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    excellant write more about animal sex . it's a total turn -on

    Dec 7 2006 18:34
    Yes a nice story,try to write some more for us please.thanks in advance.

    Dec 7 2006 03:54
    YES_YES please,more-more stories.Thanks in advance.

    Dec 7 2006 03:44
    More stories please,thanks in advance

    Dec 7 2006 02:47
    Yes that was a great story,please write one more for me and other horse lovers.Thanks in advance.

    Dec 7 2006 02:41
    Good story,do you have another one,for me and others?
    Please and thanks in advance.

    Dec 7 2006 02:24
    Nevyn, firstly i just finished to read this story and you've done something great with a lot of vital information. But i have some question, i have a doberman bitches and would like to introduce myself in the zoophilia because it'S really turning me on.I'd like to know, do you think i could, while having sex with her, do you think i could insert my penis in her vagina, cause i really don't wanna hurt her. And if yes do yuo think i should use condom to be sure to not get any illness. By the way she never had sex before nor whit another dog nor with a human.

    Thanks in advance and gratz for the good work

    Dec 5 2006 05:37
    Ok, Now that you got the interest, what happened to the younger sister. And how bout you. Have you had Horse tied with you. Please write more.

    Dec 4 2006 18:36
    Well two things. First, I am very happy for you that you were able to experience BOSCO's huge cock slicing in and out of your hot wet pussy. You need to try and make him happy in other ways too. Continue your search and you will find that he will love oral sex as most males do and he will also love anal sex. I also take it that your hubby is a straight male, well he can help with the satisfying of Bosco too. He can jack him off or even suck him once in a while while you ride his cock. Anyway, you have to keep that wonderful sexy pet satisfied, and dont take him back to the animal shelter. Second: If you have any friends that say their hubbies are not taking care of them, heck, invite them over and share your new found sexual pleasure machine> Whatever you decide, go all the way and make you all happy.

    Dec 4 2006 18:26
    Very nice story. Would love to hear about the "Other events" this led too.

    Dec 4 2006 18:08
    Fantastic story

    Dec 3 2006 08:54
    Where the hell do you get those measurements from?

    At 16" his cock would be bigger than a lot of horses and you must thing a womans cunt is a bottomless pit and that she could take a cock that big all the way.
    She'd have to be some woman to take that much in to her

    Dec 1 2006 17:07
    My dalmatian would love and deserves to enjoy you. He is very eager but getting older.

    Dec 1 2006 11:36
    I would love to see you and Duke together, or even you and my very eager dalmatian. He is not as big a Duke but just as willing and he derserves it.

    Dec 1 2006 11:18
    Please give some more, more. I would love to see you with Thor or my dalmatian. He deserves it, not as big a Thor but just as willing!

    Dec 1 2006 11:07

    Nov 30 2006 18:22
    Great story, wish groups like that really existed. Could use help for my wife.

    Nov 30 2006 18:19
    when r u going to another 1 but make it longer next time u dont need to rush the story

    Nov 28 2006 18:52

    Nov 28 2006 14:24
    Hot! How long did the training take? I want to train my pop to fuck my wife while I fuck her also!

    Nov 28 2006 13:31 proudly presents premium bestiality sites

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