does smart but no permanent damage! Man, I wish I was female. If I was I would have 3 or 4 large male dogs and would get sexually satisfied every day!

    Dec 17 2007 12:48
    You are a very bad writer. Quite scolding and get to the important part! Will a large female dog be willing if she is NOT in estrus? How big a dog does she need to be? I would guess about German Shephard size or larger but if she is in estrus, I would think a Collie or even a Dalmatian. What do you think?

    Dec 17 2007 11:34
    I had a German Shep do me anally one time. I am male, but I wish I was female to experience it in my pussy. His knot swelled up inside me and, man, does it smart to yank it out early. Much better if you make sure you have the time and place to wait for it to go down naturally. Felt like it was the largest constipated turd you could imagine. No permanent or physical damage nor bleeding but couldn't sit downfortably for about 24 hours. But it was sexy! The dogs are great. If I was a woman, I would have about six large male unneutered dogs and they would not be able to breed the occassional stray in-heat bitch that maye around because they would bepletely drained by me!

    Dec 17 2007 11:28
    as always mr. Mkarl is one of the best, he dose it all.

    thanks you

    Dec 16 2007 15:35
    It is spelled lets, not "let's"!

    Dec 16 2007 14:42
    " through I was a crazy pervert." God, don't you mean " thought I was a crazy pervert."?

    Dec 16 2007 14:39
    Would love to hear about your wife doing a big dog such as a St. Bernard or even a horse. Would like to hear about you doing the same with a male or even do a female dog or horse. That would be very nice I would think. Would love to help you wife or any other thin female to take on my dalmatian. Any takers?

    Dec 15 2007 14:28
    Nice but it would be better to see my own dog in aciton with a nice human female before he gets too old to enjoy.

    Dec 15 2007 11:10
    very interesting video. it's hard to imagine a couple talking so openly about zoophilia and on camera! i've alsways been fasinated by it. never met anyone to try it with though. how does one approach the topic in the 1st place? missouri guy here

    Dec 13 2007 22:26
    I am interested in hearing from anyone that is having trouble getting thier dog to mount.I may be able to help.

    Dec 13 2007 21:46
    very very very good chapter 2 she gets preg or not???? outstanding

    Dec 11 2007 02:30
    You "...would like to here from real amateurs with...". Don't you mean "...HEAR from real..." HMMMM.

    Dec 10 2007 11:58
    nice story

    Dec 9 2007 13:49
    6 hot,gr8tasms were had as i read such a gr8t story keep em cummin

    Dec 8 2007 23:13 proudly presents premium bestiality sites

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